5 Times Michael Jordan Sought REVENGE!

Apr 25, 2020
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5 Times Michael Jordan Sought REVENGE!
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    TheWeekdayVEVOTheWeekdayVEVODay ago
  • So basically Jordan had borderline personality disorder

    Young Soldier23Young Soldier23Day ago
  • Any body notice the fake uppercut by Rambo at 0:34?!?!?!

    JoeJr PlayzzJoeJr Playzz2 days ago
  • MJ is bestEVER.....understand!!!!!!!!! Ever

    Doug MackenzieDoug Mackenzie3 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/i2d_eWjNopFtd4c

    Jon BoyJon Boy3 days ago
  • MJ was like a literal predator that used bball as his outlet

    Gabriel OkekeGabriel Okeke4 days ago
  • But the question is somewhat circular...whether Michael had that mentality because he knew he could kill every night or he could kill every night because he had that mentality...what people don't understand is that many people can " seek revenge " and talk the talk...say provocative stuff or claim that they'll get them the next night...with MJ , you knew that it was going to happen the very next game...even if JVG made those statements at any other point , MJ would've still went out the other night and murdered any of those other 28 teams except the Knicks and he'd just bury the Knicks too when he met them the next time....The fact that these stories exist...... Amazing.

    Sherwyn Andrew HaqqSherwyn Andrew Haqq4 days ago
  • Coach sneeze🤧 MJ oh you sneeze watch me get 60 on you pussies lol

    Mikey MyersMikey Myers5 days ago
  • Jordan is just one of those kids who never got a whipping as a kid growing up, guy has a hall of fame school threat badge

    SoHigh 34SoHigh 346 days ago
  • Someone should provoke him to make the hornets a contender then.. Been patient long enough

    Neil Bryan BucsitNeil Bryan Bucsit6 days ago
  • another revenge of MJ, i forgot who said it and which team, it said MJ cant shoot 3 pointer, later at than game MJ score a lot, i mean A LOT from 3's

    Rico SetiawanRico Setiawan6 days ago
  • Against russell 🔥🔥🔥

    Bossmillz EntBossmillz Ent7 days ago
  • That stare had to physically hurt.

    Pitt StainzPitt Stainz7 days ago
  • How about the time when the (bad boy)Pistons intentionally hurt Scottie Pippen so Jordan and the rest of the bulls held court for the rest of the game.

    Tommy HallumTommy Hallum8 days ago
  • I still miss watching this man play. LeBron is amazing no doubt about it but as far as excitement there is no equal to MJ. None

    Tommy HallumTommy Hallum8 days ago
  • And MJ took it personally...

    Mr MathhMr Mathh8 days ago
  • Then it became personal

    Jayyyswerve 1Jayyyswerve 18 days ago
  • Watch, the last dance, from netflix series

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez8 days ago
  • I agree with that

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez8 days ago
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    Văn Hưng ĐỗVăn Hưng Đỗ9 days ago
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    Professional Firefighter Lawn ServiceProfessional Firefighter Lawn Service10 days ago
  • I see you went to the William Shatner school of reading pauses.

    Whadat MowfduWhadat Mowfdu10 days ago
  • Gundy was a Man , he never said anything back all game ..

    adam sadam s11 days ago
  • Looks to me like he was standing up to bullies and unfairness and the capability/skill to achieve those principles. seeking revenge is for weak people.

    Douglas ArmstrongDouglas Armstrong11 days ago
  • Great compilation! Thanks.

    Cathy SlyterCathy Slyter11 days ago
  • 8:09 wtf looks like he is ready to devour with that stare

    reZ aLreZ aL12 days ago
  • ask MJ's dad

    Ernesto GarciaErnesto Garcia12 days ago
  • Do this type of video for damian lillard

    Ermal MusarajErmal Musaraj13 days ago
  • MJ was Eminem of NBA. Anyone who dares to insult him, to question him or to ridicule him, will pay the price, even thru death! Everyone in NBA was scared of MJ as they did with Eminem in music world. Hmmmm....

    JOJO YoungJOJO Young13 days ago
  • Who else here from that funny ass thumbnail🤣🤣🤣

    Jaylen MayorgaJaylen Mayorga13 days ago
  • Funny he don't talk shit to nobody that'll whip his ass...

    Greg PGreg P14 days ago
  • Lebron who?

    DJ Maxx SaintDJ Maxx Saint15 days ago
  • Mj played like a serial kily

    Caple BanhanCaple Banhan15 days ago
  • Imagine the confidence you need to have to take revenge in the NBA! Straight out smash everyone in your way!

    angel pothulaangel pothula16 days ago
  • Damn I never knew about the freeze out but now I kno why Mike hates him lol

    j thrillaj thrilla16 days ago
  • Back in the day I loved my bad boys but Isaiah was always brash and arrogant and even then it was obvious that MJ was so much better which is why I always rooted for MJ to score a lot but for my Pistons to win 🤓🤓🤓

    Doug OhaverDoug Ohaver16 days ago
  • What about when he changed his number from 45 to 23 because Nick Anderson said that number 45 wasnt as good?

    April McCalisterApril McCalister17 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/gGiGjoq3on2pjHc

    moebility.t.v sevenmoebility.t.v seven19 days ago
  • I just noticed how jordan has no hair..

    jaden yukijaden yuki19 days ago
  • NBA needs to air the JORDAN Bulls games.

    King QuizonKing Quizon19 days ago
  • Never mess with the GOAT

    Darius John kincaidDarius John kincaid20 days ago
  • MJ is so good, you could have him vs any team and he would win.. MJ is so good, you could have him vs golden state with Kevin Durant and he would win.. MJ is so good, you could have him vs Nba All star team and he would win.. MJ is so good, you could have him vs USA Olympic team and he would win.. MJ is so good, he was the goat before he even was in the league.. MJ is so good, he beat the Monstars...by himself....lol Moral of the story If you play basketball the best you can do is 2nd place ..why? Because MJ is MJ and every player in history before and every player in history after will never measure up..... Sincerely, Skip Bayless!

    yaboytlyaboytl20 days ago
  • When they played that Denzel clip from training day💀💀💀at that moment you KNEW Jordan had a SERIOUS COMPETITION PROBLEM. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Traslen PattersonTraslen Patterson20 days ago
  • Jordan is the GOAT, plain and simple...and I’m a Celtics fan, and I hated Jordan when he was playing...but he is the greatest of all time, hands down!

    Jenny GrapertJenny Grapert21 day ago
  • This was a good one

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy21 day ago
  • "Their coach wouldn't give me a reason to take anything personally... I took that personally."

    Shark AriseShark Arise22 days ago
  • Coach: does nothing MJ: And I took that personally

    yo lolyo lol22 days ago
  • My favorite was when he got his revenge on thomas

    PandaGamesPandaGames22 days ago
  • You wanna upload? Ok. Fine, thats all i needed.

    Night BotNight Bot23 days ago
  • Opposing Coach : breathes Michael Jordan: " For me, that's when it was personal"

    Jenny GrapertJenny Grapert23 days ago
  • This nicca is relentless reminds me of my Pop's RIP in HEAVEN chief

    Un ForgettableUn Forgettable23 days ago
  • I can’t believe KG in his rookie year wasn’t on here lol. That was magical 😂

    Darrell HenryDarrell Henry23 days ago
  • Idek why jvg is here bruh

    Anfernee ManansalaAnfernee Manansala24 days ago
  • MJ is addicted to busting their a$$ and giving em 60.

    Sean McClureSean McClure27 days ago
  • Big 3

    Asap JAYAsap JAY27 days ago
  • You think MJ watched this and was like “ Don’t make it personal and it won’t happen”

    Nythegreat1046Nythegreat104627 days ago
  • And I took that personally

    Kenny TrujilloKenny Trujillo27 days ago
  • Lebrons idol - Jordan Jordans idol - Jordan

    Mark NeumannMark Neumann27 days ago
  • Van Gundy, project much?

    echopathyechopathy27 days ago

  • You can do that when you’re the GOAT BABY!

    Tim MalechaTim Malecha28 days ago
  • 8:08 THE LOOK ON JORDAN'S FACE 😭😭😭😭💀

    Daveon MarcusDaveon Marcus28 days ago
  • Imagine the Archangel Michael's revenge? He was humiliated and killed by man... and Mike is the leader of God's army at Armageddon... (still less powerful than Yahweh)

    Jake RojasJake Rojas28 days ago
  • A mr clean ad just magically appeared conveniently maybe there's a correlation😁🤙

    lee robinsonlee robinson28 days ago

    stormy weatherstormy weather29 days ago
  • I think (pause) william shatner (pause) as captain Kirk (pause) is narrating (pause) this video.

    Allen WilsonAllen WilsonMonth ago
  • Russell, of course said that. It's called trash talking your hero, and innocent banter, because you're nervous and in awe. But Jordan don't play much, apparently.

    Joe CookJoe CookMonth ago
  • MJ23💯

    TusharsinghbishtTusharsinghbishtMonth ago
  • @7:47 Rodman tweaking guys arm back ahah

    Nik ZechelNik ZechelMonth ago
  • WHATS WITH THE HORROR MUSIC?! HAHA Oh, I get it cause MJ's scary

    Nik ZechelNik ZechelMonth ago
  • Tht was nice I’m just finding this but I enjoyed them all I remember when I went to a Washington wizards Christmas party the previous night I went to the Wizards basketball game n saw Mike n action and the rest of the Wizards team it was epic cause as a child that’s a dream to many ppl n I was able to see all that but fast forward back to the party I did ask where’s Michael n I was told he hurt himself during the game last night but I did get to meet the cheerleaders at tht time we did gymnastics together n I also did a couple flips with the mascot G-WIZ tht was epic all around I’ll never forget those memories

  • LeBron is NOT the greatest of all time........usworlds.info/slow/video/aKypiaGnp3eGjYM

    NV- Music & Random Family StuffNV- Music & Random Family StuffMonth ago
  • Coach: says nothing Jordan: okay, fine

    KyloKyloMonth ago
  • bob dylan

    lazara zequeiralazara zequeiraMonth ago
  • 10:21 bruh the commentators went crazy over this 😭 imagine if kyrie or kd played in this era

    EJEJMonth ago
  • If I see one other ''that's when I took it personnal'' comment Im gonna .... take it personal !

    Amor fatiAmor fatiMonth ago
  • Mike better kiss him good with them big lips

    Todd JamesTodd JamesMonth ago
  • Ok after the "king Kong ain't got shit on me" my third eye finally opened and I am now going to watch the last dance on Netflix

    AliAliMonth ago
  • Even the editors had to respect MJ with the background music

    HarisHarisMonth ago
  • MJ doesn't get revenge he just takes it personally

    Manju ParajuliManju ParajuliMonth ago
  • Ahh whem Jordan scored 19pts in the last 9mins vs grizzlies because rookie Derek Martin opened his mouth when they were leading with MJ on the bench.

    Churly NoodlesChurly NoodlesMonth ago
  • The comments on here 😂

    Scott ShieldsScott ShieldsMonth ago
  • Yea he's was and still the best all 🇯🇲 love him 1up for MJ

    Jermaine PinnockJermaine PinnockMonth ago
  • Jordan is a Hall of Famer of Trash talking.

    KramortsacKramortsacMonth ago
  • LMFAO Bryon Russell was, at best a mediocre NBA player. He was and never has been anywhere Near MJ's level. What an asshole! He deserved what he got.

    DarkHorse_2018DarkHorse_2018Month ago
  • Damn, if looks could kill coach John would’ve been dead

    Devonta FranklinDevonta FranklinMonth ago
  • LeBron will never have this ferocity.... Ever!

    Chosen OneChosen OneMonth ago
  • That stare gave coach Callipari nightmares for days

    Sonnel UmaliSonnel UmaliMonth ago
  • Bol don’t run your mouth if you can’t back it up

    Pharaoh KushPharaoh KushMonth ago
  • The goat made trash talkers cause their whole lives end sooner than they think, yep my man Mikey the G.O.A.T!! 🔥🔥🔥

    Wayne SivuarapikWayne SivuarapikMonth ago
  • Sound. Like. A. Scary. Movie. Jordan. Was. Crazy. Revenge. That’s. What. Made. Him. The. Best. He. Didn’t. Play. Wit. Nobod. Even. The. Coaches. 💀💀💀

    Ahnyla cityAhnyla cityMonth ago
  • Fuck Jordan” luciferian. Egotistical prick. Sacrificed his own father for fame and money.

    J777 IsmJ777 IsmMonth ago
  • Legend has it Jordan scored 50 on the uploader of this video

    Jon QuistJon QuistMonth ago
  • Lmao.

    Jon QuistJon QuistMonth ago
  • Van Gundy been a bitch

    Teflon JohnTeflon JohnMonth ago
  • 8:10 to 8:13 that "You know you done fucked up right" look.😂😂

    King ScorpioKing ScorpioMonth ago
  • 9:46 🤣🤣

    FedMoney PFedMoney PMonth ago
  • MJ stared down coach yelling at his team like "we ain't on the plantation no mo!"

    NSNSMonth ago
  • Why do people kept on summoning the devil while they can't face him

    Justin 4KJustin 4KMonth ago
  • Don't ever fuck with Michael jordan

    kent mnlkent mnlMonth ago