He Was WARNED Not to Talk Trash...But Didn't Listen!

May 14, 2020
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He Was WARNED Not to Talk Trash...But Didn't Listen!
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  • Imagine him on contending team 💯💪

    Joaquin Ulises LopezJoaquin Ulises Lopez3 hours ago
  • damn was sad when he died he is a legend but could of been 10x bigger

    The NetworkThe Network12 hours ago
  • KING🤞

    Ricardo lopezRicardo lopez17 hours ago
  • Jordan is into witch craft. Any player that was a threat to him was either injured through their careers; like Penny and Hill or either dead like Bias and Petrovich. My late grandmother was into witchcraft. Those gifts comes with a price. Every night she was not herself for a few hours and you all would think I was crazy if I revealed some of the out of this world things she would do. She never forced her kids or grandchildren to pick up the trade, but she mostly used it to keep her family protected from harm; especially from others that using witchcraft to hurt others. Despite it all, I never practiced it, but when I see certain things I know that it's witchcraft. Jordan wanted to be taller and great and his mother helped him with his wish using witchcraft. I've been watching Jordan's career and also hearing about stories from his childhood hood. Jordan's childhood friend that drowned when they were swimming. He was a sacrifice. Jordan's athleticism and successes were all achieved through witchcraft. Jordan had a gambling addiction. That's one of the negative they always put on you when you mess with the devil. Kobe was targeted when he first entered the league. With those gifts your life is supposed short lived and most accept that; Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis and a lot more. Michael and a group of people played Kobe and found a loophole for Kobe to take Jordan's place when it came Jordan's time to go. The only way for that to work, Jordan had to form a bond with Kobe in order to sacrifice to work. When it's a life you have to sacrifice to get something you want from witchcraft, it has to be someone you really care about. I know witchcraft when I see it. The illuminati is also a witchcraft organization and Motown's Barry Gordy and Smokey Robinson were early members when they first got started in the music business. I know witchcraft when I see it.

    Aly JulmimAly Julmim19 hours ago
  • Que se lo digan a iturriaga

    rafael jesus iglesias floresrafael jesus iglesias floresDay ago
  • Great talent and heart

    Carl KoskiCarl KoskiDay ago
  • Petrified played Jordan a day before his birthday

    robert sheltonrobert sheltonDay ago
  • Nothing but respect for this man

    Self MotivationSelf Motivation2 days ago
  • Much respect to Drazen may your soul live on forever!

    Yo LeekYo Leek2 days ago
  • Man.. i totally forgot about him. Shame on me.

    okikumi kokikumi k2 days ago
  • Like Seth curry? Wow! Who was first?

    Mark RobertsMark Roberts3 days ago
  • You really are comparing petrovic to Jordan LMAO... You are rewriting history, but this is what you do. White people always compare their cheating, bad athleats to a black legend to legitimize and in a few years they will do a movie on him and claim he was better. This happened to Muhammad Ali and Wepner, Haile Gebrselassie with the british guy... They even do that to artists. Listen the guy isn't bad, but can't compare them to real legend... In a few years people will say white people use to dominate Basket LMAO 😂 🤣

    Billy DayHollyBilly DayHolly3 days ago
  • Died young, but still managed to immortalize himself into the basketball history. That deserves respect.

    Doyle TraciDoyle Traci3 days ago
  • this guy improved jordan!

    JMRJMR3 days ago
  • if you like to see EU basket check Drajen p.Vs Nick galis (international teams)

    kimoliatisa kimoliakimoliatisa kimolia3 days ago
  • His jump shot looks really, really clean.

    Diego BeltranDiego Beltran4 days ago
  • Dead.

    Scott StewartScott Stewart4 days ago
  • Damn that's so sad. He was just beginning to show his talents.

    k kkk kk4 days ago
  • He was an icon. Supreme talent. Played the game hard. Period. Another one who left too soon..

    Awok EAwok E5 days ago
    • When Kevin Durant asked me who was the NBA player with more quality, i answered: Sabonis, (Domanta's father), and he laughed. He recognized that never saw one game of Arvydas. And I said: Every games in NBA played by Arvydas Sabonis played injuried. Then the laughs stopped.

      k kkk kk4 days ago
  • Labron sucks, what a looser

    Jeremy OgrizovichJeremy Ogrizovich6 days ago
  • This man was far from the trash talk young bull that got his ass beaten by MJ 1 v 1... Definitely a fine warrior. The video title almost misled me, well almost...

    CJ CCJCJ CCJ6 days ago
  • most underrated and under appreciated player ever

    SpiizenSpiizen7 days ago
  • Lol Europe lol basketball lol... I'm joking obviously but that's kind of like saying over here in America that you were the greatest basketball player in the NBA before they allow black players to play.. Impressive sure but It's the largest astris in sports history.

    Tommy HallumTommy Hallum7 days ago
  • He was asked who the best INTERNATIONAL PLAYER WAS. Please stop sayin LeBron is not giving respect to MJ. FUCKIN hell man

    joseph Giordojoseph Giordo7 days ago
  • When Kevin Durant asked me who was the NBA player with more quality, i answered: Sabonis, (Domanta's father), and he laughed. He recognized that never saw one game of Arvydas. And I said: Every games in NBA played by Arvydas Sabonis played injuried. Then the laughs stopped.

    Alex De la IglesiacaAlex De la Iglesiaca8 days ago
  • "foreign land like AMERICA" sounds so pathetic :P

    muzamuza8 days ago
  • Drazen great, but not better than Dirk. And Lebron knows...

    Sayed AliSayed Ali9 days ago
  • Drazen was the klay thompson of the 90's

    De'Anthonie WhitleyDe'Anthonie Whitley10 days ago
  • Why does every story like this in sports always end bad

    Tanner EdwardsTanner Edwards10 days ago
  • Oliver Bierhoff's wife ex bf

    Ajacied AFCAAjacied AFCA10 days ago
  • Thanks I didn't know about him

    Mr. kikiabuMr. kikiabu10 days ago
  • basketball is MJ. period. my opinion .Thank you.

    Sampann SSampann S11 days ago

  • Thats the #1 thing whiteboys excell at on the court. D

    adam sadam s11 days ago
  • The fact that he talked trash to jordan and back it up gives my respect to him. RIP The Fallen Angel.

    Kyle CheungKyle Cheung13 days ago
  • MJ sacrificed DP when his ego got bruised, just like how Drake sacrificed Nipsey for his pure talent. When you deal with the devil himself...

    JOJO YoungJOJO Young13 days ago
  • The narration guy sounds like the guy who does narrative for star wars

    patrick bowerspatrick bowers14 days ago
  • Reminds me a ton of Pistol Pete!

    John SmithJohn Smith15 days ago
  • Looks like the only player to actually rise to the occasion of trash talking Mike and being able to stick with it

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy18 days ago
  • To all you basketball fans out there that was to young to follow in this era...I'm sorry! This really was the best of the best in NBA! Nothing like todays game!!

    MrCwhitt75MrCwhitt7518 days ago
  • Wait did Lebron say petrovich was the goat😒 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Road KingRoad King19 days ago
    • He was asked best INTERNATIONAL player ever

      Exuseme watExuseme wat7 days ago
  • Died young, but still managed to immortalize himself into the basketball history. That deserves respect.

    Andy JamesAndy James19 days ago
  • I'm from Brazil, actually a soccer fan. Stopped by this, truly amazing.

    Ricardo Temporal GreinRicardo Temporal Grein19 days ago
  • The title of this video is very misleading and makes no sense whatsoever.

    Robert PolakRobert Polak19 days ago
  • Me trynna find him on 2k20🤣🤣

    Jamarion PeterkinJamarion Peterkin21 day ago
  • ‘7

    mebabefulmebabeful21 day ago
  • Did it go well😭

    Willy NiceWilly Nice21 day ago
  • This is like a whole movie about the two graetest player ever!!

    viral viruzviral viruz21 day ago
  • FOR ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED, WATCH "ONCE BROTHERS". A documentary with Vlade Divac and Drazen. It's a great story.

    Kil jaedynKil jaedyn22 days ago
  • the title is misleading

    Andy M.Andy M.22 days ago
  • When John Stockton, Lebron, MJ, Jason Kidd, and Reggie Miller all say you're good, you must be pretty good.

    ali shaali sha22 days ago
    • and Steve Kerr ;)

      MrSipi1988MrSipi19886 days ago
  • For the first time I watched a full video that was actually worth it that’s crazy imagin petrovic if he didn’t die he probably would have taken Michael to the extreme

    Instruccionales De Acordeon Y TecladoInstruccionales De Acordeon Y Teclado22 days ago
  • That was a great video. I didn't know much about this player. Might go have a look at some of his games now. Thanks.

    RandosRandos23 days ago
  • I had never heard of Petrovich. He seemed like one of the greats... But that ending broke my heart.

    Maitrik PatelMaitrik Patel23 days ago
  • Dream team was on drugs, they refused to do anty doping test.that well known fact.

    Mark DemaxMark Demax23 days ago
  • He was beginning to show promise that maybe he could be on MJ’s level? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Don’t get carried away! RIP DP

    L ML M24 days ago
  • Gone way too soon smh

    Louis HLouis H24 days ago
  • This was my first time ever hearing about this guy. This guy seemed unstoppable. I could only imagine had he played alongside Jordan, Rodman, and Pippen on the Bulls!!! Its ashame the teams he played for weren't as strong and dominant as the Bulls were.

    Leah ScottLeah Scott25 days ago
  • “I took that personally” Michael Jordan

    Branden KinchBranden Kinch25 days ago
  • This is real basketball in making usworlds.info/slow/video/f6VsrXvWg2WGjqU

    Cole PosmerCole Posmer26 days ago
  • Looks like Jordan telephoned the CIA and had him killed. Drezen Petrovich, a communist Yugoslav. 🧐

    Jatin SharmaJatin Sharma26 days ago
  • I remember him dude was a damn good ball player RIP

    Terry meansTerry means26 days ago
  • Blazers should have kept him but like Always they made a f@#!ed up trade smh

    Live LifeLive Life26 days ago
  • I use to love watching Drazen play. The guy had a great shot. His form was flawless.

    American ArgonautAmerican Argonaut26 days ago
  • Legend!

    Kevin RebzKevin Rebz28 days ago
  • T_T

    F AdityaF Aditya28 days ago
  • Women driving --- its the end of men as we know it

    gpbk1gpbk129 days ago
  • Drazen, Jordan all in all you know who teach the world in any sport with a ball, even now Novak dominate and will dominate, so there is that

    Black KnightBlack Knight29 days ago
  • So sad. Never heard of him...

    PradeepPradeep29 days ago
  • I really thought his career was stopped by an injury. Boy I didn't expect this.

  • thanks for sharing

    irvin D'greatirvin D'greatMonth ago
  • I had the privilege of going to a Nets game as a kid and watch him play against Jordan, When i tell you Petro was Fearless he really was !

    Nick SandzNick SandzMonth ago
  • Bron just says that so he doesnt have to admite its MJ 😂

    carlosmayagcarlosmayagMonth ago
  • Petro was soooo underrated. Man he was solid

    Antoine L.Antoine L.Month ago
  • Damn... I guess that’s why you don’t talk trash

    Enrique JennerEnrique JennerMonth ago
  • GREATEST European Basketball Player Ever. NBA just discrimate Non-American and Non-Black Players often.

    Magic ManMagic ManMonth ago
  • I watched 5:06 in and gave up. Still no mention of the sledge.

    Cliff BoothCliff BoothMonth ago
  • Hilarious to suggest that a 28 year old Petrovich could maybe one day reach Jordan's level. Jesus! Drazen was an NBA All-Star. That's great. He wasn't a superstar and never, ever would have been. And not just because he couldn't do enough to help the Nets achieve anything. Theere are many complete games available to watch with him playing. Watch one. You'll realize that he was really good. But you'll also realize he wasn't Scottie Pippen, let alone Jordan, even on his best night.

    Sean MondoutSean MondoutMonth ago
  • I know you didn't mention "scrubs" in your commentary while showing a clip of John Starks. Smh

    Dosh WhyeDosh WhyeMonth ago
  • I use his voice to help me to sleep great video

    James CookJames CookMonth ago
  • Maybe one of the best european players ever, and he would have been the best if he had not died when he was so young.

    jonpeleyjonpeleyMonth ago
  • If Portland went with a starting 5 of PG Porter SG Petrovic SF Drexler PF Kersey C Williams they might've had a better chance against Detroit in 1990

    Pak RTPak RTMonth ago
  • dang I wasn't too aware of this guy but he sounded like a legend who's life was tragically cut short

    Nick SlayNick SlayMonth ago
  • Basketball is not only gaining points. It is how you bring the whole team in winning. That needs LEADERSHIP. And MJ has it.

    AlexandrehReyesAlexandrehReyesMonth ago
  • If I see one other ''that's when I took it personnal'' comment .... And Im gonna take it personal !

    Amor fatiAmor fatiMonth ago
  • 4:30 - you won’t see that today in the nba they’d jog back and let them get a lay up

    MichaelMichaelMonth ago
  • jordan:i put in your face....dražen....i will TO !!! love it !!:))

    Niko CvijicNiko CvijicMonth ago
  • Yah.. This guy is really a world class basketball player...

    Kill ZoldyckKill ZoldyckMonth ago

    Joaquin RicardoJoaquin RicardoMonth ago
  • nice one cashing in on the last dance popularity

    GeeBangerGeeBangerMonth ago
  • From the view point of a white supremacist....nah he wasn't all that...

    Joe DelgadoJoe DelgadoMonth ago
  • funny how they said he was fearless.... yet fear killed him

    bojo perezbojo perezMonth ago
  • I never heard of Petrovich before but he was another legend but the end broke my heart. Rip

    Kwame CharlesKwame CharlesMonth ago
  • Wow. Blazers management that time was not that good eh?

    H RubsH RubsMonth ago
  • I must say, I absolutely forgot all about Drazen until this video. I thank you for creating this content. I also want to thank myself for taking a break from my busy schedule during covid to actually view this. There's a lesson in this video. No matter how much you compete against someone that is considered doing better or another level than you, you can gain levels of success in your own way and even admiration from those that are above you.........Keep fighting for what you want my people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Andrew GrantAndrew GrantMonth ago
  • It is just so that the bulls, had a better lineup than petrovich's team. If there are star player beside him, like jordan, I bet he coulda beat jordan twice or thrice.

    Ward Kun!Ward Kun!Month ago
  • If Drazen hadn't died in that car crash, and he got traded to a championship contending team after MJ retired, he would've gotten several rings and a sure fire first round unanimous hall of fame after he retired!

    StryderKStryderKMonth ago
  • RIP Drazen

    account 502account 502Month ago
  • Alot of the European cats an ball. I worked with a cat named Admiral. Dide was from Yugoslavia. Older cat too. Ballin like a mf.

    Miyagi Shot MeMiyagi Shot MeMonth ago
  • I'm 42. I have watched all the greats from America and Europe since '83. So, I paid attention to Drazen from the beginning of his legend in the late 80s. He use to be a myth. A guy in Europe who "played like Jordan". And all you can find was articles and photos at first of him draining shots and his shooting form was so effortless in the photos so that stood out. But he was ALREADY being talked about in the NBA almost FOR years before he even showed up. Thats how the myth went from 88-90. Then his game started being highlighted in America. And he was the white allen iverson. He was doing layups with his hand behind his head. Faking people with passes and crossovers....THEN look back at them and wave his hand "come on". This was before AI! He even did Jordan like that in a game. His game was unreal for a white guy at the time. I actually thought "Maybe he's better than Larry" at the time. He was easily better than half the NBA on day one. Then all of sudden His games were shown in America before the internet took off...thats how special he was. And during the Olympics...he put on a show every game. He was the REAL DEAL. The Only player that thought he was the best in the world on any court...and played like it...every game. The toughest and easily the top 1-3 best shooter on the floor at all times in any game. He was that real. When he smoked Jordan in two straight games...this video didn't bring up the 45 he put on MJ or the other times he put in some real numbers...but......he dropped the first mic to be dropped. But of course, MJ smokes him a few times after that

    Tim JacksonTim JacksonMonth ago