7 NBA Curses That Will Give You CHILLS!

Aug 2, 2020
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7 NBA Curses That Will Give You CHILLS!
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  • Sorry Guys I had to remove certain parts from this video, hopefully it still holds up lol. Thanks for the support! you guys are AWESOME!

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    • keep it up! 💯

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    • You gotta do a part 2 if you can

      Reece HReece H3 months ago
    • Toronto power inCident, Chills.

      Dezz Epson41Dezz Epson413 months ago
  • "Now let me show you the 3 similarities between the injuries they all had" that what he said and then this ad pops up and says "needles" and that fit so perfectly and I really thought that was the 3 similarities between the injuries.

    Drino zhaoDrino zhao21 hour ago
  • Derek rose a voodoo priest

    robert sheltonrobert sheltonDay ago
  • "Get your popcorn ready" Terell Owens-

    robert sheltonrobert sheltonDay ago
  • You have such a fantastic channel, you are aware of your strengths there are many and improve your weaknesses which are small all the while which is the key to success in anything. It's very contemporary but also niche i love this

    robert sheltonrobert sheltonDay ago
  • All dis is is coincidences no curses smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

    DJ JDJ J2 days ago
  • Wasn't LeBron on Sports Illustrated? Nothing happened after he was on there.

    BigBallBigBall2 days ago
  • The numbers pay attention to the beast numbers as its ocullt driven!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs2 days ago
  • All of the things this person is picking out is ocullt based its clearly the hidden in plain site that he's seeing and is giving the wrong reasons for it!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs2 days ago
  • Drake is bad luck. And, he is lucky kawhi went to Toronto. LOL beware of d Rose.😆

    James BowserJames Bowser2 days ago
  • "Now let me show you the 3 similarities between the injuries they all had" that what he said and then this ad pops up and says "needles" and that fit so perfectly and I really thought that was the 3 similarities between the injuries.

    Jadaiya WatersonJadaiya Waterson3 days ago
  • Bro I noticed too that Danny green is always present when Klay Thompson got injured

    Jose Gabriel KliatchkoJose Gabriel Kliatchko4 days ago
  • What is the blazers big man curse?

    iFrostyiFrosty4 days ago
  • DEEP

    Denzel NyathiDenzel Nyathi6 days ago
  • Did u see the intro

    Anandjot SanghaAnandjot Sangha8 days ago
  • IF Drake is not born as a canadian then he would probably not support the Raptors. There is a reason why he is in toronto side and its not what he wants

    John VergaraJohn Vergara9 days ago
  • The Raptors and Drake connection is exempt. There is a reason why Drake supports the Raptors. It just happen that toronto is his hometown. But imagine if drakke didn’t live there he would propbably not support the toronto raptors

    John VergaraJohn Vergara9 days ago
  • LMAO THE ROSE part had me dying for some reason idk why it's funny ,just make sure d rose aint on the court when u playing lmao lol

    mike conleymike conley10 days ago
  • ugh

    ቃል Musicቃል Music12 days ago
  • in 8:16 there is already a video about it

    curtcurt14 days ago
  • Who else was waiting for Lil B the basegod?

    ronnieadams1190ronnieadams119016 days ago
  • LeBron and Shaq were also on the cover of the 2009 issue. After which they lost to the Celtics after leading 2-1.

    SprayNPrayGamingSprayNPrayGaming16 days ago
  • Stretch your hand out a little bit further bro and you reach it

    Lee GrayLee Gray17 days ago
  • I remember during the 90's when i pick newyork over the rockets and they lose. the next year,i pick the orlando and they also lose to the rockets. the next year, i became a rockets fan and they lose. cant believe that im also bad luck in picking teams just like iu.lol

    Nobunaga TakanagaNobunaga Takanaga17 days ago
  • That shit hit kd 3 times

    Quhammad AliQuhammad Ali21 day ago

    WhY NoTWhY NoT22 days ago
  • The Toronto curse is just a coincidence so do not blame them!

    Fatmaozge UlusanFatmaozge Ulusan24 days ago
  • gandA ng content mo sir!👍

    Jeffrey BenitezJeffrey Benitez24 days ago
  • Anthony Davis broke the curse🤘🏿🤘🏿

    Fort pierce To fast!!Fort pierce To fast!!25 days ago

    Shaun RollinsShaun Rollins25 days ago
  • Man, that was dope

    Jepoyski VlogsJepoyski Vlogs29 days ago
  • I love Derrick Rose😭

    Fatima madniFatima madniMonth ago
  • make more curse video dude

    melina polinarmelina polinarMonth ago
  • The Madden curse was real with the players on the cover getting hurt

    pimpjuicedppimpjuicedpMonth ago
  • I can't believe you're blaming it on Toronto like what did they do it's just a coincidence like come on 😑😑

    Andrew YeboahAndrew YeboahMonth ago
  • creepy music 😬

    MirskieMirskieMonth ago
  • raptors one blew my mind 🤯

    Biggie BeeGBiggie BeeGMonth ago
  • Lol

    Ted SirlouisTed SirlouisMonth ago
  • Cap cuz drake rooted for the raptors and look how they turned out and drake got on stage with LeBron and nothing happens to LeBron

    Trey BynesTrey BynesMonth ago
  • Bird was a victim multiple times lol

    Furious BladeFurious BladeMonth ago
  • What a great intro

    Josh SoteloJosh SoteloMonth ago
  • 4:19 there also a drake soccer curse

    Piesel DatchesPiesel DatchesMonth ago
  • Love the intro 😂😂👌🏾

    Floyd_GamingFloyd_GamingMonth ago
  • Do a curse of the number 1 and knee/ ankle problems

    J TJ TMonth ago
  • you disrespected us toronto natives so im unsubscribing

    Trishia WilliamsTrishia WilliamsMonth ago
  • yessir

    iAmWyaiAmWyaMonth ago
  • Good shit cosgrove

    PJPJMonth ago
  • Too many ads on this

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  • Didn't the Jays go back to back in the world series?

    funnyman 007funnyman 007Month ago
    • Yup

      Cream Pie MasterCream Pie MasterMonth ago
  • Wow

    Rukia NilesRukia NilesMonth ago
  • Another one a 13 yr old Donovan Mitchell appeared on 2010 Lebron's decision and he got drafted in 2017-18 in Lebron's final year on Cavs jersey

    Valentine FonteValentine FonteMonth ago
  • Oh yeah lmao as soon as I saw the tannehill S.I cover I knew it was something to it cause gase did us dirty smh

    Holley WoodHolley WoodMonth ago
  • How do you know you are the goat? Get 50+ times the cover of sports illustrated

    Rainer WahnsinnRainer WahnsinnMonth ago
  • Mad respect for your research into the hockey history of Toronto 💪🙌

    Cannabis EducationCannabis EducationMonth ago
  • Moral of the story. Drake is who to blame for the Coronavirus

    Ball Out BallingBall Out BallingMonth ago
    • As he said 2020 u came to Fuck it up that’s one of his lines sooooooo

      Mason HannaMason Hanna7 days ago
    • Nope it's more likely from the Kardashians.

      Jayson Raphael MurdockJayson Raphael Murdock12 days ago
    • @maestro pups issa joke bro

      SKarY ZyconnnSKarY Zyconnn19 days ago
    • SKarY Zyconnn no

      maestro pupsmaestro pups19 days ago
    • noooononono please delete comment before we have people thinking the same thing

      SKarY ZyconnnSKarY ZyconnnMonth ago
  • So basically covid is drakes fault

    Spiderman 420Spiderman 420Month ago
  • Well at least drake ain’t a bandwagon

    Bodie PotterBodie PotterMonth ago
  • The Blue Jays won 2 World Series and The Maple Leafs have over 10 Championships. Those years mentioned had weird one off events.

    Roderick HarperRoderick HarperMonth ago
    • That's what a curse is. Looking at bad events that happen after something and not focusing on other times good thing or nothing happened. One could do this with anything. I.e everyone who wears a tuxedo has a bad life. If you focus on 100 men out of millions wearing them to weddings, proms, award shows, having something happen to them it will appear that way if you let it. When you however focus on how many had happy marriages tho it's seeing the logic

      Don WinslowDon Winslow20 days ago
  • Don’t forget Paul Pogba, and Jadon Sancho as part of the Drake curse...

    ALI TVALI TVMonth ago
  • Jesus #1 no cap all fax Verse: "The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10 God bless

    Xzander GravesXzander GravesMonth ago
  • The Based God’s curse is a real thing

    Almighty QuayAlmighty QuayMonth ago
  • Sports Illustrated curse strikes, again. Dak Prescott.

    Scope MaverickScope MaverickMonth ago
  • Michael Jordan DIDNT get the curse cuz its MJ

    BabyJesusBabyJesusMonth ago
  • The clippers curse please

    Transparent EclipseTransparent EclipseMonth ago
  • How about the Clippers Curse not making WCF

    Jx malabananJx malabananMonth ago
  • this is a crap shit,, From Visayas

    White RavenWhite RavenMonth ago
  • Drose wasn't on the court when Shaun Livingston got injured

    Syed Muhd Ilham ArifSyed Muhd Ilham ArifMonth ago
  • That’s crazy I had d rose starting in 2k20 my team and I was going against someone and his Zion got injured

    Eatdapuss 445Eatdapuss 445Month ago
  • The 2001 lakers one is a reach

    Brian FitzBrian FitzMonth ago
  • The drake curse was the funniest 😂

    DoraDoraMonth ago
  • Stephen a smith better pick the lakers not the heats

    Flight AmongFlight AmongMonth ago
  • not suprised by derrick rose's curse. he does the devil sign so obviously he has a curse

    iTz KyrieiTz KyrieMonth ago
  • The Kardashian curse is real and it spanned multiple sports

    R StreetR StreetMonth ago
  • Duhh hkis Wife sold her sold u think he didn’t kome on na be honest

    Pretty RickeyPretty RickeyMonth ago
  • Oml it’s always wade

    Pretty RickeyPretty RickeyMonth ago
  • why your vids all scary

    rayrayMonth ago
  • Based god did start that cook dance in 2010 facts

    Leak BangaLeak BangaMonth ago
  • Don't forget that the Blue Jays also won in 1992 and they won the World Series the next year

  • Also, Jordan's wife didn't just up and spontaneously file for divorce. They were having their problems long before that photo was ever taken, and it was going to happen. It was just a matter of when that ultimate decision was made. Which could have happened long before it was ever made public

    Richard HopkinsRichard HopkinsMonth ago
  • Yeah, but during basketball season, sports illustrated is going to feature basketball players. How many players were featured on the cover, and didn't have anything bad happen to them? I bet that number is way higher than the so called cursed players. Not to mention that a lot of those bad things that happened were just that team losing the next game. There's only 2 teams per game, one of them has to win. 50/50 chance means it's very likely your team will lose that far into the season when it's only the best of the best left.

    Richard HopkinsRichard HopkinsMonth ago
  • Just maybe those players who got injured when d.rose is present are celebrating when d.rose never cameback and backfired on them

    Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. LuffyMonth ago
  • I have never believed none of this it’s all fake

    Malak LettersMalak LettersMonth ago
  • Drake cheer for the raptors they won last year so what u chatting about

    Domingo PerezDomingo PerezMonth ago
  • The sports Illustrated cover isn't a curse. Bad things are bound to happen in sports. The fact that a popular magazine took pictures during these games makes sense as eventually one thing would happen. One could do this with anyone on anything. I.e. Every male actor who plays a woman will suffer a bad fate. John Travolta in Hairspray. Lost his wife and son. Eddie Murphy in Nutty Professor. Got divorced twice. Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. Suffered depression and killed himself. I personally played Angel in my theatre production of Rent right before the pandemic. Now the next role was excited to play was postponed til next year. But all those things would have happened anyway. How many other people who never even acted got divorced or lost a loved one, etc. These are just looking for a reason to fit them together.

    Don WinslowDon WinslowMonth ago
  • Your a whole clown dude

    Lil PacciLil PacciMonth ago
  • whats a player strike?

    Noobius GamingNoobius GamingMonth ago
  • That Scary Movie 3 intro was too slick😂😂

    Coma Machine15Coma Machine15Month ago
  • U failed to mention in 93 the blue jays had just completed a back to back title run though. Great video though. Ive been binging them lol

    Johnny McCollumJohnny McCollumMonth ago
  • Madden curse

    Elon MartinElon MartinMonth ago
  • this is great i like your video i will subscribe

    MK AsanteMK AsanteMonth ago
  • I hope people have grown past the curse, superstitious, and moonwalking bearded baby phases.

    Sammy SamSammy Sam2 months ago
  • Ok With Kevin Durrant is it the Sports Illustrated curse or the lil B curse? If that's the case, they should've cancelled each other out.

    Appollos HarrisAppollos Harris2 months ago
  • I wouldn’t call the Dwayne Wade thing a curse more of a coincidence

    Le ByronLe Byron2 months ago
  • Your the goat

    Nfl MemesNfl Memes2 months ago
  • That Toronto curse actually happened!!!The raps.got eliminated by celtic in 7.

    Sundhyno BorjalSundhyno Borjal2 months ago
  • Didn’t know Bird and Magic’s rivalry started even before the nba

    Raymond PradoRaymond Prado2 months ago
  • Chill out with drose man 👨

    Jacion BryantJacion Bryant2 months ago
  • Drake got lucky when my fav team lost against raptors in nba finals when Kevin got injured and Klay

    Kaden JacksonKaden Jackson2 months ago
  • Hahahahahahahah love the intro the woman is sooo scared

    SILENTSILENT2 months ago
  • Toronto deserves to win!!

    Jazzy - JJazzy - J2 months ago