How KARMA Paid Michael Jordan a Visit Through this ICONIC Crossover!

Oct 6, 2019
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How KARMA Paid Michael Jordan a Visit Through this ICONIC Crossover!
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  • jordan and mayweather are the same feather....soo boastful😥😞

    Marven MacatualMarven MacatualDay ago
  • Bitches bill russell is the best 11 out of 12

    Abel MarquezAbel Marquez2 days ago
  • I had ghostbump!!beautiful story

    erin lapiderin lapid2 days ago
  • That biggie story is a REACH sounded good though

    Ryan MRyan M4 days ago
  • MJ still almost got the shot too. But the last laugh really is the W.

    Andrew edrewAndrew edrew6 days ago
  • I don't understand what the big deal is because I saw Isaiah pull the same move on MJ many times.

    Doug OhaverDoug Ohaver10 days ago
  • 8:58 that pic was dope!

    Ric PhillyRic Philly10 days ago
  • The guys voice man, what the fuck

    Jacobs CopperfieldJacobs Copperfield12 days ago
  • Jordan kecele

    MutaliskMutalisk13 days ago
  • me: (sees 2020) 2020: what's up you little b*tch me: aight man

    Kenobi BryantKenobi Bryant20 days ago
  • I’ll never down play the talent of ai watching him hoop was different I grew up trying to imitate his pg ever yeah I said it

    R.I.C !!R.I.C !!22 days ago
  • So one move in one game versus Jordan makes that kind of spectacle. Just proves again MJ is the GOAT.

    John CostelloJohn Costello23 days ago
  • a.i. da man

    Mark RichardsonMark Richardson24 days ago
  • AI got within one game of a ring literally by himself! I mean literally was the baller

    Grady M WorldwideGrady M Worldwide26 days ago
  • AI was the fastest player on a baseball court I ever seen

    Grady M WorldwideGrady M Worldwide26 days ago
  • Most people don't understand what it takes to master things like suspended three points, and crossovers. Now what made the years of playing from sun up to sun down worth it was as Allen showed everyone that size and body can be overcomed with speed. In N.Y.C. i used to play all manner of guys and one afternoon i was playing on 167th st and Amsterdam. I used to hustle much taller players than myself because when they looked at me they couldn't make the connection. i am 5.7" 135 pounds and many of them were way above 6 feet but i had the ace up my sleeve because since i could get as high as they could with a vertical, and i was much faster than all of them all i needed was to time my moves well and that made the difference all the time. Making money playing basketball on the streets of N.Y. is not an easy way to survive but it was well worth it during my younger years. I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyway that day during the mid 80's this dude comes with a suit on and says i want to play this kid! And i'm like me? And he says no the other one next to you and everybody laughed at me. But nobody laughed when it was all over they were telling me bro you don't know who that dude is bro he used to play for the knicks. Well i still don't know exactly who he is or was. I just couldn't get over the fact he gave 300 dollars in 1989 300 bucks was like a thousand now. Those were the days.

    Marcos BetancesMarcos Betances29 days ago
  • If you score a single point against Jordan, its going to be historic.

    Jibin VargheseJibin VargheseMonth ago
  • This is the real legend not jordan, but if allen didn't disappear

    DE KUDE KUMonth ago
  • Last laugh? How many championships does Iverson have?

    TriGuy WTriGuy WMonth ago
  • I’m not sure that AI got the last laugh.. MJ and the Bulls got the W.. Seems like that’s the last laugh..

    James CaseJames CaseMonth ago
  • I version was just nasty with his crossover plus scoring king

    nathaniel whitenathaniel whiteMonth ago
  • Mj is a joke that fooled millions of idiots.

    Ashraf KaakiAshraf KaakiMonth ago
  • Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know all this. Good info!

    Yovanne PierreYovanne PierreMonth ago
  • You think, why those word came out from mj. Silly words, and how does ai respond on that. What is good outcome. Does mj is an arrogant or unrespectful guy. After that scenario, what ai. Is he motivated, guys most NBA stars or even regular players the values they have are awesome. Their rivalry end of the court. But after game, they respect each other.

    Paul Jake Guzman vlogPaul Jake Guzman vlogMonth ago
  • MJ knew that calling AI a little b**ch would show him AIs real game

    Chris CChris CMonth ago
  • This team devastated Argentina in the qualifying round.

    Romulo LopezRomulo LopezMonth ago
  • That was nice of MJ. A real Teacher. By calling A.I a little Bi$@!. He did him a favor.

    Somebody SomewhereSomebody SomewhereMonth ago
  • AI is one of those players where the term “game knows game” comes from.

    edwin pajemolaedwin pajemolaMonth ago
  • Jordan is a hater unlike other legends

    ALvin MartinALvin MartinMonth ago
  • I like how AI respect his idol after that foul word.

    Beauty of GolgothaBeauty of GolgothaMonth ago
  • Thanks AI, MJ was a "beast" we all know that! But on that day, in that brought the "beast" ain't no bitch! MJ shudda never said that..... Peace

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosaMonth ago
  • Took that personally

    srebrnimedvedsrebrnimedvedMonth ago
  • the great ones idolize the GOAT..

    what the hellwhat the hellMonth ago
  • I had that cross over on my wall frame by frame

    PeeJayTheGreatPeeJayTheGreatMonth ago
  • Apparently MJ treated rookies that idolized him just like the fans unlucky enough to meet him in person.

    iess2006iess2006Month ago
  • If only AI had rodman and pippen in his team, he would have been RINGING like a phone 😂 😂

  • Nothing incredible here.

    Drillsergeant 623Drillsergeant 623Month ago
  • Man I’m in Phila a jordan fan I didn’t know but a.i. In Phila was the truth definitely I had dunks and fast on the court that crossover was crazy but I was 6-1” doing all Michael jordan dunks and moved playground legend

    Steven BullockSteven BullockMonth ago
  • Love it mane

    Erick JacksonErick Jackson2 months ago
  • Mj is the king expect him to like your king in basketball court. You are all just follwers. Respect the king in all aspects. Thats it

    J. lozanoJ. lozano2 months ago
  • The most savage players of all-time in my opinion 1. MJ 2.KOBE 3.WILT 4. AI 5.LUKA DONCIC

    XDNOPES YTXDNOPES YT2 months ago
  • about Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson crossover anyone can get crossed over the worst player in the league could cross Michael Jordan over we’re all human you know

    Giga Bits 2.0Giga Bits 2.02 months ago

    Ayan MaoAyan Mao2 months ago
  • Shut up.

    Ayan MaoAyan Mao2 months ago
  • STOP

    Ayan MaoAyan Mao2 months ago
  • 2:09 😂😂 sthepen curry

    jez vtjez vt2 months ago
  • Jordan’s kinda a dick

    Befrind WBefrind W2 months ago
  • Not bad

    Mark KaminskyMark Kaminsky2 months ago
  • Allen Iverson, the only guy in the world that can say he crossed over Jordan and Kobe

    Saul Ramirez kbSaul Ramirez kb2 months ago
  • The cross over seen around the world 🌎 simply amazing 😉

    Eileen TartEileen Tart2 months ago
  • The actual reason he didn’t choose basketball was cuz of a Incident at a bowling alley where he went to jail falsely accused and no colleges wanted him because he was a ex convict

    The Burrito AmigoThe Burrito Amigo2 months ago
  • And for the record who did The Answer ever have run with him?

    michael alamanmichael alaman2 months ago
  • I subscribed and liked keep them coming

    RafaRafa2 months ago
  • Amazing story It's a masterpiece great job

    RafaRafa2 months ago
  • Why is it that your videos are always hatin on mike?

    Raging TotoyRaging Totoy2 months ago
  • Goat period

    Jaden TorresJaden Torres2 months ago

    Nafia AzimNafia Azim2 months ago

    cool kidcool kid2 months ago
  • Only one move for MJ is nothing .

    Mesa LynbalMesa Lynbal2 months ago
  • Obviously mike was wrong about him being a lil bitch knowing your words are marked

    Dopedreamz D.D.ADopedreamz D.D.A2 months ago
  • How u deal w bullies

    Dopedreamz D.D.ADopedreamz D.D.A2 months ago
  • That’s a crazy story

    Tarek’s ToysTarek’s Toys3 months ago
  • It wasn't like he broke his ankles damn

    cruedust 7595cruedust 75953 months ago
  • Tell you what,A.I is definitely one of the greatest to play the game.he was an amazing player bottom line the dude was bad as hell

    cruedust 7595cruedust 75953 months ago
  • Damn one time someone does something on Mike it last a lifetime for them lol that's why he is the greatest by far

    cruedust 7595cruedust 75953 months ago
  • I don't understand why this crossover is such a big deal. It was one crossover. It was nice but it's not like MJ dumbed out in the floor or anything. I just don't get it.

    Keith HudsonKeith Hudson3 months ago
  • What’s up you little b*?(#. 😂 jordan the goat at getting in your head.

    Cliff LathlinCliff Lathlin3 months ago
  • Big reach on the Biggie story lol

    Stephen Searles IIStephen Searles II3 months ago
  • Good video, man!

    Joshua RansomJoshua Ransom3 months ago
  • Posatively the worst thing AI EVER DID AI was a fantastic pg him switching to a sg made sure he never won Worst move ever

    Luke CanaleLuke Canale3 months ago
  • The Jordan forearm shiver

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men Productions3 months ago
  • Jordan changed the shoe game to a whole new level while playing basketball a sport he also changed .. GOAT 🐐

    High As fuckHigh As fuck3 months ago
  • i love how he quoted his HOF speech

    Torcida FabijanTorcida Fabijan4 months ago
  • So much drama over 1 bucket

    Jason KelderhouseJason Kelderhouse4 months ago
  • Bro, I didn't know about this play. Im not into sports but this was fun to watch. Thank you for your work.

    Dereck JensenDereck Jensen4 months ago
  • No way iverson met biggie cheese

    BeanmobileBeanmobile4 months ago
  • It's funny reading all these comments on how Jordan didn't get crossed up...he actually got crossed up twice in this play

    Surinder SinghSurinder Singh4 months ago
  • Wussup you little bitch

    Reed JPReed JP4 months ago
  • What's up you little bitch😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ima hitmanIma hitman4 months ago
  • I would be devastated if I met my hero like this and he said to me, “what’s up you lil bitch!”

    HereIsWisdom 1318HereIsWisdom 13184 months ago
  • He traded all of his lucks on one devastating crossover. Great player with no rings

    Felix YFelix Y4 months ago
  • He can 4eva say , im dat nigga dat crossed mike

  • That's what's up !!!!

    Vincent E StoneVincent E Stone4 months ago
  • I believe A I was probably the greatest nba player in his position! The only reason why Iverson didn't win championship is because he was labeled as the bad guy! He is one of those greats that wasn't favored by the refs, the NBA and most of all the MEDIA!

    Vwrx Las vegasVwrx Las vegas4 months ago
  • Wonderfull story!!

    Tato de LeónTato de León5 months ago
  • Jordan was my favorite player, but I only knew of his skills, and I thought he was a good person. Im never star stuck, but i respected him for using GOD'S gift he gave for free. He was about his money and that's it. I found out that I didn't like him as a person, but I can't hate his skills, but I started to question if his skills came from GOD or Satan. Righteous people are always humble which he was not. I will always enjoy watching his games and when he left NBA, I did too. I did some work for him when he came to Ala., but he wouldn't have know, because of arrogance. That was over twenty years ago, so I pray he has changed for the better. I pray he understands that time only exists for us Mortals. GOD promised us at least 75 years on earth, but on the other side- time doesn't exist. People flat line 5min on this material plane, but tell stories about being in hell for years. I pray he thought about this

    lo lonelo lone5 months ago
  • Those damn kids in the grocery store always askin question like were ur parents at

    Zion CleareZion Cleare5 months ago
  • "And the four arm shiver comes from mj" he said that so uncomfortably

    Zion CleareZion Cleare5 months ago
  • Iverson is one of the biggest names in basketball today ...

    o2ku .Cockero2ku .Cocker5 months ago
  • 10 minutes later could of done it in 30 seconds

    vega269vega2695 months ago
  • Love these videos, I'm glad he and MJ became friends, ❤️

    Bus Driver JakBus Driver Jak5 months ago
  • Gotta love AI

  • maybe mj did it on purpose so ai could show what he is capable of. ai will go soft if mj treats him nice like the number 1 fan.

    zee magtirazee magtira5 months ago
  • The fastest player mJ ever faced he said

    Francis SiguezaFrancis Sigueza5 months ago
  • For one crossover big deal

    Javier AlarconJavier Alarcon5 months ago
  • One basket....So what MJ still had 40plus this game and the Win and Iverson is wearing his Jordans to this day because I don't think there selling Iverson Sneakers at Foot Locker

    T HamiltonT Hamilton5 months ago
  • Practice practice he said

    james robjajames robja5 months ago
  • Wow ! What a mess 😂 This time little B...H# gets his revenge.

    Alpha OmegaAlpha Omega5 months ago
  • forgot to say the 76ers lost that game.

    Ultimate KadUltimate Kad5 months ago
  • Gj man , really appreciate your clips

    rayzenwOwrayzenwOw5 months ago