ALL-TIME Starting Line Up for EACH NBA Team!

Mar 9, 2017
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ALL-TIME Starting Line Up for EACH NBA Team! (RE-UPLOAD)
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  • 2:45 Luka Doncic

    KCPablo816KCPablo816Month ago
  • We hate you lnu

    Vanessa DaymonVanessa Daymon2 months ago
  • Hey guys check out this video

    Samuel KoshySamuel Koshy3 months ago
  • Bruh did yall see the sixers starting five it was insane

    Kayden BarnesKayden Barnes3 months ago
  • Devin Booker for the suns

    Devin LowyDevin Lowy4 months ago
    • I lied

      Devin LowyDevin Lowy3 months ago
  • Ben Wallace at pf for the pistons

    Devin LowyDevin Lowy4 months ago
  • Where the hell is chris bosh in Miami top 5.😦😧😲🤔🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♀️

    Max Jacob IshimweMax Jacob Ishimwe4 months ago
  • I like Bulls, Lakers, and Celtics lineup.

    The Pink KillerThe Pink Killer8 months ago
  • Artis was better than Ben? Ben over Lanier Sf Durant for gsw Clippers Kawhi and pg Lakers bron at sf Bosh is pf for Miami Sf for Minnesota butler Utah is gobert now Washington mj at sg

    TNL SpiderTNL Spider8 months ago
  • MY All-Time Lakers Starting 5: Magic Johnson-PG Jerry West-SG (Sorry Kobe, but the Logo fits this lineup better) James Worthy-SF (way more efficient than Elgin, healthier too) Pau Gasol-F/C (can't wait for his number to be retired) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-C (could make a strong case for either Wilt or Shaq here, but PRIME Kareem was best center in franchise history bar-none)

    PeekaPeepPeekaPeep8 months ago
    • magic kobe baylor lebron shaq kareem was better on the bucks lebron is trying to help the lakers win theyre 17th championship kobe is a top 3 magic is top 1 pg great passer and iq elgin did hecka good for them even tho couldnt win a ring

      wugotwugot2 months ago
  • This is a great video. It’ll just need an update every 4-5 years

    Christopher JimenezChristopher Jimenez8 months ago
  • 76ers duh

    Kizzy WinfreyKizzy Winfrey8 months ago
  • LA Lakers powerful

    ferdinand cabelizaferdinand cabeliza8 months ago
  • Zach Randolph was a better power forward for Memphis than Pau Gasol was. Gasol was great in the Lakers uniform

    ZeeDigitalZeeDigital8 months ago
  • Chicago starting 5. Pg Michael Jordan Sg Michael Jordan Sf Michael Jordan Pf Michael Jordan C Michael Jordan

    ZeeDigitalZeeDigital8 months ago
  • You have Shaq on Miami but no Michael Jordan for Washington?!?

    Jon SchriftJon Schrift8 months ago
  • the 2 superman in a magic. howard-oniel

    Tom & JerryTom & Jerry8 months ago

    carl pajescarl pajes8 months ago
  • Shaq was only in the heat for like a year

    Angel CastilloAngel Castillo9 months ago
  • My All Time Starting 5 Steve Nash Kobe Bryant Kevin Durant Tim Duncan Shaquille O'neal

    Carlo Sinangote 2Carlo Sinangote 29 months ago
  • Why Jordan not include on wizards

    Val RichardsonVal Richardson9 months ago
  • Houston and Philly starting lineups are sick

    KoChief RockAKoChief RockA9 months ago
  • Vlade Divac center for the kings should have been on there

    KoChief RockAKoChief RockA9 months ago
  • Video was interesting and intriguing until the Grizzlies came around and the put Pau Gasol who never played with Grizzlies over Sharif Abdul Rahim amd Zack Randolph.. how dare you

    KoChief RockAKoChief RockA9 months ago
  • Rockets -yao ming is better i think

    Jona Ralte14Jona Ralte149 months ago
  • put kobe at sf & put jerry west at sg i’m just sayin

    Kobe BryantKobe Bryant9 months ago
  • so after all its Lakers vs Celtics and Bucks vs Sixers. i see Lakers Vs Bucks for best two, and i think the team ofBucks is amazing. but the starting team. if we add the subs, lakers are far better

    Ανδρέας ΣτέλλαςΑνδρέας Στέλλας10 months ago
  • May I ask who would win in these lineups

    Jermeer CooperJermeer Cooper10 months ago
  • The hawks lineup could win with their eyes closed

  • Rockets Yao Ming!!

    Ix SolidumIx Solidum11 months ago
  • The Warriors offense will be just way too much for any team

    Angel CervantesAngel CervantesYear ago
  • Put james worthy or lebron instead of elgin baylor

    norman elacionnorman elacionYear ago
  • *Boston: Cousy, Pierce, Bird, Mchale, Russell *Minesotta: Marbury, Sprewell, Sczerbiak, Garnett, K. Love *Nets: Kidd, Petrović, Carter, Erving, Coleman *Hornets Bogues, Rice, Mashburn, L. Johnson, Mourning *Orlando: Hardaway, Mcgrady, Grant, Howard, O'Neal *Portland: Lillard, Porter, Drexler, R. Wallace, Walton

    ERO 1452ERO 1452Year ago
  • this guys literally just looked at nba 2K

    LealLealYear ago
  • La Lakers

    CNT EverythingCNT EverythingYear ago
  • Boston Celtics starting Power Forwards name is Kevin, but his last name is Garnett... in my opinion. T-Mac > DeMar DeRozan, also I was surprised not to see Ben Wallace as the center for the Pistons and lastly... No Rudy Gay or OJ Mayo for The Grizz? I believe they should be on the team instead of Shane Battier and Mike Miller.

    H3roin1620H3roin1620Year ago
  • How could you not put Chauncey Billups for the piston disrespect he got them a championship and won finals Mvp

    Oleka NaskyOleka NaskyYear ago
  • Why is Andrew Wiggins on the t-wolves all time lineup WTF

    Oleka NaskyOleka NaskyYear ago
  • Clyde drexler over tracy mcgrady

    isaiah pinonisaiah pinonYear ago
  • How do you have Andrew Wiggins at small forward on Minnesota and Jimmy Butler is also a small forward used to play for them is an NBA All-Star and Andrew isn't a All-Star!!!!!!

    CdogCdogYear ago
  • Spud belongs on the hawks all time lineup

    Suave CalebSuave CalebYear ago
  • piston Power forward is Dave Bing

    Hoops BucketHoops BucketYear ago
  • Where is Peđa Stojaković in Kings and Pelicans

    Filip JelicFilip JelicYear ago
  • Lakers

    Patti LenkovPatti LenkovYear ago
  • today's golden state warriors would probably still beat 90% of these teams. Simply unfair

    KilladiatorKilladiatorYear ago
  • Lakers are stacked af Magic Kobe Elgin Baylor Kareem Shaq Damn.

    CalebCalebYear ago
  • Kareem is a center not pf is that true he plays for pf for the lakers?

    ツFrostyFBPZツFrostyFBPZYear ago
  • Bulls Pg d rose Sg mj Sf Scottie pippen PF Dennis Rodman C artis Gilmore 82-0 team with this starting lineup

    Jacob’s WorldJacob’s WorldYear ago
  • Grant hill was way better than nick anderson

    Monique RayMonique RayYear ago
  • yao ming for the rockets...TMC for the warriors..?

    vinividvicci 0027vinividvicci 0027Year ago
  • Center for the Hawks Walt Bellamy HOF player. Look him up.

    73trident mcrider73trident mcriderYear ago
  • That Bulls,Lakers lineups INSANE !

    Fev OlaFev OlaYear ago
  • Wait, the Hornets stole the Pelicans history.

    shel ishel iYear ago
  • Every team line up is nasty imaging all of them in the league today

    Victor TwitterVictor TwitterYear ago
  • Baron Davis for SG

    _ Kaencrt __ Kaencrt _Year ago
  • You left Ron artist of pacers i recon it should be Pg- Mark Jackson Sg- Reggie Miller Sf- Paul George Pf- Ron artest C- Rick Smits

    Bill Nye the Russian spy!Bill Nye the Russian spy!Year ago
    • Mel Daniels as center for Pacers, George McGinnis power forward.

      73trident mcrider73trident mcriderYear ago
  • Celtics and lakers all time is a rlly good matchup

    DrunkenMasterDrunkenMasterYear ago
  • Thanks!

    Keistų Jaučiu Komanda TeamKeistų Jaučiu Komanda Team2 years ago
  • Barry over kd idk

    Bradley McLeanBradley McLean2 years ago
  • Miami Heat: Hardaway Wade Lebron Bosh Shaq or 2015-16 Whiteside

    John Green-TrujilloJohn Green-Trujillo2 years ago
  • Joe Johnson over Steve Smith as SG for the Hawks? Bill Lambier over Ben Wallace?

    NeverNotHoopinNeverNotHoopin2 years ago
    • he put bill as pf plus ben is a center

      wugotwugot2 months ago
  • All im sayin is that Paul Milsap or even Josh Smith would dick Bob Pettit lmaooo

    AdamFullerfitAdamFullerfit2 years ago
  • Ilgauskas is better than Daugherty

    Joel Correa RuizJoel Correa Ruiz2 years ago
  • Chris Mullin > Klay Thompson your tweaking

    Rashad BoydRashad Boyd2 years ago
    • Rashad Boyd dude are you crazy? chris mullin is just a shooter...klay is a two way shooter! think about it

      SuperSaiyanjin 21SuperSaiyanjin 212 years ago
  • When your all time best SG and SF are Mike Miller and Shane Battier you know your franchise just sucks 😅😅

    Dr. MuRDeRDr. MuRDeR2 years ago
  • i pick top 3 1.thunder 2.76sers 3.laker

    Armina CostalesArmina Costales2 years ago
  • Goldenstate is good

    alp kayaalp kaya2 years ago
  • Boston 1 championship ahead of lakers nice rivals, boston18 lakers17

    alp kayaalp kaya2 years ago
  • my favorite is pelicans with prime CP3 AD Tyson Chandler Prime David West Baron Davis but in facts #1 would most likely go to lakers

    Alexander ReidAlexander Reid2 years ago
  • For Boston I would put pierce or garnet at pf

    N8TRON8TRO2 years ago
  • Where’s scalabrine

    JGod 13JGod 132 years ago
  • Spurs

    TOA TITANTOA TITAN2 years ago
  • Rick barry over kd? 🧐🧐🧐

    Keaton SmithKeaton Smith2 years ago
  • Where is Michael Jordan for the Washington wizards

    Michel CantaveMichel Cantave2 years ago
  • My all time starting 5: PG: Magic Johnson SG: Michael Jordan SF: LeBron James PF: Tim Duncan C: Kareem Abdul Jabbar Bench: Wilt Chamberlain Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant Larry Bird Bill Russell Hakeem Olajuwon Julius Erving Dirk Nowitzki

    MushMush2 years ago
    • Nice but you need 2 more point guards

      EvilGramCrackr 29EvilGramCrackr 297 months ago
  • I'd have ben wallace over bill laimbeer (no disrespect to bill tho)

    N ON O2 years ago
  • Where is KD for the warriors man

    Alsis_LBJAlsis_LBJ2 years ago
  • Horford > Mutombo Allen > Havlicek KD > Rick Barry Draymond > Thurmond Danny Manning = LAC sf (Griffin is a power forward) Gasol = LAL of (Abdul was a center) Mayo > Mike Miller Gay > Battier Bosh = MIA of (Alonzo is a Center) Cp3 > Kemba Horace Grant = ORL pf (Howard is a center) Jersey = POR sf (Drexler is a shooting guard) Stojakovic = SAC sf (Mitch was a SG) Ginobli > Gervin OKC: Westbrook Harden KD Ibaka Adams Sonic's: Payton Allen Shrempf Kemp Sikma (Super Sonic's and Thunder are two different franchises)

    Lee ChoctawLee Choctaw2 years ago
  • The Raptors would take heavy Ls here.

    Theodore HuxtableTheodore Huxtable2 years ago
  • The Grizzlies are the mops of this list.

    Theodore HuxtableTheodore Huxtable2 years ago
  • I feel like Danny Manning should be on that Clippers team. Also Chris Mullin needs to be on the Warriors' team roster.

    Theodore HuxtableTheodore Huxtable2 years ago
  • How are you not gonna have Micheal Redd in the bucks lineup but already have giannis there smh

    Jovani HuertaJovani Huerta2 years ago
  • The Boston Celtics All Time starting lineup should go Point Guard: Bob Cousy Shooting Guard: John Havlicek Small Forward: Paul Pierce Power Forward: Larry Bird Center: Bill Russell

    Colin ConsedineColin Consedine2 years ago
  • Why would you run WestBrook at SG. Gary is a much better off ball player and has a better jump shot.

    Waylon MooreWaylon Moore2 years ago
  • Lakers are too much and in a couple of years add🧒🏼

    michael mathismichael mathis2 years ago
  • Dave cowens was a league mvp, better than McHale

    Brycen LoweBrycen Lowe2 years ago
  • KG as PF for Nets

    Tega XTega X2 years ago
  • Best 5 of boston vs best of LA thats gonna be a dream match up .

    ShinoMarShinoMar2 years ago
  • Great list sure only team I disagreed with was Indiana got to be brown Miller George Daniels and Oneal can't forget about the aba guys and also issued at pf for denver

    Sanaa The Aldc LoverSanaa The Aldc Lover2 years ago
  • PG John Paxson SG Kevin Martin SF JaMychal Green PF Bonzi Wells C Andris Biedrins Beat me fgts

    Katsuragi Kai NiKatsuragi Kai Ni2 years ago
  • who puts kareem at power forward..... only rhis guy

    Sophia LiwanagSophia Liwanag2 years ago
  • My raps should be: KLow7 DeMar Tmac VC Bosh

    Username LoadingUsername Loading2 years ago
  • Spurs should be: TP Manu Kawhi TimmyD David Robinson

    Username LoadingUsername Loading2 years ago
  • Suns should have marion

    Username LoadingUsername Loading2 years ago
  • 6ers should be: MoCheeks AI DrJ Chuck Wilt

    Username LoadingUsername Loading2 years ago
  • Thunder should be: PG: the Glove SG: Ray Allen SF: Durant PF: Kemp C: Sikma

    Username LoadingUsername Loading2 years ago
  • Hornest should have CP3 Eddie Jones and Alonzo mourning

    Username LoadingUsername Loading2 years ago
  • Heat should be Hardaway DWade Born Bosh Alonzo

    Username LoadingUsername Loading2 years ago
  • Rockets should be CP3 Harden McGrady Olajuwon Yao

    Username LoadingUsername Loading2 years ago
  • Warriors should be their current linup with wilt

    Username LoadingUsername Loading2 years ago