He Was PARALYZED, But Quitting Was NOT an Option!

Dec 21, 2019
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He Was PARALYZED, But Quitting Was NOT an Option!
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  • 2:42 what's that movie called.

    Neonwolf1208Neonwolf12084 hours ago
  • At 13:56, the photo in shorts is ridiculous. It’s incredible how determined he was to live his dream, regardless of the circumstances.

    chrisbowmusicchrisbowmusic5 hours ago
  • Motivational ❤️💪🏾

    Church Life VideosChurch Life Videos11 hours ago
  • Nothing but genuine non quitting heart will and determination...salute my brother ..you encouraged me in more ways than you know

    Tee WallaceTee Wallace15 hours ago
  • Respect to the Brother. He didn't quit and his Family recognized it.

    C- PowerC- Power17 hours ago
  • So he wasn't paralyzed??? CLICKBAIT!!! Unsub!!!

    double Odouble O21 hour ago
  • Everybody booed him lol

    Alex MorrsAlex Morrs23 hours ago
  • The real disaster to this day was Pistons picking Darko over (super obvious prospects) Melo, Wade & Bosh. Like wth were they thinking?!

    Pan DemicPan DemicDay ago
  • I’ve hurt myself very often and way more dangerously but hearing you describe his injury didn’t make it sound that severe. How could he lose feeling for 30 minutes and more importantly how did his head falling on somebody’s thigh do that? I’m 16 and have broken my back twice. I’ve had surgeries on shoulder and have broken the main general area of each part of my body. Besides the legs and ribs. I’ve even broken half my face and have had 100 stitches on the back of my head. One of them a car boot got slammed on my head when I was little. I’ve also nearly been paralysed several times in my 16 years of living. Im even injured as I am writing this right now but what I’m trying to say is how could he get injured like that, I just can’t picture it in my head. Also I didn’t watch the part when they talked about what he was diagnosed in high school, which answers my question. I was also talking about the injury one week before the nba draft as I realised later on in the video, he had several more injuries after that

    vMystjcvMystjcDay ago
  • Guys a legend , surviving that injuries is very tough

    Russell Yuri S. EchavezRussell Yuri S. EchavezDay ago
  • Thanks for making this video. 👊

    Mark TalaroMark TalaroDay ago
  • Damn bruh This brought tears to my eyes at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Everyone staring at me like a weirdo. I guess I know what I’m thankful for this year. Never take anything in life for granted. Thank you for taking the time to educate us, his legacy owes you and the 3.7 million people that learned something new about him from you.

    The BarberThe BarberDay ago
  • Someone had him on their garbage can the next street over from me

    D09z bedjumperD09z bedjumperDay ago
  • HES A LEGEND HE DESERVES way more attention no bust this man loved the game and was a star player at one point and he fought his careeer back thats how tough this guy is no bust

    Matt MauchleyMatt MauchleyDay ago
  • This guy is the real goat... if it weren’t for those injuries, he woulda been even better. Props to him!

    SoyBoredSoyBoredDay ago
  • DAMN!!! I remember this dude!!!!smh got damn!!!! Man!!!he was Nice!!!! In college!!!i really forgot abut him unfortunately!!!!BLESSED HE WAS !!!

  • as a person from / near detroit, i got mad very quickly realizing we could’ve got DWAYNE WADE MELO OR BOSH

    OfficiallyMoosieOfficiallyMoosie2 days ago
  • Nice video! Big heart goes a long way! Top 50 Never Heard hip hop. Listen to song Spud Webb. Mike Luch🙏

    Mike Luch Beats and BarsMike Luch Beats and Bars2 days ago
  • 14:00

    Faded GamingFaded Gaming2 days ago
  • 13:56

    Faded GamingFaded Gaming2 days ago
  • I hate when these content creators say stuff like "Even though some people see him as a bust" Ok who are these people? I’ve never heard anyone of importance say he was a bust. No NBA analysts, commentators, his peers. No one.

    maine2132maine21322 days ago
  • I dont understand or watch basketball but boy, is this dude something (in a good way)

    M H B GM H B G3 days ago
  • Nothing but love and respect for TJ he definitely deserves this and more

    Twin_5002 WilliamsTwin_5002 Williams3 days ago
  • that's why i don't understand when people say nba is so soft nowadays. they changed the rules to protect players from 'dirty' players. to avoid serious injuries.

    •Hypnos ••Hypnos •3 days ago
  • Tj ford is the bravest man

    Bonnie GomerBonnie Gomer3 days ago
  • You should have 10 million subs your vids are amazing

    R3KTgamerR3KTgamer3 days ago
  • Damn this was tough to watch. Never even heard about this guy. Cool video bro, keep it up

    Jeebus IsraelJeebus Israel3 days ago
  • I really feel it for this athletes who get a freak accident or condition that messes up their trajectory but still they fight and fight to make things happen for them. Wish them nothing but the best

    Steve KahunguraSteve Kahungura4 days ago
  • I was excited when he signed in SA and he got hit in the back as well and from there he called it a career.

    Junior ChavezJunior Chavez4 days ago
  • why is the commentator so quiet tf, I can barely hear him

    Rapts HDRapts HD4 days ago
  • You forgot korver

    Jacob AllenJacob Allen5 days ago
  • First..love this video and bravo for ending it on a positive note.👏Second..I admire this man’s faith and courage to continue on. There are VERY few things in this world more beautiful..than a man who is humble and cares about our youth. He is definitely Championship material in my book. Love from WA State.🌹❤️🌹

    InnerIntel /Mary L RobertsInnerIntel /Mary L Roberts5 days ago
  • Most Relatable Video I've Ever Watched.

    Keith AllgoodKeith Allgood5 days ago
  • Inspiring me to never let down even im not that strong not that professional

    WhatnameWhatname5 days ago
  • Respect

    mr castilowmr castilow5 days ago
  • Did the first incident with football guys made it all vulnerable all the injuries that occurred after?

    Brian LBrian L5 days ago
  • i learned a lesson here....... NEVER PLAY BBALL WITH FOOTBALL PLAYERS

    Emmanuel jerameel J. RodriguezEmmanuel jerameel J. Rodriguez6 days ago
  • He ain’t no bust

    John LopezJohn Lopez6 days ago
  • WOW!!!...

    Jon Jon HarreldJon Jon Harreld7 days ago
  • Full props man. Good vid- never knew this. Dude is still worth 18 million. He did good- good for him!

    reklaw198reklaw1987 days ago
  • I just use my sock when I run out of toilet paper! LMFAO!!!!😂🤣😂🤣

    J. J.J. J.10 days ago
  • He could be mvp and champ if he did not get injured

    Jr GJr G10 days ago
  • Im from toronto and i rmbr him. But i didnt know this is what he had to endure. Its sad. But im happy hes safe and got to make it to the nba ❤ and somewhat fullfill his dreams.

    Kobe BeefKobe Beef11 days ago
  • He chose his life rather than the NBA. This guy is smarter than you think. Amen TJ Amen God is in the blessing business and Jesus covered you time after time after time. Hallelujah...

    Cecilia CastileCecilia Castile12 days ago
  • 6:26 Crosgrove prod:But luvky for him social media didnt exist at that time so no headlines really cameout Fans: Welp It Is now

    Bryx Wayne MacasoBryx Wayne Macaso13 days ago
  • Kirk Was a beast

    FLOCKA 2 RAWFLOCKA 2 RAW14 days ago
  • Life hasn't been fair to TJ and it really sucks. Or maybe it was just a sign that he had another purpose in life. In any case I'm glad to see that hes not in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. I've always been a fan and always will be.

    Paul BeasleyPaul Beasley14 days ago
  • Al Horford bitch ass

    Jayp JaypJayp Jayp15 days ago
  • jesus what a fucking guy. he rly took "You shoot me down..." to a next level.

    ZaphodTHEBeeblebroxZaphodTHEBeeblebrox16 days ago
  • Thank you, man. Now I have nothing but respect for this guy 🙌💯

    Tonio The WriterTonio The Writer16 days ago
  • Atleast he still shoots better than shaq.

    McEmryMcEmry16 days ago
  • Since he grew up in the Texas area, he played against players like Chris Bish, who became his team mate in Toronto.

    Mike 49ersMike 49ers18 days ago
  • I remember him while he was at Texas. He was an absolute nightmare. Im glad he can walk and continue to live life.

    Fast-Lane JonesFast-Lane Jones18 days ago
  • I'm never giving up on anything now

    Sandisizwe NgomaneSandisizwe Ngomane19 days ago
  • Everyone forgets Kyle korver came from this draft put some mf respec on that man

    Albert RamirezAlbert Ramirez19 days ago
  • Why you gotta put em down first tho

    Gustavo MorenoGustavo Moreno19 days ago
  • TJ was a great player. He just had bad luck

    Robert JacobsonRobert Jacobson21 day ago
  • He play like ai sad he get injured every time

    Mob PsychoMob Psycho21 day ago
  • God bless TJ.......................

    Julian HoJulian Ho21 day ago
  • true heart of a CHAMPION !

    Erickson SalafrancaErickson Salafranca21 day ago
  • 3:47🔥

    Real Hasta La MuerteReal Hasta La Muerte22 days ago
  • I remember TJ FORD

    Benjamln LewisBenjamln Lewis23 days ago
  • dang i never knew this i saw him multiple times at AAU tournaments in houston, we played his team and t mac was watching

    awsomecwaftuwawsomecwaftuw23 days ago
  • cant be a bust if you can talk after being fucking paralyzed 4 times in life. He a king!

    Stokkejan RaggioStokkejan Raggio24 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/o5p5ZJ3QZoqIqoc I tried some dunks.

    Angelo AbogAngelo Abog24 days ago
  • Dude this is the saddest nba career I've ever heard idk how I'm only now hearing about him

    Jay DSJay DS24 days ago
  • I'm of the few people who definitely remember him. First time I see him was in NBA live 06

    Christian SajelanChristian Sajelan25 days ago
  • man it made me cry.

  • You can call him a bust, He isnt. He's the definition of bravery.

    _Itz_Biscuit__Itz_Biscuit_26 days ago
  • Yes Sir! Hook'Em Horns!

    Mr. Stay On TopMr. Stay On Top26 days ago
  • This shit will make a grown man cry shoutout to this guy. Love how your videos give people new respect for players.

    Skate UpSkate Up26 days ago
  • Remember watching him in HS & Willowridge cooked my HS (AHS). Anyone who played them got to play in front of a sold out crowd🤘🏀 . He should be very proud of his run

    bert teebert tee26 days ago
  • Another reason Al Horford is a bitch

    B Boots VivaHateIncB Boots VivaHateInc27 days ago
  • Remarkable

    Terrance LloydTerrance Lloyd27 days ago
  • Dang, it's crazy one dumb choice can ruin your life or even end it.

    Bruhhh_MLGBruhhh_MLG27 days ago
  • He is a People's greatest.

    B02 Belista, Karlwin Troy SanchezB02 Belista, Karlwin Troy Sanchez27 days ago
  • TJ Ford was great in college

    Salvatore SciarrilloSalvatore Sciarrillo27 days ago
  • I play basketball 🏀

    Danisha PolyniceDanisha Polynice27 days ago
  • Guy's not a bust at all.

    Alvin JacintoAlvin Jacinto27 days ago
  • I remember seeing him play AAU Basketball

    Mike SpencerMike Spencer28 days ago
  • U gotta get ur camera fixed bro

    MrApe The1stMrApe The1st28 days ago
  • The man had a talent and fire of will to take on challenges and obstacles.. But the body cannot.. Sheeshh.. Why is life always like this?? Like there is always a 🚧 barrier to every thing we wanted and desired.. Well that's what makes it reality I guess..

    H A K A IH A K A I28 days ago
  • Kyle Korver

    Jared RiffelJared Riffel28 days ago
  • This should be the ultimate case of NOT judging a book by its cover. TJ Ford has shown how you persevere in life. He has shown himself to be a giant in life!

    Roc JacksonRoc Jackson28 days ago
  • Ok ok....no more performing

    Jemmy LeeJemmy Lee28 days ago
  • man couldnt catch a break dude

    Schmittou VidsSchmittou Vids28 days ago
  • Dude when he refused that wheel chair and stretcher because he don't want it to be the last image that people will see from him, that is bad asssss

    give me my taco mr. Robertogive me my taco mr. Roberto29 days ago
  • First time I heard of TJ Ford, NBA Street V3 he was one of the high rated players on the Bucks team at the time.

    carsisbestcarsisbest29 days ago
  • What an amazing story, shows the love of the game TJ Ford has. Great man 💪

    Юлиян ДимитровЮлиян Димитров29 days ago
  • Paralyzed waist down now he can’t feel him self

    DaffowDaffowMonth ago
  • No brother you had a great career you was a warrior through the whole thing they take heart to pursue your dreams even though you're facing obstacles even obstacles that could end your life

    Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not divisionMarlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not divisionMonth ago
  • He still left with $43 million, so at least he didn't miss out on the cash. But yeah, what could have been.

    DFHDFHMonth ago
  • You must be young if you didnt know about tj ford

    Isaiah YatesIsaiah YatesMonth ago
  • Fuck al horford he’s shit at basketball

    YoppaXDYoppaXDMonth ago
  • I'm happy that he is able to live his life even if he had to leave the NBA. Nothing should be taken for granted and his story should be praised a lot more 🙏🏾

    Machii RoseMachii RoseMonth ago
  • Wow amazing player, slap to the head, elbow to the back & the rest, God bless him

    Suky GillSuky GillMonth ago
  • What a WARRIOR ⚔

  • Love you too.j Ford great job on keeping it going b11 r11 s11

    Trey SongTrey SongMonth ago
  • I can tell you a scrub and a vulture for not knowing his name

    Wehere323Wehere323Month ago