20 IMPORTANT Shots Made by NBA ROLE Players!

Jun 25, 2017
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20 IMPORTANT Shots Made by NBA ROLE Players!
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  • If U r going to show dj .. show how game winner in 85 finals game 4

    mansonlampsmansonlamps10 days ago
  • Make a video of lebrons game winning/ tying shots in the finals.... oh wait..

    mansonlampsmansonlamps10 days ago
  • Eddie Johnson came up huge in playoffs so many times it was crazy... jazz killer

    mansonlampsmansonlamps10 days ago
  • I pass the Terry one because he never was an all-star and the Allen cause he now were a spot up shooter but you also put some all-stars of little name here leaving Mario Ellie out

    S.C 00S.C 0013 days ago
  • Vinnie Johnson: the only guy to have his jersey retired because of ONE SHOT.

    ZhangtheGreatZhangtheGreat13 days ago
  • Derrick rose shot in 2015 to go 2-1 against Cleveland

    Henry DavisHenry Davis21 day ago
  • I dont agree that Ray Allen was a backup player,he was an assasin on his own,even if on team with"limeiight players in the moment...he was great as standalone as well.

    Funkmasterflunk 75Funkmasterflunk 75Month ago
  • The non popular guys can play too ya know.🤷🏿‍♂️

  • robert horrys role is making clutch shots

    GoColts4GoColts4Month ago
  • Jason Terry is a star player

    Johannes Burg UyJohannes Burg UyMonth ago
  • Cos you out did yourself with this one I love to see an underdog name...seal tha deal

    Emilee MarshallEmilee MarshallMonth ago
  • 1:18 why does that commentator always sound like hes dying

    SizanSizanMonth ago
  • Gibson big 3 to elevate the Cavs against Pistons to their first NBA Championship.

    FJ RAGSFJ RAGS2 months ago
  • ray allen?....if ray allen only scored 3 ppg hed still be the one who hits the clutch basket. ray was never an "other guy"

    joe blowjoe blow3 months ago
  • I believe somebody mentioned it, but Kukoc's shot over Mason with 1.8 seconds to go to beat the Knicks in a playoff game.

    Andrew J. Chappell IIIAndrew J. Chappell III3 months ago
  • Mario Ellie's Kiss of Death shot vs Phoenix in 1995 could have been shown. Ellie was a role player

    Andrew J. Chappell IIIAndrew J. Chappell III3 months ago
  • Ray Allen and Denis Johnson in there to get the comments going. I like that strategy lol.

    Andrew StinsonAndrew Stinson3 months ago
  • Ray allen was the best player on their team.

    Donovan NungasakDonovan Nungasak4 months ago
  • Kids today:Who are these people???

    TotallyMeisGMTotallyMeisGM4 months ago
  • Where is the kiss of death. Mario Ellie

    tor howelltor howell4 months ago
  • Everyone is commenting on the ray allen one. Yeah he is a HOF er but when he was in Miami he was a role player. Also the DJ one. He is a HOF er and not a role player.

    The HumanzombieThe Humanzombie5 months ago
  • I know lebron was the best player on the heat but RAY Allen is a great player

    Fatuma YataFatuma Yata5 months ago
  • LJ 4 pt play vs pacers in 99 ECF?? How does that not make this list

    Italian AuthorityItalian Authority5 months ago
  • Ralph Sampson in 1986 west finals against lakers game 5

    Eddie AndersonEddie Anderson5 months ago
  • Robert Horrys 3 poiinter in 1st round in 2002 against Blazers... he misses that they lose to Portland and have to play game 4 and possibly 5 giving Portland confidence. He makes it... Lakers sweep series. It was the 2001-2002 NBA Season first round.

    Eddie AndersonEddie Anderson5 months ago
  • I miss Vince Carter with Dallas against Spurs in 1st round for tie the series 2-2

    JuwitzkiJuwitzki5 months ago
  • That slip by Stockton on Kerr is what made it an even better shot

    J Cal 87J Cal 875 months ago
  • "Big shot Rob" Robert Horry the best clutch role player.💪

    Ken MarkoKen Marko6 months ago
  • You could do a Robert Horry solo special in the Playoffs. American commentators are really bad, without emotion or grace.

    jonathan lagunajonathan laguna6 months ago
  • Mario Ellie against the Suns. The Kiss of death

    juanxovcjuanxovc6 months ago
  • Jason Terry's shot was big for Dallas

    nrw1802nrw18026 months ago
  • (HOU) Mario Ellie “Kiss of Death” & (NYK) Larry Johnson “4 point play”

    djmontecarlodjmontecarlo6 months ago
  • You missed the raptors vs 76ers ECF. Leonard sunk the winning shot

    Marta SwirydowiczMarta Swirydowicz6 months ago
  • Toni kukoc?

    ivanblaicivanblaic6 months ago
  • A plethora of occasions .... daaayyyymmmm !!

    Fadi KassabFadi Kassab6 months ago
  • Pippen,

    Ronald HernandezRonald Hernandez6 months ago
  • sorry but I think that all those player are more than role players-

    Facu alejoFacu alejo6 months ago
  • Jayson terry and ray allen? The others?

    loloythegreat666loloythegreat6666 months ago
  • Rex Chapman was not a role player most of his career

    GauchoGaucho6 months ago
  • Horry same situation with allen and it hurts a lot.

    Mykel ContraMykel Contra6 months ago
  • Any manu shots available next time around ? He definitely has one or two in big moments out there

    Izzy ZéIzzy Zé6 months ago
  • Maybe Robert horry has one you missed from his days on the rockets And maybe tony kucoc has one you missed too . Not for sure tho

    Izzy ZéIzzy Zé6 months ago
  • Dennis Johnson was not a role player. He’s a hall a famer

    mshat18mshat186 months ago
  • Garfield Heard got the longest one second I've ever seen.

    thegemini3rdsignthegemini3rdsign6 months ago
  • you missed two great role players Ginobili and Kukoc

    Marko PercinlicMarko Percinlic6 months ago
  • The Nate Robinson one, @5:15 was one of the most epic comeback wins in NBA history!! 👍💯💯💯 Watch the last few minutes of that game👁👁

    *WE R CREATORS* Love is the name*WE R CREATORS* Love is the name6 months ago
  • Good video, shitty background music!

    Mark RyanMark Ryan6 months ago
  • Didn't Chalmers also have a clutch shot in the NCAA championship with Kansas against Memphis?

    DerekDerek6 months ago
  • Dennis Johnson, Ray Allen, and Sean Elliott are role players? Um... Ok?

    Milly PooMilly Poo6 months ago
  • Awesome video thx

    E SE S6 months ago
  • plethora... pfff throwing around big words a lot of people don't understand like in the playoffs or the finals... ya, the finals are in the playoffs eh?

    agetori77agetori776 months ago
  • was Paxon's finals winner there?.

    daniel79tjdaniel79tj6 months ago
  • DJ was not a "role" player 🤦

    joe lutskyjoe lutsky6 months ago
  • Not a fan of the Terry part... 33.3 left. Might have won... but that wasn’t a Seal.

    Jay LoveJay Love6 months ago
  • 7:22 that's the most impossible shot I've ever seen

    james Trujillojames Trujillo7 months ago
  • How about the manny pacquiao follow up of all time

    vin victorinevin victorine7 months ago
  • I don't see Tim Thomas in here.

    obilinxobilinx7 months ago
  • You miss reggie miller unforgettable 8 points in 9 sec

    Denny GonzalezDenny Gonzalez7 months ago
  • Toni Kukoc's winning shot against the Pacers in the 94 playoffs must be on this list. Unforgettable how Reggie Miller got humiliated for celebrating early.

    Mr. TrícepsMr. Tríceps7 months ago
  • 8:11 Ray Allen was not a role player

    Kurt MagnusKurt Magnus7 months ago
    • Kurt Magnus on the Heat he was

      Jordan DwigginsJordan Dwiggins6 months ago
  • I know 2 shots that deserve to be on this list, both by the Houston Rockets in the 1995 postseason. First, Mario Elie's "Kiss of Death" 3-pointer against the Suns in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals to help complete their comeback from a 3 games to 1 deficit. Also, Kenny Smith's 3-pointer against the Magic in Game 1 of the NBA Finals to force overtime after they had trailed by as many as 20 points.

    BravesAvsFanBravesAvsFan7 months ago
  • Horry did with three teams, natural born k

    Efrain CruzEfrain Cruz7 months ago
  • allen role player r u insane?

    anime clippersanime clippers7 months ago
  • Jason terry in lebron's face

    marson suemarson sue7 months ago
  • I loved seeing the Rex Chapman shot in here. That seemed like one of the most impossible shots to make and it was a game winner in the playoffs...yet this is the first list I've ever see it on. Nice job!

    Cory HamiltonCory Hamilton7 months ago
  • Fish and Big Shot Bob !!!!!

    Apollo FontaneApollo Fontane7 months ago
  • 0:32 Method Man

    Alejandro SosaAlejandro Sosa7 months ago
  • Kawhi Leonard game 7

    Codell CalebCodell Caleb7 months ago
  • 8:03 the most unlikely guy in all of basketball ..well that didnt sound too much like a compliment^^

    RandomStuffFreakRandomStuffFreak7 months ago
  • dennis johnson? wtf

    MysticalMystical7 months ago
  • Great video. How ever Dennis Johnson was no roll player ! He was a NBA FINALS MVP! A hall of Famer! Larry Bird said he was the best player he ever played with!

    Scott MurdockScott Murdock7 months ago
    • @agetori77 like when larry made the steal in 87. There gos DJ. Right to the bucket! I love after the score they way he Dd up on Isaiah the in bounds passer

      Scott MurdockScott Murdock6 months ago
    • correct... he was not rolling anywhere

      agetori77agetori776 months ago
  • Reggie Miller's big 3 pointer against the Bulls to force game 7

    Mike FaisonMike Faison7 months ago
  • Fisher Horry Kerr

    Bryan ParillaBryan Parilla7 months ago
  • Ah, 2002 Lakers/Kings. A bullshit series that was rigged in L.A.’s favor the entire time. No real drama there. And then the bullshit shot against SA that they knew didn’t count, which is why they ran.

    WillJM81280WillJM812807 months ago
  • Why is Jason Terry in there? The Mavs were ahead by 4 already. That didn’t tie or win the game, it made it a 3-possession game with on 30-seconds left. Not exactly dramatic.

    WillJM81280WillJM812807 months ago
  • “Un-impactful” is not a word, even with the hyphen.

    WillJM81280WillJM812807 months ago
  • Ray allen ? Really??? Wtf

  • D Fish against the Magic in '09 (game 3) and game 3 against Boston in '10

    Andy MisquezAndy Misquez7 months ago

    action exchangeaction exchange7 months ago
  • @cosgroveproductions I was really digging this vid until I saw the Ray Allen shot. It let's me know you and/or your team didn't do ya hw. Ray Allen was a 10-time All-star, was the leader of the Milwaukee Bucks & Seattle Supersonics during his tenure with those teams. Was one of the leaders on the championship Celtics team. He was in a diminished role with the heat, but never a "role player." He is the NBA all-time leader in 3's made. And last but not least, he is a HOFmer. You/ya lost credibility with putting his shot on this vid. Make a superstar list with clutch shots and put him on that list, then your credibility will be redeemed. Smh, the disrespect📣📣 Ray Allen a role player 🤥😠🙄fwwu...

    Know ledgeKnow ledge7 months ago
  • Great video. Robert (Big Shot Rob) Horry, should be a HOF'er for being the greatest "Role Player EVER" and 7 time NBA Champion. Forget about Jerry West - Big Shot Rob is "Mr. Clutch"!!

    Charles AveryCharles Avery7 months ago
  • Ben Gordon from bulls celtics 2009 series should have made the list.

    Noah BeatyNoah Beaty7 months ago
  • How dare y'all call Ray Allen a roleplayer

    Dirty Kool AidDirty Kool Aid7 months ago
  • What about Stockton's gw to put the Jazz in the finals?

    o Itz Gothamo Itz Gotham7 months ago
  • Mario Elle. 95 2r G7.

    Jake AhnJake Ahn7 months ago
  • Big Shot Horry! Go Lakers!

    Luis TovarishLuis Tovarish7 months ago
  • 8:59 no three point line?

    Saludo TGPSaludo TGP7 months ago
    • @Brian Durham ah ok

      Saludo TGPSaludo TGP5 months ago
    • In a time long long ago there were no 3 pointers lol

      Brian DurhamBrian Durham6 months ago
  • Where the hell is Mario Elie??? You killed your own video🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

    brandon archerbrandon archer7 months ago
  • You talk to fucking much

    A MA M7 months ago
  • Nice job.

    Scott DavisScott Davis7 months ago
  • Big shot Bob should have at least 3 or 4 of these highlights. And no way should Mario Chalmers’ shot been in this compilation. I remember those last 5 minutes and Chalmers played terribly; and they lost the game.

    Mark 975Mark 9757 months ago
  • Jason Terry role player ? :D

    Mantas SMantas S7 months ago
  • Jeremy Lin, LA and nj

    Danille ThomasDanille Thomas7 months ago
  • Sean Elliot was a starter, actually the 2nd offensive option next to D-Rob

    CirexCirex7 months ago
    • Duncan was on that team too. He was young but he was already contributing.

      Cam JamesCam James7 months ago
  • Olajuwon & the Rockets were lucky to have 4 of the best clutch role players in NBA History. Horry, Elie, K. Smith and Cassell. Thus Clutch City. Then Horry brought it to the Lakers and the Spurs.

    DobzDobz7 months ago
  • You forgot Rockets Kenny Smith 3pts to force OT in 1995 G1 Finals vs Magic

    DobzDobz7 months ago
    • hakeem won the game though with his tip in nick missed 4 fts in a row low it was a seep..game 3 1995 finals horry hit a big shot

      Asmosis JonesAsmosis Jones6 months ago
  • Awesome contents!!!

    Hyunjoon ParkHyunjoon Park7 months ago

    Yudo NeidaNoYudo NeidaNo7 months ago
  • Robert Horry is not a role played he always played a very important part in all the teams he played for

    Miguel InterianoMiguel Interiano7 months ago
  • The Jordan to Kerr assist. I saw for the first time now. Jordan kicked Stockton so he tumbled and could not block Kerr. I guess these are the little tricks, like the push on Russel that set him appart.

    K. NickelK. Nickel7 months ago