6 Blown Calls That Altered NBA History FOREVER!

Aug 30, 2020
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6 Blown Calls That Altered NBA History FOREVER!
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  • Bad calls are apart of the game and no player is exempt.

    Donnell AdamsDonnell Adams10 hours ago
  • Naw Mike just fell in that Indiana game. He smacked him first anyways

    Moon StarMoon Star19 hours ago
  • They definitely missed a foul under that basket but it’s also the playoffs

    Moon StarMoon Star19 hours ago
  • That eisley three point call is a joke. It's halfway through the air to the basket!! I don't think it's a push by Jordan though, defender was on the way down anyway

    Nick SimpsonNick SimpsonDay ago
  • Of course just how the league does it for lebron now he can do anything but the other team does anything it's a T or foul but all sports are rigged it's like the WWF

    Joseph MillerJoseph MillerDay ago
  • no perfect ref.

    Reynold NacaytunaReynold NacaytunaDay ago
  • I remember the 91 NBA Finals Game 1 Bulls should have won Game 1 when Jordan missed the go ahead basket and AC Green called time out the Lakers didn't have any timeouts and the Bulls lose game 1

    RICE GOAT_80RICE GOAT_80Day ago
  • bulls bias

    Guydelord MansaniGuydelord Mansani2 days ago
  • Mike slipped. Ridiculous

    Stanley MageeStanley Magee2 days ago
  • None of the blocks were fouls

    Wayne LaneyWayne Laney2 days ago
  • This is sports. Lakers early 2000s were getting crazy calls

    KingKongStrongKingKongStrong3 days ago
  • One thing out of a million that is wrong. So then bulls without Jordan still got fairly far in the playoffs, the lakers rn could do that easily too, lol

    Comment HackerComment Hacker3 days ago
  • I Enver rooted for a specific team in the nba ı only rooted for teams of Lebron and Kobe ı never even saw MJ He wasnt even in the league when ı was born but my favorite is MJ

    9Umut9Umut3 days ago
  • Mike is not the goat

  • I agree the Miami San Antonio game ending was rigged. No need for the extra review if there was no time out. LeBron should have 3 rings.

    musicalmelodiesmusicalmelodies3 days ago
  • Nah bro the mckey "no call" is BS. Jordan tripped. Mckey was just going with the flow of movement and didint touch him

    musicalmelodiesmusicalmelodies3 days ago
  • Lol check if timmy boy was officiating . And this 2020 season was cause kobe passing and remember Giannis antetokounmpo wanted to boycott the rest of the season for the shooting of Edward Blake this meant that LeBron would have no chance to win a fourth championship which benefit him with a 3-month layover of due to the corona and everybody got to play in the bubble which was very uncomfortable and a lot of people were off their timing he couldn't let the season go by and start a whole new 82 game season he had to make sure that it was about Brianna Taylor which Giannas again started and Lawhine nut rode it cause it was offical all stroke then when the fool won i want my dam respect and the lakers yada fool bootom line used that bs to get the 4th so he can be up there with the rest i just don't see this acting fool Makein it if anyone knows b 🏀 knows w/o lawhine and bio -gensis his best days are done to me it was that run for the warriors its it this what ever tf you want call it season yea w. e😂 fool sould nt have won oh btw wait till the season picks up in December 😂😂 yaw seen klays achilles why not listening to the body same for nflcuz of Cvd no pre season, look at all the season injury's and they keep compiling dale keep it up soon they be no athlete's and as cvd rages this holiday 20' better be aware and ready stay safe and good luck all 👍.

    walter josewalter jose4 days ago
  • Truth behind

    jefferson ongayojefferson ongayo4 days ago
  • Bro you grew 1k over night bro

    Andrewz ChannelAndrewz Channel5 days ago
  • Lebron fouled the hell out of tony parker at the end of regulation like he knew they wouldn't call it

    Swisher SweetsirelliSwisher Sweetsirelli6 days ago
  • Jordan in 1995 almost make the finals 😭😭😭

    Ramir ResurreccionRamir Resurreccion6 days ago
  • The nba it’s scripted that’s all

    ThemonsterThemonster6 days ago
  • Well the 1994 season had nothing to do with basketball for Jordan because he wasn't playing so why even mention it in his documentary. If it were a Bulls documentary like I felt it should've been then yeah, this is an important piece of that history that should get mention

    Sneaker head JonesSneaker head Jones7 days ago
  • Before that Charles Smith missed foul calls in the final seconds, John Starks traveled before he passed the ball to Ewing.

    Sneaker head JonesSneaker head Jones7 days ago
  • Jordan definition of poster child NBA did everything they could to make sure of his legendary career

    Lil WillLil Will7 days ago
  • I had to change the number

    johan is jigglyjohan is jiggly8 days ago
  • same went for shaq an the lakers.. lakers vs 76..Iverson should've won 2001 but Iverson was cheated out that win

    TYLIE116TYLIE1168 days ago
  • the horry push on nash and suns being suspended the call on barkley where mj flies off to the side shouldn't of been a call tom donahi was right

    juan carbajaljuan carbajal8 days ago
  • #02WCF

    mardukmdmardukmd9 days ago
  • We all know refs gave Jordan and the bulls calls... lol and dude didn’t push Jordan and Jordan didn’t push off lol

    Ike TurnupIke Turnup9 days ago
  • Wow

    OFWkam28OFWkam289 days ago
  • Why alway Bulls and connected to MJ?

    No NameNo Name10 days ago
  • Why am I waiting for a ghost to pop up

    FuzzyFuzzFuzzyFuzz11 days ago
  • Is this supposed to be a horror film ?

    Escolynn BorjaEscolynn Borja11 days ago
  • Piano makes this somehow scary as shjt

    Shelby ThamuzShelby Thamuz12 days ago
  • The league couldn't let the Bulls win a title without Michael.

    NameCallingIsWeakNameCallingIsWeak12 days ago
  • He must be a Lebron fan. And how was the last one a blown call.? I understand that the spurs wanted to try to score in transition, but there wasn't a blown call. And what about the warriors heat series? Golden state should have won that one.

    Marcus RodriguezMarcus Rodriguez13 days ago
  • The music dont fit basketball talk at all..BUT I LOVE IT...makes it feel like a scary story lol ..now I feel like someone is gona come from outa nowhere and DUNK on me lmao

    mike conleymike conley13 days ago
  • This all about the bulls

    Jameson kingJameson king14 days ago
  • Mj was so big for upset GOAT???? I DONT THINK SO

    Mark Bryan MiguelMark Bryan Miguel14 days ago
  • You have a good eyes Grove can't wait to see more videos

    K CK C14 days ago
  • 0:14 There has been should be HAVE been. 0:26 under circumstances that WERE completely out of your control, not was. 2:28 that we would have saw? TRY SEEN. 6:09 not known as one of the worst calls in sports history. 10:33 MJ tripped on the court, use slo mo. Again with the 80's real life mystery detective show music. Also hit that like button, etc, like everyone else says. Well, not everyone. Thankfully. Other than those things, good vid.

    Bubster 1969Bubster 196915 days ago
  • Why would they talk about a game Jordan didn’t play in in the last dance. What are you talking about

    Ryan AshleyRyan Ashley16 days ago
  • Heyyy, "when the refs (gods and the NBA & Comp) are in your corner..."

    Hand MeoverHand Meover16 days ago
  • Game 6 of Kings/Lakers series in 2002!

    Magic_Man RobertsMagic_Man Roberts17 days ago
  • Game 5 2013 finals. Ginobili drives to the basket and supposed to get a foule at the end of 4th qt. Series should’ve been over. Duncan 6 rings

    MiX _MiX _17 days ago
  • Baron Davis' 3pt buzzer beater

    Chris WrightChris Wright18 days ago
  • That was definitely a push-off.

    Edward GollihughEdward Gollihugh18 days ago
  • @10:42 u can see Jordan go 2 drive and his left foot trip over the pacer players foot no foul

    Badazz Mo3Badazz Mo318 days ago
  • Instead of tryin 4 layups he shouldve dunked the ball 2 big

    Badazz Mo3Badazz Mo318 days ago
  • i agree with everything except for the MJ drive which he fell guarded by McKey i think that was a good no call. I believe that the biggest BS by the ref was the 2018 between the Cavs and Warriors were they changed the call from offensive foul to blocking foul on LBJ that caused Cavs the game 1 and eventually losing in a sweep.

    Jepoyski VlogsJepoyski Vlogs20 days ago
  • The music ain't scary but watching this at 3 in the morning with no lights on is scary😂😂

    Esen 17Esen 1720 days ago

    Chief TalkChief Talk20 days ago
  • How bout the hundreds of fouls on Jordan he hardly ever got the benefit of the doubt. I think u need to watch the games yourself before you make assumptions that are absolutely incorrect. Nitpicking these incidents that went the Bulls way is sad without looking at the games and seeing how many calls were not given to Jordan

    Jake RamzyJake Ramzy21 day ago
  • The Knicks weren't winning game 7 in Chicago lmao

    Juan RiveraJuan Rivera21 day ago
  • and still people believe mj is the goat..

    Denmar TayabanDenmar Tayaban23 days ago
  • the refs payed by the NIKE FACTORY. if jordan got the ring, more shoe to sell

    Joel BarbaraJoel Barbara24 days ago
  • Derrick rose game winner against Cleveland in 2015 playoffs was a 5 second violation.

    Devin BridgesDevin Bridges24 days ago
  • Jordan did push off on that shot

    Devin BridgesDevin Bridges24 days ago
  • Chicago vs Utah those are shady ref

    Benjamin Play RBBenjamin Play RB25 days ago
  • Educated yourself about 1994 BULLS Toni Kukoc,Steve Ker,Luke Longley,Bill Wenington,Pete Mayers dint played in 1993 with Jordan. They join pippen and the rest in 93/94. Ron Harper also next season!

    vince cartervince carter25 days ago
  • Referee are bulls shit

    Jayson TongcoJayson Tongco25 days ago
  • You suck

    Eman BrystoEman Brysto26 days ago
  • 2002 Kings. The End.

    Jesus SavesJesus Saves26 days ago
  • Everyone's beloved biggest cheat in NBA history,& getting calls to help him attain the records & championships he has, Mr Jordan was lucky to win in game 6 because his main help pippy longstockings pippen was playing hurt & rodman might of helped if he wasn't in foul trouble early come game 7. But still being a MJ fan but through the years coming to see the real MJ,recent shit just confirmed it & stamped it that MJ is more than a just a huge dickhead on & off the court, 98 should of completely been the Jazz's title after those missed calls. MJ & the bulls didn't have anything left in the tank or Jordan's luck of never experiencing a game 7 in a finals series because he gives everything he has in the first 5-6 games & always looks like he's about to pass out by game 6's he's won. A game seven would have broken Jordan & the bulls in 98. Not giving MJ his iconic lucky shot,because it would of just been a shot to give the bulls a respectable loss..

    John TabarJohn Tabar27 days ago
  • Jordan didn't push him you should knw that his momentum was already heading that way. As he said in the last dance documentary he was showing him to his table

    cade bryancade bryan27 days ago
  • The knicks one could have been fixed by making one of the 3 layups before that

    Handledog 21Handledog 2127 days ago
  • Love the creepy eerie music, it gives me chills

    Ali MuhammadAli MuhammadMonth ago
  • Clev vs GSW game 1 finals..durant offensive foul turn around..before jr help them win..lol

    Nino FernandezNino FernandezMonth ago
  • Knicks Bulls game 6 1993 Free throws Bulls. 16-23 Knicks 20-35 Thats why the knicks lost

    your momyour momMonth ago
    • Sorry game 5

      your momyour momMonth ago
  • Sixers vs Lakers ai vs kobe

    Gio CartelGio CartelMonth ago
  • Cheating at it's greatest don't respect the bulls or Jordan

    Darryll WilliamsDarryll WilliamsMonth ago
  • No gsw clips? 🤣🤣

    slick worldslick worldMonth ago
  • Alright the “push off” is a clean crossover

    We the HoomansWe the HoomansMonth ago
  • Wow

    Santana ParkerSantana ParkerMonth ago
  • Salty knicks fans man 😤

    jermanne Holmesjermanne HolmesMonth ago
  • It's a screwjob when its against Jordan. 😂

    Love & Success Follows MeLove & Success Follows MeMonth ago
  • Some Referees are Not biased, Some are biased some are referees that knows everything and gets everything right and some are Stupid

    sniper_reapersniper_reaperMonth ago
  • Only on the 4th one and its been all about the Bulls so far XD

    mintyfreshgabemintyfreshgabeMonth ago
  • When Lebron goaltend Oladipo game 5 five in 2017. Im kinda of glad that he went to the finals and got swept anyway🤣

    Jeremiah HodgeJeremiah HodgeMonth ago
    • Cavs made a three Cavaliers were going to win anyways. LeBron haters/Michael Jordan fan girls are the dumbest fans.

      En busca de la verdadEn busca de la verdad23 days ago
  • Bro!!!!i see you hate jordan! I bet you a lebron fan

    Ducci ducciDucci ducciMonth ago
  • Even back then the nba didn’t want the knicks to be good

    Clutch MasterClutch MasterMonth ago
  • I still think the heat didn't deserve that title. I felt like Pop made a bad decision in keeping Duncan out those last seconds.

    Bernard JordanBernard JordanMonth ago
    • @Bernard Jordan You didn't see the video? The refs were always helping the Bulls and MJ in the playoffs.

      En busca de la verdadEn busca de la verdad23 days ago
    • @En busca de la verdad how you figure 🤔?

      Bernard JordanBernard Jordan23 days ago
    • Jordan didn't deserve any ring because refs gave all 6 rings to Jordan.

      En busca de la verdadEn busca de la verdad23 days ago
  • Thanks now im scared of basketball now

    GYoloMac15GYoloMac15Month ago
  • Love seeing refs finally start calling on the bulls

    Angel MunozAngel MunozMonth ago
  • The pacers vs bulls is really a no call. Not controversial. But good job getting the clip from jazz vs bulls

    Koray AriasKoray AriasMonth ago
  • Man @shannonsharpe need this video ASAP to kill skip with the goat debate

  • Why was the Bulls in so much controversy?

    spyda 337spyda 337Month ago
  • The leaving the bench rule was one of the dumbest things the NBA has introduced.

    BraktoothBraktoothMonth ago
  • Is Cosgrove a moron by choice? Uh, Last Dance was about their last playoff run before breaking up of the team. HELLOOO? MCFLY??? Hence, The LAST Dance, not 3 years b4 the Last Dance idiot. So how is that convenient? Might as well ask why Jordan did not include the Bulls playoff runs in the 70s. He didnt play for those teams either. Or is that convenient MJ didnt include those 70s Bulls too??? Dumbass.

    19havoc7119havoc71Month ago
    • Respectfully asking.

      19havoc7119havoc71Month ago
  • Sorry, but that MJ-falling-down play was not a push. In no angle that you showed did I see a trip or a push.

    rome8180rome8180Month ago
  • You may need to watch the last dance again. It had a segment about him playing baseball and the bulls losing in the playoffs.

    Choice Jr.Choice Jr.Month ago
  • You may need to watch the last dance again. It had a segment about him playing baseball and the bulls losing in the playoffs.

    Choice Jr.Choice Jr.Month ago
  • I'm not a Jordan hater or Bull's hater but the evidence showing that there was a lot going on in favor of them is a heap load: usworlds.info/slow/video/poutbHu7f3eKfmY usworlds.info/slow/video/gainbYHcs12DeaU That being said, I agree with your choice of background music.

    Mistah UnknownMistah UnknownMonth ago
  • Great analysis and great video

    Paul YIUPaul YIUMonth ago
  • There was a charging foul before those four layup attempts.

    Leland JosephLeland JosephMonth ago
  • You forgot that 2013 NBA finals(Heat vs Spurs) game 6 when Chris Bosh blocked Danny Green in the last play of the 4th quater. It was cleary evident the Bosh bumped onto Green's body. If the call would have been made: 1. Tim Duncan finals record would have been 6-0 just like MJ 2. LeBron would not have won his 3rd championship and finals MVP 3. Most likely Miami would have been motivated to win another championship in 2014

    Lw MuthusiLw MuthusiMonth ago
    • @Tudor Niccur Tiago Splitter "set" an illegal screen allowing Danny Green to get around Ray Allen and over to the corner for that 3 point shot attempt. One can say that the "no call" on Splitter's illegal screen cancels out the alleged body block by Bosh on Danny Green's 3 point shot attempt. It is worth mentioning that Danny Green shot 1 of 5 (20%) from 3 point range in Game 6 so I can't confidently say he would have made that 3 pointer had Bosh not bumped and/or blocked him. Danny Green was not ever sent to the Free Throw line that game. No San Antonio Spurs player shot 100% from the free throw line that game. I can't confidently say that Danny Green would have made 3 consecutive free throws with 1.0 seconds remaining on the game clock at that loud Miami Heat arena. Had the referee's sent Danny Green to the Free Throw line and he miraculously made all 3 free throws, there's still an extra 1.0 seconds left on the shot clock with the ball in Miami's hands for a final shot to take the lead and win the game. I have to disagree with the 3 claims you listed.

      Mistah UnknownMistah UnknownMonth ago
  • jordan steps on the line on game 2 vs lakers finals. it could have been 2-0 and lakers will have momentum. the offensive foul on timothy mosgov on game 1 2015 it could have been foul counted. and kyrie wont be injured. the cavs might win the finals. and gsw wont have the confidence. they wont be a 73-9 team win. durant might not even join them. and lebron could have been 5x champion by now.

    prancerjohn ponceprancerjohn ponceMonth ago
  • Mj didn’t push off , his body and momentum was going in that direction and you can see MJ’s hand lightly come off Russell no push off . Lol

    Ray Flores IIRay Flores IIMonth ago
  • 10:58 and that other guy that wasn’t pushing MJ kicked the ball

    Super Dragon Sauce Studios SDSSSuper Dragon Sauce Studios SDSSMonth ago