Meet the CHINESE Kyrie Irving!

Oct 10, 2018
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Meet the CHINESE Kyrie Irving!
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  • People sayin where jeremy lin? Lol. Jeremy Lin ain't chinese. He's American ya'll. That's why this dude did not mention him. N to all the filos sayin check out romeo whatshisface, maybe he isn't that good cause he ain't gettin much attention at all. Lol

    Philip Smi-Le NguyenPhilip Smi-Le Nguyen11 hours ago
  • Dinurog Lang Yan ni Terrence e hahaha

    Broderick ValenzuelaBroderick Valenzuela29 days ago
  • If you don’t play in the NBA then you won’t ever reach any level of fame. Just the truth

    RockRockMonth ago
  • 5:21 is that Jeremy Lin ??

    Rixx CarlsonRixx CarlsonMonth ago
  • Not even close 🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

    Eurania JimenezEurania Jimenez2 months ago
  • Did you know that this Chinese kyrie Irving was actually got crossed by the real Kyrie irving in fiba Us vs China twice , the imitator can't destroy the real one

    Leo CrossfireLeo Crossfire2 months ago
  • Lol watch Terrence Romeo ph. Filipino Kyrie Irving🔥❤

    SAD VibesSAD Vibes3 months ago
  • Terrence Romeo is more good than him

    johnel gonzalesjohnel gonzales4 months ago
  • Lol kyrie irving made in china hahahah This channel need to watch terrence romeo and stanley pringle of PBA

    Chris Jireh TorresChris Jireh Torres5 months ago
  • Screw the nba, be a legend where your at.

    Long NguyenLong Nguyen6 months ago
  • I'd go for Terrence ROMEO.

    Chris MoleChris Mole6 months ago
  • Covid

    Al JuiceAl Juice6 months ago
  • Fck

    Al JuiceAl Juice6 months ago
  • J lin7

    Sasuke UchihaSasuke Uchiha7 months ago
  • Fuck china, them chiggas are the ones who started the covid19 shit

    Sean GabrielSean Gabriel8 months ago
  • TR7..

    Ariel OdrobaAriel Odroba8 months ago
  • Also you forgot jeremy lin

    Kahari SidburyKahari Sidbury9 months ago
  • The thumb nail has 3 different teams on it

    Kahari SidburyKahari Sidbury9 months ago
  • Dude its chiry irving

    On Police nemOn Police nem9 months ago
  • Its fake 😂😂

    harlah mae sumaloharlah mae sumalo10 months ago
  • Lol guy can’t even shoot, Kyrie my ass

    J LJ L11 months ago
  • If he's gonna play with Kyrie this young blood will be schooled

    Ron Andrei CapioRon Andrei CapioYear ago
    • Same to your romeo and castro

      gp funnygp funny6 months ago
  • Wait until you go to The Philippines...

    Jose PatricioJose PatricioYear ago
  • Who cares?

    Pending CasePending CaseYear ago
  • So a white dude is training black dudes in basketball lmaoooo that's funny

    K.O FORTYK.O FORTYYear ago
  • Not even close bro!

    Ike ColoniaIke ColoniaYear ago
  • long way to kyrie irving, man!

    Raymond JumaquioRaymond JumaquioYear ago
  • If hes Kyrie then i am Curry ... tf lol i play better than that

    Kevin CalderonKevin CalderonYear ago
    • i appreciate the atmosphere of basketbaal in the US, but come on he is a professional player, if you are not working in G LEAGUE or NBA, you can't do as you said, by the way , i can be MaLong in the US lol

      sun Lancesun LanceYear ago
  • China trash

    CTPCTPYear ago

  • Terrence Romeo is the real Asian kyre Irving💗

    Baialaliah AliBaialaliah AliYear ago
    • there is a old saying which says a frog sitting in a well can not see the whole sky

      sun Lancesun LanceYear ago
  • Wym MAYBE Yao Ming

    【 Eggwhites 】【 Eggwhites 】Year ago
  • Terrence romeo join the Group😅

    Rey JalopRey JalopYear ago
  • Avoid NBA chinese man, you'll just ruin your career if you try it,

    CripZEmpire CastilloCripZEmpire CastilloYear ago
  • How dare u compare him to kyrie.

    MblatnikMblatnikYear ago
  • Watch terrence romeo the kyrie irving in the philippines...

    Jeremiah BulfaJeremiah BulfaYear ago
  • Is that it? Where is the highlight footage. And how thee HELL you gonna put his name on board with Kyrie?! Prolly not even average handling compared to most guards in the NBA. Kyrie is at the top. Search Kyrie highlights, then come back here and reply

    R MR MYear ago
  • China has way more people then us lmao

    Mikell BrownMikell BrownYear ago
  • He more like trae young

    Astro BucketsAstro BucketsYear ago
  • Just remind him to shave his armpit someday

    stephen Avalonstephen AvalonYear ago
  • He nice but Kyrie better 😂

    Cord ColeCord ColeYear ago
  • I hope he joins the #NBA

    Nocap Cavo XboxNocap Cavo XboxYear ago
  • Nice to meet you Asian Kyrie....

    - Blessings- BlessingsYear ago
  • Show his moves

    JeetJeetYear ago
  • lol he already is in the NBA this is the year 2034

    AJ SAJ SYear ago
  • Chinese KI = NBA D league bench warmer. Click Bait Alert....

    troy letroy leYear ago
  • Asian*

    Yooo #kxiYooo #kxiYear ago
  • Did you see the handle?

    NotezNation TvNotezNation TvYear ago
  • what about filipino kyrie irving terrence romeo

    poging manyakpoging manyakYear ago
  • Chyrie

    Max JohnsonMax JohnsonYear ago
  • Check out terrence romeo, he is better than that

    Christian Kyle BeltranChristian Kyle BeltranYear ago
  • watch terrence romeo Ph 😂😂

    Roy RealizeRoy RealizeYear ago
  • Having a good handles is nice. However can he go get baskets Like kyrie. I doubt it. I seen an1 players for years. So just because a guy can do easy tricks with the ball doesn't compare him to the great kyrie. Offset voice:They do anything for clout!

    Peru GuruPeru GuruYear ago
  • Romeo 🔥🇵🇭

    patricioabrelata16patricioabrelata16Year ago
  • We have Terrence Romeo in philippines

  • If your country/league restricts the amount of black players that can play on a team, then we know that you have no competitive spirit.

    Kobe RashidKobe RashidYear ago
  • Bruh, he should just go for it.

    Yuro's LifeYuro's LifeYear ago
  • He better go to the NBA especially if he signed with Jordan and got his own shoes already am I right

    Correz ThomasCorrez ThomasYear ago
  • Wait, but zhou Qi isn’t Chinese...

    SubparSubparYear ago
    • Actually zhouqi is Chinese

      小明小小小明小明小小小明Year ago
  • So what's up with the kyrie? Where you even get that accusation from?

    Sv JakcSv JakcYear ago
  • He won't last long

    Vijau CHOUDHARYVijau CHOUDHARYYear ago
  • There isn't a Chinese Irving because there not equal.

    Greg DismukesGreg DismukesYear ago
  • How can you even say that, even in asia he's not the best pointguard....

    Richard ButiongRichard ButiongYear ago
  • Bring Him to the U.S. Let's make it happen.

    HERU ApocalypseHERU ApocalypseYear ago
  • Click bait

    Cisco SZRCisco SZRYear ago
  • Legend has it that if you subscribe to my channel you will have good luck for the next 48 hours

    BlaDE NANOBlaDE NANOYear ago
  • Nice photoshop on the thumbnail 😂

    deonta holmesdeonta holmesYear ago
  • Meet filipino and learn more about from it

    Jihiya JangJihiya JangYear ago
  • no match with Terence romeo

    April BarrientosApril BarrientosYear ago
  • U can’t compare this guy to Kyrie!!!!.. if kyrie plays against Chinese league , kyrie will dominate for sure.. but if this guy plays in the nba..I don’t think he will dominate the game.. but u never kno. Jeremy Lin did it....

    radell yapradell yapYear ago
  • Isn't he already 26 years old

    Kenneth LorovicoKenneth LorovicoYear ago
  • Chinese Olok is Chinese Bilat of Chinese iyot.. Amen

    Metal StormMetal StormYear ago
  • so racist. ..... chinese kyrie? come on man u euros are a piece of work

    bodean superhaterifficbodean superhaterifficYear ago
  • Dont put your hopes up . Just cause he got the shoes doesnt mean he can play the league . Its much harder than you think it is .....

    mark layammark layamYear ago
  • White people dont ball

    Wavy EWavy EYear ago
  • Handles

    Negus NegusNegus NegusYear ago
  • But if he does make it to the nba, mean like trump is not going to allow him into country😭

    MuppsMuppsYear ago
  • Boy hell nah don’t ever compare him to Kyrie

    Foluke DaMCFoluke DaMCYear ago
  • didn't jordan's god son sign with jordan brand, who also plays internationally???

    Awe Dee.0Awe Dee.0Year ago
  • Yea he’s pretty good but the defense in China is a head shaker 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Well that's really because they have HIGHER POPULATION lol

    Almighty TOAlmighty TOYear ago
    • Tarhan Otis 😂🔥

      ErkieFNErkieFNYear ago
  • Never 😄😄😄😄😄

    Alpha HopAlpha HopYear ago
  • Y'all did this to Jeremy Lin, overhyping. Let him do his thing and don't compare

    Francisco Susana GregorioFrancisco Susana GregorioYear ago
    • 26661 Soccer is the biggest and most important sport on Planet Earth. Soccer is the WORLD GAME and is massive in over 240 countries. Every nation on Earth loves Soccer. Basketball is only big in less than 40 countries. Soccer is more popular than basketball in every country except the Philippines, Lithuania and US. I tell you this my brothers soccer will be the number 1 sport in the United States of America by the year 2070 A.D. Soccer will be the most popular sport in every country on earth by 2100 A.D ryggs

      MUFCMUFCMonth ago
    • If any nba players see this they gonna crush him if he ever play them

      Royal RussellRoyal RussellMonth ago
    • Yeah they kill me with comparisons

      CainCain2 months ago
  • My man forgot linsanity

    Hassan AnwarHassan AnwarYear ago
  • Wtf happened to Jeremy lin

    Certified_stxvnCertified_stxvnYear ago
  • i wanna see this chinese vs terrence romeo 1v1 on a court, who do you think will win? romeo will break his ankle. 😀😁

  • Meet the Philippines kyrie irving terence romeo

    Benedict GalonoBenedict GalonoYear ago
    • Nah his shit

      gp funnygp funny6 months ago
  • Terrible

    Mark RamosMark RamosYear ago
  • In the philippines we got terence romeo as kyrie and stanley pringle as kemba fight me

    anthony bandiolaanthony bandiolaYear ago
    • anthony bandiola BOBO!

      Mark HernandezMark HernandezYear ago
  • Lol china has the most boastful players. Just watch fiba, and maybe CBA and watch how they play. Mostly all of their games end up in a fight or a rumble. They are all bad at playing(not skill wise). Lol china has bad basketball.

    Kent GuhilKent GuhilYear ago
  • there is no other kyrie bro

    Tristan Jessie PalmaresTristan Jessie PalmaresYear ago
  • What about that red haird chinese guy from NBA 2K19??

    Paulo FelicianoPaulo FelicianoYear ago
    • ahahahahaahaha

      snowysnowyYear ago
  • Philippines is way more fanatic in basketball than china

    rob floresrob floresYear ago
  • I wanna hear more from this guy fr

    OT HiddenOT HiddenYear ago
  • No men!haha are you kidding me? He doesn't play like kyrie. Try to watch terrence romeo's highlights he's from philippines he plays more like kyrie than this guy.

    ozone rocksozone rocksYear ago
  • Nah nah

    Jason NacpilJason NacpilYear ago
  • He not even better than the professor🤔💯

    Gabe YungGabe YungYear ago
    • The professor is trash

      ZiranZiranYear ago
    • Gabe Yung Dumb-dumb. The prof is a street hooper not a pro... do you actually watch basketball or your just trolling your ass off? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤔

      Jackson GedeJackson GedeYear ago
    • Profesor not even pro 🤣

      brangkobrangkoYear ago
  • He is more like trae young if anything

    Try PlzTry PlzYear ago
  • Chine Irving

    fmlfmlYear ago
  • The thumbnail is fake cuz it's no China NBA team in the league so yea 👇🏿

    ツTeø_XĐ_ツツTeø_XĐ_ツYear ago