Meet The WHITEST NBA Team of All-Time! (12-13 T-Wolves)

May 17, 2018
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Meet The WHITEST NBA Team of All-Time! (12-13 T-Wolves).
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  • OK, I am going to be honest, I am a short white man, and almost every time I step on the court I cook people of all colors

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy19 days ago
  • So i was not the only one who noticed?

    Syril wayne CunetaSyril wayne Cuneta29 days ago
  • Let’s have an all white team called the KKK Dragons!

    Thomas CorderThomas CorderMonth ago
  • I actually dnt have a problem with this. We are all athletes at the end of the day it’s not about race it’s about skills 👍🏻 I dnt have a problem with this video.

    Drey ScorchinDrey ScorchinMonth ago
  • Ginobila

    Chrislee EatonChrislee Eaton2 months ago
  • White boys are better players bird dirk big z Nash Stockton

    Chrislee EatonChrislee Eaton2 months ago
    • Chrislee Eaton no racism still exists

      jk Sureiyajk Sureiya29 days ago
    • Trump wins want to see Democrats move out of America they not gonna leave just cry

      Chrislee EatonChrislee Eaton29 days ago
    • Racism don't exist just hate

      Chrislee EatonChrislee Eaton29 days ago
    • And I'm trolling lol I'm a lebron fan since 2002 he is the goat

      Chrislee EatonChrislee Eaton29 days ago
    • Chrislee Eaton You’re being racist for no reason. Go back to Africa? How about you go back to Europe.This is native Americans land they should be the only ones telling someone to go back somewhere

      jk Sureiyajk Sureiya29 days ago
  • Where the niggas at 😆

    Chrislee EatonChrislee Eaton2 months ago
  • look at argentina national team, all whites

    MC LavaMC Lava3 months ago
  • Dat girls twerking lmaooo😂😂😂

    vStxgeGreens_YTvStxgeGreens_YT3 months ago
  • white Europeans you mean.... 😁

    Indrajit TaliwongsoIndrajit Taliwongso4 months ago
  • racism

    Da WayDa Way4 months ago
    • Litterally how 😂

      thedrayster06 _thedrayster06 _2 months ago
  • They finished last in the easteren conference lol

    Goodtime EntertainmentGoodtime Entertainment4 months ago
    • Mate, they finished 12th in the WESTERN conference XD

      DreamcasterDreamcaster4 months ago
  • Sidenote: the Atlanta Thrashers had the blackest hockey team ever with 5 black players. They were great players, especially the rookie Evander Kane and the gigantic Byfuglien. Never a strong draw at the gate with Atlanta’s large African American middle class, it made sense from a marketing perspective. The team was mostly unsuccessful on the ice, failed to improve at the gate and eventually moved to Winnipeg.

    SegasysSegasys6 months ago
  • Barea, is truthfully considered browm

    Andrew BeanAndrew Bean8 months ago
  • hey man, ALVINI LINGUINE stole your video word for word on this topic

    Kobus SmithKobus Smith8 months ago
  • Lol all the people in the comments trying to say some of these dudes aren’t white. Stop trying to take this away from us ✊🏻✊🏻

    MedžuSlovjanskyMedžuSlovjansky8 months ago
  • When someone tells you Basketball is a black sport, refer to this video!

    Rohan ZenerRohan Zener9 months ago
    • basketball is a black sport tf

      NormalGuyNormalGuy5 months ago
    • Rohan Zener who says that

      JJmanGaMingJJmanGaMing7 months ago
  • Jerry west😤

    Young ManYoung Man9 months ago
  • Best white player is the professor

    Mike JimMike Jim10 months ago
  • Your an idiot !

    John GlowkaJohn GlowkaYear ago
  • That’s so true

    floater Vidsfloater VidsYear ago
  • They must suck

    Hysterical ChikeHysterical ChikeYear ago
  • JJ Barea is puerto rican, I was surprised when I found this out

    Guilles19Guilles19Year ago
    • @ThatGuyG barea is white. He is a spanish descent

      Christoper SambeliChristoper Sambeli7 months ago
    • “barea” ain’t white💀

      ThatGuyGThatGuyG8 months ago
    • Guilles19 he white, probably have european descent or something just like Joaquin Phoenix who were born In Puerto Rico

      Borneo CoolpadBorneo CoolpadYear ago
  • I’m a black Twolves fan

    Roman OmanRoman OmanYear ago
  • Some black players on the team and you zoom in on Michael Beasley!? He's the second whitest man on that team! (First being Luke ridnour) yes I know Beasley was the season before but I see his "ohh I'm too high , ow!" face in that photo!

    DeryBRashDeryBRashYear ago
  • Mainly non American Caucasians

    Detroit 187Detroit 187Year ago
    • They’re still white

      Ogreman /emisoccer •Ogreman /emisoccer •Year ago
  • Is it even more weird that Ricky Rubio had a big play in deciding to coming to the next whitest team in NBA, the jazz?

    Ollie TowerOllie Tower2 years ago
  • Barea is Puerto Rican

    themark1994themark19942 years ago
  • Blacks are hype!

    Francis ValloFrancis Vallo2 years ago
  • maaaan, u the best :')

    RdoubleDRdoubleD2 years ago
  • Ricky Rubio is Spanish and JJ Barea is Puerto Rican 😑

    Adrian LynchAdrian Lynch2 years ago
    • Adrian Lynch Spaniards are white. Puerto Ricans are Spaniards mixed with natives and afros. JJ Barea has more white heritage than native or Afro, thus making him white

      MedžuSlovjanskyMedžuSlovjansky8 months ago
    • Spain is literally in Europe

      DemilovatosspoonplugDemilovatosspoonplugYear ago
    • use the correct words

      Ve CooperVe Cooper2 years ago
    • CandidatesVoice from Spain,so yes Spanish (Spaniard).

      Adrian LynchAdrian Lynch2 years ago
    • Adrian Lynch a language?

      CandidatesVoiceCandidatesVoice2 years ago
  • When will Barea not be a bench player 😂 lightweight feel bad for him tbh...

    jonhwatchingjonhwatching2 years ago
  • Jj barrea is not white he’s Latino

    Jedi Master JoeJedi Master Joe2 years ago
    • @A M Pure

      Mark A.Mark A.Year ago
    • uuh he's a descendant from white spaniards from europe so yeah he's white!

      A MA MYear ago
  • A white American superstar would be great for promoting the sport in USA. It hasn't happen since Bird, and I doubt it will happen soon. All white players are European, I mean the good ones

    dionysis edionysis e2 years ago
    • Notorious Bran curry is mixed

      Aidan ColeAidan Cole7 months ago
    • Aaron Zimmerman o my bad

      Nasty PGNasty PG7 months ago
    • Luka doncic

      Nasty PGNasty PG9 months ago
    • Bob Dylan curry isn’t even white he’s half Latino and half black

      UriahUriah10 months ago
    • Notorious Bran curry isn’t white stupid his mom is Latina and his dad is black

      UriahUriah10 months ago
  • Do the most asianest team next...

    Timothy LockhartTimothy Lockhart2 years ago
  • Bro all of the teams of 40s were all white... You know blacks were disrespected at thet time

    MinatoLxrd mask onMinatoLxrd mask on2 years ago
    • and still...

      JR JosephJR Joseph4 months ago
  • 1:21 hahahahaha fucking Klay Thompson. Bringing them light skins back! 😂😂

    Q RavioliQ Ravioli2 years ago
    • Klay isn't fully White

      YouCan'tAlwaysGet WhatYouWantYouCan'tAlwaysGet WhatYouWantYear ago
  • the problem is that all of their guys aren't white because, they are just light skinned. white means a light-skinned mercian. Rubo, Berea, and pekovic aren't actually white they are light-skinned dude to where they are from

    ncsidhu hincsidhu hi2 years ago
    • wtf are you talking about??? they are white, they're not African-American, not arabian, not indian or asian, they're white!

      A MA MYear ago
    • ncsidhu they are all white

      Pjer VudmanPjer Vudman2 years ago
  • luv this vid its very different

    ncsidhu hincsidhu hi2 years ago
  • jj barea isn't white

    JaydenJayden2 years ago
  • Do the blackest team ever if you aren't racist

    DruthDruth2 years ago
    • @J Oso Flawless Just messing around that's all. No harm intended. 🖒🖒

      Nick HillNick Hill6 months ago
    • @Nick Hill okay what? I just laughed......and it wasnt even at you. Matter of fact I didnt even pay no attention your comment. It was corny

      J Oso FlawlessJ Oso Flawless6 months ago
    • @J Oso Flawless Okay????

      Nick HillNick Hill6 months ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      J Oso FlawlessJ Oso Flawless6 months ago
    • @Loveisamyth The Jail Breakers because if you're a black athletic your above the law. From high school, college and the pros.

      Nick HillNick Hill8 months ago
  • curry and love are white

    YdYd2 years ago
    • ben 25 curry isn’t white idiot

      UriahUriah10 months ago
    • emisoccer • he’s half Black half Latino

      UriahUriah10 months ago
    • ncsidhu I guess in that case he’s not black either

      Ogreman /emisoccer •Ogreman /emisoccer •Year ago
    • ben 25 curry is not white...

      ncsidhu hincsidhu hi2 years ago
  • In 1960 there was a team only white players most of the players in the NBA than were white

    YdYd2 years ago
    • ben 25 yeah obviously this video was referring to the modern NBA. Every team back before civil rights would have been the whitest lol. This video is just poorly titled

      Peter VirdenPeter Virden2 years ago
  • If the only way to get out of poverty is to play pro basketball or football, then you can see why most athletes in the NBA and NFL are black. These sports are the cheapest to play and most high school pour more money in them than hockey or baseball. White Americans have more opportunities outside of sports, so it's a reason why it could be the NBA and NFL are predominately black. When it comes down to it, there are more choices for white Americans than black Americans. What did Biggie say? "Either you're slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot." It still rings true today as it did 20 years ago.

    Rudie ObiasRudie Obias2 years ago
    • Learn to swim, bro! @Najam

      Leon M.Leon M.2 months ago
    • Hahahahaha it’s because we are faster and stronger then you white people. Hats why we dominate not because we are poor hahahah

      NajamNajamYear ago
  • I watched every game....the nostalgia! #AllEyesNorth

    JJCreatesJJCreates2 years ago
  • Why am i just now getting this notification

    Nick BieleckiNick Bielecki2 years ago
  • Ah, the Minnesota Timerwhites, I remember that team on 2k, I doubt it was a throwback to racist times, the owners surely aren't that dumb? I saw it is a European inspired team, also a dumb idea if that was the case

    Laurence1987ukLaurence1987uk2 years ago
  • All of the 40s and 50s

    Thomas KThomas K2 years ago
    • I can't think of a name Yes, but he still could have more accurately worded the title. But "whitest NBA team of all time" does have that appeal so I see what he was going for

      Peter VirdenPeter Virden2 years ago
    • Peter Virden yea but there is like no information on those teams

      GiantsfanGiantsfan2 years ago
    • Thomas K hmm good point, this video is poorly titled

      Peter VirdenPeter Virden2 years ago
  • is that my dad?

    DomterDomter2 years ago
    • @Peter Virden I'm white as all hell and I haven't seen my dad in 14 years

      Depressed Supersonics fanDepressed Supersonics fan2 months ago
    • Dbz I Do You damnit.. you are right

      Peter VirdenPeter Virden6 months ago
    • @Peter Virden and Kawhi Leonard

      Dbz I Do YouDbz I Do You6 months ago
    • @Peter Virden Also here's another one Dbz I Do You knows his father

      Dbz I Do YouDbz I Do You6 months ago
    • @Peter Virden We weren't talking about death we are talking about people who knew their dad alsomyou dont know of that guy knew his father or not

      Dbz I Do YouDbz I Do You6 months ago
  • I agree that black people are supperior in the Sport of Basketball but how do i get bashed when i say the same for Soccer ?

    Ilias Chatzi72Ilias Chatzi722 years ago
    • If a lot more blacks played soccer, they will for sure but unfortunately, soccer leagues are dominated by whites, and blacks aren't eager to play the sport.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
    • Soccer,hockey,golf,swim and some baseball

      10k cartizer10k cartizer10 months ago
    • Messi and Cristiano?

      Matías FagiánMatías FagiánYear ago
    • Whites are better at soccer. What are you on?

      Aupa AtletiAupa AtletiYear ago
    • Not hockey and golf

      Jedi Master JoeJedi Master Joe2 years ago
  • lol good video

    YBYB2 years ago
  • Nice video.

    Dan Han ParkDan Han Park2 years ago
  • I think if klove was healthy they would've probably made the playoffs

    Buom tutBuom tut2 years ago
    • Willie Brown also they broke a record for first starter who is a girl ( Alexy shyevd)

      GiantsfanGiantsfan2 years ago
    • I can't think of a name thats the exact reason i doubt it its hard to be there in the west

      Willie BrownWillie Brown2 years ago
    • They would win 40 something if k love was healthy but the 8th seed was the lakers who won 45 games

      GiantsfanGiantsfan2 years ago
    • Purple Cod I highly doubt if

      Willie BrownWillie Brown2 years ago