5 NBA Superstars who DISAPPEAR in Big Moments!

Dec 29, 2016
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5 NBA Superstars who DISAPPEAR in Big Moments!
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  • So KD an unclutch player, left Westbrook an unclutch player, to join Curry an unclutch player to beat Lebron an unclutch player?

    Mini KawhiMini Kawhi11 days ago
  • I'd replace all these 5 players with Paul George, and it'd would've been accurate.

    i'm wifin' justina valentinei'm wifin' justina valentine19 days ago
  • Youre stupid in last 3 years lol in 2016 curry has something in 2016 finals if you still dont know look it up

    Josaphat SarilJosaphat SarilMonth ago
  • James harden ain’t clutch whatsoever

    Evanda ButlerEvanda Butler3 months ago
  • Bruh kd clutch af

    Ryan WalshRyan Walsh5 months ago
  • Wat are you talking bout kd is a beast like wat you talking bout man

    Ray Rays channelRay Rays channel6 months ago
  • Ray Allen is best ever to closed out the games especially the 4th quarter in playoffs 👍👍👍. Ever in NBA's history 👍👍👍. Jesus Shuttleworth 😎😎😎

    Namo BojarNamo Bojar7 months ago
  • U don’t blow a 3-1 lead when bron gets ur star suspended

    TNL SpiderTNL Spider8 months ago
  • 2 years later …… lebron is BY FAR the clutchest player alive…… not even close with all these game winners

  • Clutch against Timberwolves , Indiapacers, Toronto you should remove lebron in this list bro 👍

    Rakista 2018Rakista 2018Year ago
  • Some good points, some bad points here.

    Bruce BudkaBruce BudkaYear ago
  • Thumbs downs! 👎🏾

    Mr North PhillyMr North PhillyYear ago
  • Pleaseeee,,steph curry is the only player outside of kobe that has a long 15 minutes video of clutch points..tour list need to be updated

  • How much of this is down to teams having a better defensive plan for the final 12 minutes.

    JWC SmithJWC SmithYear ago
  • Curry? CURRY?????

    Abdel NaderAbdel NaderYear ago
  • dude u r crazy, KD is one of the most clutch players in the nba and curry is legendary during crunch time

    VEN SynxVEN SynxYear ago
  • Sucks

    Hugo HainHugo HainYear ago
  • this video didn't age well...

    Atul TAtul T2 years ago
  • they should include cp3 in this list instead of lebron

    Royce TonyRoyce Tony2 years ago
  • this is not correctlebron and durant shouldn't be included and curry should be the worst the no.1 in dissapearing in big games lol

    Royce TonyRoyce Tony2 years ago
  • lebron should not be included and curry should be the no.1

    Royce TonyRoyce Tony2 years ago
  • the frozen one lol he wearing a heat jersey

    xᴠc.iᴅxᴠc.iᴅ2 years ago
  • curry and lebron both

    Phénite TermilienPhénite Termilien2 years ago
  • shut up he does great in the finals and everyone chokes

    Phénite TermilienPhénite Termilien2 years ago
  • kevin durant has turned it around in recent years

    Ethan PetroEthan Petro2 years ago
  • WTF did I just watch ?

    Dorsey Sells CarsDorsey Sells Cars2 years ago
  • What kd?????....

    Ryan ReyesRyan Reyes2 years ago
  • I disagree with Kevin Durant choking in 2012 against lebron and the Miami Heat because he shot 55 percent from the field in that entire series and Westbrook choked in game 3. Westbrook took more shots than KD and KD wasn't able to get the ball because of it. The reason why he scored very few points is because Westbrook had a super high ball usage rate for the entire series. So you can't say that KD choked then but I'll give you a pass in the WCF vs the Warriors.

    Hashi MohallimHashi Mohallim2 years ago
  • I highly disagree everything about this video

    Yung DrakoYung Drako2 years ago
  • Don’t bring skip fucking bayless into this shit storm vid. Skip is a biased ass hat who says outrages statements for fame

    AUstin BrushAUstin Brush2 years ago
  • Stephen curry is the best player in the world

    Crystal FinleyCrystal Finley2 years ago
  • You fucking dome ass, you high.

    ZelcroZelcro2 years ago
  • Kd is really clutch

    GeueuehehGeueueheh2 years ago
  • Hahahaha, LoL, now look at lebron. Not just this season but all of his seasons. Not many kyrie moments? Wow lebron has more buzzer beaters than mj in playoffs and kobe combined and He has many clutch shots as well. You are generalizing only one or 2 players seasons or series. He is not clutch in 2011 against mavs but still lbj is clutch.

    Ryujin x HeejinRyujin x Heejin2 years ago
  • Your list is very flawed and lacks evidence. You be only taken into account one year. The year old went to the finals Kevin Durant took over the game against the spurs in the fourth quarter and scored consecutive baskets against the best team to get to his first finals appearance. You have a definition of clutch that tries to fit your argument when it's indeed inaccurate

    Katrell MayKatrell May2 years ago
  • LeBron is always underrated on certain topics in basketball because he messes up sometimes. I hate how people like you decide to name him a choke artist and he has easily proved you wrong. He may not be as clutch as Kobe or Jordan, but every clutch gene player has their bad moments. You can't take those moments and base a player of that, it doesn't decide a players style of play. Just this playoffs in 2018, LeBron was always given the ball in the clutch moments. He hit that buzzer beating three against the Pacers in Game 5 in the first round, he destroyed my Raptors with two clutch shots, and showed amazing performances against the Celtics and the Warriors. Everything you have said about him has easily been showed up this Playoffs.

    AMP LP21AMP LP212 years ago
  • Watches one game of each player and makes this list

    TourqueTourque2 years ago
  • russ is hella clutch

    JTJT2 years ago

    Ronnie JacksonRonnie Jackson2 years ago
  • LeBron shows up in big momments he made 2 buzzer beaters in 2 playoff rounds

    Spartan SpyderzSpartan Spyderz2 years ago
  • Put James harden on this bitch then

    KeddyDaDonKeddyDaDon2 years ago
  • Funny cause Blake isn’t a superstar , he’s just an all star

    William MooreWilliam Moore2 years ago
  • I agree about the Kevin Durant "If you can't beat them, join them"

    Jun Jun DeocaresJun Jun Deocares2 years ago
  • Russell is clutch as hell what nba has he been watching

    Kyle GriffinKyle Griffin2 years ago
  • Also if you say KD just wanted an easy path by going to gsw than Lebron was a super p*ssy compared to KD when Lebron promised he wouldn’t leave Cleveland then went to the heat then promised he wouldn’t leave the heat then went back to Cleveland so Lebron is way more of a crybaby than Durant b

    Supreme Tuna fishSupreme Tuna fish2 years ago
  • Kd got fouled by Richard Jefferson. It literally shows him get pushed down. We didn’t ask for your opinion either. We want facts.

    Supreme Tuna fishSupreme Tuna fish2 years ago
  • Warriors since Chris Webber era...but u are right!

    chewpaeng12chewpaeng122 years ago
  • Guy how is Lebron on here is shooting about 52% for game winners only jordon has a better game winning shoot percentage and you have KD on here to lol I don’t agree

    JoeL SANTANAJoeL SANTANA2 years ago
  • That 2011 finals LeBron can’t pass Jordan cuz of that not because he lost but because the moment was too big for him not once did Jordan play that way even in losing efforts he was dropping 30-40 points

    Alessandro RodriguezAlessandro Rodriguez2 years ago
  • 6:14 Salty Warriors fans clicked off the video

    Hartdestroyr27Hartdestroyr272 years ago
  • Bootzy....perspective....Dislike...1,000..have you played intense competitive sports ?..your narrative exposes you...Just a thought....

    osiris delacroixosiris delacroix2 years ago
  • KD?????😲WHAT

    Jamie ClarkeJamie Clarke2 years ago
  • this dude just explained why k.d. left okc all those points but is choke artist!!

    Jorge CarmonaJorge Carmona2 years ago
  • This guy obviously doesn't know what he is talking about. The only one's he got right was Blake Griffin and half of Steph Curry. Steph Curry did his job in game 6 with 30 points just not game 7. His team blew game 6 without Green.

    InComprehensible GamingInComprehensible Gaming2 years ago
  • Hey, where is Kyrie Irving? For me (in a recent season w/ the Celtics), he actually disappeared when the pressure is on and is at the largest moment.

    Martin LeornasMartin Leornas2 years ago
  • Dude I'm so itchy it's fucking terrible

    Breakfast KidsBreakfast Kids2 years ago
  • Idk why curry on this list

    Ryan CuzzortRyan Cuzzort2 years ago
  • My ears are bleading

    Francesco LillaFrancesco Lilla2 years ago
  • Fuck off

    Francesco LillaFrancesco Lilla2 years ago
  • no Kyrie, no Finals anymore for the Cavs.

    M.O. StatsM.O. Stats2 years ago
  • I’m done WESTBROOK

    lulcartlulcart2 years ago
  • D green

    Ant 777Ant 7772 years ago
  • Take KD and LeBron off the list and you can't expect players who bring the team up when they did the best they can

    Kidd JayKidd Jay2 years ago
  • Not years ago

    Alexander congerAlexander conger2 years ago
  • Start doing some research on this season

    Alexander congerAlexander conger2 years ago
  • Bro you should start doing more research

    Alexander congerAlexander conger2 years ago
  • Bro u focus on one bad game Westbrook is extremely clutch in almost every close game

    Alexander congerAlexander conger2 years ago
  • I disliked the video when I heard kd 😂💯 that lanky bastard is clutch af

    Declyn BurrageDeclyn Burrage2 years ago
  • Nah man, I definitely don't agree with this list lol

    we widewe wide2 years ago
  • Replace LeBron and KD with Lowry and DeRozan. You could even replace curry w harden

    Bleezy ShowBleezy Show2 years ago
    • Alex Cramer Currys been to the finals & had alot of good games 🤔

      Bleezy ShowBleezy Show2 years ago
    • BleezyB toons no curry needs to stay there

      Alex CramerAlex Cramer2 years ago
  • Curry is the most overrated player ever

    oscar diazoscar diaz2 years ago
  • LeBron

    Marlymar 14Marlymar 142 years ago
  • be quiet

    Nora AghasedoNora Aghasedo2 years ago
  • did u just say ... wtf westbrook and durant are u kidding me u are so dumb and lebron and curry u just named the most clutch players

    Marcidity PMarcidity P3 years ago
  • Lebron for the first 46 minutes puts you in a position to win so it doesn’t have to go to the final 2 minutes

    Rewind RewindRewind Rewind3 years ago
  • russell im done

    Link PlaysLink Plays3 years ago
  • Then NewGen people compare These Contemporary so-called SupahStars to His Airness- Michael Jordan?! Tsk tsk Man, Jordan is the G.O.A.T... He's been tested over and over in His career.. and when The NBA was still a Man's Game unlike now... so Soft and full of Floppy Things going on.. Jordan said in One of His commercials that He have failed over and over again.. then that's why He succeeded.. Yes! He might have failed indeed for so many times.. but I believe Never during when He is needed Most.. and when it Mattered Most.. Damn! He was Never beaten in an NBA Finals.. A Double 3Peat for Basketball's sake! In those 6 NBA Finals, He's always The MVP... Meaning if it werent All about Him, because Pippen was there, and The Bulls always have this Great-Role Players(not Pirated/Transferred SupahStars just to taste a Championship), but Definitely those Finals were More about Him..

    Echoes of Mars MoonDragonEchoes of Mars MoonDragon3 years ago
  • kd and curry on the list but not Harden?? check Harden out man!!!

    Gualter gutierrezGualter gutierrez3 years ago
  • Lebron james has the most game winners out of any nba player ever

    KenKen3 years ago
  • It was Durant who bloo it and warriors won 2017

    Claamped uPClaamped uP3 years ago
  • No, the warriors blew a 3-1 lead, the cavs didn’t comeback, lechoke is one of the worst chokers in the nba

    Kaden PackerKaden Packer3 years ago
    • Kaden Packer he scored 41 two games in a row you dumbass 😂

      Alex CramerAlex Cramer2 years ago
  • Chris Paul

    Forever Purple N GoldForever Purple N Gold3 years ago
  • Fuck you

    sam nicholassam nicholas3 years ago
  • I like kevin Durant because he looks like my dad lol

    This Channel On YouTubeThis Channel On YouTube3 years ago
  • My ass smells weird...

    Tommen BaratheonTommen Baratheon3 years ago
  • Bandwagons.....

    Merla SarabiaMerla Sarabia3 years ago
  • and he choked in the finals

    ????3 years ago
  • i agree about kevin durant. He left when his team needed him most and is now scoring for the other team.

    ????3 years ago
  • Is this a text-to-speech robot or a real guy?

    Michelle S.Michelle S.3 years ago
  • Curry fucking clutch

    Nick GNick G3 years ago
    • Nick G *isnt

      Alex CramerAlex Cramer2 years ago
  • Russel Westbrook what the most clutch player around

    Jaxson GiordanoJaxson Giordano3 years ago
  • I’m sorry, but should can’t use the 2012 finals as a case for KD, he was 22 years old, give him a break, Kobe wasn’t clutch in his third season, why should KD be held to a different standard to one of the clutchest players ever

    Thomas HughesThomas Hughes3 years ago
  • Maybe this is because the fact that there superstars they get more minutes. like lebron who is leading the league in such, and when you play a lot you get tired and when your tired you can't play as well. like me who can barely run up and down the court.all I'm saying is half of the players have hit a game winner in some sort of finals.

    Snooky ಠ_ಠSnooky ಠ_ಠ3 years ago
  • Westbrook is clutch wtf

    Austin WellingAustin Welling3 years ago

    Enrique RendonEnrique Rendon3 years ago
    • Enrique Rendon curry hasn’t ever hit a big shot in any finals he even got his shit blocked by kyrie to send a game to overtime

      Alex CramerAlex Cramer2 years ago
  • This guy is bullshit

    M S M CM S M C3 years ago
  • Skip is a hater

    DBZKID03DBZKID033 years ago
  • Y’all did by boy Westbrook wrong

    silkienewssilkienews3 years ago
  • I hate the thunder, but if you think Westbrook isn't clutch, you need to do research

    nic campnic camp3 years ago
  • KD???????? What abot him saving the Warriors in the finals??????

    fortnite sucksfortnite sucks3 years ago