10 Times When People Were COMPLETELY Wrong about the NBA!

Oct 22, 2020
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10 Times When People Were COMPLETELY Wrong about the NBA
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  • He disrespected Chris Smoove you have to go.

    Core etcCore etcDay ago
  • 10:46 is that leBron

    King Of QuizKing Of QuizDay ago
  • Damian Lillard kept them in hid pocket 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ebune NamataEbune Namata2 days ago
  • the yankees will beat the clippers in next years daytona 500 .

    redbird saracenoredbird saraceno2 days ago
  • I’m surprised you ain’t come across one of my comments 😂😂

    Elena ScottElena Scott2 days ago
  • They really thought Westbrick and Wayoff P were gonna sweep the Blazers?! No wonder Westbrick fans are just like him 😂😂

    Raghuveer DubaguntaRaghuveer Dubagunta3 days ago
  • 14:40 If you didn't know, that dunk is really difficult and tough to do. Just because its look of the dunk doesn't satisfy you, doesn't mean it was garbage. I'm speaking from a dunkers perspective.

    BigBallBigBall5 days ago
  • hi

    Franchesca RiveraFranchesca Rivera18 days ago
  • I wouldn't of took Oden dude look 40

    Badazz Mo3Badazz Mo318 days ago
  • Why dpes Russell Westbrook like a chicken or a cow XDXDXD

    Albert Chill Still GamingAlbert Chill Still Gaming20 days ago
  • I’ve been a die hard pistons fan for the past 35+ years and not once have I ever heard anyone call Rasheed Wallace Guaransheed. Are you sure “they” use to call him that? 🤔

    unDURYEAtedunDURYEAted20 days ago
  • They say T mac didnt know they changed it to 7 games he thought it was still best of 5

    darnell Leedarnell Lee20 days ago
  • 15:13 bro that was a layup bro in a dunk contest. and he won it wow

    Choking EllieChoking Ellie20 days ago
  • same cosgrove is a goat

    Muscle HeadMuscle Head25 days ago
  • dump take Charles was clearly mistaken ,,,,

    Mojotmt LoMojotmt Lo27 days ago
  • thats roids

    bojo perezbojo perez27 days ago
  • More shitting on Houston huh ? Oh Cmon thats not called for

    Mason WhiteMason White29 days ago
  • Man,this USworlds channel is amazing...I am a filipino and I love this channel

  • Man your soooo underrated Cosgrove

    Boneless BoiBoneless BoiMonth ago
  • "smash" the like button. also, like as well as subscribe. very creative and original. you dont sound like every other channel here ever, since everyone started saying the exact same thing all the time. Make Sure to Comment below, Press The Like Button, and Subscribe!! wow. no shit. like people cant figure things out for themselves.

    Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Month ago
  • 50 is like halfway there, 100 is the best vote

    Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Month ago
  • lol it is what it is.....so original

    Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Month ago
  • westbrick is a moron

    Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Month ago
  • never heard of this shit

    Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Month ago
  • at lest the semis

    Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Month ago
  • you off a pill? "hashtag" bookit? lol illiterate morons.

    Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Month ago
  • no dude i havent heard of chris 'smoove' sounds lame af

    Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Month ago
  • Cool!

    Nathaniel ColishNathaniel ColishMonth ago
  • Your video’s be scary sometimes

    Quachaun WashingtonQuachaun WashingtonMonth ago
  • 6:22 They on A.i. ass but the greats always Come thru.

    Dezz Epson41Dezz Epson41Month ago
  • I VOTED FOR RUDY FERNANDEZ!!!!!!!! lmfao. damn

    D WD WMonth ago
  • thank you for wonderful videos you make

    Earon Miguel lustreEaron Miguel lustreMonth ago
  • Post more

    MozzbyyMozzbyyMonth ago
  • 0:37 stronger than your wet armpits.

    Swen MartinSwen MartinMonth ago
  • Jordan shouldn't be number 1 either should be Bill or Wilt

    MrBulithsMrBulithsMonth ago
  • the way he says “gave this man the trophy” 😂😂

    Kevin HudsonKevin HudsonMonth ago
  • Hey we want Greg oden

    Jam ManJam ManMonth ago
  • love ur videos, man. every time I'm bored, I come to watch your videos.

    Kristsean LaboraKristsean LaboraMonth ago
  • Perfect Nba horror themed videos for ol hallows day and eve

    Dark KnightDark KnightMonth ago
  • If Tupac was a basketball player he would be Russell Westbrook.

    Anime KingAnime KingMonth ago
  • It's good Phoenix didn't draft Luka he wouldn't have developed

    VanteVanteMonth ago
  • Every Pistons vs Pacers game in those jerseys hits different

    Dimitrije GocićDimitrije GocićMonth ago
  • Michael Jordan is free Charles Barkley gets first the pick Barkley: i WiLL tAke aLLen IvErsOn

  • For a second i thought i was watching a Chris Smoove video 😂😭😭

    Jordan HintonJordan HintonMonth ago
  • Heeey, we want Greg Oden, heeey we want Greg Oden, we have a chance, we either choose best player or Kevin Durant, So to all of the Raptors and the Chicago Bulls, we ll see your punk asses in the finals fools, Heeeey, we want Greg Oden 😂😂🤣🤣 Thats the reason why the Portland Trail Blazers are #RIPcity or #RIPnation 🤣😂🤣😂

    Luka ZebicLuka ZebicMonth ago
  • This is a wonderful video and exactly what I’ve been wanting to find

    HoeshateeltonHoeshateeltonMonth ago
  • Rudy Fernandez probably got more votes because of european fans.

    KevinTheFirefighterKevinTheFirefighterMonth ago
  • That last one was rather Tana Mongeau-ish. LOL!

    CommentCop Badge#666CommentCop Badge#666Month ago
  • greg oden kinda looks like longbeachgriffy

    The Beard13The Beard13Month ago
  • Chuck also picked Deron Williams during that Fantasy Draft.

    Trap House Mix DuoTrap House Mix DuoMonth ago
  • Can u post daily

    Mikeyis DagoatMikeyis DagoatMonth ago

    One HumanOne HumanMonth ago
  • but then blazers got sweep XD not to be rude but im a gsw fans and watching the brothers play aganst each other was great but its embarrasment how they go 4-1 to okc but 0-4 to gsw

    yungboi is a qtyungboi is a qtMonth ago
  • At 11:22 someone tell me that ain’t ginobuli

    Christian DiGisoChristian DiGisoMonth ago
  • Me and Steven A. adams have the same birthday

    Mr. NBA lover 26Mr. NBA lover 26Month ago
  • Before I sleep, I got this in my recommendation. From the Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭 🇵🇭. Made my night.

    Xander Vouy Raphael TiglaoXander Vouy Raphael TiglaoMonth ago
    • Peenoise

      Dave1001232Dave1001232Month ago
  • Anyone have the video where he got the comments from?

    SamYGSamYGMonth ago
  • Thank you Cosgrove! Always d best video plus the narration...

    Rommel SantiagoRommel SantiagoMonth ago
  • Heeeyyyy we want Greg Odennn! We get the best player or we get Kevin Durant! Garbage song!

    Jeremy BirkJeremy BirkMonth ago
  • Shouldn’t you want to have an attitude of guaranteeing a win every time you get on the floor? I get the pressure point but in the playoffs especially isn’t that the goal lol. You not out there for funskis at that point

    Ruff Prophet ProductionsRuff Prophet ProductionsMonth ago
  • Everybody said lebron in trouble

    Gabriel HamyaGabriel HamyaMonth ago
  • Nice video this was amazing😁

  • Why blazers they trash

    Weathering FuckWeathering FuckMonth ago
  • The Goat Cosgrove Prod.

    Takeshi AlegriaTakeshi AlegriaMonth ago
  • When they said the clippers were the better team this year lmao that was the biggest LOL

    Jorge LuisJorge LuisMonth ago
  • Oh you a blazer fan? Haha you get a follow outta me

    Thomas ObannonThomas ObannonMonth ago
  • 2:44 how is the score so low

    Thy Trilluminati ProductionsThy Trilluminati ProductionsMonth ago
    • Slower pace actual defense was allowed back then

      SamYGSamYGMonth ago
  • RIP Heath Ledger and Kobe Bryant ❤️

    De’Torrian CannonDe’Torrian CannonMonth ago
  • I am damn sure the 2020 clippers are in this video

    Subha ChoudhurySubha ChoudhuryMonth ago
  • 4:19

    edward fransedward fransMonth ago
  • My Man Dame Gave OKC A Heart Attack HAHA

    BeastMode GamingBeastMode GamingMonth ago
  • I love watching your videos love from philippines

    Mc Josef DasallaMc Josef DasallaMonth ago
  • You should do quicker videos

  • Crosgrove just makes my day👍🏼👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Dame dolla to good to lose to the thunder

  • Chris smoove the legend

    michael on the sticksmichael on the sticksMonth ago
  • You forgot when Barkley said that a jump shooting team would never win the NBA title and then Golden State went on to win 3 of 5. GO DUBS!!!

    Jesus GutierrezJesus GutierrezMonth ago
  • Continue like that, some love from France 🇫🇷❤️

    Kilian FadelKilian FadelMonth ago
  • chris smoove and your videos cosgrove are my favorite youtube content when I'm sleepy and everytime my tablet was standby! ❤️🇵🇭

    Jred Nordam BalbalosaJred Nordam BalbalosaMonth ago
    • *pusow🍑*

      legreatest jameslegreatest jamesMonth ago
  • ‘The Lie’ Paul Pierce

    SkyboundSkyboundMonth ago
  • Got a dislike for the skewed content trying to make Fernandez look like a clown and choosing to keep footage of his completed dunk off the video to deceive the audience into siding with your personal opinion.

    DannyDannyMonth ago
  • When I’m sad I watch Cosgrove thx for making my day

    Mikeyis DagoatMikeyis DagoatMonth ago
  • It should be known that before 2003 the first round was best of 5 so mcgrady might have been going of that logic

    Paradox R.N.OParadox R.N.OMonth ago
  • The background horror music has gotta change man..

    Harrison BluesteinHarrison BluesteinMonth ago
    • @Cain Constructive criticism. New fans of the channel could get turned off as well. Just something to think about..

      Harrison BluesteinHarrison BluesteinMonth ago
    • Oh you could watch another channel

      CainCainMonth ago
  • Well I am an okc fan

    Antonio EspolaAntonio EspolaMonth ago
  • 10:45 LeBron in a Jordan jersey

    jesus cagejesus cageMonth ago
  • First comment was 4 minutes. 8 minutes in I can’t watch anymore because of u talkin fml

    xdolbydxxdolbydxMonth ago
  • Less talking please

    xdolbydxxdolbydxMonth ago
  • Keep em coming bro

    jesus cagejesus cageMonth ago
  • Hindsight is 20/20 though

    KingEuroKingEuroMonth ago
  • You’re a Blazer fan too? Let’s gooooo. #Ripcity

    Hunter ChristieHunter ChristieMonth ago
  • Westbrook better then Lillard

    Goat StatusGoat StatusMonth ago
  • Was Stephen A Smith making these comments cuz they dead wrong

    FR3SH 2.0FR3SH 2.0Month ago
  • 7:09 just hearing that make me love this channel even more

    Winter HolicWinter HolicMonth ago
    • Shouldn’t you want to have an attitude of guaranteeing a win every time you get on the floor? I get the pressure point but in the playoffs especially isn’t that the goal lol. You not out there for funskis at that point

      Elena ScottElena Scott2 days ago
  • bruh this is crazy.

    Dashawn WilliamsDashawn WilliamsMonth ago
  • Like Sheed said, "Ball Don't Lie!".

    KaMau MauKaMau MauMonth ago
  • Love your content cosgrove

    Y0l0 Sn1chY0l0 Sn1chMonth ago
  • we got a hand reveal lets gooo

    ioanx773ioanx773Month ago
  • Love ur channel bro

    john carranzajohn carranzaMonth ago
  • I swear to god the Chanel is underrated

    Joshua FloresJoshua FloresMonth ago