How One Moment SEALED Their FATE!

Oct 27, 2019
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How One Moment SEALED Their FATE!
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  • Fuck Horry & The Refs 😂 😂 😂

    Young GodYoung God16 days ago
  • yeh I don't like spurs because spurs is so stupid and I'm mad at spurs

    khen gameplaykhen gameplay17 days ago
  • LeBron be like: I got Sweeeeeeeeeeeepttttt!

    Choking EllieChoking Ellie18 days ago
  • I didn't think the Warriors beating the Mavericks in the first round was a upset, I knew the Warriors would win, they were beating the Mavericks in regular season games continually, they were not the typical 8th seed, in the next round against the Jazz they had 3 close losses, I was hoping for a Warriors vs Suns 2007 Western Conference Finals that would have been so exciting, I couldn't believe Cavs beat the Pistons in the east that same year, that year was so messed up Cavs vs Spurs finals so boring.

    Muscle HeadMuscle Head19 days ago
  • When they robbed Kobe for MVP, I became a Nash hater. I respect his game, but he didn't deserve back to back MVP awards at all.

    221ddj221ddjMonth ago
  • It is kind of corny how Phoenix and Sacramento were both jipped out of their only championship, and they were just one of 5 in that era for the Spurs and Lakers. I can’t really claim that the Suns were 100 percent robbed in this series, but the Kings? Yeah, they got brodied for their championship. You hate to see it.

    Joseph Van HornJoseph Van HornMonth ago
  • Yeah, it was rigged by the Suns since they're the ones that left the bench

    DramacidalDramacidalMonth ago
  • Thank you for this video I be tellin people all the time about this situation we really were the best team that season

    Gordo BeenballinGordo BeenballinMonth ago

    Khalil MatthewKhalil MatthewMonth ago
  • Good example on how The NBA IS RIGGED. CONTROLLED. You can see who they wanted to win. Its a Business before a sport.

    Somebody SomewhereSomebody SomewhereMonth ago
  • The NBA have always been "rigged" its all about the $$ They been doing that for years.....wake folks

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosaMonth ago
  • I like this music not the scary music

    Keyonna.Keymiah SloanKeyonna.Keymiah SloanMonth ago
  • Big SHOT Bob for the win!

    MLGV MigzMLGV Migz2 months ago
  • If I was Steve Nash I will rko him

    Kaden JacksonKaden Jackson2 months ago
  • Robert Horry trash as fuck Steve is better!!!!!

    Jordan HintonJordan Hinton2 months ago
  • He’s so Canadian 🇨🇦 he said I’m sorry that happen to him

    RaheekRaheek2 months ago
  • What is y’alls favorite player of all time

    HawkeyeHawkeye3 months ago
    • Tony Parker because of his playmaking

      Keyonna.Keymiah SloanKeyonna.Keymiah SloanMonth ago
    • DIRK

      TheLoc0TheLoc02 months ago
  • I like Horry but that was cheap and calculated.

    Karl WarnerKarl Warner3 months ago
  • The NBA is BS that the refs should be suspended.

    Rain FairchildRain Fairchild3 months ago
  • The Duncan’s Spurs championship team suck!!! They are dirty motherfuckers.

    Shaman KingShaman King3 months ago
  • That moment cost Phx a chip no doubt

    Mr. JayMr. Jay4 months ago
  • 2016rigged

    Sun'sayid RahsadSun'sayid Rahsad4 months ago
  • Rigged??? Surely not!!

    Rayray KingRayray King4 months ago
  • Whats the song at 0:58?

    wanden2906wanden29064 months ago
    • i’m trying to look for it i can’t find it thoe

      stayquiet x y.samurai40stayquiet x y.samurai404 months ago
  • They did Nash dirty

    Android17 numbAndroid17 numb4 months ago
  • Steve Nash trying to out dirty Bowen, by flopping like a fish to get Horry suspended, had it backfire. He cheated to win the game, and eventually lost a series they were going to lose anyway.

    Riz NockRiz Nock5 months ago
  • Damn the good old days man I missed it

    TWiTCH_ALEX808TWiTCH_ALEX8086 months ago
  • This channel is the most underated ! SO BEAUTIFUL STORIES DAMN !

    Renzo Del PradoRenzo Del Prado7 months ago
  • Dirty mother fvckers

    Yush JeYush Je7 months ago
  • Lol big shot Robert horry

    savage Youngsavage Young8 months ago
  • Horry was mad because Nash is 1000 times better at........everything

    Dustin McGowanDustin McGowan8 months ago
  • Tsss. Reason out all you want. A L is still and always a L. 😝 Cry your ass out. 😝😂You're just making reasons for something you thought you already have. But boom baby , spurs woke you up on your dream 😝

    Mark jordan BellezaMark jordan Belleza8 months ago
  • Fuck yur vids man

    Lessy VuniamatanaLessy Vuniamatana8 months ago
  • Thank you David Stern for suspending our PHX team w termination playoff games. What a Stern commish u are :) And Nash gets a gashed bloody nose a d parker is on the ground whaling in excruciating pain poor baby.

    Eduardo VazquezEduardo Vazquez8 months ago
  • Spurs won👍👍

    Jesse LealJesse Leal8 months ago
  • This is the main reason why that rule is the most fucked up overreactionary rule in the history of sports. In fact, I don't have any respect whatsoever for Adam Silver because the first thing that he should had done when he took over as commissioner is get rid of this God same stupid rule, but we all know what happened there...

    Randy DubinRandy Dubin8 months ago
  • BULLSH$T🐂💩 This series WAS fixed. The guy admitted it to FBI and served prison time

    Melvin SmithMelvin Smith8 months ago
  • I am a Spurs fan. But when I watch this. Not anymore

    gilbert lou dinopolgilbert lou dinopol8 months ago
  • San Antonio Spurs can suck my balls

  • I remember this like yesterday. The SPURS have always been my team, but I didnt like what Horry did to Nash. I was like 🗣Gott-Damyum when I first saw that game. Still to this day I talk bout it when I see Nash or Horry...

    AmbitionFaith147 DeterminationAmbitionFaith147 Determination8 months ago
  • Half the damn Spurs bench got off the bench and only horry got punished. It's nonsense. That 07 title is tainted.

    GhettobibleGhettobible8 months ago
  • I like the way your voice sounded, very clear and easy to listen to.

    JAOSKIJAOSKI8 months ago
  • I hated the spurs as a kid for this

    louie medinalouie medina9 months ago
  • Tim Donaghy handed this series to the Spurs cause his boss Stern told him to. Its that simple. Thats how the league works, Stern tells his head refs to make sure 1 team gets an edge, and he does. They make up rules as they go to help the teams they need to win.

    T WT W9 months ago
  • The league wanted to push the Spurs as the top team because they could be sold globally, because their best players were all from different parts of the world. That's what Ive always been told at least.

    T WT W9 months ago
  • Spur is well executive boring team

    James WangJames Wang9 months ago
  • However dirty others play, if you can't win, you are a loser.

    Leslie BinbinLeslie Binbin9 months ago
  • When Nash it looked like his wig felled off but it was the ball covering his head

    Alexi Lakers in 5Alexi Lakers in 59 months ago
  • Why, just why does my favorite team have to do that

    FIRE BOYFIRE BOY9 months ago
  • Paid under the table

    Orange SkittlesOrange Skittles9 months ago
  • Spurs are hellllllll!

    Curry Range DeaDeyeCurry Range DeaDeye9 months ago
  • Gotta give Nash alot of credit he took alot of punishment

    Sour AppleSour Apple9 months ago

    Nick LastNick Last9 months ago
  • The officials are all bitches

    Gabriel EstiocoGabriel Estioco9 months ago
  • We know that casinos have a lot to do with this kind of games!!!!

    David El Cejas!David El Cejas!9 months ago
  • Pop was a master of running a game!! I am a Phoenix Suns fan and a native of Phoenix and I was heart broken when the suns lost.

    Phx LT1Phx LT19 months ago
  • As a huge Dirk and Nash fan I gotta say, man do I hate that spurs team.

    My Cabbages!My Cabbages!9 months ago
  • If only Devin Booker, De Andre Ayton and Kelly Oubre was there, the Suns could've won the championship....

    Ronald SmithRonald Smith9 months ago
  • Your voice is boring and annoying af quit making videos

    Colt OColt O9 months ago
  • Unfair af...

    Omnipotent GodOmnipotent God9 months ago
  • im a spurs fan. but this it totally RIGGED

    Arjay SingsonArjay Singson9 months ago
  • 🗣 definitely just put a whole new perspective on this series for me 👍🏾

    Alexander TolbertAlexander Tolbert9 months ago
  • Its crazy i remeber this game now that its right here

    Broly GodBroly God9 months ago
  • Now I know why many people hated SAS

    Mister MalikMister Malik9 months ago
  • feel bad,still nash fan till 2day

    Amazing GraceAmazing Grace9 months ago
  • Never been a fan of San Antonio's spurs dirty players and play making screw them and their champion!

    EOSINK !EOSINK !9 months ago
  • i miss the old NBA 😔😔😔 Now, its just superteams..

    Kent StarkKent Stark9 months ago
    • Wait but there isn’t a super team really, maybe like 3-4 years ago but this season it’s really duo stars, Kawhi and PG13, Lebron and AD, harden and Westbrook, Khris Middleton and Giannis, kemba walker and Tatum, Kyrie and Durant, and even Embiid and Simmons idk what u mean by superteams

      GoDlIGoDlI3 months ago
  • The spurs couldve been Swept 😂

    Otaku GamingOtaku Gaming9 months ago
  • No robbery the spurs are just better viva San Anto Tejas

    Gabriel SotoGabriel Soto9 months ago
  • Y'all still salty??? Shit!! Suns couldn't win a series against the Spurs until Gentry stepped in 😂

    Eric PerezEric Perez9 months ago
  • Dirtiest team ever hahaha🤣😂

    Sean MacatingraoSean Macatingrao9 months ago
  • Fuc the spurs!!!

    john handCOCKjohn handCOCK9 months ago
  • Borrrrrrrrring content...

    balaw!s modebalaw!s mode9 months ago
  • Bruh my 3 favorite teams.. Dallas, Phoenix and the spurs. But I had no idea Horry was like that.. Tony parker, Steve Nash and Dirk nowinski were always my top favorite players.

    Tragedy 01Tragedy 019 months ago
  • I feel the narrator's bitterness,... So gws shouldn't been a champion if they didn't had pachulia?

    Bernny LagunzadBernny Lagunzad9 months ago
    • Huh that was one game tf you think kawhi is jordan gtfoh man our warriors were on a run by that point and even if they take game 1 spurs will still lose you are no match to the firepower of KD and Steph mah man kawhi guards one the other one will rain it all day so that injury didnt do a damn thing to that series intentional or not you think kawhi is a basketball god or something you funny man

      Inigo BantokInigo Bantok5 months ago
  • Ooooh i remember this i was a stoudemire fan and nash was playing ball

    Sharhea WaltersSharhea Walters9 months ago
  • very long video

    renjomar baltazarrenjomar baltazar9 months ago
  • Never like spurs and never will....

    Laltanpuia ColneyLaltanpuia Colney10 months ago
  • Like here if you want match fixers to die .... F*cking fixers

    Easy MoneyEasy Money10 months ago
  • Some NBA games are definitely fixed

    John BlazeJohn Blaze10 months ago
  • that spurs team was full of dick heads

    Christian OliveraChristian Olivera10 months ago
  • Nash soccer flopped.

    • You're as stupid look

      Samsquanch 123Samsquanch 1236 months ago
  • Damn steve nash looks like dendi or dendi looks like steve nash 😂😂

  • the Suns were robbed for sure Robert has always been a force maybe a little excessive and maybe a little acting by Nash but Parker wen they bumped heads i watched that over and over that could have been on purpose and that totally changed that game there heads were close then his fourhead goes straight into his nose allot of different possibilities for reasons that the game could have been rigged but it depends on the person and how they want to view it but the one official coming out saying the other one was favoring the Spurs makes ya wonder and if i had the time i would like to look at every penalty or play in the game that involved the refs and then watch all the ones he was involved in and try to see if there how he called the game then watch. a bunch of other moments involving him and other games and compare the two .... but i aint got the time to do that

    chris lindseychris lindsey10 months ago
  • Good job

    Hey Yo EusebiosHey Yo Eusebios10 months ago
  • Fuck your long intro

    hakdog hakdoghakdog hakdog10 months ago
  • Bro, my grandma put me on all the game.. This year was rigged, the Lakers games be rigged.. All teams apart of the original aba are who mainly win.. Magic Johnson doesn't have aids, when they finally figured out aids, him as a spokesman got him 100 million just for that commercial that was out.. then he bought the lakers set for life, I'll claim aids to be set for life and im already married😂

    Alik BeyAlik Bey10 months ago
  • Bro I am a spurs and suns fan and now knowing that I’m a little mad at the spurs I think the suns take the cake of my favorite.(also I just started to get in the NBA)

    Lonzo Fan #1Lonzo Fan #110 months ago
  • This is why everyone hates the spurs cheap and dirty Bruce Bowen was a piece of shit

    Brian HenkelBrian Henkel10 months ago
  • The way he said everything @ 8:20💀💀

    BBG_BabyKeyBBG_BabyKey10 months ago
  • Americans has bad officiating even in boxing.I felt for Steve Nash.He's like Manny Pacquiao robbed off the victory... when you felt helpless when you are against the officiating team.

    Mercedita JarabejoMercedita Jarabejo10 months ago
  • The spurs are so underrated

    Danny CantuDanny Cantu10 months ago
  • Nash treated people like shit. So he had it coming I mean everything including his cheating bitch wife.

    RythmortisRythmortis10 months ago
  • What's that slowed down beat from around the 4 minute mark?

    Edmund GrantEdmund Grant10 months ago
  • I remember seeing this game as a teenager (Spurs fan) and remembered Suns had so much momentum that we would probably lose the series, albeit close. Then after those suspensions, I knew we had it. Otherwise, I’m fairly certain the Suns would’ve had a much higher chance of winning that series cause they were getting hot at the perfect time.

    Dave HernandezDave Hernandez10 months ago
    • It’s refreshing to see ur comment because I’ve been a suns fan since 89, and have seen every major event in the Suns history till a few years ago when it got so painful to watch my favorite team crumble into the non contending power house the they’ve turned into. In 93 when the suns lost to Jordan’s Bulls in the finals following Jon Paxson’s three point shot. Especially since there was time on the clock and on the very next play, I seen the worst break down Kevin Johnson has ever had in his entire career. He gets blocked from behind. Game over. Bulls are champions. The thing with KJ tho, was when it mattered the most and the suns were down, u only wanted to see one player with the ball until the very end, or until he found an open player with enough time to potentially make the game winning shot. He was also a 90% free throw shooter, and hardly turned the ball over. It was super rate to see. That player was KJ, he was Mr clutch and it made u feel at ease to see he had the ball. Ask any longtime suns fan and they’ll tell you the same thing. He had the ball in his hands, and didn’t even get the satisfaction of getting the shot off to miss, even. This video said heart breaking. U have no idea. Ff to the sequence of events featured in this video. It induces the same let down feeling that suns fans experienced years ago. Except it was the Spurs. The one team that beat the suns each and every series. EXCEPT for the one time the suns finally swept San Antonio. In09 or 2010?Only to get eliminated by the Lakers in the western conference finals. One of the suns game announcers always said it best when he would say, “Heart break hotel”.

      Steve EidsonSteve Eidson3 months ago
  • not the Spurs fault that the Suns left the bench not to mention, they had a chance to win game 6, then possibly game 7 a series is the first to 4 not 1 game

    DramacidalDramacidal10 months ago
  • Where was the flagrant foul and suspension

    Jstyles Johnson.Jstyles Johnson.10 months ago
  • Yeah duncan stepped on the court too, and jalen rose brought it up. The league knew but STAT and diaw got suspended

    Jonathan MJonathan M10 months ago
  • Because of what Robert Horry did to Nash., LeBron James got swept in the finals..

    Jerome YudietJerome Yudiet10 months ago
  • That's why I hate spurs