Butterfly Effects That Redirected the Course of NBA History! *PART 1*

Oct 3, 2020
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Butterfly Effects That Redirected the Course of NBA History! *PART 1*
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  • LINK TO PART 2 HERE!: usworlds.info/slow/video/aKWqpom9ppOBrnM

    Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.Month ago
  • They would have stopped Jordan.

    Moon StarMoon Star23 hours ago
  • Paul pierce almost died too them celtics were bad luck lol

    Michael BATMAN KeatonMichael BATMAN KeatonDay ago
  • why am I watching this who cares? x

    Lee 1227Lee 12272 days ago
  • Moral of the story: If you’re running late, just remember God has a reason for it...

    Sean LunnySean Lunny2 days ago
  • Jwill even more goated now

    IngagiIngagi2 days ago
  • Am i the only one who remembers 1984-1990 where MJ was an average player?

    Top DogTop Dog2 days ago
  • I used to live in Springfield MA

    Angel LaboyAngel Laboy3 days ago
  • I think the thumbnail would've been better if it was J will late to practice lead to Cavs winning the 2016 championship (bc you know the kyrie shot) and then the pic would've been lebrons crybaby face

    Caden DesmaraisCaden Desmarais3 days ago
  • It's raining while I'm watching this too 😭😭

    Denzel WashingtonDenzel Washington3 days ago
  • The Bias and Lewis one had my mind blown

    BigBallBigBall5 days ago
  • Great video

    Kent FreemanKent Freeman7 days ago
  • 0:12 I've never heard OF this movie - but the term goes DECADES back in Science Fiction (Ray Bradbury, "A Sound of Thunder") and the concept goes back at least 2 centuries.

    Brice FleckensteinBrice Fleckenstein7 days ago
  • I wish Hank Gathers never died. A lot of people don’t know who this guy is. He had potential to be the greatest.

    Alex AllenAlex Allen7 days ago
  • Too bad for celtics ..

    Lance Erwin QuilesLance Erwin Quiles9 days ago
  • 1:28🤔

    Ric PhillyRic Philly10 days ago
  • this is such a fire video idea

    TheIsaac246TheIsaac24612 days ago
  • Been a grizzlies fan for ever and didn’t even know we could’ve gotten LBJ smh

    MrYUNGT92MrYUNGT9212 days ago
  • What if Charlie Ward went to the NFL

    ClearSpeedClearSpeed14 days ago
  • As a grizzly fan it pains me lol they need better management

    Bigboy FromthelogoBigboy Fromthelogo16 days ago
  • Mark schwarz espn....

    Jo DareshJo Daresh17 days ago
  • No shot this nigga said decent role players and zoomed into melo smh

    DeonDeon18 days ago
  • ?

    Franchesca RiveraFranchesca Rivera18 days ago
  • This music gives me the chills

    charles44lemoncharles44lemon19 days ago
  • Riley was on some ridiculous sh*t, 10 seconds ain't even late, it's right on time. Probably just didn't like 'White Chocolate' for whatever reason.

    Altus SnowAltus Snow19 days ago
  • U got nice vids and all just please change the music👿

    Tim FerencTim Ferenc19 days ago
  • Everything happens for a reason that is beyond our understanding. In time it will be revealed, Maybe not to us but to generations after us.

    solteroanthony92solteroanthony9222 days ago
  • 6:15 Len Bias died of cocaine overdose just in case anyone was wondering

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy24 days ago
  • What the Blazers drafted Michael Jordan with the number 2 pick instead of Sam Bowie?

    JJ25 days ago
  • You deserve mo subs

    Vince LapuzVince LapuzMonth ago
  • Shaq was gon knock that juice out pat riley head 😂😂

    Dkp_773 yeahDkp_773 yeahMonth ago
  • Bro what is this creepy music it’s giving me a bad vibe tf

    BloodyheadersBloodyheadersMonth ago
  • And the Pistons pick... #THEWTFEFFECT

    Hug DablokHug DablokMonth ago

    WhY NoTWhY NoTMonth ago
  • But what if Thomson ended up on the cavs championship team with lebron like love 🤔

    J ZJ ZMonth ago
  • what if I never watched this video and wasted my time who would've known what would happen.

    Szn IncSzn IncMonth ago
  • vancouver ain’t playing that shit gg to vancouver for scruing up memphises plan

    Baby CanadaBaby CanadaMonth ago
  • 10 seconds late🤣🤣🤣nah that nigga pat wiling tf out

    BlazeStationBlazeStationMonth ago
  • As a Timberwolves fan it angers me that we didn’t get Klay

    Bolksterboi SportsBolksterboi SportsMonth ago
  • This isn't a butterfly effect its just what if.. smh

    Henrique DivinaHenrique DivinaMonth ago
  • I hate you for reminding me of darko

    treyduce requistreyduce requisMonth ago
  • If Reggie or Len Bias did not die, would Jordan have as many titles as he won? Better Butterfly effect than the Big 3 that happened 25 years later. Interesting Vid. Thanks for uploading.

    Greg DwayneGreg DwayneMonth ago
  • subscribed.

    Delly AFTFDelly AFTFMonth ago
  • Should I be watching this with the lights on or off?

    Paul YIUPaul YIUMonth ago
  • Dude Shaq probably would have left miami with or without jay will.

    HowtostudiesHowtostudiesMonth ago
  • Look at that boy Jarvis Hayes repping them Astros!

    Cam DozCam DozMonth ago
  • I’m so confused on the last one😳 How does Miami trading shaq turn into the cavs getting the first pick?🤔

    Mathew GarciaMathew GarciaMonth ago
  • The Klay Thompson/Kevin Love trade would have been a disaster. You have to be careful with overvaluing stat padding players on losing teams. Kevin love has proved to be just a really good player, not even close to a great one.

    Johnny 34Johnny 34Month ago
  • Butterfly effect is bullshit

    The Burial Ground 2The Burial Ground 2Month ago
  • Had to pause it as I walk down the hall that music is like when something bad bout to happen in a movie had me looking bad too much

    Tymere RiveraTymere RiveraMonth ago
  • i got another one. lebron james was drafted by cleveland because lebron james was drafted by cleveland

    Unbound ZackUnbound ZackMonth ago
    • ?

      Shane CortezShane CortezMonth ago
  • Grizzly fans big mad

    celli 21celli 21Month ago
  • Bruh he said huge “blow” while talking about Len bias I can’t 😂

    vincent sheinvincent sheinMonth ago
    • @Just Some Mustache Without a Guy didn’t even know you could do that

      aaron4094 _aaron4094 _11 days ago
    • @aaron4094 _ Len Bias OD'd on cocaine

      Just Some Mustache Without a GuyJust Some Mustache Without a Guy11 days ago
    • I don’t get ir

      aaron4094 _aaron4094 _12 days ago
    • Yes you can

      UnderpantsniperUnderpantsniperMonth ago
  • I wonder how that doctor feels that told Reggie not to worry about the irregular heartbeat?... I don’t know a doctor who would tell you to ignore a heart condition that knocked you off your feet and unable to breath without great difficulty.

    ValensBellatorValensBellatorMonth ago
  • Jerry West is a remarkable judge of talent lol

    ValensBellatorValensBellatorMonth ago
  • As a grizzlies fan it always hurts looking back at how bad our draft history has been

    NicholsonNicholsonMonth ago
  • Staring Kyle Korver. 🤣😂🤣

    Elon WyattElon WyattMonth ago
  • I can't agree with you on any of that. Like the Love-Klay trade- you make the change happen in 2014 then assume everything goes exactly as it did for the next 2 seasons and only then the butterfly effect kicks in. You assume that OKC would have got a 3-1 lead over GS regardless if Love was there or Klay was there and that Love could have not changed anything about that and would have lost the series. I would say that since Love is more of a defensive beast than Klay GS would have dominated OKC and would have won in in 4 and Durant would have signed with GS anyway. Let's say Len Bias goes on plays on Celtics therefore they don't get to pick Lewis next year. The whole point in butterfly effect is that small change will make changes across the timeline- but you take it that "I change 1 thing and now for the next 10 years everything happens as it did and only now the effect will have an effect" Lastly, there is a conspiracy theory that Stern masterminded James's comeback to Cleveland. For the 4 years that he spent in Miami Cleveland got 3 nr 1 picks. So Williams and Shaq trade could have less an effect than you might think.

    Siim TõkkeSiim TõkkeMonth ago
  • 6:21 lmao a huge “blow”

    Will SelbyWill SelbyMonth ago
  • I know to much

    Derick LecasDerick LecasMonth ago
  • 2016 nba finals has an * behind it, mr. super fan

    Moriah BarberMoriah BarberMonth ago
  • How he know this?

    Sean HeffronSean HeffronMonth ago
  • Jerry west deserves to be the logo. He was a great player and one of the greatest G.M.s. Nobody can fill his shoes in that role. He's an unbelievable talent scout. Look up his resume.

    Sean HeffronSean HeffronMonth ago
  • what if danny made the 3

    CJ JuniorCJ JuniorMonth ago
  • I believe in this butterfly effect. Because every action has a consequence. Your actions would change the way how your life would be in the future, and that fate will affect others as we are interconnected. If you got accepted in a Job, some will not, so other's life is affected forever. But if you didn't take the job, someone will get it, and their life is forever changed.

    Geum Ji-minGeum Ji-minMonth ago
  • Basketball began in Canada bya Canadian not no damn Massachusetts bruh

    Bk T•R•I•B•EBk T•R•I•B•EMonth ago
  • That J Will one at the end has my brain fucked up

    InquiryInquiryMonth ago
  • Lmao bruh the music is creepy as hell. But also wow at the Jason Williams/Shaq/LeBron connection 😲

    xoxo2000xoxo2000Month ago
  • Here’s one. In 5 years time. New Orleans Pelicans will win a championship.

    GhostGhostMonth ago
  • Wow always wondered how shaq got on the Phoenix suns

    T. HumbleT. HumbleMonth ago
  • What if Michael Jordans parents didn't shack up 9 months before Jordan was born?

    S PS PMonth ago
  • Bro said Kyle Korver I did not expect that shit lmfaooo

    Deux KamiDeux KamiMonth ago
  • Amazing

    Ryan FaustRyan FaustMonth ago
  • That Jason Williams theory was a bit of a stretch but good vid bro

    Look At curry manLook At curry manMonth ago
  • I have read that basketball was invented in Canada.

    robert johnsonrobert johnsonMonth ago
  • Between basketball clips and Brazilian porn I'm always on the phone

    h lacyh lacyMonth ago
  • Nice video Man.

    Paul SantosPaul SantosMonth ago
  • Nice video but wassup with that creepy ass music u be playing

    paul frankpaul frankMonth ago
  • Wow I vividly remember the Reggie Lewis story..

    Shawn HallShawn HallMonth ago
  • Bruh nah, this music make me nah

    Jaden BoisrondJaden BoisrondMonth ago
  • What would be the butterfly effect if that idiotic suspension on Draymond never happened? What would be the bufferfly effect if Duncan was in the gm when lebron missed the three preventing Bosh's rebound n pass to Ray Allen?

    SikkySikkyMonth ago
  • The Lebron one got my head fucked all the way up😂

    Certified No BrimCertified No BrimMonth ago
  • During the Klay and Love part, why didn’t he mention the Cavs at all

    Logan LeightonLogan LeightonMonth ago
  • Man holdup, you gonna rival Mr. Nightmare now? Chilly vibes widda music

    Odyzzey GOdyzzey GMonth ago
  • I feel like Len Bias death is the reason Jordan never had a true rival

    A boogA boogMonth ago
  • What if Drose never went down in 2012 we probably won’t see jimmy Butler breakout and go to multiple team then go to the heat and lead them to the 2020 nba finals

    XVIIIXVIIIMonth ago
  • But if the heat trade Shawn Marion he doesn’t end up on the raptors who trade him to Dallas and Lebron never loses in 2011.

    Sports TradesSports TradesMonth ago
  • To believe pistons got that second pick after winning the chip and they took Darko. Missed melo wade bosh

    Pow PowPow PowMonth ago
  • That was pretty cool.

    Kerry Harrell JrKerry Harrell JrMonth ago
  • The music and the voice at the beginning always make me wanna watch more

    Audrey GonzalezAudrey GonzalezMonth ago
  • The pistons lame af for not getting melo wade or bosh

    KILLA DezKILLA DezMonth ago
  • That was so harsh “even if one of them stayed alive” LOOL

    GoteGoteMonth ago
  • J Will one is crazy af

    liam f0274liam f0274Month ago
  • Wow

    Kevsell Alleb SordillaKevsell Alleb SordillaMonth ago
  • Its not by chance lebron went to his hometown and awful market to save the franchise the same way a few years later D rose went to Chicago...the nba sets that all up

    Camp KempCamp KempMonth ago
  • Bruh I love watching these videos

  • Remarkable

    OpochtliOpochtliMonth ago
  • I just wanted to watch a nice video, not immediately get attacked for being a grizzlies fan

    PavementPavementMonth ago
  • “The one and only Kyle Korver”🤣

    MBK ShodMBK ShodMonth ago
  • Sooooo George Soros murdering Jews, his own people, with the Nazis's in 1945, led to LeBronna being a CCP puppet in 2020?🤔 Ok! Got it!👌🏿🤦🏿‍♂️🇺🇲✌🏿

    rhuttrho88rhuttrho88Month ago