5 Times Kobe Bryant Sought REVENGE!

May 2, 2020
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5 Times Kobe Bryant Sought REVENGE!

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SONG BY: JohnnyDog -usworlds.info/tv/HsyF8FavdYcmU9V4tZbklA

  • Thumbs up the video👍if you would like Lebron next!...Thanks!

    Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.6 months ago
    • 🙏not close to KOBE 🐍 ing and driving to the rim,but MAYBE?

      tipangawal11tipangawal11Month ago
    • Why tf is everybody mad lmao don’t watch the channel then

      KaaedanKaaedan2 months ago
    • Fscts

      Nate DoggNate Dogg2 months ago
    • Fuck lebron. Championship chaser

      Dom SantiagoDom Santiago2 months ago
    • Bird

      GeorgéNothimGeorgéNothim4 months ago
  • Great video !!!!!!!

    Mauricio Di MaseMauricio Di Mase6 hours ago
  • Jordan was the coach for the bulls and kobe was the coach for the lakers LOL

    That one guyThat one guy19 hours ago
  • I still cant accept that Kobe dies, I watch his last game 3 years ago RIP KOBE 😭😭💜💛❤️

    Drino zhaoDrino zhao23 hours ago
  • “I’ll push myself to exhaustion.” This sentence describes Kobe’s mentality 0:25 RIP LEGEND

    Elena ScottElena ScottDay ago
  • Him dying

    Kasch CullisonKasch Cullison2 days ago
  • Kobe>MJ

    C. CosmanC. Cosman3 days ago
  • Hey cosgrove prod. Add when agent 00 when he said kobe was the black mamba then gilbert said im the black mongoose

    Justina AbrauJustina Abrau5 days ago
  • RIP Kobe, we will miss you and Gianna forever. 😔

    elaine williamselaine williams5 days ago
  • He was a winner! All day

    American MadeAmerican Made6 days ago
  • The Greatest ever.....

    Brent DuPartBrent DuPart7 days ago
  • 4:17 look at shaq

    L O LL O L8 days ago
  • Why do all the narrator voices in these videos sound like someone you wouldn't have look after your kids??

    deflated egodeflated ego8 days ago
  • Kobe forever

    Achisachis73Achisachis739 days ago
  • I still don’t undeserved how Kobe has the same amount of mvps as westbrook and has less mvps than nash

    handlegodhandlegod9 days ago
  • Mamba forever!!

    8oz Music8oz Music9 days ago
  • Stopped the video 1 min in, most monotonous voice I've ever heard You could try to do some changes in your tone and volume, it would definitely be a video I would enjoy watching

    Vasco AlmeidaVasco Almeida10 days ago
  • Are the Bills a legit threat to the Chiefs in the AFC?

    Colin KreutzerColin Kreutzer11 days ago
  • I dont think miller intentionally elbowed Kobe in that play. But kobe did a bad revenged. A dirty play. Im a kobe fan and mean no disrespect to the dead.

    Bebe KilabotBebe Kilabot12 days ago
  • T-mac looked like he was high

    DivineKeithDivineKeith12 days ago
  • what did you say? close to jordan? wtf hahahaa

    doctor lowspecdoctor lowspec13 days ago
  • Kobe took it personal. EZ MONEY

    Paul Christian PangilinanPaul Christian Pangilinan17 days ago
  • Ngl 8:20 was funny as fuck😂🤣

    Mezzy BeatzMezzy Beatz19 days ago
  • I was the best defender in our local park. then one day this guy who praises by everybody, because no one can guard this guy. I was annoyed and I said to everybody that I can shut this guy up but at the end of our game he block me 2 times and I only made one basket while he was guarding me. At that point on I vowed to get my revenge. I get better every day by playing the same guy and study all his moves while he was beating me, up until I saw that he was pumping his jump shot that's why it's hard to block and I study that and get the timing, I blocked him twice on the local park tournament, and although he is still better than me. I think I've earned that respect from him because he always acknowledges me now in our local park every time I play there.

    ArtArt20 days ago
  • What is the Dance movie title?

    lilibeth arzadonlilibeth arzadon20 days ago
  • I didn’t even know Kobe and AI had a rivalry. Interesting

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy21 day ago
  • You should do Allen Iverson revenge.

    Esamin katun876 Richard linda796688*Esamin katun876 Richard linda796688*22 days ago
  • MJ's rival is a whole team. Wow

    flamendlessflamendless24 days ago
  • i miss this man.

    Emilio ArandaEmilio Aranda24 days ago
  • What a beautiful video!!

    Avoired RangerAvoired Ranger26 days ago
  • 8:24 Kobe hit Mike Miller in 8 24 time

    TotallyMeisGMTotallyMeisGM28 days ago
  • Kobe was the closest I've seen to MJ. It was beautiful because you could tell the man L O V E D basketball and just wanted to win.

    kenney0313kenney031328 days ago
  • Great video of the 🐐!!!!

    The Jones PodcastThe Jones Podcast28 days ago
  • Put stats aside for a minute.. other than Michael Jordan, who do you want the ball in his hands late in the fourth quarter more than Kobe Bryant? Kobe Bryant was a downright assassin.. I just don't understand how he has been leapfrogged by LeBron James in the greatest players conversation.. when Miami heat were a championship team, late in fourth quarters.. you wanted the ball in Dwyane Wade's hands, not LeBron's.. because LeBron was prone to turn over the ball (just look at the two turnovers vs the Spurs two plays prior to Ray Allen hitting the famous three that saved the Heat and LBJ's legacy).. when the cavaliers were going to all those championships, you wanted the ball in Kyrie Irving's hands late in games (like the three hit by Kyrie that basically won the game and the series vs the Warriors).. LeBron James is one of the greatest players of all time, he is the Peyton Manning of NBA players.. great stat stuffer, and makes players around him better for sure. But he is no assassin... You just don't fear him late in games when he's playing your team...Kobe Bryant is the second greatest player of all time behind MJ PERIOD... those two players were killers.. 11 championships between the two of them.. and the top two game winning shot makers of all time. If I want someone with say 4 minutes to go in a fourth quarter to take over and win the game, I want Kobe or MJ PERIOD... LeBron wouldn't even be in my top 10 in that scenario.

    Eric MathisEric Mathis29 days ago
  • I remember masked mamba, Kobe had a stretch of 30+ scoring games it was crazy

    kobe bryantkobe bryantMonth ago
  • So his defense on Miller is something you think should be air for the next generation to learn from?😳

    Omar FaroukOmar FaroukMonth ago
  • 1 Question of this video, on 2013 season which SG exactly was better than kobe?

    Μιχάλης καραθανασηςΜιχάλης καραθανασηςMonth ago
  • I still can believe my idol is gone 😭

    Brian ArrivillagaBrian ArrivillagaMonth ago
  • Kobe was a top 2 player ever. Take the politics out the game, pound for pound BASKETBALL PLAYER. Kobe could do everything on the court, play defense, score anyways he wants. Kobe even showed playmaking from time to time. Playmaking wasn’t something he cared about. HE LIKED KILLING HIS OPPONENTS score buckets on em and lock me up.

    Cloudxyrobloxxsquadd RobloxCloudxyrobloxxsquadd RobloxMonth ago
  • Mamba Mentality 🙏

    Sekani KaySekani KayMonth ago
  • My favorite would be the toronto outburst!! Damn! I miss kobe bryant!!

    Vaughn Walter UyVaughn Walter UyMonth ago

    Mark RyanMark RyanMonth ago
  • That is my favorite game in History when Kobe score 33 points on D Wade and took him one on one and D Wade foul him about 10 times and they only call 6 of them and D Wade foul out He play DW one on one Kobe on defense and took the ball from him I have never seen a revenge like that and stopped DW That is my favorite after he purposely foul Kobe and broke his nose at the all star game Kobe is great and the West won the allstar game too

    Michael WhiteMichael WhiteMonth ago
  • Now a days, the6 say Mike v.s. Lebron..... .Though he might be gone Kobe is the number 1 Contender.

    Eric IrbyEric IrbyMonth ago
  • He always tried copying mj.

    Rodel ValenzuelaRodel ValenzuelaMonth ago
    • He copied more people than Michael. And Michael copied people as well. It’s nothing new in the sport.

      Jason AJason AMonth ago
    • He copied everyone

      JL-XrtaMayoNoCheeseJL-XrtaMayoNoCheeseMonth ago
  • The Masked Mamba 😤😤

    Theo EllisTheo EllisMonth ago
  • Fans who grew up AFTER Kobe's prime never got to see just how great he was. Those of us who watched him day in, day out know the truth though. There is a reason damn near EVERY player in the NBA looked up to Kobe and idolized him. Just like those of us who watched Jordan. You saw the SKILL and hard work. Kobe balled in an era before analytics and stat nerds like Nick Wright who solely preach numbers out of context. And when the stat nerds DID take over, Kobe was broken down and slowed up by perpetual injuries. He is an underrated legend. Kobe is in that club with Wilt Chamberlain and Isaiah Thomas, guys who just never can get credit for anything. And now the cycle continues with LeBron, even though he isn't as despised as Kobe was it's still absolutely ridiculous that he puts up with such bullshit.

    phillyslasherphillyslasherMonth ago

  • Amnesty THAT

    B CB CMonth ago
  • Haven't watched a game since kobe retired.r.i.p kobe

    Justin GreenJustin GreenMonth ago
  • I want to compete now

    MikDBMikDBMonth ago
  • Iverson, goat in this vid lol

    SEMO AccountabilitySEMO AccountabilityMonth ago
  • Portland Utah Memphis and some other team was part of 50+ in four straight games. Wow. Kobe was. Nice. 2nd best ever

    kevin mizellkevin mizellMonth ago
  • People these days are good with just being mediocre, which is why you have all these participation awards. You have to want to be great, not just good enough. Yeah, this generation is soft.

    Nicholas LewisNicholas LewisMonth ago
  • Amnesty that!

    El EdrixEl EdrixMonth ago
  • Love Kobe but a common misconception is that he is more clutch than Lebron which, statistically, is demonstrably false (he is good though). RIP Mamba

    Andrew DeckerAndrew DeckerMonth ago
  • Lady Karma got the last laugh. Humble Yourself

    Somebody SomewhereSomebody SomewhereMonth ago
  • Yes i can say Kobe is the closest thg to MJ. A great two way player Kobe play this game as vengeance.

    Dennis SmithDennis SmithMonth ago
    • 33pts against Miami after a broken nose. Kobe Bryant is a warrior. RIP

      Dennis SmithDennis SmithMonth ago
    • Kobe scored 62 in 3 quarter against Dallas

      Dennis SmithDennis SmithMonth ago
  • Favorite love moment was when he beat The celtic in game 7 of the finals in 2010

    OgPageOgPageMonth ago
  • Kobe the remix of MJ. RiP Champ.

    The MacThe MacMonth ago
  • My favorite memory of Kobe is he will always be better than Lebron James.

    JOE DUFOUR HowBoutDemCowboysJOE DUFOUR HowBoutDemCowboysMonth ago
  • #AmnestyTHAT 🔥🔥🔥 #LegendsNeverDie #RIP #BlackMamba #KobeBryant

    rdfoster19rdfoster19Month ago
  • Where are these quotes coming from? Do you have sources? Sounds made up

    Ralph FuentesRalph FuentesMonth ago
  • Your channel is absolutely awesome already suscribed

    Alejandro NavaAlejandro NavaMonth ago
  • Annoying background music.

    Mário Alberto UngarettiMário Alberto UngarettiMonth ago
  • Kobe was built different 🐐 R.I.P Mamba

    NarcolepsyBoy94NarcolepsyBoy94Month ago
  • mj and kobe lowkey handled their revenge like anime characters

    ScateScateMonth ago
  • When he.said ai o thought he.was talking.about a.ai bot

    tired of bulltired of bullMonth ago
  • You kinda missed how Kobe was able to eliminate Steve Nash's Phoenix Suns in 2010 after the two times first round exists in post-Shaq era

    Mamba outMamba outMonth ago
  • I love how Michael Jordan gies against the whole pistons

    Ramza Alexander FajardoRamza Alexander FajardoMonth ago
  • Allen Iverson had that fool scared. I remember that game. Kobe was so scared of being embarrassed again he tried his best against Iverson. Kobe looked crazy out there not in a good way. That's why I like Iverson because of what he was able to do to Kobe

    Michael PhillipsMichael PhillipsMonth ago
  • When did Jordan even say Kobe couldn’t fill his shoes? These youtubers make up the most retarted things😂

    AimAssistIsntOpAimAssistIsntOpMonth ago
  • I have always been a MJ fan, so I would have to say my favorite memory was when MJ and KOBE went head to head and everybody was saying then that he would the next superstar... understatement of the time

    Theresa WestTheresa WestMonth ago
  • My favorite kobe moment is...when kobe got his back to back wins....

    Earl Jeroe GanilaEarl Jeroe GanilaMonth ago
  • Why the Narrator sound like it's a cold case file "Kobe Bryant the NBA killer"

    Jerry ColeJerry ColeMonth ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/eqxlaq_Ffn-qjamYttps://usworlds.info/slow/video/eqxlaq_Ffn-qjamYttps://usworlds.info/slow/video/eqxlaq_Ffn-qjak

    Bigyan SubediBigyan SubediMonth ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/eqxlaq_Ffn-qjak

    Bigyan SubediBigyan SubediMonth ago
  • Kobe and Jordin are goats. Besides all the other greats before them. But my mavs have never been the best team in the league. But they did get the ultimate revenge against Kobe. Knocking him out of the his last run to a title. Mavs champs that year. It was so sweet. But they do suck. But Luca is the truth lol

    Robert RodRobert RodMonth ago
  • The music annoying

    Barry FrenchBarry FrenchMonth ago
  • I remember his 81 points back in 06. RIP KOBE BRYANT aka Black Mamba

    Andy SnyderAndy SnyderMonth ago
  • Not gone lie The Jordan pyscho revenge video was more malicious than this one. Kobe seem to be playing a friendly competition where as Jordan was playing in a competition against his most hated enemies

    Neji HyugaNeji HyugaMonth ago
  • I love the “You Got Served” movie scene! I was JUST watching those dope ass dance moves from that movie in another tab.

    ccol009ccol009Month ago

    Shivang NairShivang NairMonth ago
    • the best competitor ever

      Shivang NairShivang NairMonth ago
  • At 8:22 in the video when Kobe elbows but the time clock stops at 8:24 😔

    BoogieBoogieMonth ago
  • Allen iverson and Kobe were both rookies but Kobe was a kid out of high school and iverson was a man out of college with a knowledge of all the fundamentals and experience , come on now !!!

    California GhostCalifornia GhostMonth ago
  • This video trash

    Court BaldwinCourt BaldwinMonth ago
  • dislocates his finger..pops it back in and plays again..

    Tee PixelateTee PixelateMonth ago
  • Bruh I can’t even explain this to folks I really couldn’t

    Mac DeeMac DeeMonth ago
  • Yeah Chuck!

    RickySlickySavvyRickySlickySavvyMonth ago
  • Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant 💜💛

    Enrico PalazzoEnrico PalazzoMonth ago
  • MLB desperately needs an amnesty clause like the NBA has. Anyway, great video!

    Blake DorsetteBlake DorsetteMonth ago
  • This man the goat man idgaf about anyone or anything they gotta say Kobe bean goat man

    Justin CaseJustin Case2 months ago
  • I miss Kobe 😭, Mamba Mentality Forever

    Fit2PlayGames !!!Fit2PlayGames !!!2 months ago
  • I will always give Bryant credit for listening to the guys that came before him and adding pieces of their advice into his game.

    Sean McClureSean McClure2 months ago
  • 20th of December was on my birthday and I watch this game and I thought kobe Bryant was straight up ICE COLD

    Joshua BentonJoshua Benton2 months ago
  • Yes mate u got me

    Scott CrabtreeScott Crabtree2 months ago
  • Kobe v wade was the best one

    Jeffrey WhitleyJeffrey Whitley2 months ago
  • I was with it until you showed a clip from a fucking dance battle from You Got Served. Dafuq!?! Get that wack shit outta here! This is Kobe!!! This is basketball!!! Not some breakdance fight!

    Notori_HanzoNotori_Hanzo2 months ago
  • "I don't get 5 championships here without him" - Kobe's comment about Michael Jordan 🐐 in the last Dance Documentary.

    Lucy AklarLucy Aklar2 months ago
  • 😢

    eric belcinaeric belcina2 months ago