4 NBA Players who DESERVE a New Team!

Nov 6, 2016
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4 NBA Players who DESERVE a New Team!
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  • 4 years later... (Nov 2020) Brook Lopez - Buck, Contender with Giannis Antetokounmpo as the leader James Harden - Rocket, despite trade talks DeMarcus Cousins - Free Agent, has bounced from team to team after SAC due to an Achilles and ACL Tear Anthony Davis - Laker, NBA Champion (2020)

    Dave DungoDave Dungo12 days ago
  • why is Russ here????

    VIK__BOIVIK__BOI27 days ago
  • 3 Years Later Brook Lopez get trade to Lakers, after he play 1 season that team then that offseason he join Milwaukee. Giannis grow to a 2x MVP then always choke in playoffs, Middleton grow to be an 2x allstar. James Harden he have alot of rumors to get traded to 76ers. Demarcus Cousins get trade from sacremento to new orleans then he torn his achilles, then joined to GSW then failed to win a ring, then joined to lakers then he torn his achilles again and get waived. Anthony Davis get trade to lakers, look like he gonna win his first ring with LeBron

    Tae TaeTae TaeMonth ago
  • 1) brook lopez: joined milwaukee and is gud with giannis 2)james harden: has russel westbrook 3)demarcus cousins: was gud with gsw but left them 4)anthony davis: is in lakers and gud with lebron

    yugam guptayugam gupta4 months ago
  • 2019?

    re mixre mixYear ago
  • Who is watching this when the nets got deangelo russel

    Luke WellsLuke WellsYear ago
  • Luca doncic needs a new team

    Braxton EverettBraxton EverettYear ago
  • The rockets just need a outstanding big man

    My GmailMy GmailYear ago
  • Kemba Walker

  • 2:25 we got that and we still LOST

    Chris Paul point godChris Paul point god2 years ago
  • We all should form a superteam. Ringless players unite!!!! Point guard: chris paul (russ aint starting over chris) Shooting guard: james harden Small foward: paul george Power forward: Anthony davis Center: boogie

    Chris Paul point godChris Paul point god2 years ago
  • James Harden is on the best team now

    Håvard TelhaugHåvard Telhaug2 years ago
  • But guess what Cousins went to New Orleans and Cp3 went to the Rockets and Lopez went to LA and Westbrook has melo and Paul George Now so all is good

    The V0ic3Act0rThe V0ic3Act0r2 years ago
  • Devin booker deserves better team

    KapphaKappha2 years ago
  • Kristsaps porzingis

    Avery HongAvery Hong2 years ago
  • Kemba Walker

    Luka MitrovicLuka Mitrovic2 years ago
  • All of the players you mentioned got help this year

    Forever Purple N GoldForever Purple N Gold3 years ago
  • You dont know about the NBA

    Teodora BontuyanTeodora Bontuyan3 years ago
  • Kemba walker deserves

    yura ogaiyura ogai3 years ago
  • Joel Embied 76ers

    Jared ShinnJared Shinn3 years ago
  • James harden is fine now he has Chris Paul

    Devin HoltzDevin Holtz3 years ago
  • The rest of the pelicans are trash

    Ade AjakaiyeAde Ajakaiye3 years ago
  • Is this dude on some drugs how does the rockets need a name team the rockets are a contender

    magicwndmagicwnd3 years ago
  • when lopez traded to lakers and cp3 join harden and cousins already teamed up with AD23

    narjes deosonarjes deoso3 years ago
  • 3:42 is that one of the ball boys in the background

    Braeden GoemerBraeden Goemer3 years ago
  • you what's funny every player in this list have gotten a better team

    Pamela LantiguaPamela Lantigua3 years ago
  • Everybody on this list now is on a better (or improved) team, so wow you predicted it😂

    Patatoe ChipsPatatoe Chips3 years ago
  • brook lopez can make brooklyn a contender in the east LOLOLOL

    illman300illman3003 years ago
  • anthony davis

    dakota Shinedakota Shine3 years ago
  • ad

    dakota Shinedakota Shine3 years ago
  • John wall isiah Thomas lillard etc

    John DunkleJohn Dunkle3 years ago
  • If Brooklyn Nets Have to move again...Then I guess Vancouver Would take the nets Lol

    Green MonstaGreen Monsta3 years ago
  • Paul George

    Eli ParkerEli Parker3 years ago
  • Antetukumbo

    Herbie CottrellHerbie Cottrell3 years ago
  • Okc def needs to be on here

    Z WZ W3 years ago
  • Melo, Kemba, many others that you forgot need better teams. Also, this video needs to be updated because DeMarcus Cousins was traded to the Pelicans and now has a super team with Anthony Davis.

    Monica HendrixsonMonica Hendrixson3 years ago
    • Also, James Harden doesn't because Patrick Beverly isn't injured anymore and was delivering in the playoffs. He was good enough to send the Rockets to semi-finals, too.

      Monica HendrixsonMonica Hendrixson3 years ago
  • I dont get how carmelo is not on this list. He has never had good players around him since hes been in NY. The 1 time they get players they get noah whos been injured drose is not the same, and jennings gone

    Ricky DRicky D3 years ago
  • pg13, it, kemba walker, karl Anthony towns, melo, and hassan Whiteside

    Soopie WoodberrySoopie Woodberry3 years ago
  • He said AD was a centre

    ZmanZman3 years ago
  • Seth curry

    Peyton DillonPeyton Dillon3 years ago
  • Hassan whiteside

    John IsgratJohn Isgrat3 years ago
  • dude you suck.... harden is in a big market. All he needs is another player

    Juan CabreraJuan Cabrera3 years ago
  • Paul George

    Basketball PlayerBasketball Player3 years ago
  • Camelo Anthony

  • pg for the pacers he doesnt have much help

    Dale RethererfordDale Rethererford3 years ago
  • thunder is ass if westbrook leaves i promise thunder will have #1 pick the following year

    TheRealMaxinoTheRealMaxino3 years ago
  • Bro J. Harden dont need a better team they have 3 point shooters around them and Clint is a rookie but still a awesome centre so why dont u look at the facts propaly.

    Damian NikitovicDamian Nikitovic3 years ago
  • If Seth curry was still in the kings him and cousins would have been kill

    BomboclatBomboclat3 years ago
  • But PG13 doesn't need any help?!

    Brock PerryBrock Perry3 years ago
  • these players are example of loyal players

    JosiahhhJosiahhh3 years ago
  • uhhhh paul george

    Drew CharlesDrew Charles3 years ago
  • Paul George

    Dion NeadeauDion Neadeau3 years ago
  • Kemba Walker needs a better team

    Green MonstaGreen Monsta3 years ago
  • pelicans have DeMarcus cousins

    Supreme HarambeSupreme Harambe3 years ago
  • I think AD and DC are happy now

    th3nnisth3nnis3 years ago
  • lou williams deserve a new team

    prince kacouprince kacou3 years ago
  • isaha thomas

    Yolo dolo moloYolo dolo molo3 years ago
  • So does Karl Anthony Towns!

    Michael DavidsonMichael Davidson3 years ago
  • Kemba Walker deserves another team. James Harden has a pretty good team actually.

    Michael DavidsonMichael Davidson3 years ago
  • When anthony davis is going to golden state warriors

    Matt MoseMatt Mose3 years ago
  • James Harden doesn't need a new team

    jeffy jeffyjeffy jeffy3 years ago
  • Brook Lopez is sucks

    jeffy jeffyjeffy jeffy3 years ago
  • harden

    Pierre AkaPierre Aka3 years ago
  • Kemba Walker

    Gabe GrubbsGabe Grubbs3 years ago
  • Kemba Walker

    Gabe GrubbsGabe Grubbs3 years ago
  • Boogie is with the pels and Anthony Davis is awesome and maybe CP3 on the offseason

    1#pelicansfan Boss1#pelicansfan Boss3 years ago
  • Isaiah Thomas needs better players because he is the only one that gets baskets for the Celtics and helps them win I would be surprised if the Celtics make the to the finals this year

    Alex is awesomeAlex is awesome3 years ago
  • Devin booker

  • harden is perfect on the rockets

    Brandon GarciaBrandon Garcia3 years ago
  • Lol no one to replace Dwight haha

    J_L KlapJ_L Klap3 years ago
  • list*^

    YT_gabe _TYBYT_gabe _TYB3 years ago
  • how you gonna put AD(THE BROW)and demarcus cousins on the same last but they play on the same team. and the only reason I'm saying that is because I am from new orealns. but I think you need to change this list around instead of putting them. put ppl like Paul George, John wall, and Russel Westbrook

    YT_gabe _TYBYT_gabe _TYB3 years ago
  • Anthony Davis should go to the worriors because they do have a decent sooner but not going enough

    Daboi SpeightDaboi Speight3 years ago
    • Your probably just a bandwagon

      Ripper SpecRipper Spec3 years ago
    • Brysen_30 Speights your a dumbass

      Ripper SpecRipper Spec3 years ago
  • Now Rocket only needs a big man who can get rebound for Harden

    ChelseaCSLChelseaCSL3 years ago
  • Carmelo

    Tee McRaeTee McRae3 years ago
  • Anthony davis and. boogie on the same team

  • Anthony Davis and cousins are on the same team

    RJ MarcolinaRJ Marcolina3 years ago
  • I'm happy that Demarcus cousins went to pelicans I think it's the right choice

    Exses XExses X3 years ago
  • carmello

    montrel purvismontrel purvis3 years ago
  • John wall

    montrel purvismontrel purvis3 years ago
  • Chris Paul

    montrel purvismontrel purvis3 years ago
  • Chris Paul

    montrel purvismontrel purvis3 years ago
  • Carmelo Anthony ?

    Niko AlgeraNiko Algera3 years ago
  • DeMarcus Cousins is on Anthony David's team.

    Family JamisonFamily Jamison3 years ago
  • Melo

    Zach DavisZach Davis3 years ago
  • who's watching the while DeMarcus cousins was traded to the pelican s

    AntRunDisAntRunDis3 years ago
  • Imagine harden,Anthony Davis and Westbrook are in the same team

    Ghabi AldanafGhabi Aldanaf3 years ago
  • Ok now that D-cousins is on the Pelicans here are players who need better teams Paul George and Damian Lillard the rest make no sense

    Julian KelleyJulian Kelley3 years ago
  • How bout Carmelo Anthony?

    David RosadoDavid Rosado3 years ago
  • Chris bosh needs help on my opinion. They are doing well but for how long tho? Ever since Dwayne wade left heat is struggling for 8 right now

    Green MonstaGreen Monsta3 years ago
  • That travel Harder just did tho

    Green MonstaGreen Monsta3 years ago
  • Wall is so op in 2k he is just so fast you can blow by everyone

    Eternals IntellectEternals Intellect3 years ago
  • I think James Harden and Anthony Davis needs the most help.

    Soul 4 RealSoul 4 Real3 years ago
  • At least cousins is on the pelicans

    Jakin 05Jakin 053 years ago
  • WTF is wrong witt u......Russell need a better team. Ever since Durant left he been holding down that team a long time he's only 1 man he needs better players to adjust around

    Nas ManNas Man3 years ago
  • who else is watching this after Cousins got traded XD

    Justin HaddockJustin Haddock3 years ago
  • If Davis is going to get traded to the Cavs. They would destroy anything

    John MarstonJohn Marston3 years ago
  • Demarcus and Anthony

    Yomp CityYomp City3 years ago
  • AD deserves​ better than pelicans​. He needs to go Cavs or OKC or Spurs

    della orbasdella orbas3 years ago
    • I bet you're one of the doubters who says that this whole Boogie and Brow thing can't work huh? If the Pels can get one more good player, they will be championship contenders. If their roster stays the same, then I can see them getting the 6th or 7th seed if they're healthy.

      Joel LemaJoel Lema3 years ago
  • Jimmy butler

    Everything A1Everything A13 years ago