Everything Was Going as Planned, Until HE Happened!

Feb 27, 2020
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Everything Was Going as Planned, Until HE Happened!
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  • Its also they way he does it, if curry was not doing stuff that they couldnt do as well concistently mabe they wouldnt hate as much, but because he makes it look só easy and creates a real separation then can help but hate, like dang why you gotta be só good?

    YeshuaIsKing12YeshuaIsKing1250 minutes ago
  • i used to really hate steph, because of that cockiness. but i grew to appreciate his skills and the team game played by those warriors. and i have to say, when i see the insecurity (and pathetic over-compensation) of superstars like lebron, kd, harden, kyrie, etc, steph seems like a breath of fresh air. i feel bad for their loss of klay again.

    Laz NoybLaz Noyb58 minutes ago
  • Pretty sure Curry is just fine.

    K LayK Lay2 hours ago
  • try and find some of this drama in hockey! bitchin divas make me sick!

    Marcus LundquistMarcus Lundquist3 hours ago
  • Sour jealous insecure crybabies. Shows their true character. No one needs respect from ppl like that.

    The Metal PigThe Metal Pig14 hours ago
  • James has always had, and still has, a lack of maturity! Curry has always let his game do the talking!

    johnnyjoeyjohnnyjoey14 hours ago
  • Lmao! I LOVE it when men act like chicks but try to act like its different 🙃

    iluvdissheetiluvdissheetDay ago
  • What lebron kissing his bicep after a dunk isn't arrogant no he is the king he is ordained by God ask him ( lebron) he will tell you himself.

    Joseph MillerJoseph MillerDay ago
  • bunch of children, their profession is litterally playing games

    SephiiiiiSephiiiiiDay ago
  • this video is hilarious

    lary angellary angelDay ago
  • Lol steph did fuck it up for awhile

    M VirgM VirgDay ago
  • 8:25 I'm weak af 😅🤣😂

    Sean FlanaganSean Flanagan2 days ago
  • wait ... that bothered Lebron you say? you fucking said that? i remember it this way ... Lebron was still the best player by far and where the fuck is Steph today? ya exactly no where had a few good years and now is burnt out ... like the rest of em ... oh EXCEPT FOR JAMES

    MrAllister9MrAllister92 days ago
  • Man I want lebron and Stephen to play in a same team... What happens to all the opponents 😅😂😂😂

    Sathwik ReddySathwik Reddy2 days ago
  • V

    Upbeat LowriderUpbeat Lowrider2 days ago
  • "quick come up"???? bro. go to hell lol

    Vote Third PartyVote Third Party2 days ago

  • kick me off the court boy!!

    Top VideosTop Videos2 days ago
  • Lebron was not jealous of Steph. Stop the Madness..80 percent of this video was reaching

    Lord FinesseLord Finesse2 days ago
  • Let's not forget that these athletes are competing for the big picture of their sports legacies and they are definitely amazing players. Let's also not forget that supporting their hypocrisy in "injustices" is supporting communism. Let's not forget that their projection of their racism against the country that has provided the opportunity for them to make the lives they have as well as put them in spots to make the changes they're screaming the president hasn't made. Hopefully they shut up and dribble and keep it that simple, or have an actual debate with qualified conservatives. :)

    David KruegerDavid Krueger3 days ago
  • Steph broke CP3 ankles lol

    DJLEODJLEO3 days ago
  • Ah, yes. So that's how everyone was introduced by Stephen Curry.

    Zer0DiamondsZer0Diamonds3 days ago
  • I think Steph could give 2 shits about respect from his peers. Pretty sure he prefers those 3 rings...

    Griff __14988941Griff __149889413 days ago
  • 8:29 got me

    Jommell NecesarioJommell Necesario3 days ago
  • he was sooo mad because this lil twerp he used to beat all the time went and sold his soul to lucifer ...dude uses demons on the court just watch a highlight reel of his shots...thats not done by a human u can tell its unnatural but what really gives it away is how he praises satan after every shot he makes he throws up the 666 then points up to say he is god just watch the top paylers in the nba they all do this and they all serve satan thats why kobe and his daughter are in hell right now

    Foster chanceFoster chance4 days ago
  • If you my friend don't want me win you a fake friend

    dodo gdodo g4 days ago
  • I think curry should take the lakers to a game 7 and beat them by 1 point 🤣😂 after that not even the birds will make a comment about curry.

    Negro GamingNegro Gaming4 days ago
  • Excellent presentation 💯

    Chico SauveChico Sauve4 days ago
  • i'm a lebron fan and i respect curry's game, his game speak for himself and his impact on the court. My problem is with warriors fans and the media back them, calling him best player in the world and etc. The fact that the first championship Kyrie and Love were hurt be no excuse for Lebron, but Draymond game 5 abscence was for them. And KD joining them was a piece of shit for me, but again, >my< problem was never steph or his game, it was fans and media. And i know people think the same way of lebron fans.

    israelflfisraelflf5 days ago
  • u are funny dude, unlik big unlike

    1mihai211mihai215 days ago
  • U got too give the next man there respect and more I think he his a great nba player stephen curry simple as that cant stand too see the next man doing alot better than them goddam ur both on the grand making money what's all the hatred all about give that man stephen curry his props.....

    Jermaine AuzenneJermaine Auzenne5 days ago
  • Man Steph doesn’t need any of their approval he’s great and always will be known as one of the greatest. Fuck the haters they just mad cause the boy humble and gifted.

    Izzy HoffmanIzzy Hoffman5 days ago
  • All opinion and this got 1.5mil lmmmaoo crazy

    83017 !83017 !5 days ago
  • my boy curry and klay made my warriors beast mode, best part they came up with draymond into champs

    James FosterJames Foster5 days ago
  • Steph is better than Magic Johnson...I said it.

    Marcus HolbertMarcus Holbert6 days ago
  • The only think I hate about Steph is his mouthguatd

    MajestrosMajestros6 days ago
  • Curry u like the rain. It's just lv1

    Baleed AliBaleed Ali6 days ago
  • People will always want to see you with nothing.

    Focus247Focus2476 days ago
  • Wow this video gives curry way too much credit the dude is trash he faked a injury last season when he was alone and now klay is injured again he ain't going nowhere

    mrmilwaukee89mrmilwaukee897 days ago
  • Steph Curry is da man!

    Pier GrahamPier Graham7 days ago
  • Wow that's amazing that LeBron said he was the best player in the world after game 5 to only lose in the next game. I never knew he said that then. Some GOAT

    Hasse JrHasse Jr7 days ago
  • Steph curry knew once KD left and no Thompson there no championship run.

    J rsxJ rsx7 days ago
  • Ok now I know why you are roasting MJ in your other videos.

    Allen IgnatiusAllen Ignatius7 days ago
  • I tell u EXACTLY the deal......HIS SKIN, period; ya boy Curry MERCD their numbers and i guarantee he was just a “lil Whiteboy” once that top success came, just like Whiteboys hit the Rap scene and actually used WORDS in their verses. AMEN!🙏🏼

    CoolAss WhiteBoyCoolAss WhiteBoy7 days ago
  • Steph doesn’t need to be accepted to their table. He started a new table.

    hue hanghue hang7 days ago
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    A-1 aka Young DreA-1 aka Young Dre7 days ago
  • I never heard of Chris Paul.

    j fearlessj fearless8 days ago
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      A-1 aka Young DreA-1 aka Young Dre7 days ago
  • Curry - The man who change the game!

    Felippe BarthFelippe Barth8 days ago
  • honestly call me crazy or whatever but id take rus over curry any day. triple-doubles over lucky chucking allll day!!

    AI IshmaelAI Ishmael8 days ago
  • ATTENTION PLEASE : THE RIVALRY HAS NEVER BEEN BETWEEN LBJ AND CURRY BUT BETWEEN LBJ AND CURRY+KLAY+GREEN+KD 😅 Of course can't remake History but we all know The warriors wouldn't become such a dominant team without KD in their roaster.

    ill Cill C9 days ago
  • His STATS says it all like it or not that Pisces bringing a TSUNAMI period SMASHING

    Larry HarrisLarry Harris9 days ago
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      A-1 aka Young DreA-1 aka Young Dre7 days ago
  • Dude they are competing for a championship of course they will depart the friendship .Durrr

    Rene ChangRene Chang9 days ago
  • Curry is the man that NASA threatened And one of the best to play if not the best

    Peter HuncePeter Hunce9 days ago
  • I'll go out on a limb and say Currys hate will only grow.I see him winning at least 5 titles

    Faraon AlvaroFaraon Alvaro9 days ago
  • Curry. Raw.

    Dboithesenate DonpabloDboithesenate Donpablo10 days ago
  • stephon curry is my favorite player and my faovorite team is golden state warriors

    Spencer SaffleSpencer Saffle10 days ago
  • when you start to excel, people start to spreadsheet.

    G LG L10 days ago
  • This shi made me laugh😂

    DaBoiBrianDaBoiBrian11 days ago
  • nba drama lmao

    GerechGerech13 days ago
  • Some claims are a bit of a reach

    Jordon FynnJordon Fynn14 days ago
  • Steph is just a nice person, that’s all.

    Captainblue 861Captainblue 86115 days ago
  • Lebron haters video

    Neil CalagoNeil Calago15 days ago
  • Why do we love underdogs and cheer them but we tear them down once they actually come up.

    Big KervBig Kerv16 days ago
  • It turns out bad

    Lzzy JoshuaLzzy Joshua17 days ago
  • Skinny got so many haters ... Got count for something

    ll17 days ago
  • Dude threw in some personal petty comments. Dig the vid but personal interpretations aint facts. Thumbs down

    Jamar WardJamar Ward18 days ago
  • @1:00 when the bell ring and the teacher wanna keep folks inside

    YukkYukk 100YukkYukk 10018 days ago
  • 7:02 AY YOOOO

    ball boiball boi19 days ago
  • Giannis is not that popular back in his rookie years,same goes to steph....maybe they should join forces

    CLICK THAT LINK You Won't Regret ItCLICK THAT LINK You Won't Regret It19 days ago
  • True

    Courageous39Courageous3919 days ago
  • Imbento

    Prince JuitPrince Juit20 days ago
  • Matt Barnes sounds like he bout to cry

    Black HovaBlack Hova20 days ago
  • Yea without Kyrie Steph and kd it was weird

    Benji BlackBenji Black20 days ago
  • Lebron respect curry.

    Wayne DunnWayne Dunn21 day ago
  • Only bully dont like Steph bec he's not strong but he's good so good . So fans with mama boys mentality don't like that image

    Genes GeneGenes Gene21 day ago
  • in lebron's defense, the media always gives love to curry while hating on lebron since day 1 on the nba. So i think its understandable if he got annoyed by it.

    MondrosMondros21 day ago
  • So basically, LeBron James became a bitch n***a. That's fake as hell bronny

    L3greeliveTVL3greeliveTV21 day ago
  • Bruhhh i swear. Dryamond is that hype man who sucks ass, only good at hyping the team. @3:49 😂🤣

    Jośe KingJośe King21 day ago
  • How is lebron jelous of curry ? There are no friends in the playoffs.

    Michael OkutMichael Okut21 day ago
  • Steph, no-doubt, is a brilliant technician and a bit of a stylist. His Achilles heel is his obsession with braggadocio. Otherwise, all the acclaim attributed to him is worthy. If only he understood the value of accepting praise with humility.

    Bill JonesBill Jones22 days ago
  • Curry crushing everything for everyone

    Kid PharaohKid Pharaoh22 days ago
  • Those small video clips just make this channel so much better.

    Sujay SyalSujay Syal22 days ago
  • Well LeBron would have dominated the league, maybe even having a 3peat at Cavs. Can’t blame his bitterness.

    George GeoGeorge Geo22 days ago
  • Where did you get the that should be me

    Athavann ThulasiranjanAthavann Thulasiranjan22 days ago
  • He travelled his Azz off

    Usssa UsssaUsssa Usssa23 days ago
  • Lebum Games

    Gregorio AlcantaraGregorio Alcantara23 days ago
  • 💯

    J JJ J24 days ago
  • i mean...stephs 2 rings is because KD..without him he would have 1..i bet my fortune Russ dont give a f*ck about Curry..but about KD betrayal..damn snake

    Bill ARBill AR24 days ago
  • This video was fuckin awesome haha

  • Why you making Russ look gay

    scraptorscraptor24 days ago
  • Bro you cap too much

    Isaac Ali AliIsaac Ali Ali25 days ago
  • Russell Wesbrook was not the only one to hate on Steph & KD. The entire NBA media and fans hated that duo cuz it was bound to win chips for a very long time. 😂 I can tell you now for free that those Lakers are nothing compared those warriors of KD & Steph 😂

    Xolisa WulanaXolisa Wulana25 days ago
  • Great video!

    Bob BeanBob Bean25 days ago
  • 0:30 I died

    vincent chasevincent chase26 days ago
  • Who cares, Bro? Basket ball is so lame...!

    Daniel CoetzeeDaniel Coetzee26 days ago
  • I just can't stand the Steph Curry. Arrogant ass punk. Hate all the Warriors and not be cause they were Champions. They'd be lucky to win 50 games in the '80's and 90's rules.

    Brandon WellsBrandon Wells26 days ago
  • steph deaerves mo respect then lbj lebron is overrated doesnt have descent jumper or 3s or go to moves he judt pummels his way inside and relies on his superteams to win then claims he makes his team better lol

    ian superchampian superchamp27 days ago
  • Bron and Curry was birth by the same Doctor

    YNB ChelloYNB Chello27 days ago
  • Baby faced assassin 😂😂😂

    Rohan YadavRohan Yadav28 days ago
  • Its crazy I miss the warriors lol and I hated them

    malcolm Hamiltonmalcolm Hamilton28 days ago