Meet The Michael Jordan of All HECKLERS!

Feb 19, 2020
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Meet The Michael Jordan of All HECKLERS!
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  • They would kick him out when he was heckling Jordan

    Jameson kingJameson king8 days ago
  • Raon rondo cause you got no J I'm dead🤣🤣🤣

    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung21 day ago
  • while this man may be accomplished in his career i still consider his heckling pathetic, just look at the clip at the end, what kind of person enjoys doing that lol just another stan

    G DG DMonth ago
  • Hey, when heckling works, it really works. My Dad and I like to sit behind the visiting teams dugout at college baseball games. One time we really got to a player so bad he started cursing at us and his co ass coach had to calm him down. It was hilarious because the thing that got to him was we were talking about his age because he looked a lot older than most college players.

    Kyle TuckerKyle TuckerMonth ago
  • Gordon Ramsay isn't even in the conversation for the GOAT of chefs, never has been either. He's more like a Kobe (though Kobe is far more accomplished in comparison). Marco White is the MJ. Anyway, with chefs you can't really say who the GOAT is because it has such a longer history than modern sports.

    sneakybeardsneakybeardMonth ago
  • NBA needs more people like him more than ever

    maleman julpaxmaleman julpaxMonth ago
  • Barkley never learned his lesson in that dream team practice game where mj busted his ass cause of magic’s trash talk, if fickle wasnt kicked out im sure jordan would have scored more instead

    Ralff 42Ralff 42Month ago
  • Tom Brady is the MJ quarterbacks not football period

    Arty StarksArty StarksMonth ago
  • That goat spitting tho

    iim6keV2iim6keV2Month ago
  • I ran with his son in track

    Colin KingColin KingMonth ago
  • Ja rule is more like the starks of the rap game, you got your moments and you're pretty good but you fell just short.

    Jesus SaldanaJesus SaldanaMonth ago
  • 🐐 😂

    Philly ManPhilly ManMonth ago
  • This guy is awesome....I like him so much it IRATATES ME

    Emilee MarshallEmilee MarshallMonth ago
  • i met ficker,nice guy

    Jake !Jake !Month ago
  • Good content but I compare jrule to mj I think much better delonte west

    prak Langprak LangMonth ago
  • What a absolute idiot, a shame to his profession, shame no one knocked him out

    Suky GillSuky Gill2 months ago
  • 9:22 Olden Kevin Arnold Voice from The Wonder Years

    Terry BogardTerry Bogard2 months ago
  • In german Ficker means fuc*er

    winston olgawinston olga3 months ago
  • Mean guy

    Rachel ZetouniRachel Zetouni3 months ago
  • A fan but yoo bad jordan was such a sexist bully

    Aj AjajAj Ajaj3 months ago
  • This was so good I'm posting a bullets vs knicks game from 91/92 where Robin Ficker is heckling Patrick ewing and screaming at the knicks the whole entire game. Comical stuff

    Jake JPJake JP3 months ago
  • You lost all credibility with the Ja Rule statement but great video anyway.

    Stephen KirkwoodStephen Kirkwood3 months ago
  • Ja Rule ain't the MJ of any shit. What you talking about folk. King of the rap game currently has to be Eminem or Snoop Dogg.

    Joel The SlasherJoel The Slasher3 months ago
  • Ficker was a spectacle. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any video of him heckling at NBA games. Famous yet no footage.

    wink2runwink2run3 months ago
  • interesting video idea doe

    Salty Chocolate BarSalty Chocolate Bar3 months ago
  • They should have let him stay behind the other teams bench. One thing he never did was be disrespectful with it

    Prince SayidPrince Sayid3 months ago
  • I like what u did with the title 😏

    Nikhil JOHNNikhil JOHN3 months ago
  • Who said Ja rule is the rapping MJ? Eminem destroyed him, shredded the man to pieces

    Ramza Alexander FajardoRamza Alexander Fajardo3 months ago
  • Did he take everything personal

    Costas GeorgiouCostas Georgiou4 months ago
  • Who the hell is the ficker

    4d thinking4d thinking4 months ago
  • Ja Rule is the Michael Jordan of the rap game...where tf is this guy from and who is he??? Really??? Ja Rule??? WTH is really going on???

    Asa SparksAsa Sparks4 months ago
  • That was a dirty move from Barkley to hire such a heckler to distract Jordan. A player being a heckler to win is different from a fan being a heckler. This type of behavior is not decent. This guy definitely got some problem.

    JunshiJunshi4 months ago
  • Heckling is part of the game.. I'll allow it. You should hear what the players say to eachother on court

    ghostdtxghostdtx4 months ago
  • Ja rule isn't even the J.R Smith of anything, let alone rap

    Bliss HyattBliss Hyatt4 months ago
  • You just don't cross the line... until the post-season

    John MurrayJohn Murray4 months ago
  • I want to go to some games with this guy

    The Casual GamerThe Casual Gamer4 months ago
  • His name is so funny man. I'm german and Ficker means fucker in german 😂😂😂

    Gudrun & Bennet RothfussGudrun & Bennet Rothfuss4 months ago
  • Mad Max putting them 🐾 paws on folks💥🤕

    Breesha KnightBreesha Knight4 months ago
  • This guy is just an asshole tbh

    Gideon AignerGideon Aigner4 months ago
  • why you heckling Ja Rule ? lol

    Hold This L. DebargeHold This L. Debarge4 months ago
  • Ja rule was never even in the category of top 5 the fuck this dude talkin about em is the goat best alive hands down

    Dylan BennettDylan Bennett4 months ago
  • Well that guy is fukin annoying

    Saleem ZeidanSaleem Zeidan4 months ago
  • This guy is talking about this dude like he’s a fucking God, he’s just some low life weirdo with nothing better to do than trash talk hard working ppl

    Jacob LewisJacob Lewis4 months ago
  • This guy's a potty mouth!

    Kenn DeanKenn Dean4 months ago
  • Bruh

    SupercubixSupercubix4 months ago
  • Jordan g.o.a.t

    rex pajorex pajo4 months ago
  • He can make some good money off that. 1-800 DIAL-A-HECKLER

    Jeremy ToleJeremy Tole4 months ago
  • Actually good.

    Van Vador03Van Vador034 months ago
  • Ficker 😂 it’s funny cause I’m German

    Mia HaneyMia Haney4 months ago
  • Ja rule best in rap game. Don't make me laugh.

    julien mohrjulien mohr4 months ago
  • thank god im a wizards fan

    Big PlayzBig Playz5 months ago
  • Too bad Robin Thicke the singer wasn't a pro atlete. This guy could heckle him just by introducing himself.

    CommentCop Badge#666CommentCop Badge#6665 months ago
  • Well... good to know that kind of person exist...

    RaffaeleRaffaele5 months ago
  • He should be in a snooker game.

    Prashant BasnetPrashant Basnet5 months ago
  • Robin Ficker? ... If he were German, the name would suit him better.

    Iura de RezendeIura de Rezende5 months ago
  • Imagine if he's was around during Google days

    Restoration workRestoration work5 months ago
  • A rich asshole talkijg shit shocker

    Shane ScullyShane Scully5 months ago
  • Hahaha that ja rule part has me crying lol

    Lucas SmithLucas Smith5 months ago
  • I'm the Michael Jordan of watching USworlds

    Demarcus ShieldsDemarcus Shields5 months ago
  • The only people who have called Brady the GOAT are from New England.

    TonyTony5 months ago
  • Stop. Talking. So. Slow

    Guy ForteGuy Forte5 months ago
  • Ja Rule the MJ of the rap game ?? The guy that played with sensei Steven Seagall ?? C'mon !

    harold nicolasharold nicolas5 months ago
  • That was such a Barkely move. That whole situation was hilarious. Barkely must have known you can't talk to Jordan like that for very long and stay in the building. That's a "hey, what was the deal with that heckler" question while they're both out on the golf course after the season was over. I can see Jordan just saying "I know that was you."

    Do not taunt Happy Fun BallDo not taunt Happy Fun Ball5 months ago
  • When you get seats to heckle you know you're a asshole. I have been that guy.

    RC DusterRC Duster5 months ago
  • Robin is a SAVAGE LOL

    Travis TurkTravis Turk6 months ago

    Travis TurkTravis Turk6 months ago
  • So the guy is basically Ali's best disciple in trash talking. Went to the dojo and learned from the master himself 🤣🤣🤣

    Iver VJIver VJ6 months ago
  • Ja Rule is the MJ of being a washed up rapper.

    varanonevaranone6 months ago
  • Bro can u like just stick to 1

    Koro DredreKoro Dredre6 months ago
  • This is a nice video but your cadence and rhythm of speech is horrible.

    duckkillerclydeduckkillerclyde6 months ago
  • Let us hear Ficker

    Yogi BearYogi Bear6 months ago
  • Punch in the face from an NBA millionaire is a backfire? More like a payday.

    James McClureJames McClure6 months ago
  • WOW!!!...

    Jon Jon HarreldJon Jon Harreld6 months ago
  • But could he have heckled Mike Tyson?

    rasengan2289rasengan22896 months ago
  • Too bad the Barkley/Ficker connection wasn't in The Last Dance.

    bc1969214bc19692146 months ago
  • lame

    P CP C6 months ago
  • Gordon Ramsey would agree that he is definitely not the GOAT of the culinary world

    Shane LeeShane Lee6 months ago
  • 2:48 that's not heckling.

    ____6 months ago
  • Hecklewitz Fickerstein.

    Antoine CringemannAntoine Cringemann6 months ago
  • "The Western Appeal is devoted to the interest of the *negro race*..." 5:10 How was this particularly pertinent? 🤔

    prospect101prospect1016 months ago
    • Fagerström! I Know You’re In There, Fagerström! I looked it up on google: The Western Appeal was a weekly newspaper published from 1885 to 1923. It was one of the most successful African-American newspapers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, it was published in six separate editions in cities across the United States at the height of its popularity. In 1889 the newspaper changed its name to The Appeal to reflect its expanded geographic scope. So basically it was a newspaper that focused on pertinent black issues.

      brob2234brob22344 months ago
    • Nice catch. Presumably the creator of this video was just looking for a stock newspaper clip for the part about Ficker “looking up who the Bullets were playing before every game”. But it does beg the question who created that clip and for what purpose did they use that particular piece of legible text? Maybe it was originally part of a history video?

      Hot CoffeeHot Coffee6 months ago
  • You obviously don't know your cuisines but Ramsay is far from the GOAT of the culinary world.

    S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • Wonder if he still heckled jordan when he played for the wizards.

    Makaveli trained Soldier84Makaveli trained Soldier846 months ago

    Chris KChris K6 months ago
  • Those that can, do. Those that can't, heckle.

    C Hill 7C Hill 76 months ago
  • This dude did not just say jarule is the Michael Jordan of the rap game 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀

    Mike DejesusMike Dejesus6 months ago
  • Ficker, the mens name literally means fucker in German lol.

    Ненад ИлићНенад Илић6 months ago

    Abe AdaAbe Ada6 months ago
  • Ja rule the Jordan of rap? I think that was supposed to be sarcastic

    Freedom or DustFreedom or Dust6 months ago
  • Who?

    Shmurda HatShmurda Hat6 months ago
  • Ficker seems like an idiot

    John HJohn H6 months ago
  • I guess he's the ultimate troll. He has the balls to be there in person and insult somebody unlike people over the internet with their dummy accounts. Lol

    bastardjusticebastardjustice6 months ago
  • “Ja Rule is Michael Jordan of rap game” hahahahaha

    Calm&ReadyCalm&Ready6 months ago
    • GianlucaPagliuca same shit I said 😭😭😭😭

      Mike DejesusMike Dejesus6 months ago
  • Ja rule the MJ of the rap game hell no lol way off

    Big Bunny CarrotsBig Bunny Carrots6 months ago
  • Ja ain’t shit

    Ashley MinixAshley Minix6 months ago
  • Ja Rule the MJ of rap????? What a joke thanks for the laugh 👍

    PhelonyoneRPhelonyoneR6 months ago

    Michael BrassMichael Brass6 months ago
  • Ja rule is the MJ of concert promotions.

    wooddog furniturewooddog furniture6 months ago
  • Professional athletes that can't handle hecklers like this goofball or heckling in general are not professional...grow up, get some thicker skin and stfu...js

    jrod8332jrod83326 months ago
  • "damn, can't find any dirt on Kevin Duckworth. I'll just stare at him."

    SM DickinsonSM Dickinson6 months ago
    • That death stare is REAL 🤣😂🤣

      Blac WynnBlac Wynn2 months ago
    • @duckkillerclyde or crocodile

      GeorgéNothimGeorgéNothim3 months ago
    • @duckkillerclyde You alligator.

      GeorgéNothimGeorgéNothim3 months ago
    • @duckkillerclyde did you kill him DUCK killer?

      SM DickinsonSM Dickinson6 months ago
    • But he's dead now.

      duckkillerclydeduckkillerclyde6 months ago