Butterfly Effects That Redirected the Course of NBA History! *PART 2*

Oct 8, 2020
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Butterfly Effects That Redirected the Course of NBA History! *PART 2*
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  • LINK TO PART 1 HERE!: usworlds.info/slow/video/e22Er6O-hZuHraE

    Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.Month ago
    • Rip City

      Jake LangJake Lang8 days ago
    • Part 3?

      Dorito SandwichDorito SandwichMonth ago
    • Ja Morant has the chance to make Memphis a winning team again and it started with a SC hoop tournament where a scout went to the auxiliary gym and saw ja play...

      Stephen McBethStephen McBethMonth ago
    • There was a game in the 2002 to 2003 season which the Heat beat the raptor's. Later on in the 2003 draft lottery, that game that the heat one effected them getting pick 5 which was Dwayne Wade and the raptor's getting pick 4 which was Chris Bosh. so if the Raptor's won that game, they would have gotten pick 5 and take Dwayne Wade while the heat would have gotten pick 4 and take Chris Bosh. Now later on there was a rumor that before Vince Carter got traded to the nets, Carter was trying to recruit Shaq to Toronto but Shaq instead wanted to go to the Heat to play with Wade. But since Wade would be on the Raptor's, this meant that the Raptors would have a big three of carter, Wade, and Shaq and would of win the NBA title in 2006 over the Mavericks.

      matteo Naccaratomatteo NaccaratoMonth ago
    • @Smellymouse1 For reall

      Dezz Epson41Dezz Epson41Month ago
  • The longer i watch ur videos the more i get creeped out of the intro

    Russell Yuri S. EchavezRussell Yuri S. EchavezDay ago
  • Delonte West sleeps with Lebron’s mom. Lebron goes to Miami to play behind Wade. Lebron makes the finals but chokes vs Dirk. Delonte sleeping with Lebron’s mom got Dirk his only ring. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Jackie EazyJackie Eazy2 days ago
  • Are the magic dumb?

    Denzel WashingtonDenzel Washington3 days ago
  • Love part 1 but love part 2 way better

    Kent FreemanKent Freeman7 days ago
  • the pippen to bulls trade

    david nacifdavid nacif9 days ago
  • You could’ve added that the Nets never would have done the trade with the Celtics and the Celtics wouldn’t have some of the players they have today including Jayson Tatum.

    Ben BelcherBen Belcher10 days ago
  • Jalen rose getting called for coming off the bench, during fight, in 98 for the pacers. Series changer!

    hayden Stuckwischhayden Stuckwisch13 days ago
  • pat beverly fucked up westbrooks knee

    Majcina stekarMajcina stekar17 days ago
  • What the Blazers drafted Michael Jordan with the number 2 pick instead of Sam Bowie?

    JJ25 days ago
  • anybody else respect that this legend always uploads part2 exactly after part1

    oelgazali 02oelgazali 0226 days ago
  • Jerry Cruase dismantling the Chicago Bulls. If that never happened then the 99 Spurs championship may never have happened

    Jeremy NoelJeremy Noel26 days ago
  • What if the Celtics kept the #1 pick or drafted Fultz

    Cousin Primo 2xCousin Primo 2x27 days ago
  • What if George Mikan had not missed his flight in 1947.

    SupylocoSupyloco27 days ago
  • Thank god for that injury 😁

    ExtraOrdinary MUSICExtraOrdinary MUSIC29 days ago
  • so ominous

    Biggie BeeGBiggie BeeG29 days ago
  • I predicted I will be an NBA players in Cavs and 3rd pick in 2030

    Fractured PiggyFractured PiggyMonth ago
  • Zaza landing on kawhis foot made them go to finals and win in 15 but ultimately came back to bite them in the ass in 2019

    Isaac MedinaIsaac MedinaMonth ago
  • Arvydas Sabonis not being allowed to come over when drafted in '86

    Mantas BalandisMantas BalandisMonth ago
  • 5:22

    Kevin HudsonKevin HudsonMonth ago
  • serge ibaka not getting injured in the 2012 playoffs

    j-kubj-kubMonth ago
  • Great content 🦾

    DirtRoadBaby 336DirtRoadBaby 336Month ago
  • World b Free to the clippers led to The Knicks being lowcows.

    Joanna McDaidJoanna McDaidMonth ago
  • Another butterfly effect: Doc Rivers blows a trade for Tim Duncan in 2000 to the Magic which could have won them a championship(s) because Duncan wasn’t allowed to bring his family on trips. Nearly 20 years later Doc Rivers as the Clippers head coach has a chance to get Kawhi Leonard under the condition that Leonard’s family is allowed on road trips. Doc Rivers allows it this time which then leads to a more than disappointing Clippers season due to bad chemistry because of Leonard’s privileges.

    pxpikenpxpikenMonth ago
  • Do more scary vids

    Rip AKobeRip AKobeMonth ago
  • Thanks for not pulling the Dame shot on my rockets for me 👍

    Spring EagleSpring EagleMonth ago
  • "Mediocracy"

    Russell St.MartinRussell St.MartinMonth ago
  • malice at the palace

    Luke HunsbergerLuke HunsbergerMonth ago
  • Man what happened to Bynum, one of the weirdest stories ever, he goes from the best big arguably in the league to bum in very short order

    AWSME JAWSME JMonth ago
  • If Tim Duncan asks if his family can ride on the plane with him you let them drive the mf plane, Doc Rivers starting to look worse and worse to me.

    AWSME JAWSME JMonth ago
  • Carmelo not going to Chicago, I believe that if he went the expectation of d rose to come back and have a great season is made a little bit less, and D Rose possibly has a better career where he doesn't have all the scoring responsibility on him, also this team possibly competes with the heat and maybe throws them off then they beat the spurs, which takes away from kawhi's career because he wouldn't be finals mvp idk tho this is just a theory

  • About the time Arenas and Crittenton got suspended for violating rules because of guns. If they didn't do that, it would dramatically change the fate of the Wizards, Wall and Beal could've gone to somewhere else, Arenas could've still had a career in the NBA and Crittenton would've still had a career at all and not in criminal problems.

    Otaku Man007Otaku Man007Month ago
  • I love how there’s no Intro and he gets right into what the video is about

    Mathew GarciaMathew GarciaMonth ago
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    Lil SanxhezLil SanxhezMonth ago
  • I heard the story of Doc Rivers saying no to Duncan’s travelling request, and I thought it was a dumb decision by Rivers.

    Paul YIUPaul YIUMonth ago
  • MyPlayer winning 6 straight championships in the Charlotte Hornets, averaging 46 points, 6 blocks, 7 rebounds, and 12 assists, and consecutively be awarded MVP.

    Daz AragamiDaz AragamiMonth ago
    • I think the butterfly effect there is that there was this bread crumb on the "x" button and I was considering wether to blow it off or flick it off. And I chose to flick it off. At that time, I was hovering at a trade offer to the Hornets and I was in the Suns that time. Flicked it off, deal was signed, and I couldn't do shit. Best deal ever, I was shit in the Suns with 6 points a game and a losing streak but after getting drafted, I was starting to average 12 points a game without even upgrading any of my stats. Thats my story.

      Daz AragamiDaz AragamiMonth ago
  • A butterfly effect you forgot: If everything happened normaly in the 2008 nba draft lottery (meaning the heat get the #1 pick). Then Derrick Rose would never have been picked by the bulls. Resulting in his MVP season of 2011. He played the Indiana Pacers in the first round. If they didn't have rose, Indiana wouldn't have lost. Which doesn't seem big at first. Until you realize if they didn't lose that series they wouldn't of had the 15th pick in the 2011 NBA draft. Meaning 2x Champion, 2x Finals MVP, 2x DPOY. Kawhi Leonard would not have been drafted by the Pacers resulting in him not being traded to the spurs resulting in the spurs not winning the 2014 NBA Finals. Meaning the heat would win. With lebron, Dwyane, and Rose. Which means lebron wouldn't leave Miami. Making the Miami Heat winning another 2 or 3 titles. So Kyrie will never make the shot, KD will never join the warriors. Because like I said if everything happened right the sonics wouldn't have got the 4th pick. Russell wouldn't go to OKC, he wouldn't win an MVP. With all this success in Miami LeBron wouldnt go back to Cleveland oh by the 2019 nba draft too the Thunder would more then likely have the #1 pick giving them Zion and KD as their only 2 players that could do anything. Pretty big game changer there

    AHumanBeing 999AHumanBeing 999Month ago
    • @AHumanBeing 999 Monta ended up in bucks for bogut. He was on warriors and traded to bucks. The point is the spurs wanted kawhi, they were going to get him regardless.

      NewEarth SonNewEarth Son27 days ago
    • @NewEarth Son Again, Monta has nothing to do with this, Its GEORGE HILL. How about you use google

      AHumanBeing 999AHumanBeing 99927 days ago
    • @AHumanBeing 999 You do not know what your talking about. You have google. use it! Monta was in Golden State in this time.

      NewEarth SonNewEarth Son27 days ago
    • @NewEarth Son he was a major part in that trade without George Hill kawhi wouldn't be a spur, also not Monta Ellis

      AHumanBeing 999AHumanBeing 99927 days ago
    • @AHumanBeing 999 What does that have to do with spurs wanting kawhi?

      NewEarth SonNewEarth Son27 days ago
  • Doc learned his lesson with t im Duncan he let Kawhis family fly only the team plane. Too late now bruh.

    celli 21celli 21Month ago
  • To be fair, Bynum didn’t need that bowling injury for his career to be over. His knees were already shot and the condition was degenerative. Much like Roy or Oden, there was just no fixing them.

    ValensBellatorValensBellatorMonth ago
  • Makes sense why doc gave kawhi all of what he wanted becuz when he didn’t it cost him a potential ring

    C.O.T. GrimmC.O.T. GrimmMonth ago
  • Man that part about the kings hurt me lol if only vlade divac grabbed the board my favorite team wouldn’t be disappointing for 10+ years

    Jacob LefflerJacob LefflerMonth ago
  • The JR Smith

    George AlexanderGeorge AlexanderMonth ago
  • 10:10 Oh no. OH NO

    Klub MasterKlub MasterMonth ago
  • The butterfly effect of the Duncan signing would be massive - you’re probably looking at every year from there out being wildly different. Even if you pretend not much else would change, you still get wildly different results just from the west being more open and the East being less open.

    SpicySpicyMonth ago
  • If pistons didn’t draft darko Millic, then they probably would’ve never won a championship. Lol had they drafted Carmelo he would’ve been the PF and we would’ve made a trade deadline move to get Rasheed and complete the starting lineup of Detroit

    Maurice JohnsonMaurice JohnsonMonth ago
  • Man that dame game winner hurts even more now😭

    Raymond RodriguezRaymond RodriguezMonth ago

    ExC Bigkeoli11ExC Bigkeoli11Month ago
  • make more of these theyre great

    jojodice1jojodice1Month ago
  • Butterfly effect: Tim Duncan goes to the bench and The Raptors won the first ever championship in Raptor's History

    Caleb Joshua Paz IsletaCaleb Joshua Paz IsletaMonth ago
  • Mike Korzemba can turn a chair into something exciting Jimmy Highroller can turn a chair into a chart Cosgrove can turn a chair into something scary

    G2V RacingG2V RacingMonth ago
  • The Kobe Bryant going to the Bulls but already did that.

    DMG EntertainmentDMG EntertainmentMonth ago
  • Doc rivers really couldnt tolerate duncan's chick on the plane in return for a championship-calibre super-team. Wow, way to fuck up a franchise.

    Allan JoseAllan JoseMonth ago
  • The 2002 kings story just hurts even more every time I look back at it

    Dirtbag610Dirtbag610Month ago
  • The refs gave the Lakers a 3 pointer after the buzzer in the second quarter REMEMBER that the kings got robbed in many ways

    Jay SmithJay SmithMonth ago
  • Doc Rivers is overrated he cant get shit right

    Jay SmithJay SmithMonth ago
  • We all know if the nets kept that pick they still would've passed up dame

    R StreetR StreetMonth ago
    • They probably would've included the pick in the trade with Boston

      Guga BastosGuga BastosMonth ago
  • The possible outcome had Portland drafted Jordan over Sam Bowie... Or years later had Portland drafted Durant instead of Odem..

    Michael CarterMichael CarterMonth ago
  • DAMN SPURS!!!!!!

    Sonam Gombu GurungSonam Gombu GurungMonth ago
  • Dolan buys the Knicks. We've sucked ever since lol

    Chris DelaurierChris DelaurierMonth ago
  • Doc Blew a 3-1 lead getting Duncan to Orlando 😂😂😂😂

    Ray HallRay HallMonth ago
  • Part 3?

    Dorito SandwichDorito SandwichMonth ago
  • Butterfly Effect: What is Pippen was really traded to the Sonics for Kemp?

    Paul SantosPaul SantosMonth ago
  • Because thibs is a bad coach the warriors won 3 rings

    My name is Not jeffMy name is Not jeffMonth ago
  • Iggy for preseason hype 🤣😂😂

    Benny No Bull _Benny No Bull _Month ago
  • Them pistons gettin scammed outta back 2 back championships in game 7 vs spurs after they beat Lakers

    Larry JamesLarry JamesMonth ago
  • My beats are better than this video

  • I’m a big fan. I love your Nba conspiracy theory videos from Portland Oregon. GO BLAZERS

    Portland Trail Blazers fanPortland Trail Blazers fanMonth ago
  • We the people demand more content like this.. A lot of heads dont know unless u were a fan to see why n how the nba shaped out the way it did.🔥🔥🔥

    Red Hood e.n.y.Red Hood e.n.y.Month ago
  • I got one, Miami missing out on D Rose in 08 for Beasley, led to Jimmy Butler leading them to the finals this year 🎯🎯🎯🎯(Rose MVP season leading up to him getting drafted and his injury which led to his development etc)

    Kevin MarseilleKevin MarseilleMonth ago
  • yeah if Dame went to the Brooklyn Nets, he wouldn't have hit that game winner against the Rockets, and they would have made the WCF

    Kenobi BryantKenobi BryantMonth ago
  • You ever thought about making horror videos? Lmfaooo

    darriendarrienMonth ago
  • pls this creepy music gives me the chills

    Mxses.CapalotMxses.CapalotMonth ago
  • I mean the butterfly effect is really simple, because you can trace it back to just about anything. It's a pretty relevant subject in law as well, because you have to determine what is coincidence and what is a causal relationship.

    pim bpim bMonth ago
  • Forgot to mention what those Nets (celtics) picks turned out to be (Tatum, Brown)

  • PLEASE make more of this it’s really interesting

    Crimson The Phantom KnightCrimson The Phantom KnightMonth ago
  • Whats the message here? NBA players don't play bowling.

    Francisco GonzalezFrancisco GonzalezMonth ago
    • Tell that to Chris Paul he has his tournaments on espn sometimes

      R StreetR StreetMonth ago
  • Mutumbo played for the nets??

    jesus cagejesus cageMonth ago
  • blessing embid and the worst allstar ever xD

    Βασίλης ΜέρτογλουΒασίλης ΜέρτογλουMonth ago
  • I’m a firm believer in what’s supposed to happen, will happen. Bynum tore his knee up in a bowling alley. If he didn’t go bowling, it could have happened at home (like with John Wall achilles) or just while carrying groceries. No matter the circumstance, same outcome

    TheLuxx 91TheLuxx 91Month ago
  • I don’t know why but his voice is relaxing

    Scartg •Scartg •Month ago
  • JR Smith Finals game 1 throw. if he never threw game 1, they could have won the finals, meaning LeBron would stay, and not miss any playoffs, but he wouldnt win this years finals. *with JR so tnx

    Kimi PlopenioKimi PlopenioMonth ago
  • I met vlade divac and he said that Shaq was his hardest opponent so that’s probably why he tipped it away from him

    jazjazMonth ago
  • Kong’s fans don’t want game 4 back.. they want the refs to not cheat them out of games 6 and 7..

    Brady McCulloughBrady McCulloughMonth ago
  • Derick rose

    Nicholas PotenzoNicholas PotenzoMonth ago
  • There's this butterfly effect that jxmyhighroller talked about of Michael Jordan getting injured in a play, so the Bulls somehow get to draft Kobe Bryant

    David ParraDavid ParraMonth ago
  • How many likes for a part 3? I’ll create 50K accounts if I have to for a part 3

    Not Kevin Durant’s Burner AccountNot Kevin Durant’s Burner AccountMonth ago
  • The spurs thing with Robinson and Duncan could happen with how curry got hurt this year and the warriors have the 2nd pick

    Alex VanDierendonckAlex VanDierendonckMonth ago
  • If Giannis left the US He almost left during his rookie season

    Bodie PotterBodie PotterMonth ago
  • If Jordan’s dad never died and he didn’t go to baseball

    noah chapmannoah chapmanMonth ago
  • Also the draft picks turn out to be Tatum and brown so nets could have Tatum pillar and brown

    asman karamoldoevasman karamoldoevMonth ago
  • Ayee fire fr 🔥❗

    SinlooxSinlooxMonth ago
  • Fam you have got to chill with the music. It’s 1 AM and I feel unsafe

    DGrizzleTVDGrizzleTVMonth ago
  • How ppl forgot about the spurs winning championships and that ppl forgot about the rockets won 2 championships in a row, etc

    DaniGodoG 777DaniGodoG 777Month ago
  • T-Mac is the most unluckiest Hall of Famer ever 1. Traded from Toronto and could've been the closest thing to Jordan and Pippen with his cousin Vince. 2. Grant Hill was injured damn near his entire stint in Orlando that one- two punch of him and McGrady never happened...2001 Rookie Mike Miller was also traded from Orlando not too long after McGrady hit his prime 3. Almost teamed up with Iverson in a trade which would've sent him to Philly for Larry Hughes but Philly backed out 4. If he'd stayed in Orlando one more year he would've had a young Dwight Howard as a teamate 5. Now you're telling me Tim Duncan was almost a magician? *Magic Player*

    Playa 1Playa 1Month ago
  • Really doc rivers 😂😂 u said no to Tim Duncan?? Him and tmac would’ve won atleast 3 championships bro yo Dumb asf 😂😂

    OfficialDripsyOfficialDripsyMonth ago
    • Grant hill may have stayed healthy too

      R StreetR StreetMonth ago
  • definitely Rose injury... what could it happen with the bulls

    Marvin GarciaMarvin GarciaMonth ago
  • The Knicks getting rid of Jeremy Lin

    Jennifer OwenJennifer OwenMonth ago
  • The kings lakers one hurts so much 😞

    HoeshateeltonHoeshateeltonMonth ago
  • I got one you making this video led to me commenting this

  • If Shaq never sign with the lakers 96 than the hornets would not traded Vlade divac for kobe,no shaq & kobe,Iverson would probably get a ring 2001 and would never went to the nuggets and billups would still be with the Pistons

    Kingsley JacksonKingsley JacksonMonth ago