9 NBA Players who RETURNED to their Original Teams!

Oct 20, 2016
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9 NBA Players who RETURNED to their Original Teams!
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  • Hopefullly D Rose will return to the bulls and win a ring before he retires

    Ralff 42Ralff 4220 days ago
  • U can now add D Wade here.

    Mark Deniel OdevilasMark Deniel Odevilas6 months ago
  • lebron james comeback is very beautiful for cleveland. he give it championship after having experience in heat.

    Tom & JerryTom & Jerry8 months ago
  • Vince should retire as a magic. He was kicked out of Toronto, and they went to the finals a couple times I’m pretty sure

    Taylor SharifzadehTaylor Sharifzadeh9 months ago
  • why lebron is here?

    尺ㄖ匚Ꮶ乇ㄒ尺卂匚匚ㄖㄖ几尺ㄖ匚Ꮶ乇ㄒ尺卂匚匚ㄖㄖ几9 months ago
  • Did you forget about Iverson going to Detroit

    SouthfieldMadeJdSouthfieldMadeJd10 months ago
  • How about dwade

    guiltkills channelguiltkills channel11 months ago
  • Pippen?

    Dumisa Tony JohnsonDumisa Tony JohnsonYear ago
  • Check out kashew lew music

    linwood dexterlinwood dexterYear ago
  • Kyrie gave them the chip. Not Leflop

    Daniel HDaniel HYear ago
  • is run TMC here

    ツMysticツMysticYear ago
  • Sean Elliott

    Todd BieselTodd BieselYear ago
  • How about Wade's come back to Miami from bulls to cavs and back to Miami?

    Khenn GaddiKhenn Gaddi2 years ago
  • You forget michael jordan

    Mc Hardey's Channel VideosMc Hardey's Channel Videos2 years ago
  • Bo2 campain música

    Angelica RamirezAngelica Ramirez2 years ago
  • Tayshaun Prince Chauncey Billups & Dwyane Wade

    Luigi AlmonteLuigi Almonte2 years ago
  • Cleveland is not his home town... He is from akrin. Get your freaking facts straight

    AuQuPaAuQuPa2 years ago
  • Forgot D.Wade

    Seraphine MunezaSeraphine Muneza2 years ago
  • Time to add D-Wade to the list

    Bob JonesBob Jones2 years ago
  • Haven't you heard that tayshaun Prince went back in the pistons

    Joseph Matthew CapucaoJoseph Matthew Capucao2 years ago
  • You forgot Dwayne wade

    Jiminie CricketJiminie Cricket2 years ago
  • Kevin Durant might go back to okc

    Matthew LeeMatthew Lee2 years ago
  • Jason Kidd looks like Caillou

    FreshNBreezyFreshNBreezy2 years ago
  • Part 2???

    Matthews De OliveiraMatthews De Oliveira2 years ago
  • Nash, Kidd, and of course James had the most impact in their return.

    Alan ChangAlan Chang2 years ago
  • Didn’t AI play for the pistons too

    Eva From Wii SportsEva From Wii Sports2 years ago
    • Lil Trash Yes, and three games for the Memphis Grizzlies.

      Todd BieselTodd BieselYear ago

    Joseph CamaraJoseph Camara2 years ago
  • When I saw this I thought of LeBron.

    Dank Lord KennyDank Lord Kenny2 years ago
  • Lebron didnt give all he have. Management give him all he wants

    Carlos RiveraCarlos Rivera2 years ago
  • Now we can add Dwyane Wade to this list!

    ProcessProcess2 years ago
  • ben wallace and lamar odom

    Weesky ManicWeesky Manic2 years ago
  • cough cough kevin durant cough cough

    Justin HussainJustin Hussain2 years ago
  • What's the name of the background music used?

    Niklaus PolsonNiklaus Polson2 years ago
  • #10 Dwyane Wade

    AarenAaren2 years ago
  • Wait no Jason Kidd's new New Jersey's jersey lmao

    Blitz ChromeBlitz Chrome2 years ago
  • Jason Kidd's New Jersey's jersey lol

    Blitz ChromeBlitz Chrome2 years ago
  • AI, Kidd, Wade, LeBron

    잡상인채널잡상인채널2 years ago
    • Oh yeah KG

      잡상인채널잡상인채널2 years ago
    • Pierce also signed a 1 day deal with the Celtics to retire as a Celtic

      잡상인채널잡상인채널2 years ago
  • Dwade already did

    Yocokjhon23 gatdulaYocokjhon23 gatdula2 years ago
  • Dwayne wade

    john cenajohn cena2 years ago
  • D wade now is

    XcasperxxlXcasperxxl2 years ago
  • #10 Dwayne Wade In the 2017-18 season, Wade came from LA!

    ZaRc ViperRainZaRc ViperRain2 years ago
    • SirHadoken1 cle

      TNL SpiderTNL Spider8 months ago
  • dawane Wade

    Nicholas BranchNicholas Branch2 years ago
  • You can now add D Wade here ⚡ #WadeCounty

    TiandlerBinggTiandlerBingg2 years ago
  • Brandon Roy?

    Madden Mobile MythMadden Mobile Myth2 years ago
  • I’m guessing KG is here.

    KurtizKurtiz2 years ago
  • Sub to me if you watching in 2018

    AS MixesAS Mixes2 years ago
    • Wtfman because it’s 2018 dumb fuck that is what I said. I don’t want to say anything mean because you are a little kid that only knows how to say stupid.

      AS MixesAS Mixes2 years ago
    • AS Mixes what does 2016 or 2018 have to do with that stupid reason?

      AnonymousAnonymous2 years ago
    • Wtfman I’m also pretty sure you sub to people with stupid reasons

      AS MixesAS Mixes2 years ago
    • Wtfman because this video is from 2016 and its 2018.

      AS MixesAS Mixes2 years ago
    • Tf? Why would anyone sub to you for such a stupid reason

      AnonymousAnonymous2 years ago
  • What about Maurice Lucas

    Evan WilliamsEvan Williams2 years ago
  • I'm just gonna assume, pippen garnett kidd fisher iverson james nash

    The Greek FreakencyThe Greek Freakency3 years ago
  • I really want vince to retire as a raptor

    Shea McGladderyShea McGladdery3 years ago
    • They kicked homie out of Toronto for going to his graduation.

      Taylor SharifzadehTaylor Sharifzadeh9 months ago
  • Ben Wallace?

    TackyTVTackyTV3 years ago
  • Cavs suck

    Jake AlimamJake Alimam3 years ago
  • Cosgrove Prod. Thanks just the video I was looking for💯

    IRL LamarIRL Lamar3 years ago
  • Lebron james didnt return it was his coach .His coach told him to go back to ugly cleveland

    quaticquatic3 years ago
  • 34's finally back

    DomterDomter3 years ago
  • nash final team is lakers not suns

    James VillalonJames Villalon3 years ago
  • Still, your vids are awesome. Great job.

    AJTVAJTV3 years ago
  • How about Kirk Hinrich? He got a stint in Chicago 2 times in his career.

    Karol G. AikawaKarol G. Aikawa3 years ago
  • Wheres vlade divac

    Jhomar sebialJhomar sebial3 years ago
    • Jhomar sebial Yeah! They forgot Vlade, he ended his career in Lakers in 04-05 season.

      Karol G. AikawaKarol G. Aikawa3 years ago
  • Chauncey billups

    GevinnmusicGevinnmusic3 years ago
  • kevin durant

    Elijah JohnsonElijah Johnson3 years ago
  • The "rumor" was delote west has s() x with lebrons mom

    SomeNarutoFanSomeNarutoFan3 years ago
  • Honestly Nash is iffy for me because he retired with LA so...idk tho

  • devin harris

    htghtg3 years ago
  • Jason Kidd played for the Knicks aswell.

    Wavy JadenWavy Jaden3 years ago
  • Mike Miller

    ygtreceygtrece3 years ago
  • Ben Wallace & Chauncey Billups should be on this list.

    Sah MSah M3 years ago
  • kD is next

    Douatson PaulDouatson Paul3 years ago
  • lebron is overrated

    Jose CuervoJose Cuervo3 years ago
  • i have a feeling KD will be on here eventually

    Jack MoodyJack Moody3 years ago
    • Never say never I'm a little bit of a fan of OKC he's always welcome back just look how lebron came back to his team and the fans welcomed him back I believe OKC will do the same along with James Harden, Serge Ibaka, and of course Russell Westbrook.

      Joel The SlasherJoel The Slasher3 months ago
    • Until the Supersonics come back into existence that would not be possible.

      KJig5KJig54 months ago
    • lol he arent welcome on OKC tho

      noel reubennoel reuben10 months ago
  • Cavs fans 2003: We love LeBron. 2010: We hate LeBron. 2014: We love Lebron.

    Arguing With Stupid PeopleArguing With Stupid People3 years ago
    • Been fw Bron since his Jr year of high school .. lol despite whatever happen I'm forever a Bron fan

      Smoove KillaSmoove KillaYear ago
    • 2018 we hate lebron

      HoopDotHoopDot2 years ago
    • Arguing With Stupid People You'd feel the same way dumbass.

      the one and only rusty shaklefordthe one and only rusty shakleford2 years ago
  • Rasheed Wallace?

    Fullmetal GamerFullmetal Gamer3 years ago
    • Never mind. I thought Rasheed returned with the Blazers for some reason.

      Fullmetal GamerFullmetal Gamer3 years ago
    • And Joel Przybilla?

      Fullmetal GamerFullmetal Gamer3 years ago
  • LeBron is a baby back bitch

    Taylor JudgeTaylor Judge3 years ago
  • You shouldn't have added the rumor of lebrons mom and a teammate, it's irrelevant. Good video though.

    Ulysses BobadillaUlysses Bobadilla3 years ago
  • Hopefully KD's bitchass does the same thing.

    Fuuvk_ BoiiiFuuvk_ Boiii3 years ago
    • Fuuvk_ Boiii he'll only go back to okc if they win a championship

      Ulysses BobadillaUlysses Bobadilla3 years ago
  • Jordan last game was with the wizards

    TKDTKD3 years ago
  • We can add Kevin Willis to this list. He was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 1984. He won a championship with the Spurs in 2003 and returned to the Hawks for the 2004-2005 Season.

    BigHuggieBear2010BigHuggieBear20103 years ago
  • Leandro Barbosa

    Landon HuntLandon Hunt3 years ago
  • Atlanta magic ?? 2:49

    Emmanuel BermejoEmmanuel Bermejo3 years ago
    • Emmanuel Bermejo he said Orland but it sounded like he said Atlanta

      clintross 777clintross 7773 years ago
  • Pippen was drafted be Seattle

    Shotmaker TVShotmaker TV3 years ago
  • Lebron a bitch he left Cleveland cuz he couldn't win with them and he quit on them and came back once they actually had a team

    2jankyy2jankyy3 years ago
    • YUFDAKING _ Nah when lebron came back they formed a team

      Kevin BrooksKevin Brooks2 years ago
    • LeBum James King Mike For fucking 7 years. The management of the Cavs never gave Lebron a good All star teammate.

      Shem PadillaShem Padilla3 years ago
  • we was all waiting for lebron, one of the greatest stories ever man.

    xxac3z N 8zxxxxac3z N 8zxx3 years ago
  • Kevin Durant will be the next one

    ben kangquanben kangquan3 years ago
  • want to see Vinsanity retire as a raptor

    Eat lightning crap thunder!Eat lightning crap thunder!3 years ago
  • Wait, didn't Nash retire in the Lakers

    Jeremy ChuaticoJeremy Chuatico3 years ago
  • Scottie Pippen was actually drafted by the SuperSonics

    FadelessSpade 26FadelessSpade 263 years ago
    • PIGS PIGS he got traded to the Bulls ask Google or sir I or whatever you have

      FadelessSpade 26FadelessSpade 263 years ago
    • PIGS PIGS yes but picked there

      Crow Of JudgmentCrow Of Judgment3 years ago
    • he never played for sonics soooo.....

      ToffuToffu3 years ago
  • Garnett 👊👊👌👌💪💪

    Tupac MakaveliTupac Makaveli4 years ago
  • why he trying to scare everyone with his voice

    jerry chebossjerry cheboss4 years ago
  • Jamir Nelson?

    Nygel VidroNygel Vidro4 years ago
  • don't act like lebron left because of that because everyone knows damn well that he was ring chasing

    King GarciaKing Garcia4 years ago
  • in disappointed that they made pierce go to the cursed team, the clippers instead back home

    Sylvester SavageSylvester Savage4 years ago
  • Dwade will be on this list, that's for sure.

    Aw DalisayAw Dalisay4 years ago
    • John Edward Dalisay great prediction bro

      kingdre723kingdre7232 years ago
  • I hope Rose, Vince and Wade eventually make it on this list.

    The Rose in the gardenThe Rose in the garden4 years ago
  • isn't Derek Fisher still in the NBA

    Nba CmaccueNba Cmaccue4 years ago
    • oh OK

      Nba CmaccueNba Cmaccue4 years ago
  • where's jj barea XD

    Vendetta NinVendetta Nin4 years ago
  • That "teammate" in need mbe one had bipolar disorder

    Conthegr8 2Conthegr8 24 years ago
  • Metta world Peace should be on this list

    Franklin ClintonFranklin Clinton4 years ago
    • Franklin Clinton yes

      ch So.ch So.3 years ago
    • Franklin Clinton Why?

      Call Me YoulCall Me Youl4 years ago
  • fuck Lebron

    Franklin ClintonFranklin Clinton4 years ago
    • @Regina Brady no fuck you

      Franklin ClintonFranklin Clinton3 years ago
    • Franklin Clinton F..... you

      Regina BradyRegina Brady3 years ago
    • Franklin Clinton fuck you

      SH8SH83 years ago
  • his voice is so creepy

    Banana JohnBanana John4 years ago
  • Garnett spent his last moments with the Timberwolves 😢😢😭😭

    Greatest EverGreatest Ever4 years ago
  • MJ didn't retire and come back he retired and went to the wizards and then went back to the bulls or he retired after the wizards

    UrgedSpace 1650UrgedSpace 16504 years ago