How Kevin Garnett CRUSHED Randy Moss' NBA Dream!

Jan 4, 2020
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How Kevin Garnett CRUSHED Randy Moss' NBA Dream!
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  • Kevin Garnett realizing he made someone more successful: well shit

    Sayori AchiriSayori Achiri2 months ago
  • 2:30 So wrong !!Of all time ? Loooool

    Dom DomDom Dom3 months ago
  • Sorry but moss wouldn't come close to 20 ppg he would've had a short journey man nba career

    Hustle ManHustle Man8 months ago
  • Who also thought that he was gonna get struck by lighting?😂

    Jon SegarraJon Segarra9 months ago
  • So Garnett blocked his shot and he chose to quit basketball? Well damn...

    Youtubian from YoutopiaYoutubian from Youtopia9 months ago
  • Glad he played football my favorite football player of all time

    Big EBig E9 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂Now Kevin is broke asf.

    Les LavyLes Lavy10 months ago
  • I think Moss did pretty good for his family and his self so really nothing to see here keep it moving

    mike Jonesmike Jones10 months ago
  • Us regular people ??? Regular people?? We really need to stop glorifying this famous people because in reality they ain’t shit without us watching remember that 💯

    The anti-mad hatterThe anti-mad hatter10 months ago
  • I'm mean in a way he's the Kobe of Football...As a kid,b4 you shoot you would yell "Kobe"...And when playing football,if you catch a lob pass and score on a defender you would say "u got mossed"...

    Da Main ManeDa Main Mane10 months ago
  • All i know is randy moss is wayyyyyy better then Kevin At anything he prolly does

    Isaiah CharlesIsaiah Charles10 months ago
  • KG was a man among boys

    ShadowDragonGTShadowDragonGT10 months ago
  • I was expecting more like maybe KG dunked on him and put his nuts in his face. KG got the ball back, beat him 12-0 and made him rethink life. But just getting his shot blocked was a let down. He could have went up with history off hand. Or just pulled up for a jump shot.

    zoo05zoozoo05zoo10 months ago
  • I wish he never got cut when he return to the Vikings he would've prob won a Superbowl that year because the Vikings were doing good that year

    Buom tutBuom tut10 months ago
  • Randy moss was 6’4 KG is like 7ft

    imtweakinimtweakin10 months ago
  • Randy u my mans and all but but your 6’4 and KG 6’10-6-‘11 expect that to happen being a multi athlete ur not putting focus on one sport like KG

    T Skream 850T Skream 85010 months ago
  • Moss: I quit you blocked my shot Also Moss: I can average 20 in the league 🤨

    KamKam10 months ago
  • Excuses

    NardyNumbaNineNardyNumbaNine10 months ago
  • What position zide Moss play?

    William BROWNWilliam BROWN10 months ago
  • Wtf did not fucken know this!!!

    YoungndrecklessYoungndreckless10 months ago
  • Don’t forget the work schea cotton put on him!!

    KmasefitnessKmasefitness10 months ago
  • Now that's a great story! Thanks for the post!

    J BJ B10 months ago
  • KG is a goon

    GAmacBoi478GAmacBoi47810 months ago
  • There was obviously more to it than just that. This video is dumb

  • Bru i hope just one game kivin garneet get punched in the face really hard by a strong nba p layer

    dna grinxxx 123dna grinxxx 12310 months ago
  • Imagine, *At guard, 6'4, Randyyyyy Moooss*

    Té SupremeTé Supreme10 months ago
  • With that talent, one game against KG shouldn’t have crushed his dream. Moss clearly could play! If given the choice between basketball and football, while equally good at both, the choice is always-always-always basketball. It pays higher salaries, there’s less risk of career-ending injury, low risk of concussions, greater visibility and marketability, and more endorsement money. Your career is longer, there are more pro leagues (Europe, SA-Brazil and China are getting better by the year), and if you’re really good it is much easier to be on a winning team via free agency. Playing longer improves your chances of being on a title contender at some point during your career. On top of that, the NFL is still a very racist league, with almost no black head coaches or GM’s, and no black owners. The NBA has two black owners, and is destined to have more. NBA athletes are far less likely to go broke! To draw two more parallels, Allen Iverson and Ronald Curry we’re also two-sport stars (basketball & football). A.I. went the basketball direction and, despite horrendous spending activities, is still worth at least $35M due to a pension. He can’t even touch the money until he is 55, which will be in 2031. A two-sport first-team All-American, Ronald Curry played both sports at UNC, went to the NFL, was out of the league after a few tumultuous years, and now has a regular job. Ron Paulus, who was also a two-sport all-American, was a rare example of an athlete who didn’t make the big-time in either sport. After ending his basketball career at Duke he transferred to Syracuse to play football. Where is he now? He’s not in the NFL, and he isn’t in the NBA.

    Ramone DeCurtaRamone DeCurta10 months ago
  • Lol at KG face when Moss said he would average 20 ppg if you played in the nba. KG face was like "Yea, not against me nigga"

    Kemuri no ōKemuri no ō10 months ago
  • KG was from CHICAGO! Ok CHICAGO! Kevin was 6'11. Moss was 6'5. Moss was a 2 guard potentially. Garrnet was a 4 or power forward.

    James LeeJames Lee10 months ago
    • @Eli Harris You are right.

      James LeeJames Lee10 months ago
    • Kevin Garnett is From Greenville South Carolina *Maulldin High School* He went to Chicago to play PREP Ball For Farragut Academy after he got in some trouble. But he is originally from Maudlin South Carolona. *I seen him play 3 times in High School against Dorman High, Spartanburg High, & Union High School* We were in the Same Grade in High School..

      Eli HarrisEli Harris10 months ago
  • Kevin Garnett be like “I broke Randy Moss”

    C.J.DotCashC.J.DotCash10 months ago
  • WOW

    Mr SheltonMr Shelton10 months ago
  • That’s cool!👍🏿

    Gregory WilliamsGregory Williams10 months ago
  • I wonder if young version of KG could play DB and cover Moss-WR down the field, that would be interesting, a 6,10 CB or S with his athleticism.

    Sydney StroudSydney Stroud10 months ago
  • Anybody realize that Randy Moss and Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) look-alike!

    Common SenseCommon Sense10 months ago
  • Moss was 6'4, getting trashed by a 6'11 giant, who moved like a 6'4 guard, ended his basketball career

    Mr. ReidMr. Reid10 months ago
  • I can believe it.

    Keith MotenKeith Moten10 months ago
  • Shit glad he became a football player he is one of my favorite players of all time guys a beast even the newer generations know about randy moss he’s the reason I became a pats fan wasn’t even a fan just followed him from team to team he had no weakness like Brady when he gets sacked his plays just go to shit lol

    Couch MayneCouch Mayne10 months ago
  • Don't believe the hype!

    Hasan MuhammadHasan Muhammad10 months ago
  • Garnetts a hating ass dic

    Ahead Of The CurveAhead Of The Curve10 months ago
  • Thumbnail had me dead ☠💀☠💀☠

    DamienDamien10 months ago

    the goatthe goat10 months ago
  • KG and Randy Mn sports legends. Sad 😞 how time flew and now both are retired

    Shaarubo QalafShaarubo Qalaf10 months ago
    • Alp Arslan and no rings 🥺

      AQUAPHREESH193AQUAPHREESH19310 months ago
    • persistently driven nostalgia

      Shaarubo QalafShaarubo Qalaf10 months ago
    • Why sad 🤔

      persistently drivenpersistently driven10 months ago
  • Moss did the right thing! Thank you Garnett for bustin his ass!

    Trevor CunninghamTrevor Cunningham10 months ago
  • KG is 6'10, he's gonna block alot of shots, especially from a guy that's 6'4

    Richie BRichie B10 months ago
  • Helluva pick up game. 😂

    Brooks FlemingBrooks Fleming10 months ago
  • Wow cool story goes to show destiny is destiny glad it turned out great for both.

    Andre DuboseAndre Dubose10 months ago
  • I wish my hardest choice in life was choosing between sports to play professionally

    YionbotYionbot10 months ago
    • We crave the things we can't have. It's just that, their circumstances brought them to that path and with yours differently.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
    • @John Smith not everyone is born 6ft 4 dude

      Giovone MendozaGiovone Mendoza9 months ago
    • @Kevin Lowman if u weren't lazy and worked as hard as Athletes, u would have that choice.

      John SmithJohn Smith10 months ago
    • Lmao!! Me 2

      Kevin LowmanKevin Lowman10 months ago
  • Moss still a legend

    Drew 74_iDrew 74_i10 months ago
  • Dude, 7footer vs 6'5"? C'mon man!

    lawrence davislawrence davis10 months ago
  • "...redirected his focus on having 4 children out of wedlock..".

    Flying SoloFlying Solo10 months ago
    • @AQUAPHREESH193 Have, not got. Family values, you idiot, of which you apparently have none. This isn't the jungle, either. Oh, I forgot, that's where you came from.

      Flying SoloFlying Solo10 months ago
    • Flying Solo lol wedlock? Why does marriage got to be the controller of procreation over common sense? It’s not 1935 😂😂

      AQUAPHREESH193AQUAPHREESH19310 months ago
  • this my background rn

    Darion BlackDarion Black10 months ago
  • it dont matter how successful you are Randy bout to say *"I WOULDVE BEEN A PRO HOOPER IF MY KNEE DIDNT BREAK"*

    ImTonkwiiImTonkwii10 months ago
  • First time I ever got to the end of the comment section on a video.

    JoshOfficialJoshOfficial10 months ago
  • Off that.. if that true. He a weak ass nigga

    ronron291ronron29110 months ago
  • That was the word back in the day; dude was pretty good basketball player.

    Chauncey ChappelleChauncey Chappelle10 months ago
  • I wonder how many hoop dreams KG shattered.

    Carl UsernameCarl Username10 months ago
  • You have an incredibly boring delivery

    Hunter BorneHunter Borne10 months ago
    • Hunter Borne lmao 😂 can you do better ?

      Les LavyLes Lavy10 months ago
  • I dont care what the stats say, Randy Moss is the greatest wide receiver of all time. If he had Montanna or Young, his stats would be so obtainable that they would have to give him his own record book just so future wide receivers would still be able to dream about catching Rice.

    Rob FigaroRob Figaro10 months ago
    • Look! He is more talented and gifted. But not better than Jerry Rice! No one in football out works Jerry Rice.

      Kevin HardimonKevin Hardimon10 months ago
  • And that’s why Lebron crushed KG’s dream of getting a 2nd Ring🥰

    KyKy10 months ago
    • And thats why JJ Barea destroyed lebum's whole life and career :clown:

      joyfuljoyful4 months ago
    • @Young Medi Losing is losing but you can't stack the deck, lose more championships then you win, and then claim to be the GOAT.

      Chow LegendChow Legend10 months ago
    • Chowderz Tv I thought losing was losing or does it only matter when it’s lebron

      Young MediYoung Medi10 months ago
    • Chowderz Tv I’d rather have 6 L’s with 3 rings than 1 sorry ass ring with no finals mvp 🤷🏽‍♂️

      KyKy10 months ago
    • @Ky Lebron has 6 L's and KG only has 1. Lebron jumped from super team to superteam. KG has only been on a contender for 3-4 years of his career.

      Chow LegendChow Legend10 months ago
  • 😂😂he 7ft tf he that shattered his dream...niggas shots get blocked everyday B 😂😂😂😂

    DC TaeDC Tae10 months ago
  • 🔥☄

    ThaWildBoiizThaWildBoiiz10 months ago
  • When you think you're amazing and you realize you're not and it's time to move on to a different dream.

    Juice 423Juice 42310 months ago
  • Gets blocked once and decides basketball is not for him

    Jimmy KimJimmy Kim10 months ago
    • Doubt it, youtubers embellish a lot.

      Melvin SprewelMelvin Sprewel10 months ago
    • Lol he would have gotten blocked many of times if he tried playing in the NBA with him

      FTC Stand upFTC Stand up10 months ago
    • I don’t think that’s why he didn’t play basketball just because he got blocked. It’s more about the fact of dominance. He understood that he would be more dominant in football. His height is an asset on a football field and a common attribute in the NBA for point guards and shooting guards.

      Sebastien ChochotteSebastien Chochotte10 months ago
    • That just lets you know it wasn’t no regular block, it was a “stop playing this sport” block lol

      T BT B10 months ago
    • Iam Adrian when LeBron got blocked by Jarrett Allen he didn’t just quit

      Jimmy KimJimmy Kim10 months ago
  • My man randy said 😐😐fuck that noise😐😐

    NL comps and dumpsNL comps and dumps10 months ago
  • This channel finna bloww upp

    Tristan BoisrondTristan Boisrond10 months ago
  • Man I remember playing madden nfl 2009 with moss and spamming hail Mary with Brady to him. They were so op.

    Olamide OlanrewajuOlamide Olanrewaju10 months ago
    • @the legend killers shitty duffle bag person it means overpowered dumb ass

      marcocapalotmarcocapalot4 days ago
    • @the legend killers shitty duffle bag person No need to be rude and I actually meant overpowered. I didn't know you had a PhD in English.

      Olamide OlanrewajuOlamide Olanrewaju5 months ago
    • You mean on point say the fucking entire word you lazy fuck

      the legend killers shitty duffle bag personthe legend killers shitty duffle bag person5 months ago
    • Olamide Olanrewaju

      KennDirtyy Hitz From Da VaultKennDirtyy Hitz From Da Vault10 months ago
  • He still became a top 5 WR

    NovoNovo10 months ago
    • @Mick Dempsey 3rd*** 1) jerry rice 2)terrel Owens 3) randy moss in that order!!

      Ali AlnakashAli Alnakash10 months ago
    • J. MOORE 2nd of all time

      Mick DempseyMick Dempsey10 months ago
  • Lol

    Noah SmithNoah Smith10 months ago
  • I’m pretty sure he already knew he was gonna be more successful in football than basketball. He’s 6’4 which is average pg-sg height positions he didn’t play. But a 6’4 WR is a problem no matter what

    IAmQuickLaflareIAmQuickLaflare10 months ago
    • What are y’all talking about? John wall is 6’4 and Bradley Beal is 6’3 but in all he didn’t play either position in highschool

      IAmQuickLaflareIAmQuickLaflare5 months ago
    • @Adam Alperstein no is a word you idiot

      the legend killers shitty duffle bag personthe legend killers shitty duffle bag person5 months ago
    • @James Lee yes is a fucking word

      the legend killers shitty duffle bag personthe legend killers shitty duffle bag person5 months ago
    • Back then 6’4 was a shooting guards height

      Aaron Edwards HallAaron Edwards Hall10 months ago
    • @christopher martin Im talking about SHOOTING GUARD and yes there is an average height. Check out your google machine

      James LeeJames Lee10 months ago
  • crazy comparison, Tim Duncan and KG is like what Moss and Jerry rice were. some think KG was better and some think moss is better but Duncan and rice have all the accolades and rings to get the W

    AbedAbed10 months ago
  • Kobe Bryant also played in that game... Step Marbury God shammgod also.. The all American game that year..Tough squad

    Randolph BakerRandolph Baker10 months ago
    • @Christopher Grant ...Facts bro Dude handle is really next level other shit... Here in NYC you find someone with a nice handle around every corner..But only a few can get that next level handle...

      Randolph BakerRandolph Baker10 months ago
    • God is the best ball handler

      Christopher GrantChristopher Grant10 months ago
    • @MEECH !! ...u right about Kobe.....but Garnett Marbury and Shammgod played in the game together check it out.

      Randolph BakerRandolph Baker10 months ago
  • Both played in Minnesota💪🏾

    North StarStateNorth StarState10 months ago
    • @Camaro 1968 yes is a fucking word

      the legend killers shitty duffle bag personthe legend killers shitty duffle bag person5 months ago
    • Whoop we do

      the legend killers shitty duffle bag personthe legend killers shitty duffle bag person5 months ago
    • Camaro 1968 😂only problem in Minnesota is we can’t win. We got talent but we just bad.

      North StarStateNorth StarState10 months ago
    • Camaro 1968 Ortiz also. He started in Minnesota and played in Massachusetts😂. That connection is crazy

      North StarStateNorth StarState10 months ago
  • So moss got blocked and said nah I’m good. WTF ? Lmao I can’t help but think Garnett said some shit like you ain’t shit lil bitch stick to football or Your girl taste like Honey Nut Cheerios.

    Razak AbdullaRazak Abdulla10 months ago
  • Bro one play dosen't make you change your life, more had to happen... moss 6 ft 4 ...KG 6 ft 11 that's 2 different positions... he's supposed to block that shit that one play wouldnt have done that..

    Mike JonesMike Jones10 months ago
    • Eli Harris Exactly! And even KG’s senior year he moved to Chicago, Illinois where some of the best ballers in the country come from and he dominated scoring like 25 points and 18 rebounds per game lol. KG was a monster

      Antoine BAntoine B10 months ago
    • @Antoine B EXACTLY.. He played High School Ball in West Virginia.. *What Big time Basketball programs or Football Schools were out there at that time anyways* Let's be realistic, He was used to being the Hands Down Best Athlete on the Field or court at all times. *And in High School Kevin Garnett Was More than Just the Biggest shit Talker* Trust me He is Originally from Greenville South Carolina.

      Eli HarrisEli Harris10 months ago
    • Alpha Male Lifestyle TV I agree with you that Randy was a better athlete but I was mostly trying to say that KG on the basketball court at that time when they were in high school was closer to Randy in athleticism in comparison to the people Randy was used to going up against. Then combine that with KG’s skill and size at that level, it was probably something he never seen before at that age lol

      Antoine BAntoine B10 months ago
    • Antoine Butler nah, Randy was a better pound for pound athlete than KG. Randy had a far superior vertical and speed advantage as well. His timing probably wasn’t developed when he played KG. Worked out either way.

      Alpha Male Lifestyle TVAlpha Male Lifestyle TV10 months ago
    • Actually it probably does. He probably was so used to being more athletic than everyone on the court, even the people who where taller than him. But when he ran into KG someone who was around his athleticism with his size, he probably just made his decision to stick with football at that point

      Antoine BAntoine B10 months ago
  • Dope

    Elon MartinElon Martin10 months ago
  • He aint need 2 be in the nba no ways

    JNBA rockJNBA rock10 months ago
    • @Jonathan M thanks

      JNBA rockJNBA rock10 months ago
    • Nice grammar?

      Jonathan MJonathan M10 months ago
    • JNBA rock he would of made way more money

  • Lies you don't know kg I grew up with kg on the west side of chicago and kg was pro way before moss was relevant dumb ass

    Conique WConique W10 months ago
    • @Douglas Allen I agree Doug

      Conique WConique W10 months ago
    • @Conique W I'm not doubting you know him. I'm just saying the reason he was a pro before Moss was relevant is because he went pro that year. Moss spent the next 3 in college.

      Douglas AllenDouglas Allen10 months ago
    • @Douglas Allen Kg stayed 3 houses from us on the west side of Chicago

      Conique WConique W10 months ago
    • You know kg went straight to the NBA from HS and Moss spent 3 years in college.

      Douglas AllenDouglas Allen10 months ago
  • I mean it wasn’t that bad because he became a Football *LEGEND*

    lilk1dgamerlilk1dgamer10 months ago
    • Ik But KG Is an Asshole

      KaaedanKaaedan3 months ago
    • @ShockaBlocka no is a word you idiot

      the legend killers shitty duffle bag personthe legend killers shitty duffle bag person5 months ago
    • @Yungin KON oh really I thought they got beat by the Giants one year

      Buom tutBuom tut10 months ago
    • @gavin1v1r nope they lost in the playoffs I think

      Buom tutBuom tut10 months ago
    • gavin1v1r no they lost both years to the giants

      Yungin KONYungin KON10 months ago
  • Like if cosgrove should do story’s about nfl players

    just.tr3yjust.tr3y10 months ago
  • I guess things happen for a reason.

    TexasReppin210TexasReppin21010 months ago
    • Yessir. This shows me that even when something is not your thing, you still should try it in order to know for sure. Props to Randy and KG.

      Stoney JacksonStoney Jackson10 months ago
    • So true

      Ntiense UdoNtiense Udo10 months ago
  • I seriously envy those who are good in multiple sports.

    Date MikeDate Mike10 months ago
    • Wow that's how u feel🤣

      Key osamaKey osama10 months ago
    • @The DeX Bet he didn't see that coming 😂😂

      Chitown Mytown official one and only channelChitown Mytown official one and only channel10 months ago
    • @The DeX 🌽

      Date MikeDate Mike10 months ago
    • You might as well envy everyone with good eyesight.....

      The DeXThe DeX10 months ago
  • Who played “moss” in their backyard with friends?

    JUG DOTJUG DOT10 months ago
    • @Sasschon Henderson no people who wasnt brain washed didnt

      the legend killers shitty duffle bag personthe legend killers shitty duffle bag person5 months ago
    • Jug dot I did

      Ladainian HillisLadainian Hillis10 months ago
    • We called it Deion vs Randy

      DonManchaDonMancha10 months ago
    • YoungBoy Sauce lmao you from Florida ain’t you ?

      anuki Sånianuki Såni10 months ago
    • JUG DOT it was mandatory in da hood growing up

      Lil DiselLil Disel10 months ago
  • It worked out for the both of em 💀💀(really only Randy in this video specifically)

    Chris HeywardChris Heyward10 months ago
    • @C3 Gainz yeah but I'm talking about his Celtic days. They were old but they could still ball

      VJVJ10 months ago
    • @Appeasure moses should of team up with barry

      Yawanah YasharahlaYawanah Yasharahla10 months ago
    • @C3 Gainz very true but Dirks finals was still more impressive since he didn't have 3 other all stars on his team

      Chris HeywardChris Heyward10 months ago
    • A Google Account well they both had mvps kg was in the t wolves he was a beast but he didn’t have any teammates they were straight trash

      C3 GainzC3 Gainz10 months ago
    • @C3 Gainz Dirk didn't have the team KG had but if that's what you want to base it on

      VJVJ10 months ago
  • Guess you can say his nba dream got mossed

    Truth SpeakrTruth Speakr10 months ago
    • @Ryan corny cuz you didn't come up with it... LMFAO bold move bruh

      Jazz Cabbage17Jazz Cabbage173 months ago
    • Hahahahaha

      Arian AbuArian Abu9 months ago
    • Your profile pic goes perfectly with that comment lol

      Steve MSteve M10 months ago
    • 🤣

      Alejandro DavisAlejandro Davis10 months ago
    • Pretty funny

      mr animemr anime10 months ago