Meet the NBA Player who literally JUMPED to the "MOON"

May 15, 2019
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Meet the NBA Player who literally JUMPED to the "MOON"
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  • he has the best rebound play i have ever seen:)Jamario Moon

    Muscle HeadMuscle Head25 days ago
  • I’ve heard of him on nba2k

    Ramzy ZegarRamzy Zegar26 days ago
  • When you show me Moon High far about Vince Carter

    Akin LawrenceAkin Lawrence27 days ago
  • I name my son jamario after him😮😯😲😳🤛

    Ted BukulatjpiTed BukulatjpiMonth ago
  • Do u know how hard it is to jump off the same foot as the hand you dunk with...didn't realize wat he did but that's insane man!

    Gee CeeGee CeeMonth ago
  • When I watch how he dunked it makes me think of how Shannon Brown used to jump out the gym as well

    KT PacinoKT PacinoMonth ago
  • He was like Derek Jones jr

    Az CHOPPAz CHOPPMonth ago
  • When you're 6'8 dunking is not that impressive

    Ahmad Aasiya-BeyAhmad Aasiya-Bey2 months ago
  • @Cosgrove Prod. Cool video but I think you may be confused about the definition of literally.

    lessonslearnedlessonslearned3 months ago
  • I really thought this was about mj

    Kamaroua BankssKamaroua Bankss4 months ago
  • That last name is just perfect. It's like he is made for basketball.

    bastardjusticebastardjustice5 months ago
  • It’s not stals its steals

    GamingWithMiklo :DGamingWithMiklo :D6 months ago
  • That’s my uncle

    Hunter GreeneHunter Greene8 months ago
    • That's my cousin

  • I remember Jamario Moon! Dude was super athletic.

  • So hes literally an astronaut or is this clickbait

    Jesse GarrettJesse Garrett9 months ago
  • hes the same age

    Ben _JaminBen _Jamin9 months ago

    Luis AndradeLuis Andrade9 months ago

    Jon HohenseeJon Hohensee9 months ago
  • my guy has never seen ronaldo headers

    dumbo chikidumbo chiki9 months ago
  • I definitely remember him, it was so much fun watching him in toronto.

    sandfleesandflee9 months ago
  • he was a pretty good player tbh, i dont know the recruitment process for nba teams, he seems like an asset to any team. hey do a video on JYD one day remember him.

    ABUJ1000ABUJ10009 months ago
  • Ofcourse a classic player,with a smooth style.

    Juan bodyguard Alpha-q-upJuan bodyguard Alpha-q-up9 months ago
  • If he was given enough play time.. he could've been something else.

    skalawitzskalawitz9 months ago
  • Shanon brown and gerald green...????? They too literally jumped to the moon

    Moga OsMoga Os9 months ago
  • This is bull Dee Dawson from the home side squad Virginia. Yes. I remember he was the s***. I thought he should have been in the damn weed a long time ago, cuz the boy was an incredible talent how he got overlooked simply because of a college move dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. but overall the boy was bad and it was everybody's lost to have not seen that boy play in the sea where he could have took in basketball. The boy was bad. Again. This is bull Dee Dawson from the home side squad, Virginia.. 🤔🤔🤔🙏🤟🐦

    Allen FontaineAllen Fontaine9 months ago
  • Nice vid. Thanks!!

    Cape Towns Biggest FanCape Towns Biggest Fan9 months ago
  • Jamario Moon

    RyzenKurt RitchieRyzenKurt Ritchie9 months ago
  • Literally to the moon?

    Vakidis VaselidisVakidis Vaselidis9 months ago
  • actually very happy for him, hard work does pay!!!! I mean he was happy in the NBA, got enough money (more than most people could ever earn), no major injuries, no drama stories that can ruin his memory....

    Steve SongSteve Song9 months ago
  • I remember jemario moon

    Joey DiazJoey Diaz9 months ago
  • Aprilboyricoakoginmetrolpolitanaurasmasung

    Cesar Nunez MoisesCesar Nunez Moises9 months ago
  • I must asking who are you...

    JayJay9 months ago
  • Sori nowhere near the likes of Vince Carter nd dem! Click bait😱

    29Q #Bringiton#29Q #Bringiton#9 months ago
  • Great public service story. Moon was one of those stars who didn't get a chance to shine in the NBA.

    Houston MuhammadHouston Muhammad9 months ago
  • clickbait

    bwfextremebwfextreme9 months ago
  • Unfortunately, living in Canada means we are mostly force-fed Raptors games on our national sports channels (TSN, Sportsnet). This also means I saw this guy play. A lot. He was an average player at best, and even that's a bit of a stretch. (Not really a criticism, just the way it was).

    Steve WilsonSteve Wilson9 months ago
  • to much ads.......skip.....

    abdool braderabdool brader9 months ago
  • 05:15 that fool fella has ruined the shot😠

    AJay SharmaAJay Sharma9 months ago
  • I do to think what he did

    Christopher ClemonsChristopher Clemons9 months ago
  • Much much much much much much better Ryan Hollins lol

    3SeaN Entertainment 6173SeaN Entertainment 6179 months ago
  • Where’s the moon?

    Mad MediaMad Media9 months ago
  • 6.8, huge bounce, plays defense, seems like a good work ethics... I mean... there are much worse players in the NBA, so weird.

    viktorianasviktorianas9 months ago
  • Now i know why he had a good defense on nba2k game...thanks for the video 👍

    DrigrorDrigror9 months ago
  • I was a fan. He reminded me of young Scottie Pippen... He was good defensively and off the charts athletic and had a smoothness to his game was enjoyable to watch. He just needed a more refined offensive game.

    Francis BawasantaFrancis Bawasanta9 months ago
  • Grate video

    John G. Jones Research Lodge #147John G. Jones Research Lodge #14710 months ago
  • He's a high flyer..I watched him before

    Renz Adam Dela CruzRenz Adam Dela Cruz10 months ago
  • He went to Meridian Community College

    Itz SpykeItz Spyke10 months ago
  • Reminds me of a young Scottie Pippen

    Antonio GaldonAntonio Galdon10 months ago
  • What Happened to David Robertson??

    Satsang JohnsonSatsang Johnson10 months ago
  • plenty of nba players jumped higher than him,lebron james ,gerald green and many others ,he wasn't that impressive.

    b zanonb zanon10 months ago
  • Dude looks like calebcity

    Fre0n GamingFre0n Gaming10 months ago
  • To be honest man. Gerald Green is the best

    Boyet BoyetBoyet Boyet10 months ago
  • Vertical isn't worth anything without skill. Maybe that's why most people don't remember him..

    Biaka H. ParteBiaka H. Parte10 months ago
  • Is english even your first language? I hope not because you don't even know the meaning of the word 'literally'...

    Biaka H. ParteBiaka H. Parte10 months ago
  • 1:00 i think that’s a travel

    Naruto999Naruto99910 months ago
  • I remember moon in nba 2k myteam

  • Never heard of that dude

    larryloudpax Dinglelarryloudpax Dingle10 months ago
  • After jumping into space during the spurs game made him famous

    ShadowDragonGTShadowDragonGT10 months ago
  • I remember Jamario specifically him being a 27 yr old rookie

    SarbeshSarbesh10 months ago
  • Moonman!

    Planting The NorthPlanting The North10 months ago
  • Yes, i most certainly do

    Messenger QuintMessenger Quint10 months ago
  • Is he an active player as of this date 1/10/20?

    Bob DoodleBob Doodle10 months ago
  • Cklick bait like always

    Youlannie GonzalezYoulannie Gonzalez10 months ago
  • Two words Gerald Green

    Justin Lopez-ErvinJustin Lopez-Ervin10 months ago
  • With all honesty this guy was a scrub

    Toad Face SplittaToad Face Splitta10 months ago
  • Fly me to the moon!

    i Knowi Know10 months ago
  • He aint do shit in the league tho..

    ThurlNobody 215ThurlNobody 21510 months ago
  • DOPE

    Jamillia CollinsJamillia Collins10 months ago
  • Guess he went to the moon

    Nature KingNature King10 months ago
  • Yes his elevation was extra ordinary, something weird in a very good way.

    Piosan SalvarePiosan Salvare10 months ago
  • Yeah, I remember Moon it was a fast ride for him but he had some ups!

    Anthony GrantAnthony Grant10 months ago
  • Gerald green has better Hops

    Jordy nubJordy nub10 months ago
  • Y jugó en Fuerza Regia

    Im BanditoIm Bandito10 months ago
  • It's my first time to hear his name and first time to know he is a talented basketball player. He is amazing! I wonder why he is not well-known like Jordan, Pippen and others. He just disappear like a bubble.

    Analisa RascoAnalisa Rasco10 months ago
  • i remember that rebound over everyone!

    O'Brian JonesO'Brian Jones10 months ago
  • Great video editing. What software are you using?

    Sgt. CryptoSgt. Crypto10 months ago
  • The dunk contest rule changes that year forced him to have a passer for the free throw line dunk

    Earle-of-WellingtonEarle-of-Wellington10 months ago
  • Jamario of my idol b4

    Kelly BonajosKelly Bonajos10 months ago
  • I jump higher than Gerald Green by like 3 feet and I'm 5 ft 9 in

    Dennis KingDennis King10 months ago
    • Then post some of your DUNKS., im be one of your fan..

      SAMANODENSAMANODEN5 months ago
  • How i wish he tried as import player in the PBA. People will love him here.

    manscharm msnmanscharm msn10 months ago
  • Even his haircut seems to come from the moon lol. Seriously, I remember that rebound, it was really impressive.

    NhilzerNhilzer10 months ago
  • Shannon brown had the most bounce in NBA history

    FullThrotle speedkingFullThrotle speedking10 months ago
    • @Lyal Minchinton never especially not no Dominique and he longer than brown I'm not saying he could dunk better but his bounce was way higher than Wilkins

      FullThrotle speedkingFullThrotle speedking10 months ago
    • No chance, Vince, Dominique, much more bounce.

      Lyal MinchintonLyal Minchinton10 months ago
  • This guy is a good dunker but vince carter can do better!!

    Lone WolfLone Wolf10 months ago
  • Have a jersey signed by him.

    K MartinezK Martinez10 months ago
  • Great video bud. Thanks for the great reminder

    XxTheCountxX XxTheCountxXXxTheCountxX XxTheCountxX10 months ago
  • You don't understand "literally" do you.

    Wallo MaieWallo Maie10 months ago
    • He was being sarcastic

      Big Time AzeBig Time Aze8 months ago
  • Wow 1:41

    David SmithDavid Smith10 months ago
  • Hall of Fame in my eyes.

    Larry GovanLarry Govan10 months ago
  • my vote for gerald green, that guy can leap

    countdown54321countdown5432110 months ago
  • I don't see what was so special about him. Lots of players had similar bounce. For me, the best to do it is Gerald Green. No one has ever jumped any higher in game. By the way, the free throw dunk was also done by a white guy somewhere in the mid 90s I think.

    Achilleas MargaritisAchilleas Margaritis10 months ago
    • Brent Barry😎👍🏽

      Q WardQ Ward10 months ago
  • I guarded him school he was doing Skywalker type stuff doing warmups like man he was a freak of nature.

    Willie DavisWillie Davis11 months ago
    • @welp time to go to sleep before he was famous and I'm happy he made it to the league fulfilled his dreams. Happy for him.

      Willie DavisWillie Davis10 months ago
    • dangggg bro you actually met him

      welp time to go to sleepwelp time to go to sleep10 months ago
    • @welp time to go to sleep Yes. He played for Coosa Central I played Sumter County High in York AL. And we won. He was a great player. Has us scared in warmups.

      Willie DavisWillie Davis10 months ago
    • really?

      welp time to go to sleepwelp time to go to sleep10 months ago
  • Derrick jones jr. Still the best 🤟 air plane mode ✈️

    Ludwig Karl CubertasLudwig Karl Cubertas11 months ago
  • Vince carter

    Eldie InocentesEldie Inocentes11 months ago
  • 1:33 sikkkkk

    Deep Medz RecordsDeep Medz Records11 months ago
  • I know him because of nba 2k11 😂

    lilmari10lilmari1011 months ago
  • Michael Beasley with less muscle

    bodlerbodler11 months ago
  • back when you had to have hops not 3 shot

    carnage6arcarnage6ar11 months ago
  • He could have been More famous if he won the 2008 slam dunk contest and made that dunk on his teaser 5:07 but unfortunately the alley pass was wrong so he dunked it the wrong way. Made him lost.

    Unworthy ServantUnworthy Servant11 months ago
  • I remember him with that crazy rebound

    Jay BiatoJay Biato11 months ago