8 NBA Clips that Made us Question REALITY!

Jan 13, 2020
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8 NBA Clips that Made us Question REALITY!
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  • I wonder if people are watching Kobe tiktoks

    yoe cabatbatyoe cabatbatDay ago
  • Rip mamba

    Kris The pop guyKris The pop guy2 days ago
  • I think the ring Spud dunked is lowered

    Lancelot The KnightLancelot The Knight6 days ago
  • #LLP

    Franchesca RiveraFranchesca Rivera6 days ago
  • Right when u said pg number switched it showed a tattoo wit number 14

    Moshe Louz1Moshe Louz16 days ago
  • On the Paul George one I could see the numbers 3 & 4

  • From the hyperdunks 💜💛🙌🏾

    Huncho 8thHokageHuncho 8thHokage7 days ago
  • 3:37 Smart answer my guy

    Clamp UNClamp UN8 days ago
  • That was clearly a stunt double

    John WitherspoonJohn Witherspoon8 days ago
  • Rip kobe goodbye he is playing basketball in the heavens

    Gaming with joeGaming with joe8 days ago
  • Lebron has a longer range extending shot than Steph? 😳

    Indigenous PersonIndigenous Person10 days ago
  • Ok about MJ's mom: "Haters will say its fake" fool cuz it is.. That hating

    Josimite 313Josimite 31312 days ago
  • Ok it was meant as a joke not like kobe was trying to fool us for real and you act like you are going to show how the astin martin jump was fake

    Josimite 313Josimite 31312 days ago
  • 😔rip kobe damn he had a special gift

    VeDarius HammondVeDarius Hammond14 days ago
  • My cousin is loves basketball..He lives in Atlanta..has an Aston Martin ..same color, make and model 😳 back then..used to scrimmage with him amongst others.

    Charles JohnsonCharles Johnson16 days ago
  • With Michaels mother. That was Charlie Murphy performing the dunk.

    Marco RenfroeMarco Renfroe16 days ago
  • The world lost a great one when The Mamba was killed

    adam sadam s21 day ago
  • The place where he jumps into the pool it's the illuminati helping bc u can see that his feet where in a arkward possession it's like same as the movie of monk where the guy does a similar trick as kobe

    Zozo TshakaZozo Tshaka22 days ago
  • The car was aside him

    Zozo TshakaZozo Tshaka22 days ago
  • I think kobe used "Air Jordans" so he can jump over the pool

    ExTreme GameRExTreme GameR24 days ago
  • The number does not change on it you can see the lighting doing it

    Brittany EyrichBrittany Eyrich24 days ago
  • When he jumps over the pool watch his foot it doesn't make sense how it lifts up....fake fake fake he didn't do any of it

    Brittany EyrichBrittany Eyrich24 days ago
  • its the same no.13 try to use the slowmotion.

    Markquel DelfinadoMarkquel Delfinado27 days ago
  • Michael Jordan's mom is the G.O.A.T. Sorry michael, you are number 2

    gg !!!!gg !!!!29 days ago
  • if you told me Kyrie could levitate I wouldn’t feel the need to question you

    Kevin HudsonKevin HudsonMonth ago
  • You really reaching with the PG13 madness dude

    Jay SmithJay SmithMonth ago
  • So you saying Kobe Jumped over a Car 5 Days before i Was Born Thats what im Talking bout RIP KOBE

    Yung Durt OfficialYung Durt OfficialMonth ago
  • Mama Jordan got bounce

    Help me get to 69 SubsHelp me get to 69 SubsMonth ago
  • Crazy Baltimore Fight During Pandemic!! ----------> @

    Believe in Baltimore ProductionsBelieve in Baltimore ProductionsMonth ago
  • 7:52

    Thai & Mark TVThai & Mark TVMonth ago
  • Rest In Peace Kobe, we miss your smile.

    Ellory PotterEllory PotterMonth ago
  • Look at spud web he went bald after dunk

    Cody CraneCody CraneMonth ago
  • Lowkey Kyrie has been messing with some illuminati stuff. I mean all his latest shoes have the all seeing eye. So leaning like that and saying it's magic isn't too farfetched. Lol

    kevin quitenokevin quitenoMonth ago
  • When Kobe said absolutely he shook his head like he was saying "absolutely not"

    keondre pricekeondre priceMonth ago
  • I bet Wilt could jump over that car with ease

    The SlothboyThe SlothboyMonth ago

  • 😲😲😲😲😲😲

    Trouble EntTrouble EntMonth ago
  • There's basketballs with ativated magnets inside of them,that's how the half court shots get made and that's also how the nba pick their star player,whenever that player has the ball they activate that magnet so no shots would be missed

    Jonathan NashawnJonathan NashawnMonth ago
  • Low key the full court Lebron shots might be happening soon 😂😂

    Mark ButlerMark ButlerMonth ago

    RekkusuRekkusuMonth ago
  • We're living in the matrix

    Abdul SmithAbdul SmithMonth ago
  • Me

    kraytherealgoat wellskraytherealgoat wellsMonth ago
  • hol up, when i paused the vid when pg's jersey #changed, i saw that its just the blur in the video and we just see it at a plain sight as the #14 but its actually not

    SomeRandomYoutuberHereSomeRandomYoutuberHereMonth ago
    • and also one of the factors was his jersey might've folded slightly,the camera angle and the lighting at that angle

      SomeRandomYoutuberHereSomeRandomYoutuberHereMonth ago
  • Pg’s number didn’t change tho

    Da TruthDa TruthMonth ago
  • 😂 Michael’s mom turned into pink from next Friday 😂 😆

    Manny ClementeManny ClementeMonth ago
  • You are a lying ass hating ass USworlds free freak

    Jackie CustisJackie CustisMonth ago
  • That’s a men

    A'jai AlexanderA'jai AlexanderMonth ago
  • There's so much Witchcraft in this very video.

    Omar WilliamsOmar WilliamsMonth ago
  • Mamba :(

    legendslegendsMonth ago
  • We love you kobe

    Darryl LewisDarryl LewisMonth ago
  • 04:00 they had to fake it before Stephan Curry lol

    Berkay SunalBerkay SunalMonth ago
  • 00

    Aiden the gamerAiden the gamerMonth ago
  • It was 13 not 14

    Jamarius YoungJamarius YoungMonth ago
  • Aww cmon man

    garnet michelgarnet michelMonth ago
  • RIP kobe... I will never forget that smile

    butt forrealbutt forrealMonth ago
  • How did kobe did the jump a car dude

    amoao hoopersamoao hoopersMonth ago
  • Paul George jesersey didnt change into 14 if you look clearly

    Ruata JrRuata JrMonth ago
  • On that one with the ball disappeared with Russell Westbrook, you can see that Elfred Payton picks it up. The only reason you can’t see it bounce, is because some guy, (I don’t know his name), was blocking the angle.

    jasonbrucatjasonbrucatMonth ago
  • Bron shooting like will smith in hancock

    Young YoliiYoung YoliiMonth ago
  • The one with Webb they probably just lowered the hoop when the camera was turned or he actually dunked

    Noah SchaeferNoah SchaeferMonth ago
  • That part where she grows a mustache that’s a guy it’s a stunt double to make it look like she can actually dunk

    Jwrld YoungJwrld YoungMonth ago
  • The first clip the car was also different

    BHCreastart FNBHCreastart FNMonth ago
  • 09:57 you can se Spudd stepping on something (which I believe is some sort of a trampoline) and then you can see him landing on a mattress.

    Viktor ChristensenViktor ChristensenMonth ago
  • Paul Georges Jersey number for me still stays 13, maybe it's all a optical illusion because of the angle

    JJJJMonth ago
  • Hey Cosgrove prod I just clicked on the video 29 seconds just wondering if the Michael Vick throwing the football outta the stadium is on here if not can you please please please do one on that

    Darren ScottDarren ScottMonth ago
  • RIP

    rico patrociniorico patrocinio2 months ago
  • The paul george take is clearly 13 the whole time i couldnt see the 14

    Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2 months ago
  • The All star Jerseys had electronic numbers thats why it probably changed

    Augustin LucqAugustin Lucq2 months ago
  • Not all yall talkin bout kobe like half of yall aint een know him like shut up what we should be talkin bout is how Michael Jordans mom switched genders she really said: "now lets give it some razzle dazzle" 👩->👨

    joes barbecue foot massagejoes barbecue foot massage2 months ago
  • The second won was fake

    Julia PalomaresJulia Palomares2 months ago
  • That interview when he’s like you dunked with the help of Hollywood and he’s like with the hyper dunks 😂😂

    Blizzard1Blizzard12 months ago
  • So many spiritually blind people in the comment section. Smh 🤦‍♀️

    See ThroughSee Through2 months ago
  • David Blaine "Magnets."

    Appollos HarrisAppollos Harris2 months ago
  • That was cool jumping over the car, but the shoe he was showing it had yellow and the one he did the jump has white Damn good. Believe me there's no way I could do that now, maybe before I blown up it took ,14 surgery's on my legs and 4 on my back I've got close to 4lbs of hardware but I can walk. Anyway it's still cool as hell and Super Nice we got to meet them Kobe was the only one that have a sit-down with us. All the other player's (both team's) and actually Sat down and had a grate Conversation with Kobe. Kobe asked if what we did was as hard as he has seen and heard about. Sorry about writing a noval. This Gentleman was a true person and you could not tell that he had a Ton of Money like a lot of people that have money let's you know that they have tons of money. He treated us with so much respect as we also shorespect towards him. A True Gentleman and Himself and His Daughter was taken Way to Soon. God needed two more Angel's.

    Robert PatrickRobert Patrick2 months ago
  • Um Paul George has a tat of the number 14 in the pic you showed

    SimpzSimpz2 months ago
  • Kobe we need you ✊

    Nicholas BoldenNicholas Bolden2 months ago
  • The Jersey changing from 13 to 14. And it's coming in 3 Tessa Years

    ABNABN2 months ago
  • 6:14 he just dropped the ball and before the ball fell number 2 picked it up in mid air

    ElitePlaysElitePlays2 months ago
  • I believe spad web's dunk is real. Just watch his dunk back then when he's a slam dunk champ. ❤

    Dimple CantorDimple Cantor2 months ago
  • Omg

    Norton WaltonNorton Walton2 months ago
  • #kobebryant

    Daniel DerekDaniel Derek2 months ago
  • Damm I miss Kobe brayet 😭24 mamba

    Angel PottsAngel Potts2 months ago
  • I still cant believe it

    Silver PalmzSilver Palmz2 months ago
  • Rest In Peace mamba

    Emre KirgizEmre Kirgiz2 months ago
  • L

    Sunsun McgillSunsun Mcgill2 months ago
  • I mean he is kobe, he can do that easy

    Daniel TEARETOADaniel TEARETOA2 months ago
  • He has hopes that's all and I've seen stuff like that in reality so not impressed..kobe used his illuminati cause he said "it's magic" 😈 and the mj's mom dunk yup am not hatin but it's fake it was a stunt double 😴

    Kobe BryantKobe Bryant2 months ago
  • if you pause the video, it was still number 13

    Street Smart DrummingStreet Smart Drumming2 months ago
  • Bitch your a clickbater

    nichog 1nichog 12 months ago
  • Kyrie Irving talent was real bro

    stephen currystephen curry2 months ago
  • The video that kobe jumped over the the car was 2 days after my birthday

    PRO2PRO22 months ago
  • All respect for the black mamba

    Mo UMo U2 months ago
  • The Spud Webb dunk...OFFICIAL 🙄😳😲😯😮

    Charles JohnsonCharles Johnson2 months ago
  • Kobe Bryant dealt deeply with the occult..as does all the 'big celebrities' one can name..and the devil has an receipt for their ass..magic is another word for the occult.*************

    Charles JohnsonCharles Johnson2 months ago
  • RIP 😢😭😭😭

    FL Fun GroupFL Fun Group2 months ago

    Annie ZAnnie Z2 months ago
  • 6:13 Westbrook dropped the ball and Payton got it

    vincee bertizvincee bertiz2 months ago
  • it still say 13 if you got hack eyes, they jus seeing stuff

    jay Jacksonjay Jackson2 months ago
  • U disrespectful

    Francisco NavarroFrancisco Navarro2 months ago
  • Kobe jumped the car because the shadow of the post were kobe feet is the car goes over it

    Shannon FosterShannon Foster2 months ago