Jordan vs. Kobe vs. LeBron Mix! -The Transcendent Ones ft. Tupac

Mar 8, 2019
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The Transcendent Ones - Jordan vs. Kobe vs. LeBron Mix!
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  • 👑🐐🐍

    Cat in the dinning tableCat in the dinning table9 days ago
  • In my opinion kobe was the best to ever play

    Littlexshaw _Littlexshaw _10 days ago
  • Everyone of y'all youtubers making these videos lebron can't step in mj league because he be running to the hoop with open court mj have three four guard n it still seems like it's only him

    Caple BanhanCaple Banhan15 days ago
  • Imagine a player with lebron’s body mj’s shot and kobe’s mentality

    Kurtt SkurttKurtt SkurttMonth ago
  • tr fr err r

    Allyson HossaAllyson HossaMonth ago
  • we’re

    Allyson HossaAllyson HossaMonth ago
  • Kobe is already dead so he's not that great after all.

    DarkPope666DarkPope666Month ago
  • Great video! Definitely the greatest player of each generation. I cant wait to see who comes after LeBron. RIP Kobe!

    Hector guzmanHector guzmanMonth ago
  • Goat forever

    uraz gguraz ggMonth ago
  • this is dope I love it keep it up

    Kamrin VanterpoolKamrin VanterpoolMonth ago
  • Ilovethisgame

    johnjohnMonth ago

    Lupixx- BSLupixx- BS2 months ago
  • MJ the Goat The real argument is kobe vs lebron MJ on another level

    RONNIERONNIE2 months ago
    • Mj sucks at 3 boy Kobe can do all!!!!

      King Kobe 24King Kobe 24Month ago
  • what is this beat called?

    UnexplainedUnexplained3 months ago
    • The Song is Called Me Against the world but the original is different

      JimmyFNJimmyFNMonth ago
  • Curry is the best

    block boiblock boi3 months ago
  • Why did they take down your other vid of the nba curse?

    Joel VillarrealJoel Villarreal3 months ago
  • The first part with rocky was fire

    J-Man ProductionsJ-Man Productions4 months ago
  • This is the old school vibes

    Harro 69Harro 694 months ago
  • Honestly I only got to see Kobe and lebron play growing up I didn’t get to see Jordan so the goat debate for me is Kobe is the goat and Lebron is behind him

    Lebron DavisLebron Davis4 months ago
    • Quick fun fact:Kobe actually met Tupac in the house of blues back in 1996

      Lebron DavisLebron Davis4 months ago
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    christian valdellonchristian valdellon4 months ago
  • Why so many ppl dislike??!!

    TemoPlaysTemoPlays4 months ago
  • These are the top 3 of all time, MJ #1. Throw Kareem and Wilt in there and you got your top 5 ever.

    WM_ 96WM_ 964 months ago
  • Michael Jordan

    rex pajorex pajo4 months ago
  • 1. Kobe 2. Lebron 3. Jordan Jordan was only good in his era not ours

    BaapBaap4 months ago
  • There one legend out of bron kobe and MJ only one a legend to be a legend you have to be well not alive so Kobe R.I.P his daughter 🏀🏆💎 wake up 8:24 AM for the one and only ☝️

    Sponge BobSponge Bob5 months ago
  • There is no defense for greatness rest in piece mamba 🤩

    Eric CastilloEric Castillo5 months ago
  • The othet video of the worst teammates i definitely agreed about kd the worst teammate

    Sad EditsSad Edits5 months ago
  • A

    Andrew LeBelAndrew LeBel5 months ago
  • RIP Kobe Bryant

    DRAKE CLANDRAKE CLAN5 months ago
  • Jordan.. Bryant... James... that is my ranking on these three...

    Gio SegGio Seg6 months ago
    • Kobe mj lebum

      King Kobe 24King Kobe 24Month ago
    • İts simple And right

      uraz gguraz ggMonth ago
    • Mine to

    • @Oscar Arellano Kobe is better

      Carson SpechtCarson SpechtMonth ago
    • Oscar Arellano yup

      lilo whatlilo what2 months ago
  • James' athleticism + Jordan's skill +Bryant's mentality = Brian Scalabrine

    Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson7 months ago
    • james size, jordan mentality and athleticism, kobe skills and mentality = kwame brown

      Marlon CabreraMarlon CabreraMonth ago
    • It’s should be James size Jordan athleticism. James vert 42” vs Jordan 46” 40 time James 4.6 vs Jordan 4.3

      Nba Fan For LifeNba Fan For Life2 months ago
    • My mans Brian was a bucket lol 😂🥶💯💪🏾

      I’mAchildofGODI’mAchildofGOD6 months ago
    • Lol you right 😂😂😂😂😂

      I’mAchildofGODI’mAchildofGOD6 months ago
  • La Fan 4 Life Rip Kobe

    MilanaMilana8 months ago
  • Man what is the song name?

    Arda PolatArda Polat8 months ago
    • me against the world - 2pac different mix from the original though.

      User 138User 1386 months ago
  • The GOATS

    SurvivalSurvival8 months ago
  • 🐍👑🐐

    Frankie MartinezFrankie Martinez8 months ago
  • legendary

    jaden ツjaden ツ8 months ago
  • LeBron is the 🐐

    Afternoon Sports SlayAfternoon Sports Slay8 months ago
  • MJ is the cornerstone of the SG overall skill set. KB (rip) literally had to emulate the skillset of MJ in order to be elite. Without MJ honestly, KB would have never existed because KBs game is adopted from MJ. LJ though his game is prolific and his skillset is manageable to be placed on any team and gain victories, he is not better than KB and MJ because he is a SF that can spread and shrink the court at any given moment. LJ is the standout SF the very best SF whoever played the game professionally. In fact, LJ has paved the way of the SF to a higher level than any SFs before him but he is not better than MJ or KB because he is not an SG. They are all three hall of fame prestige but, MJ is the King of the SG, KB is the Prince of the SG and LJ is the King and the Prince of the SF position.

    Jay SJay S8 months ago
    • Bro don't take this as disrespect but you have to be young because to leave bird out of that so position is just crazy and lacking knowledge you see its on thing watching USworlds highlights and another watching on TV and its a WHOLE other being there watching live or playing against them

      charlie davischarlie davis6 months ago
  • Whoever made that video.....good job👍

    DaRon CageDaRon Cage9 months ago
  • King: LeBron James GOAT: MJ Black Mamba: Kobe that's just common sense but they will all pass away as the greatest player of all-time 🐍👑🐐 agreed?

    Chase JacksonChase Jackson9 months ago
    • MJ is the best ever. Without any doubt. Bron kobe are unbelievable, but MJ is the best

      Max MeierMax Meier7 months ago
    • Not agreed. Goat Bron

      Arda PolatArda Polat8 months ago
  • 3legendary

    Florentino NoynayFlorentino Noynay9 months ago
  • saw this on facebook yesterday...over 2 milion views on a facebook group...kewl video

    Nunzio RasoNunzio Raso9 months ago
  • One of my favorites songs. Hard to hear a remix but that one was legit , i loved it

    TreDayTreDay9 months ago
    • Yeah what is the song we need it

      bdude presentsbdude presentsDay ago
    • Man what is the song of tupac?

      Arda PolatArda Polat8 months ago
  • can you pls give me the mixtape its amazing

    BlazeBlaze9 months ago
  • No LeBron.just MJ and Kobe they're above the average!

    Juan MasdayJuan Masday9 months ago
  • No more arguing, just appreciation for greatness

    Sun BliethsSun Blieths9 months ago
    • RONNIE bruh stop ruining it

      Hello ThereHello ThereMonth ago
    • There is no argument MJ 23 GOAT

      RONNIERONNIE2 months ago
  • Over paid fucking idiots

    G.S.K.G.S.K.9 months ago
  • The sheep be crying,,, the awaken ones be laughing and the Freemasons 33 and up be rubbing their wicked palms

    Julian LopezJulian Lopez9 months ago
  • Amazing video. The GOATS!

    ScarecrowScarecrow9 months ago
  • Wow what about KD the best in the nba now and harden hello

    Eric WatlerEric Watler9 months ago
  • Tough to watch now

    Rhyno ProductionsRhyno Productions10 months ago
  • Nice

    rEAdy RobinsonrEAdy Robinson10 months ago
  • this is a nice video love it..

    kayiian gutierrezkayiian gutierrez10 months ago
  • Rip Kobe and Gigi byrant

  • Lebron just doesn’t have the mind.

    Truth LivesTruth Lives10 months ago
  • Say no to mj kobe or bron Trust me its gonna be luka doncic 10 years from now Yes to luka 👌👌

    harlah mae sumaloharlah mae sumalo10 months ago
  • .Jordan .kobe .KD LEBRON 👎🏾💯😂

    NWB CamNWB Cam10 months ago
    • -15 yo fan ALERT

      Arda PolatArda Polat8 months ago
    • Yes

      NWB CamNWB Cam9 months ago
    • KD?

      bsmi1361bsmi13619 months ago
  • This mixtape was too fire yo! 💯✊🏾👌🏾🔥

    I’mAchildofGODI’mAchildofGOD10 months ago
  • wooooow just wooooooooowwww

    R3TR0R3TR011 months ago
  • I’m a fan now!

    I’mAchildofGODI’mAchildofGODYear ago
  • Fire edits man, you’re a creative person! 💯🙏🔥

    I’mAchildofGODI’mAchildofGODYear ago
  • Why are all the highlights from LBJ basic one or 2 handed dunks . He’s has so many more crafty dunks in his career ( not to mention dunks on other players )

    BrimReaperBrimReaperYear ago
  • Come on bro u tellin me that Jordan didn't have 2 superstars u forgot about his hall of fame coach or scottie or grant then Rodman not mention dudes like kukoch Kerr, Harper now Kobe forget shaq years dude had a hall fame coach Bynum and gasol with point forward Lamar Odom clutch dereck Fisher Meta World Peace in case u dont know who that is Ron arttest bro LEBRON has never had teams that deep and as far as winning what heck do u call 8 straight finals no matter who was on his team with kyrie without before kyrie and he didn't play with wade from the beginning it was for 4 yrs where he was mostly banged up please

  • My dad said Larry Bird was better then LBJ I was like n*gga really

    adam fairadam fairYear ago

    Vincent Lucas ArellanoVincent Lucas ArellanoYear ago
    • @uraz gg before you saw kobe just got carried kobe only had 1 actuall good player on his team LeBron always had extra 2 good players same goes with Jordan he had actuall good 2 players

      Vincent Lucas ArellanoVincent Lucas ArellanoMonth ago
    • @uraz gg I mean like kobe got 5 rings so yeah

      Vincent Lucas ArellanoVincent Lucas ArellanoMonth ago
    • @uraz gg all of them good wdym

      Vincent Lucas ArellanoVincent Lucas ArellanoMonth ago
    • Only 2 goat

      uraz gguraz ggMonth ago
  • One is really overrated though. He has big muscles and plays the victim better than Jessie Smollett

    FlaGwop 904FlaGwop 904Year ago
    • how is LeBron overrated, he outscored all of them and he's still playing, he's got more career assists than all of them, more rebonds than all of them, Brought his team to the finals 8 straight times no matter where he was or who was on his team, not to mention he also beats both of them in fg%, dunks( showing how he's maintained his body and ALL that people still think he is overrated. He may be an idiot politically, but his job is a basketball player, not a politician

      Charlie StearnsCharlie Stearns3 months ago
  • Jordan and Kobe is the obsession of winning. Lebron never really had that win at all cost mentality. He needed 2 superstars to win all of his championships.

    BeingWokeTVBeingWokeTVYear ago
    • Kobe couldn’t get to the finals without another star and Jordan couldn’t make it out the first round without popper eveyone needs help dude

      NBA shawnyNBA shawnyYear ago
    • Come on bro u tellin me that Jordan didn't have 2 superstars u forgot about his hall of fame coach or scottie or grant then Rodman not mention dudes like kukoch Kerr now Kobe forget shaq years dude had a hall fame coach Bynum and gasol with point forward Lamar Odom clutch dereck Fisher Meta World Peace in case u dont know who that is Ron attest bro LEBRON has never had teams that deep and as far as winning what heck do u call 8 straight finals no matter who was on his team please

  • Jordan and Kobe worked hard in thier era, never allowing any obstacle to prevent them from reaching thier goal of being the best. they were not called the BEST early in thier career so they had to work hard every day to prove it by working hard in practice, studying opponents, adding something new every season, shooting a million free throws *motivation= i want to prove im the best* LeBron been called the BEST since high school and it done destroyed his mind. now he wants all the glory and accolade of being the best without working for it. no low post game or go to move after 16 years, skipping practice for years, not bothering to play defense, not spending hours shooting free throws until he gets it right... *motivation=to be an actor*

    youBoobyouBoobYear ago
    • youBoob You’re 100% right, finally someone sees the point I’ve been trying to prove! 💯👌🏾✊🏾

      I’mAchildofGODI’mAchildofGOD10 months ago
  • M.j Kobe lebron

    warren Bryantwarren BryantYear ago
    • @Daniel Butcher stfu

      Jericho GalidoJericho Galido6 months ago
    • LMAO. Kobe doesn't even belong in this convo

      Daniel ButcherDaniel Butcher11 months ago
  • Era is important rules changes and the competition and how effective they are on team mate games in crucial moments m.r all day

    warren Bryantwarren BryantYear ago
  • Lebron

    Certified-GCertified-GYear ago
  • Man, love this mix!

    gxqk112gxqk112Year ago
    • @Mastr Blastr now your mom thinks kobe byants a group or a band. or in a group.

      the maple tree 23the maple tree 235 months ago
    • This is the hypest realest mix I have seen in a while. My mom didnt know who Kobe was...I sent her this video as an introduction to The Mamba.

      Mastr BlastrMastr Blastr6 months ago
  • this is firee🔥 sub back?

    david wdavid wYear ago
  • Here before 1 billion views!

    Lance VillanuevaLance VillanuevaYear ago
  • can u share the mix

    Ethan PoEthan PoYear ago
  • This was amazing!

    David SoibatianDavid SoibatianYear ago
    • e

      Allyson HossaAllyson HossaMonth ago
    • re

      Allyson HossaAllyson HossaMonth ago
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      Allyson HossaAllyson HossaMonth ago
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      Allyson HossaAllyson HossaMonth ago
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      Allyson HossaAllyson HossaMonth ago
  • Make a video like this but with the best shooters

    Brent WoodBrent WoodYear ago
    • daniel c maybe curry????? Curry is the best shooter of all time and I’m a Lebron bandwagon

      lilo whatlilo what2 months ago
    • BaskiddyballBoyz Kobe Bird And Maybe Curry

      daniel cdaniel c4 months ago
    • Ice-snipe- Gaming nah it’s Curry, Ray Allen, and Larry Bird

      BaskiddyballBoyzBaskiddyballBoyz4 months ago
    • But Kobe’s also gonna be there

      Ice _Ice _6 months ago
  • Firee mix

    waddy mrwaddy mrYear ago

    Guccimane0713Guccimane0713Year ago
  • Here before the millions of future veiws. pin me

    SoccerLegend 777SoccerLegend 777Year ago
    • Pause

      Frankie MartinezFrankie Martinez8 months ago
    • sorry to break it to you but there's only 8.6k views lmao

      xᴠc.iᴅxᴠc.iᴅ10 months ago
  • Kobe

    Tunde PizzleTunde PizzleYear ago
  • Hahaha 1st

    rouirouiYear ago