IDENTIFY These NBA Players Just by Looking at Their PARENTS!

Jan 19, 2018
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IDENTIFY These NBA Players Just by Looking at Their PARENTS!
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  • I only guessed Korver

    yiğit özbaşyiğit özbaş14 days ago
  • i only got the a.i one

    NoodlezNoodlez4 months ago
  • 1:02 is da dwaight Howard

    Android17 numbAndroid17 numb4 months ago
  • R.I.P, Kobe’s mom looks just like his daughter🙏🏾💪🏾🖤

    Shalana JaquessShalana Jaquess5 months ago
  • Got harden russ jordan kyrie kobe and Dwayne wade

    Clarence 102Clarence 1026 months ago
  • This is the hardest NBA quiz tbh, MJ was the only 1 i knew 😭😭

    Jordan HintonJordan Hinton7 months ago
  • I got the Handel gods right Kyrie and Allen

    NBA LeBronJames23XNBA LeBronJames23X7 months ago
  • I only knew Michael Jordan and Blake Griffen. I couldn’t guess any others because some of them I didn’t know at all.

    4daluvofnikki4daluvofnikkiYear ago
  • I thought Westbrook’s dad was Damian lillard?

    France MataFrance MataYear ago
  • Giannis' dad looks like corey brewer

    ChitoChitoYear ago
  • *sweating intensely*

    Vlan DoomVlan DoomYear ago
  • I love the instrumental!

    AshaAshaYear ago
  • Brandon Ingram momma got a DOME

    Ghost LOCOGhost LOCOYear ago

    Goldfish CrackersGoldfish CrackersYear ago
  • Yo, that first one was easy as hell. Westbrook's mama looks like a goddamn ninja turtle too!!! 😂😂😂

    Goldfish CrackersGoldfish CrackersYear ago
  • Winners of the parental lottery

    Gerard ParkerGerard ParkerYear ago
  • Damn... Blake's dad is ugly like shit...

    Ale MercadoAle MercadoYear ago
  • Idc what y'all post none of y'all got it rite keep it a buck

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon JohnsonYear ago
  • Don’t most NBA players don’t know their biological father?

    Blue 30'sBlue 30'sYear ago
  • I only got MJ and Lillard and I'm ok with that. Go Blazers!

    J VJ VYear ago
  • damn i got kobe and jordan, and only harden cause they showed the beard, and every mix couple i said steph curry, but i realized i know who dale curry and his moms are

    Deuce SpadesDeuce SpadesYear ago
  • Blake Griffin look ugly, damn 😐

    Ghost of a forgotten WeedleGhost of a forgotten WeedleYear ago
  • Deangelo Russel and his dad look like roomates.

    The Media LiesThe Media LiesYear ago
  • Got Tony Parker because everything in the background was in French.. And Kyle Korver because whenever it's anything to do with a white dude in the NBA the answer is normally Kyle Korver..

    Jdoodle 15Jdoodle 15Year ago
  • Black or white so what. Love knows no color.

    mason oroscomason oroscoYear ago
  • Where da white woman at?

    Nathaniel HiggersonNathaniel HiggersonYear ago
  • Got 2, West and Hard

  • is tony mixed with black and white....?

    wallcewallceYear ago
  • I looked at Giannis's Dad and all i could think was Terrence Ross 😂

    si lewissi lewisYear ago
  • When you taller than your momma and daddy.

    cfreemfulcfreemfulYear ago

    Aaron NevilleAaron NevilleYear ago
  • I got a lot more right than I thought I would.

    Aaron NevilleAaron NevilleYear ago
  • I got d.wade, kyrie, dame, harden

    jervy diazjervy diazYear ago
  • I got Blake and Kyrie the rest I'm like idk

    Izzy VertIzzy VertYear ago
  • Nice background music 🎶

    westwood123xwestwood123xYear ago
  • I only got the players who’s parents I recognized. Why do I know what Nba players parents look like?

    N21thebossN21thebossYear ago
  • Only one I got right was Kyle Korver lol

    Avg JoeAvg JoeYear ago
  • I only got the Kobe one

    H Gome74H Gome74Year ago
  • I only guessed the first one, Rusel share his mother’s face ❤️

    Aditya S.P.Aditya S.P.Year ago
  • Ohhh i recognized uncle Drew!!!!!!

    grotestuddergrotestudderYear ago
  • Where’s LeBron? Oh wait lmao

    1ZosoLZ1ZosoLZYear ago
  • Kobe mom is gorgeous 👌

    Nebula HendrixNebula HendrixYear ago
  • It’s hard to tell when it’s an interracial couple. Could be any black man’s baby

    T BLKT BLKYear ago
  • I thought that d Angelo's father was the brother of Melo

    Pau AngelottiPau AngelottiYear ago
  • I have some doubts about griffin's dad

    Pau AngelottiPau AngelottiYear ago
  • 1:25 wheres the dude?

    King KongKing KongYear ago

    Jay - EhmJay - EhmYear ago
  • That was insanely difficult! Hahaa I got Westbrook and Kyrie but that's it hahaha

    Brandon LeonBrandon LeonYear ago
  • These NBA Dads, sure like them some White women. Now White men can jump

    GeorgeGeorgeYear ago
    • Black + white don’t equal white idiot

      ClonezyClonezy9 months ago
    • White men are weak, only keyboards are giving them the power to complain.

      Diji TaradashDiji TaradashYear ago
  • Westbrook looks just like his parents, I got that one easily but after that I had no clue 😂

    JJQB 12JJQB 12Year ago
  • long ass intro

    LaMelo LaFrance LaBallLaMelo LaFrance LaBallYear ago
  • Nice to see 2 parent families on athletes.

    KMW18KMW18Year ago
  • Sir, We dont even know steph curry parents, where is curry?

    kampung putihkampung putihYear ago
  • Got Westbrook, Ingram and Hayward. I tried looking at the dad's to see a resemblance. Only got it after the reveal like "That's who!"

    Matthew RobertsMatthew RobertsYear ago
  • Guess the player by using the outline

    phzorrophzorroYear ago
  • No Lebron and Delonte West?

    Mirko BunjevacMirko BunjevacYear ago
  • I got 5, happy wit dat. Honestly mostly because of the settings and outlines.

    Anthony ArnoldAnthony ArnoldYear ago
  • Why Diangellos father looks younger than him

    K BK BYear ago
  • I got westbrook. Griffin too... was waiting for curry.. or lebron.. or durant. But those... nah, I had no idea. Ben Simmons turned out more light skinned than me and I'm 100% caucasian lol.

    Jo RoJo RoYear ago
  • Beautiful instrumental.

    Joshua AlexanderJoshua AlexanderYear ago
  • I only got Kevin Garnett

    J - TrainJ - TrainYear ago
  • Kobe’s mom is really pretty

    itsbritt91itsbritt91Year ago
  • No Lamelo Ball?!?

    OrganicSoulJazzOrganicSoulJazzYear ago
  • Kyle korver and his mom looks like brother and sister. She must have him young

    zuzuzuzuYear ago
  • Blake’s dad looks like it would be Rays dad

    Darion DavisDarion DavisYear ago
  • I think some paternity test are in order for alot of these

    jordaine Nembhardjordaine NembhardYear ago
  • Man if dis waz DA final I'm dropping out😪

    MARVELITO!!!!!!MARVELITO!!!!!!Year ago
  • I got Iverson Harden and Westbrook

    Apexways 47Apexways 47Year ago
  • I only got 2

    Eduard RijucEduard RijucYear ago
  • Where's Delonte and Gloria James 😁

    lorenz357lorenz357Year ago
  • I thought the dude on the thumbnail was Ray Allen’s dad😂

    Don DemarcoDon DemarcoYear ago
  • You forgot Michael Jordan and Jimmy Butler 😂😂😂

    Kembelastik EkereKembelastik EkereYear ago
  • The biracial ones look out of place. Great video nonetheless 👍

    Aristotle HarveyAristotle HarveyYear ago
  • I thought for sure Blake Griffin's parents were Charlie Villanueva

    Billy KimberBilly KimberYear ago
  • Where's butler and daddy GOAT💪😁

  • Kyle Korver's mom look like Aunt Becky from Full House 😂

    Brandon 98Brandon 98Year ago
  • Harden was an easy lay-up, that beard is unique

    TheStoneThatRollsTheStoneThatRollsYear ago
  • Where is Delonte?

    Bully WormBully WormYear ago
  • I want a cookie bc ik the thumbnail was Blake griffins parents :)

    Jesse NzekwuJesse NzekwuYear ago
  • Got Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Anthony Davis and Michael Jordan. Russel, Anthony and Mike's mothers gave it away. James Harden's shape of head did it.

    Eva LeeEva LeeYear ago
  • I only got Westbrook,Harden,Korver and Wade.

    He nardoHe nardoYear ago
  • Took a sex to know it was James Harden..those beards though

    Luck 101Luck 101Year ago
  • Lol I didn't know that Griffins dad is Ray Allen

    M BM BYear ago
  • 2:12 Ray Allen?))

    Bartholomew LyonsBartholomew LyonsYear ago
  • mj & chris paul , i got two

    Hiram Clarke BeatsHiram Clarke BeatsYear ago
  • I only got Jordan's parents correct

    St810k ksforlifeSt810k ksforlifeYear ago
  • There is an obesity epidemic among black women

    Randy BaratRandy BaratYear ago
  • Simmons, harden, hayward, and korver. Got no one else. 😂

    pEx3ypEx3yYear ago
  • Biracials are beautiful.

    iKnow uiKnow uYear ago
    • Everyone is beautiful

      Sahara MartinSahara Martin9 months ago
  • Man I suck at this 😂

    BeMore 27BeMore 27Year ago
  • The background music fire who is it?

    Beat SBeat SYear ago
  • I only got Vlade Divac right

    JackGeezyJackGeezyYear ago
  • Its giannis i thought it was snoop dogg

    Risa LeeRisa LeeYear ago
  • I thought Blake was full white ginger what damn he half black

  • The only one I got was mj so far.

    D. HuntD. HuntYear ago
  • Who else here that just guess james harden

    z iaz iaYear ago
  • I got Westbrook, MJ, Irving, and Korver. Not too bad for someone who start to watch NBA last year

    kevin andre phinkekevin andre phinkeYear ago
  • I got 4, harden, dame, korver and dwade

    Allan Paolo AlingodAllan Paolo AlingodYear ago
  • Only got Tony parker

    Richard RamirezRichard RamirezYear ago
  • Thought Blake griffins parents were Ray Allen’s , and Giannis’s parents were Kevin Garnett’s

    Know 1squarterKnow 1squarterYear ago