10 Things the NBA Should Bring BACK!

Dec 4, 2019
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10 Things the NBA Should Bring BACK!
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  • This video is dope I don’t understand how this video doesn’t evanescence have 1million views

  • Stupid ass nba changes

    Jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez2 days ago
  • Fuck those stupid ass logos.The league changed too much.

    Jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez2 days ago
  • We hate the way the NBA changed all of the sudden.the nba will lose lots of fans.

    Jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez2 days ago
  • I wish the players would actually try in the all star games. I can’t even watch them anymore. I guess it’s just like a corporation the more money you make the less you do.

    Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell2 days ago
  • Yeah. The trophy on the court adds more nostalgia to the finals.

    Juelz CalebJuelz Caleb3 days ago
  • Don’t nobody like the nba award show

    Vaijon HortonVaijon Horton3 days ago
  • There was 666 comments so I helped out and made it the 667th comment

    Sean4poloSean4polo4 days ago
  • I would love to see the Indiana Pacers stand next to the big NBA Finals trophy in 2021 and im a Grizzlies and Rockets fan

    Cole the sgt frog and baby Tamama lover :3Cole the sgt frog and baby Tamama lover :34 days ago
  • they should remove the fans from the arena

    Authion HellscytheAuthion Hellscythe5 days ago
  • At 2:16 His jersey changed from 13 to 14

    Stormcage123Stormcage1235 days ago
  • I've been wishing for those Logos, 1st round setup, and all star team represented jerseys for years.

    tronik229tronik2296 days ago
  • I like how he says the 5 games first round but then the nuggets come back from a 7 games round

    Kenneth BarajasKenneth Barajas6 days ago
  • Good 💯✅✅✅✅

    BuckejayBuckejay6 days ago
  • I agree with the mvp one

    regular boyregular boy7 days ago
  • I miss all those things also. I'm not alone

    DatBoy SlickDatBoy Slick9 days ago
  • facts

    mikey camajmikey camaj11 days ago
  • I still wanna see a new format for the team selection TBH Having the West win all the time kinda got boring but the pickup game format sounded promising at first but got real old, real fast Also the Celebrity All-Star should definitely improve For someone who spends most of the time in the internet, I barely knew anyone from the roster (or maybe just ditch the idea of a Celebrity All-Star completely and just let old players go at again, like I know they're old but some are still in pretty good shape and there's just something that feels so heartwarming hearing legends play the game again even if they let themselves go)

    Jansean HernaneJansean Hernane12 days ago
  • “the nba season doesn’t officially start until christmas day” You got that right

    Top RamenTop Ramen13 days ago
    • All star weekend no game

      bdub913bdub9135 days ago
  • I agree that the east/west jerseys arent amazing, but it's better than wearing your own jersey because I feel the game would slow at least a little bit because people would take that extra second to have to remember if this person is their teammate or not

    Preston JacksonPreston Jackson15 days ago
  • Damian Lillard is a trash. Hahhahaha

    Merce CababanMerce Cababan17 days ago
  • Bring back west vs east and rookie vs sophomores

    mikhael slaapmikhael slaap21 day ago
  • I miss players not flopping

    Kenobi BryantKenobi Bryant24 days ago
  • Miss the jerseys during all star game

    double kupdouble kup24 days ago
  • If you actually act like Leflop is legendary then you will never get my subscribe. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Dean RobbinsDean Robbins25 days ago
  • IDK about you guys like the All Star Captions Idea

    Gradys food ReviewGradys food Review25 days ago
  • i love how he use the clip where paul george's jersey number changes

    farrastya damarfarrastya damar27 days ago
  • 2:17 watch paul georges number

    Jackson LovingJackson Loving27 days ago
  • Bring back the early 2000s baggy clothes

    Luka NikolicLuka Nikolic29 days ago
  • 2:16 what's wrong w pgs jersey

    Molly LittleMolly LittleMonth ago
  • Hell yeah. Bring back the Giant trophies. They should even have a giant trophy as a mascot during the Finals. Bring back the Nike Swingman jerseys, too. I’m not even a Mavs fans but the navy blue Nowitzki and Nash jawns, and the old school bright red Rockets Hakeem jawn are my favorite hoops jawns I own to this day.

    Joseph Van HornJoseph Van HornMonth ago
  • Pretty much agree with everything but the choosing all star team thing. Ever since they implemented that all star games have actually been entertaining to watch. It’s like they have to prove the team they chose was better

    DylnaDylnaMonth ago
  • Need to bring all these back

    William Dangelo JacksonWilliam Dangelo JacksonMonth ago
  • My favorite player is d lil too love the vids man keep up the good work

    Jalon KimbroughJalon KimbroughMonth ago
  • Dame my favorite player too! It would mean so much if he won an MVP!!!!!!

    Oregon BasketballOregon BasketballMonth ago
  • YESS finally someone wanted to bring back the best of five in the first round!!! Best of seven first round is bullshit

    dorian garlanddorian garlandMonth ago
  • I disagree with everything you said about the all star game

    AndréAndréMonth ago
  • I agree with the finals logo on the court and all star game jerseys! Even the rookie Sophmore game needs the old jerseys back

    Aaron WareAaron WareMonth ago
  • “They should limit first round series to 5 games to avoid injuries”. Also “Let’s bring back logos to the court even though it might cause players to slip and injure themselves.”

    UnclefoodUnclefoodMonth ago
  • Here’s an idea about the All-Star game: one person for each team. And announce them to the court like the 50 greatest players ceremony (G/F/C) in order of overall standing.

    Logan BlackburnLogan BlackburnMonth ago
  • if they thought well enough, they'd just make the logos part of the hardwood

    Mr. MilkoMr. MilkoMonth ago
  • Definitely agree. Nba feels off nowadays not quite sure what but its not the same anymore

    Mike CsMike CsMonth ago
  • I think they brought back the best out of three for the first round during COVID time

    O&I ProductionsO&I ProductionsMonth ago
  • Please bring back east vs west!!!

    BiblicalBiblicalMonth ago
  • Okay but east vs. west is not as fun because 9/10 the west would have all the talent and you just know who was gonna win

    Boss2119 •Boss2119 •Month ago
  • - Bring back the hand check rules - Bring back more physicality - Bring back competent refs. Superstar call BS needs to go.

    suikensuikenMonth ago
  • Bring back the cursive finals logo and the old playoff logos Bring back the finals player introductions with the giant trophy. Bring back east vs west all star games with players wearing their own team jerseys

    Zach RandolphZach RandolphMonth ago
  • I totally disliked the pickup team format :(

    Ronald RamosRonald RamosMonth ago
  • thank god the NBA doesnt listen to casuals like you

    Jay JenkinsJay JenkinsMonth ago
  • Butt...

    Pharaoh WigfallPharaoh WigfallMonth ago

    iLaraxchiiiLaraxchiiMonth ago
  • If there was only 3 games in the first round the nuggets wouldn’t have made it as far as they did this year

    You’re WelcomeYou’re WelcomeMonth ago
  • Man your not getting the point remember when kenny smith said the the dunk contest is where you make your name that's why you see more nobody's

    De'Anthonie WhitleyDe'Anthonie WhitleyMonth ago
  • They should give the player the trophy in front of the fans then they give a speech at the award show

    Az CHOPPAz CHOPPMonth ago
  • 4:29 I see what u did there mate lol

    Rence IletoRence IletoMonth ago
  • The pick up game format would work well if Giannis had any idea how to pick a team😂🤦🏾‍♂️. Lebron finessed that man.

    Zetsu TsuletsuZetsu TsuletsuMonth ago
  • why did i have those SAME concerns 😂

    Trevor Manninng IITrevor Manninng IIMonth ago
  • Bring back hand check! Review flops right away ay give the player a technical.

    bb bbb bMonth ago
  • The west would win every year so it wouldn’t be fair

    Makai StallworthMakai StallworthMonth ago
  • The nba got boring tbh

    Charlie DuncanCharlie DuncanMonth ago
  • This past all star game was the best especially the 4th quarter

    J TJ TMonth ago
  • You cannot create basketball players out of millenial CUP CAKES OF today NBA, they're all garbage. alllll of them. Excet Kawhi Leonard.

    CroPETROforeverNBACroPETROforeverNBAMonth ago
  • They got rid of the trophy because of traction issues. That is a 100% fact, however the 1992 finals just said that in the corner those small emblems should come back forsure

    Neshawn GhavamianNeshawn GhavamianMonth ago
  • They Removed The Logo's Cause Many Players Slipped On Them

    Supreme AhmedSupreme AhmedMonth ago
  • They should bring back jordan lmao

    ilya soltaniilya soltaniMonth ago
  • Also during the 80s its called “NBA World Championship” but now its just NBA finals

    Edgard Barretto Pangga Jr.Edgard Barretto Pangga Jr.Month ago
  • i know this video is on decemeber 2019, but you guys remember the floor cam on 2000s?

    Dale AmodiaDale AmodiaMonth ago
  • Definitely need to bring back the Finals 🏆 on the court.

    Ahmad BrownAhmad BrownMonth ago
  • That's why i prefer playing nba 2k10 than nba 2k20

    Kyohei Blink-182Kyohei Blink-182Month ago
  • At 7:00 Look at kuzmas face 😂😂😂

    wilma Rabaneswilma RabanesMonth ago
  • Bring back the #ChicagoBulls intro for the #NBAFinals

    Genaro CastilloGenaro CastilloMonth ago
  • 💯💯💯💯

    ed alexis licarteed alexis licarteMonth ago
  • You could also argue that a reason these challenges aren’t the same is the level of superstar talent spread across the league has dropped since the 90’s

    Marcus JohnsonMarcus JohnsonMonth ago
  • Lonzo Ball falling perfectly represents his career😂😂

    Makai CacatianMakai CacatianMonth ago
  • 2:16 anyone notice pig’s number went from 13 to 14 ??

    Payeur BeatsPayeur BeatsMonth ago
  • When it comes to the dunk contest, the superstars are the ones that say no, they don’t want to do it. It’s not the NBAs fault only the “no names” say yes.

    Marco GamezMarco GamezMonth ago
  • 2:18 I still find it mind blowing how pg jersey number changed from 13 to 14 pause ull see it 🤔🤔

    Very_Rare17Very_Rare17Month ago
  • Let the fans decide the All Star line up. The league changed that shit just to keep Golden State from having 5 All Stars in their starting line up.

    Bleb HanBleb HanMonth ago
  • The first round used to be best of three

    Bleb HanBleb HanMonth ago
  • The All Star format was changed just to accommodate LeBozo since he cried too much about losing to KD.

    Bleb HanBleb HanMonth ago
  • If anybody feels as though you're being a hater!? It's because they are. They are the haters. Your just saying that you'd like for certain things to be brought back. And I agree

    Victor JamisonVictor JamisonMonth ago
  • No no no. The NBA Finals logo and Championship Logo we're invaded under the sealant. Or lamination. Nowhere Near the same as that A.I logo. So that's BS

    Victor JamisonVictor JamisonMonth ago
  • For 2020 2021 season the all star should be 30 and over vs 30 and under east vs west mixed 💯💥💥💥🗣

    Eurania JimenezEurania Jimenez2 months ago
  • Bring back the nba on nbc!!!!

    Justin riveraJustin rivera2 months ago
  • Good stuff thanks.

    francisco munizfrancisco muniz2 months ago
  • they should bring back the allstar game rules!!!!!!!!

    Ibrahim SyedIbrahim Syed2 months ago
  • Yeah, I miss the East vs. West ASG. 💯

    Yo!Yo!2 months ago
  • I miss when there wasn't so much foul calls and more skill

    DWB DAYSDWB DAYS2 months ago
  • How do u slip on extra logos like what they put on the extra logo's

    TheOne_ mp20ytTheOne_ mp20yt2 months ago
  • Here’s the thing about the old school all star jerseys when they use to rep their team, it’s gonna be hard to tell which player is your teammate

    Help me reach 11k subs with no videosHelp me reach 11k subs with no videos2 months ago
  • They should make the dunk contest dark again

    Banana Gusher manBanana Gusher man2 months ago
  • 2:13 did PG's number really change from 13 to 14 😳

    SlendyNativeSlendyNative3 months ago
  • I agree with all of this things coming back expect for 5 games in the first round

    Karanpreet SinghKaranpreet Singh3 months ago
  • You should not reward the 7-8 seed playoff teams who barely got there with easier opponents, nor should you punish the top 1-2 seeds for earning that top spot with a hard opening playoff round. You might prefer the NFL off playoff week for the top teams in each conference, but for now make those bottom trams prove they belong in the playoffs by beating the seasons best /give the top teams a reward for their winning record by playing the playoffs worst.

    Joshua KavanaughJoshua Kavanaugh3 months ago
  • Them wearing there own jerseys at the all star game is to confusing

    Ivan GomezIvan Gomez3 months ago
  • I agree with everything especially the logos during the finals they don’t put them on the court in 2k either so those games don’t even feel like your even in the finals

    Too SikkToo Sikk3 months ago
  • I think the two all star teams should nominate one of their members to the dunk contest.

    DolphinreactsDolphinreacts3 months ago
  • Bring back hand checking and get rid of tikkytakky touch fouls....get back to no blood no foul officating. Ban player social media and cell phones...Make players hate each other again....these games now are played like an allstar game without the allstars...its garbage....its like watching the Washington Generals playing the Washington Generals...there isn't a defensive stopper in the league just a bunch of matadors

    Kyle KeglKyle Kegl3 months ago

    Noh'VisNoh'Vis4 months ago
  • Well that's just disrespectful 3:34

    America's NightmareAmerica's Nightmare4 months ago