LeBron and Kyrie Will Never Tell You This..

Nov 20, 2020
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LeBron and Kyrie Will Never Tell You This..
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  • We need a series of this

    Denzel PattersonDenzel Patterson18 minutes ago
  • Is there any proof to all of this?

    Bam DBam D53 minutes ago
  • Lets see how he do with kd.😅

    Top ItTop It2 hours ago
  • That Dr Phil piece was perfectly inserted lol

    OSF MovementOSF Movement2 hours ago
  • U left out that Lebron tried to get Kyrie traded and that's why he definitely ask to be traded... Lebron is a snake . Overrated

    18 3218 324 hours ago
  • I dislike anyone who dislikes Kyrie and thinks his past actions define him

    Hussein Abdul-RahimHussein Abdul-Rahim6 hours ago
  • LBJ doesn't win without kyrie

    Learn&teach2LearnLearn&teach2Learn10 hours ago
  • Each made mistakes in their own way...

    Ebune NamataEbune Namata10 hours ago
  • You forgot to add another reason why Kyrie left. There were a ton of rumors that LeBron might not stay in Cleveland, and Kyrie did NOT want to play on a weak ass Cavs team going to the lottery every year. So overall it was a smart move to get out of there before LeBron left tbh.

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon Johnson11 hours ago
  • Waiting on the next episode "the kid broke up the bromance with KD" next season😂. I don't think he will never win another ring with this diva attitude

    El PadrinoEl Padrino15 hours ago
  • Basketball need to hockey nigga knocking each other out

    Blue MoneyBlue Money19 hours ago
  • I knew somebody who was from Cleveland and predicted lebron going back home. I still cant believe he was right.

    G 4 PG 4 P23 hours ago
  • I hate to say it but he ain’t ever gonna win a chip that shit ain’t gonna work in Brooklyn would be really cool if him and bron meet in finals let’s hope for the soap opera drama!! 💯

    Michael BerenatoMichael Berenato23 hours ago
  • irving deserved Mvp for that championship, not LeBron!!!!

    keyboard man2019keyboard man2019Day ago
  • Amazing video

    TheBrotasticBroTheBrotasticBroDay ago
  • This is 🔥🔥

  • Congrats you have earned yourself a subscriber! 👍😀

    The Youngest Basketball CoachThe Youngest Basketball CoachDay ago
  • Kyrie a hater.

    Moses workingMoses workingDay ago
  • '15F G1.. Kyrie was balling b4 he went down, real talk Edit: That Dr. Phil cameo tho 😆😆

    ES Hands McGeeES Hands McGeeDay ago
  • The duo would of been insane if kyrie stayed

    David SmithDavid SmithDay ago
  • 1 min in and I am gonna subscribe

    David SmithDavid SmithDay ago
  • This Video was so great. The thing with Kyrie Is that if it had worked out with Boston like Maybe we could say yo he was right. But then he ditched there too, and then in Brooklyn he was saying WE needed this and that. Like, bro what are you talking about you want to be a leader. I still love Kyrie, but whenever Kyrie doesn't like where he's at he ditches, let's se what happens if KD Comes back as his old self cause yall know the face of the team is KD

    Limber ClanLimber ClanDay ago
  • kyrie seems like he selfish asl good player tho

    Jean MikailJean MikailDay ago
  • BULLSHIT! lmfao Dr Phil tell it like it is

    Julien TannerJulien TannerDay ago
  • So what is it that lebron and kyrie will never tell us??

    JonnyBoi GamingJonnyBoi GamingDay ago
  • Brother I had a Mandela effect with video I swear I saw the tittle what Kyrie and Kevin Durant won’t tell you 🤦🏽

    Diestro TerreroDiestro TerreroDay ago
  • Hey i think kyrie needs to be on a team with kawhi he will be a 1st option or 2nd option or lebron can team up with lillard in 2021and also i think can Stephen Curry will play till 45 he can just catch and shoot threes or he can mentor players like he can go to the hawks to catch and shoot but trae and curry would be a deadly duo i like cosgrove cause he makes different content then other youtubers like Theflightmike like talking about trades Cosgrove is my favorite youtuber he makes scary nba content keep up the good work Cosgrove

    Austin JonesAustin JonesDay ago
  • One thing u forgot to mention. Is lebron tried getting kyrie traded which is the reason he said lebron had too much power. And the reason he wanted a trade.

  • "You can't blame Kyrie for being delusional"... what's this? 😂😂😂

    Denien82Denien82Day ago
  • You deserve a million subs man

    BangpaulxuBangpaulxuDay ago
  • when he said him being delusional i lost it😂

    GodsendianGodsendianDay ago
  • Yo where did you find all of this information from?

    Kevon KilbertsKevon KilbertsDay ago
  • Kyrie cant win w/o bron..come on..hes just jealous and hurt his feelings coz of the attention lebron is getting..poor kyrie

    fer nanfer nanDay ago
  • Kyrie was so good, he gave the Cavs 2 more top picks before Lebron came back.

    Derrick SantosDerrick SantosDay ago
  • Imagine if they drafted Klay or Kawhi

    ETBrixProductionsETBrixProductionsDay ago
  • there relationship wasn’t perfect at all but yo their relationship is better than this. you are stretching things a lot and over reacting. Example go to 7:20

    Brandon PryerBrandon PryerDay ago
  • Lebron the goat but that dr.Phil clip was funny af 😭😂

    nikonikoDay ago
  • taste what you want! you can't be named as a franchise player and now joining KD in Brooklyn.

    Mark Joseph QuinereMark Joseph QuinereDay ago
  • If Kyrie has the same mentality as DWade. They would have won those finals

    Ranell CamogaoRanell Camogao2 days ago
  • Kyrie es un payaso

    Christian ReevesChristian Reeves2 days ago
  • Got a new sub love the vid

    brooklyn grizzbrooklyn grizz2 days ago
  • ..”that one right there made me the greatest player of all time” lol ... Dr. Phil “bullshit” 😂😭😂😭🤷‍♂️💯priceless

    Cooper TerronesCooper Terrones2 days ago
  • This is real juicy stuff my guy

    Gus WilliamsGus Williams2 days ago
  • Yoo. This dude is definitely a LeBron hater..

    Daniel SandersDaniel Sanders2 days ago
  • Ngl you are biast af in this video

    Danijel BjelicDanijel Bjelic2 days ago
  • Kyrie has to be the most unlikable guy in the nba.

    Jv woodsJv woods2 days ago
    • @gonda g maybe he does but when your the best you can pretty much do what you want. At least he wants championships and this other idiot Kyrie dosent even want to play.

      Jv woodsJv woods2 days ago
    • @Jv woods LeBron is tolerated, not liked. He has talent and success but an eminently punchable mug and diva persona

      gonda ggonda g2 days ago
    • @gonda g obviously I dont know either of them but it seems the guys like Lebron and Kyrie not so much. The only thing Kyrie does nowadays is look for excuses not to play and Lebron looks for championships.

      Jv woodsJv woods2 days ago
    • Bron more unlikeable

      gonda ggonda g2 days ago
  • U be telling lies no cap bruh 🤣🤣

    Skinny.boi. jaySkinny.boi. jay2 days ago
  • The only problem I have with this slant is that we have enough evidence now to see that Kyrie doesn’t play well with others. This feels like shots at Bron

    Jarrett BurgessJarrett Burgess2 days ago
  • Kobe n shaq 2.0

    Trigga TayTrigga Tay2 days ago
  • Kyrie ruin his career after traded to boston.

    Tae TaeTae Tae2 days ago
  • Hey guys check out this video usworlds.info/slow/video/hJ2dgZaVh12brKE

    Samuel KoshySamuel Koshy2 days ago
  • All these videos high key bs but you know how to make them sound interesting props to you

    Big AntBig Ant2 days ago
  • More videos

    True GodTrue God2 days ago
  • Lebron calling him soft. Lebron is soft with his crying constantly to refs every game and jumping team to team when things don’t go well.

    EdEd2 days ago
    • This is the most legendary comment I've ever seen

      RadaxPRadaxPDay ago
    • Spot on bro 👏

      Eric EscobarEric EscobarDay ago
  • I never liked Lebron. Lol

  • That was a movie

    Jo2 FactorJo2 Factor2 days ago
  • Can't wait to see the nets wit harden

    ashxrld 123ashxrld 1232 days ago
  • that 1 more stop shit is bs, cmon my dude. you make a good youtube video but.. do you really believe that garbage? 1 more stop is echoed in the nba from the beginning! quit gossiping and tell the truth!

    Fernando JrFernando Jr2 days ago
  • I don’t think he meant any harm by calling him kid, nba players refer to younger players as kid all the time.

    Lau DaLau Da2 days ago

    irvgotti 97’irvgotti 97’2 days ago
  • The most underrated channel

    Kyle MalekebuKyle Malekebu2 days ago
  • this is definitely one of the best NBA storylines going on right now. Great vid man!!

    Jordan NewberryJordan Newberry3 days ago
  • There's many videos like these but yours is my favorite. ❤

    Dimple CantorDimple Cantor3 days ago
  • I get where he's coming from, that he wanted to be the leader instead of lebron if you were doing so well in whatever sport u played you would want everything you want to be there your rules and to that just be taken instantly you might feel some sort of way about it

    Dorito SandwichDorito Sandwich3 days ago
  • That still makes me giggle like a little girl. "Parental role??" and "You gotta get at least 1 assists!"

    Jeremy BirkJeremy Birk3 days ago
  • Kyrie is a sociopath, I'm convinced of it. You have to earn your keep young man. It is not going to be given to you. Kill the ego or you'll run KD out of Brooklyn.

    ConsciousConscious3 days ago
  • Not even close 2 the greatest title Kyrie actually won cavs the only 1 ever

    James PerryJames Perry3 days ago
  • Dude requested a trade bc hes being constantly called a "kid" . What a snowflake 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Zero ReverseZero Reverse3 days ago
  • lebron saying you have to have at least 1 assist makes me think of that interview where they ask bron about kyrie having no assists and lebron saying put it on me

    suda moonsuda moon3 days ago
  • Cosgrove "Sometimes I can make you so scared that you'll sh*t ur pants" prod

    Daniel GuanDaniel Guan3 days ago
  • Kyrie earned his respect as a player, and the style in which he plays is very pretty. But without Lebron’s discipline he might be just another Melo or Iverson in Cavs. Lebron was after chips and he conditioned the team for that, because that’s one thing he knows how to do. Kyrie needed to get that maturity in ball before leading the team with as much weight as Lebron does.

    kadin imdadkadin imdad3 days ago
    • Yes his ego got in the way like every other human. He was young. I don’t know why people bash him for just being ignorant and young. Like are u not like that sometimes.

      Josephus HinnehJosephus HinnehDay ago
  • 6:47 MJ:” I took it personal”

    Mika RöntynenMika Röntynen3 days ago
  • Tough love man.

    sxmuelsxmuel3 days ago
  • 👌👌👌👀👀👀🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🤘

    Kenneth JohnsonKenneth Johnson3 days ago
  • This is a extremely underrated channel

    Charisma313Charisma3133 days ago
  • I wish that someday i can watch lebrin and kyrie in cleveland again.

    NogieNogie3 days ago
  • Yk listening to this really makes me underdtand kyrie decision in a way

    Fiba_dan 6Fiba_dan 63 days ago
  • 1 chip does not equal greatest in history foh

    leclank westleclank west3 days ago
    • @Kenoi Hall and like you do at age 12

      leclank westleclank west3 days ago
    • you don't know basketball

      Kenoi HallKenoi Hall3 days ago
  • this video content was made too early. just for me, i already knew all the bits and highlights about the content of this video. maybe 15-20 yrs from now where the generations will be stunned and in awe watching this video for they do not know anything of what happened btween this two back then. or maybe this video was relaesed in relation again with kyrie based on recent updates of the trades right now where based on the reports, he said same thing about the plan of nets of acquiring harden. reports said that kyrie was not happy about the harden plan for this will also take out to him the opportuniity to be the face of the franchise of nets.. IDK.. maybe? just my thoughts

    marvel starkmarvel stark3 days ago
  • Lebron is the best player ever just fyi Michael Jordan had nothing on him

    NM SwoofNM Swoof3 days ago
  • This is popcorn content right here.

    Em KastEm Kast3 days ago
  • I was watching Golden Hoops and went to the kitchen to get a drink. Came back to this video on autoplay. And THANK GOD it did. Now I'm subscribing.

    Erwin DeocampoErwin Deocampo3 days ago
  • Why should LBJbeg Kyrie to be a champion? If a player doesn't want to play with you and requests a trade what can words do? If an impossible title in 2016 isn't enough then no words can.

    one randone rand3 days ago
  • This channel is CONSPIRACY THEORY + ESPN lol idk if I should be checking for stats or checking for phone taps..either way its 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    mike conleymike conley3 days ago
  • Dr. Phill tho😂😂😂

    Albert RamirezAlbert Ramirez3 days ago
  • I'm sorry Kye seems to be a problem everywhere we wanted to be head of the team, but yet when it was jus him on the cavs ,THEY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...then went to Boston they didn't want him, now he wants to team up with KD ,team up ? I thought he wanted his own team? YEAH.. LBJ came to cave they Ky got a ring, AD went to LA with bron they won a ring.

    mike conleymike conley3 days ago
  • I don't think its Lebron's fault that uncle drew wanted out. He ain't the GM. He saw that uncle drew wanted to be the leader so bad and blocking his trade would have been selfish. When Lebron wanted out no one stopped him and he went on and learned a few things in Miami, maybe he also wanted Kyrie to do the same and learn a few things in Boston. We can't say its LBJ's fault that he didn't do much to block the trade.

    Owen S.T JajaOwen S.T Jaja3 days ago
  • Lmao at the Dr. Phil “Bullshit!” Line

  • Kyrie requested a trade because the cavs wanted to trade him to pheonix

    MLGV MigzMLGV Migz3 days ago
  • kyrie's ego is disappointing

    Denmar TayabanDenmar Tayaban3 days ago
  • Sounds like a hater to me..

    TRIPTRIP3 days ago
  • Jelous kayrie is great but dont compare them remember wen kayrie out on cleveland lebron still dominate east and play in the finals and kayrie boston craying second year still not good 😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣 ...... Kayrie is good but only good thats all bring lebron in celtics in that line up its a champ ring celtics is a monster young tallent ... Still i enjoy watching the lbj erving its a great run .... Lebron lebron the greatest

    Kevin BarrettoKevin Barretto3 days ago
  • That Dr Phil piece was perfectly inserted lol

    Doc CholoDoc Cholo3 days ago
  • Love your analysis... New sub!

    Jireh Micah LlonorJireh Micah Llonor3 days ago
  • What’s up with Kyrie’s mom? I’ve never seen her

    Aww Skit!Aww Skit!4 days ago
    • @KRT Music TBG ok I didn’t know that thank you.

      Aww Skit!Aww Skit!3 days ago
    • She was also a really good basketball player as well

      KRT Music TBGKRT Music TBG3 days ago
    • She died when he was 4

      KRT Music TBGKRT Music TBG3 days ago
  • Kyrie is a nut bucket. The last season he played with the Cavs, he didn't even talk to his teammates during the finals. He demanded a trade from a team that had made it to the finals three straight times, so he could be "the man." Playing second fiddle to the greatest player of all time was below Kyrie, in Kyrie's egomaniacal mind. The team he left made it back to the finals the next year. Tells you how important he was to it. He's been kryptonite to his teams since. Every fan in Boston stood ready to drive him to the airport if he'd leave. That team was worse with him than without him as was New Jersey last year. He's a ball hog--ball stopper. He destroys the flow of the offense to pound the floor and pretend he's Earl Monroe--who incidentally quit pounding the floor when his team needed him to quit. Kyrie is a self-absorbed individualist seeking personal honors in a team game at the cost of team success. Kyrie was a chuck-it-up leader of a nonplayoff team before LeBron came to Cleveland and has been a team killer since. Hey, Mr. Oh-So-I'm-Great, if you hadn't played with LeBron you'd have been John Wall--a talented non-winner, except that Wall reliably led teams that made it to the playoffs, unlike you. He never gives up, like you. It took the best passer and playmaker of your era and one of the top scorers of all time to carry your deficits into playoff usefulness. Guess what? KD is a great scorer but not a great playmaker for his teammates. Expect to wither on the vine without LeBron to drag you into playoff usefulness. Expect to kill flow like the bulb in your toilet tank when it reaches the top. Dumbass, you have a third as many points as Lebron in more than half of his seasons. Quit bragging about how the Cavs were "your team" and you were the primary scorer. It wasn't and you weren't. Your defense is shitty and you aren't capable of being a primary ball-handler and playmaker on any team in the NBA. You are a role-player, not a superstar. You can't carry a team as superstars do. Keep your egomaniac mouth shut or you will just heap more contempt on yourself. Nothing more pleasurable than calling a buffoon a buffoon.

    Doug BevinsDoug Bevins4 days ago
  • I think kyrie is against the media's brainwashing and calls them on it so it ends up looking weird when its just being contrasting to the popular agenda

    robert sheltonrobert shelton4 days ago
  • Good channel, great topics, excellent voice, narrative, and background music. Unlike irving you've got it all i subbed just keep it up. You're mike korzemba with a 40 inch vertical

    robert sheltonrobert shelton4 days ago
  • LeBron the goat

    LuithLuith4 days ago
    • No cap

      J_ 2kJ_ 2k3 days ago
  • This man a whole movie creator 😂

    Amani TamakAmani Tamak4 days ago