FOUND FOOTAGE NBA Players Wanted to Remain a SECRET!

Jan 22, 2020
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FOUND FOOTAGE NBA Players Wanted to Remain a SECRET!
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  • I decided to Re post this video because i wanted to censor some of the bad language. Thanks for the support!

    Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.10 months ago
    • And the tits Tristan was motorboating lol

      relserrelser9 months ago
    • Cosgrove Prod. Whats your star sign?

      Ya HuYa Hu9 months ago
    • One minute silence for kobe

      R2GAMINGR2GAMING10 months ago

      Michael PyattMichael Pyatt10 months ago
    • Dude you are a legend for this video we need more😂😂

      Kendrick BarrettKendrick Barrett10 months ago
  • Me: Strange, Chris Smoove making a little girl cry on 2k 20 my career isn’t here

    Ivan MartinezIvan MartinezDay ago
  • 1:16 me and my classmate as last benchers

    Philip IndicoPhilip Indico13 days ago
  • Anthony Davis, what the hell.

    Myles PetersonMyles PetersonMonth ago
  • This video was pure 🗑

    J TJ TMonth ago
  • Come on just let jimmy butler vibe

    Evan 2Evan 2Month ago
  • why everyone saying kristaps souldve won the fight hes 7'3 there were a lot of the and they were gang members they could've got guns and knives

    masterpeir hortenmasterpeir hortenMonth ago
  • Jimmy Butler dont care if he got caught dancing to taylor swift hes the same person who started the sing along to 1000 miles on the team usa bus

    Big RedBig RedMonth ago
  • Yoooo ad is gay bro wtf he did he live wtf wtf wtf

    Philly JayPhilly JayMonth ago
  • AD in the bed with them booty killa's

    TheIMPOSTER man!TheIMPOSTER man!Month ago
  • Damn bro now I hate Steph Curry

    GoochTrollGoochTrollMonth ago
  • 1:08 please can we stop stigmatising males showing emotion. There is nothing wrong with it and is a huge reason why male suicide rates are so high because they feel afraid to seek help in fear of seeming soft. This stereotype is so damaging it needs to stop

    Max StarnMax StarnMonth ago
  • You think Jimmy B cares about footage of him dancing to Taylor? Dude's just built like that.

    Madvillain FridayMadvillain FridayMonth ago
  • Fuck Steph curry

    jhskasgsjhskasgsMonth ago
  • Lol whats wrong dancing in taylor swift song.

    Clark PassionClark PassionMonth ago
  • Man they cant knock KP for gettin dat female out his face shit he prolly got sucker punched and he was angry he didnt even puah her hard smh

    Eric ClaptonEric ClaptonMonth ago
  • We humans need to stop worshipping professional athletes

    Eddie CookeEddie Cooke2 months ago
  • Or maybe curry didn’t feel like signing a fucking autograph case closed. Every where a famous nba player goes someone wants something out of them like damn leave people alone

    CainCain2 months ago
  • Kobe switch to Nike shoes

    Sarbjeet HayerSarbjeet Hayer3 months ago
  • Add Jamal Murray

    LeBron is the GOATLeBron is the GOAT3 months ago
  • The porzingis one was nothing

    butch magnusbutch magnus3 months ago
  • Lmao I feel like Butler was aware of that video but didn't care

    Jazz Cabbage17Jazz Cabbage173 months ago
  • It’s funny how Josh Howard was criticized back then but it’s ok to disrespect the national anthem nowadays.

    JDL 701JDL 7013 months ago
  • What I got out of this is we all are human so what’s the point. But good footage anyway.

    King CartrellKing Cartrell3 months ago
  • Look at Curry man...ignoring kids so inspirational.

    Martin Luther King Jr’s GodsonMartin Luther King Jr’s Godson4 months ago

    p thap tha5 months ago
  • 👌

    ezzybezeezzybeze5 months ago
  • That's a lot of skeletons man lol

    bastardjusticebastardjustice6 months ago
  • How does kristaps get jumped when he is probably 2 feet taller then the other guys

    Jackson CroswellJackson Croswell6 months ago
  • I can’t believe that curry ignored the birthday boy. happy late birthday if ur reading this

    Jackson CroswellJackson Croswell6 months ago
  • Alot of athletes have Kardashian "experience"...

    Vinny VorheesVinny Vorhees6 months ago
  • That Curry incident i find it really hard to believe that he just ignored the kid. It looks like Curry is bothered and distracted by something else.

    Marios PaparizosMarios Paparizos6 months ago
  • Yeah people like you are a cancer and a troller making a lame ass video like this because of of celebrity athletes being human or regular as if they can’t do the same thing as a non famous person. This is a waste of your life being a idle paparazzi on USworlds

    King David DonKing David Don6 months ago
  • Jimmy Butler Taylor Swift dancing ass nicca,😄😄😄😄😄

    Manny JamesManny James7 months ago
  • Ngl, I don't blame Jimmy cuz sometimes I be on my Taylor Swift.

    InvalidInvalid7 months ago
  • Curry said fuck then kids

    Chris DiazChris Diaz7 months ago
  • Look at curry man such an inspiration

    Iso SargeantIso Sargeant7 months ago
  • I feel so bad for the curry kid

    Will HoopsWill Hoops8 months ago
  • I want put in games but then puts in game LeBron haters kill me lol make 5 seconds of the mj getting embarrassed your a clown mj was way more upset lmao go fucking cry bc your god got beat

    Cap BabyCap Baby8 months ago
  • Exactly why I can't stand Steph curry!!! Magic basically did the same thing to me in Boston in 91-92. He was there to commentate the Celts bulls on Sunday afternoon game. I was with my dad, in the garden 2 hours before game. Had already gotten bird, McHale, Parrish, Reggie Lewis, Dee brown, Jordan, pippen, and other Celts autograph in a hard cover yearbook. Magic was sitting about 10 rows up from floor, with another guy. Barely another sole in sight, I walked up to him, and he said no!!!!!! I was about 14 at the time. Still got the book though. Rip dad!

    Rick LewisRick Lewis9 months ago
  • 3:08 That pisses me off that poor kid.

    GlitterGlitter9 months ago
  • Curry played himself ... Fuck curry

    Pito VegaPito Vega9 months ago
  • Hey guys welcome to another episode of me DICK riding nba players to death.

    Ray RayRay Ray9 months ago
  • 11:00, thats why they called the wildcats

    Youtubian from YoutopiaYoutubian from Youtopia9 months ago
  • The black Steve Austin tho😂😂

    syxx Poppinsyxx Poppin9 months ago
  • I was supposed to hit that subscribe button, but yeah. Big thanks to this video of yours, prevents me to a pussy youtuber like you. Making fun of a simple things and uploading it to be a big issue? And at the same time, monetizing because of it? Ew. That's kind of a ridiculous way of earning money. Pity u.

    John Oswald AndayaJohn Oswald Andaya9 months ago
  • lebron probably didnt want to be a dick head and reject his ass

    A e s t h e t i c a lA e s t h e t i c a l9 months ago
  • Parang bumaba naman ang pag hanga ko kay Curry.,😢

    Noel June MoralesNoel June Morales9 months ago
  • The Real S.Curry ignored the kids birtday boy

    Noriel DecenaNoriel Decena9 months ago
  • Whats your zodiac sign

    Ya HuYa Hu9 months ago
  • I think everyone dances to Taylor Swift when no one is watching. I don’t really think Jimmy Butler is that embarrassed about that video

    Hannah-Abby SimonHannah-Abby Simon9 months ago
  • What the heck curry

    Desmond LeowDesmond Leow9 months ago
  • What kid who is a big Curry fan is going to be yelling "Curry" "Curry" and not "Steph" "Steph" when trying to get his auto? Just seems weird to me.

    WBCSaintWBCSaint9 months ago
  • A.D. gay 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

    Caleb FieldsCaleb Fields9 months ago
  • I still say the Kristaps one isn’t that bad, he got jumped and beat up. I’d be pissed asf too, don’t stand in my way if i come out with blood all on me and ripped clothes and a broken hand

    Dat Boy MiddyDat Boy Middy10 months ago
  • Wow your selection of music carries 5/5

    Win JulWin Jul10 months ago
  • Dame Dollars is from Oakland...never forget.

    Sheriff_BranfordSheriff_Branford10 months ago
  • Why tf they do prozings like that.🤧

    YoungBoy Never Broke AgainYoungBoy Never Broke Again10 months ago
  • 13:10 this aint really bad so what he likes music

    sρiҜᗴsρiҜᗴ10 months ago
  • The reason Curry did not give the kid the autograph was because he already got one

    Amari DesirAmari Desir10 months ago
  • Rip kobe

    Ebbin NealEbbin Neal10 months ago
  • One minute silence for kobe

    R2GAMINGR2GAMING10 months ago

    Michael PyattMichael Pyatt10 months ago
  • I don’t know much about basketball, but like watching these kind of videos, but is Damien gay or something? Sorry..

    Chanel IvanChanel Ivan10 months ago
  • jxymmy highroller made entire videos on the LeBron vid and the MJ vid

    Stephane MujombaStephane Mujomba10 months ago
  • Jimmy admitted to listening to Taylor Swift

    NBA.2248NBA.224810 months ago
  • The Klay one wasn’t really bad

    NBA.2248NBA.224810 months ago
  • I'd do the same if I got jumped. 🤷🏿

    _ORA._ORA.10 months ago
  • What LeBron James couldn't prevent that Jalen Brown dunk. Brown literally dunked on his head

    donald new jr.donald new jr.10 months ago
  • Kevin hart should join the league with that block 🤣

    Zip KidZip Kid10 months ago
  • Bruh this guy tries to make the Klay one sound so bad. Like it’s just a joke

    916 2k916 2k10 months ago
  • 9:45 as a tall person I can tell you how frustrating it is when someone a lot shorter than you is all up in your leg room like that, I don't blame KP at all for shoving her out the way. y'all short people need to stay away from our legs for real lol

    Edward CuiEdward Cui10 months ago
  • Warriors sucking balls now is perfect karma. The Universe never forgets, Stef Curry.

    Tyrone TaylorTyrone Taylor10 months ago
  • This video is that bullshit , no Capp you just wanted to talk 😂

    ISG xMalISG xMal10 months ago
  • The thing about this is that they are humans and the doo stuff lets not lie someone who who watched this video has probably done worse than any of this footages I mean except the Tristan Thompson on

    SavageviperSavageviper10 months ago
  • 6:53 ANKLES

    Aster_CeptAster_Cept10 months ago
  • 9:14 I feel so bad for laughing

    Deez NutsDeez Nuts10 months ago
  • curry a bitch

    Bryce MurrellBryce Murrell10 months ago
  • AD is gay

    Kingsley JacksonKingsley Jackson10 months ago
  • Cut the comments off in the last video after you disrespected Lebrons mom. Straight bitch move. You were this close 👌 to a new Subscriber. Burn in hell pussy

    La’RenLa’Ren10 months ago
  • Making mountains out of molehills.

    Denaire ProvidoDenaire Provido10 months ago
  • Yo bitch that 1 on 1 with Jordan he didn’t looses he almost lost dumbass

    J2TGVJ2TGV10 months ago
  • AD knew the camera was on, so his doesnt count, according to your video intro

    DramacidalDramacidal10 months ago
  • “Mamma ain’t raise no snitch” Cosgrove Prod. : “Hold my keyboard..”

    Gabriel DuranGabriel Duran10 months ago
  • This shit wack

    Jocker TightieJocker Tightie10 months ago
  • I wanna part 2

    Drae DuranDrae Duran10 months ago
  • Most of these is known

    DaRealMayoDaRealMayo10 months ago
  • You forgot nick young cheating on iggy

    BdxTBdxT10 months ago
  • Man is curry that bad

    PHOENIX 25PHOENIX 2510 months ago
  • This shit is fucking up people’s NBA carriers and no one actually knows what it is like to be in those situations

    Landen LudwigLanden Ludwig10 months ago
  • The man got jump what do you expect you will do the same thing if that was you

    VinceCity 13VinceCity 1310 months ago
  • Bro this video is garbage just delete it😭

    Aaron AlexanderAaron Alexander10 months ago
  • who cares he was dancing to taylor swift

    KaiuYT LamarKaiuYT Lamar10 months ago
  • That JORDAN clip is not bad. That was the CEO, so whats wrong if he wins 1 game? 😎🤪

    wornoutshoes11wornoutshoes1110 months ago
  • 'trishtan'

    Morgan NoelMorgan Noel10 months ago
  • curry said he aint here him cuss its thousands ofpeople calling his name but ion know

    kphoo 1kphoo 110 months ago
  • I remember AD was butt naked getting tickled by his teammates in the shower.. he was so happy. 🤔

    Maddtrucker loveMaddtrucker love10 months ago
  • You reaching with the Nelson story

    Drefuss 33Drefuss 3310 months ago
  • Snitch

    M EM E10 months ago
  • Hey yeow youre a backstaber!... You make famous down you shot

    Budz LightBudz Light10 months ago