Michael Jordan SURPRISED This Player by Wearing his SHOES for one Game!

Mar 15, 2019
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Michael Jordan SURPRISED This Player by Wearing his SHOES for one Game!
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  • Space jams didn’t release until 2001. The all black pair of the 11s that were not ready yet were the “breds” not the space jams.

    WitnessFitness TBPEWitnessFitness TBPE6 days ago
  • I've never owned a pair of Jordan's. Wasn't really impressed with them. Not for the price. Jordan was always my favorite player and I had his jersey. Loved the Iverson's though!

    Buck AndersonBuck Anderson8 days ago
  • @cosgrove prod this was poorly researched. You should check back to 1988 for the first time Jordan wore another players shoes. This Penny Flight One is common knowledge. Step it up. 196K subs? For what? False info? Oof

    Caleb CattiveraCaleb Cattivera16 days ago
  • @Cosgrove try again!!! 🤣😂🤣😂 Jordan about that respect life on the court lol.

    AreLL LioAreLL Lio19 days ago
  • 🤯😮

    Henkie PetersHenkie Peters22 days ago
  • Lol watched the first minute. C’mon, part of his legendary status isn’t his shoes. Maybe amongst the young crowd that never watched him play and/or sneaker heads. Otherwise, most ppl who know of MJ, know he has popular shoes that sell to kids / teenagers but those same ppl don’t or ever owned a pair and couldn’t really tell you what any of them look like. He is a legend / icon because of what he did on the court. His shoes didn’t elevate him, his performances made those shoes sought after. Everyone wants to be like Mike

    Nesto GSWNesto GSW24 days ago
  • 0:51 to 1:02 😂😂😂😂🤣😂

    faruque ahamedfaruque ahamed27 days ago
  • i grew up in nbn that era and i didnt know this story great vid!!!

    dee nicedee nice28 days ago
  • this Jordan wearing Hardaway’s kinda debunked Spike’s “ its gotta be the shoes “ idea... Jordan still dropped 40+ points while wearing those pairs 😅... probably “ its gotta be the mind and heart “ that works in Jordan’s mind

    Sorceress Supreme Jen C GarciaSorceress Supreme Jen C Garcia29 days ago
  • I remember when jordan did that it was crazy to me back then

    Black LionBlack Lion29 days ago
  • Penny One of the Biggest What if in history... To bad he got injured in his early prime..

    547h4n3 Lair547h4n3 LairMonth ago
  • Dam,I never knew that,Mike bust his ass in his shoes,lol

    L. BlantonL. BlantonMonth ago
  • I'm 38yr and I have never own a pair of Mike's.

    nate dimenate dimeMonth ago
  • I have never owned a pair of Jordans. Maybe 2 pairs of Nikes my whole life. I'm 44.

    wondermuttwondermuttMonth ago
  • I got that shoe's when I started to play basketball and it was perfect for me

    Brent Anthony LiwanagBrent Anthony LiwanagMonth ago
  • Thanks for the video

    Patricia GuenzlerPatricia GuenzlerMonth ago
  • Damn! When injuries destroy your career. Penny.

    Rizin' PhoenixRizin' PhoenixMonth ago
  • @3:00 "You won't get them all".

    Dezz Epson41Dezz Epson41Month ago
  • That’s wasssup 💯💯 Just made me like him even more

    Jimmy Two TymesJimmy Two TymesMonth ago
  • Adidas regretted it a lot for rejecting MJ. Nike got the best of him. That's how great he is! Where is Lebron shoes claiming he's the GOAT? Going On Another Team😃

    Marcelo SantiagoMarcelo SantiagoMonth ago
  • Penny's. Everybody my age probably remember

    head notihead notiMonth ago
  • We all know why jordan wanted to wear Penny's shoes

    THETHEMonth ago
  • Just guessing haven’t watched yet

    felicia abahfelicia abahMonth ago
  • I think he surprised a i

    felicia abahfelicia abahMonth ago
  • Dope 💯

    mrpaolojaviermrpaolojavierMonth ago
  • Basketball has gotten so soft have of these players would've been able to play in the 90's

    Forty Black 6315Forty Black 6315Month ago
  • 🤔I guess u can say that!! He also cut off the 1 tabs that are on the back of the shoe🤣😂

    Eon BethelEon BethelMonth ago
  • Jordan killed dat Maine wearing his own shoes that’s tough

    TheBTranzTheBTranzMonth ago
  • Penny foams squeeze my toes

    Ron ElderRon ElderMonth ago
  • This is what van gundy was talking about with Jordan playing mind games on his opponents!!!

    SeeknYeShallFindSeeknYeShallFindMonth ago
  • Penny 1's were some of the coldest sneakers of all time. I got those for back to school '95 for my freshman year.

    Brandon HallBrandon HallMonth ago
  • Nigga you dragged the shit out of this didnt you

    Gun em down VillyGun em down VillyMonth ago
  • Great video

    Cliff BradfordCliff BradfordMonth ago
  • what mic are you using bro? It sounds really nice like a classic radio.

    WhiterunxWhiterunx2 months ago
  • That’s tuff

    Jaden TorresJaden Torres2 months ago
  • This is fiction Penny offered the shoes to Michael just before the game

    1D4ever1D4ever2 months ago
  • Penny was probably the most promising player to just be destroyed by injuries. Damn shame too it was early in the era when the NBA was great to watch. After the Shaq/Kobe era it went downhill fast and it’s unwatchable today.

    Brad ZBrad Z2 months ago
  • Wow👍👍

    Wesley CannonWesley Cannon2 months ago
  • wow i am on 90s but i did not know of this!!!

  • wow i am on 90s but i did not know of this!!!

  • MJ : Penny the next kid coming up in the game Kobe: Hold my Kobe V ...... Decades later.. Kawhi : Hold my New Balance Kawhi’s 😁

    OO2 months ago
  • I want a pair of pennies now

    London StackhouseLondon Stackhouse2 months ago
  • 23🐐💯💪

    London StackhouseLondon Stackhouse2 months ago
  • Like Mike LoL 😁

    London StackhouseLondon Stackhouse2 months ago
  • "I put on the kid's shoes... and I found I could play JUST as good wearing his shoes as I could my own. I was like, really? Ok fine. So I took that personally. That was alll I needed."

    Dave CDave C2 months ago
  • i miss my all time favorite player Penny Hardaway🏀

    rVn BalboarVn Balboa2 months ago
  • i have never has Air Jordans lmao

    Thomas WhiteThomas White2 months ago

    James SpellerJames Speller3 months ago
  • I have had 3 Jordan's in my life and I was born 3 days after Michael Jordan

    Dakota BrockDakota Brock3 months ago
  • Never wanted to be like mike wouldn't pay for any of his over priced shoes either, just saying.

    Brian McintoshBrian Mcintosh4 months ago
  • The most points that series. If Jordan would of put on LBJ's I would of recommend his playoffs 2012 shoes.

    jason moorejason moore4 months ago
  • Share.! That`s how humble the GOAT is.

    Nihat KayarNihat Kayar4 months ago
  • Lol you got me, because if you did look in my closet youd see 2 pairs of kobe's (addidas 2001,2002), but i did get 1 pair of jordans

    Andrew BeanAndrew Bean4 months ago
  • The fact that the narrator had to explain who Penny was...If they don't know Penny and how good he was they shouldn't even be watching this. I never knew about this story. Shows you how savage MJ was to get an advantage. He was trying to soften Penny up by wearing his shoe.

    Marc LeonMarc Leon5 months ago
  • You have a hunch boy, the playoff version of the Concorde was not the Space jams, but the "Breds" . The black-red 11... And yes, Michael Jordan certainly couldn't pay a $ 5000 fine per game, and neither does the Nike years guarantee 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅 And your next mistake: at home the Bulls always played in white jerseys, and therefore also with white shoes. Away they played with red jerseys and therefore also with dark shoes, so black and red.

    Mister JMister J5 months ago
  • Decoding Jordan: ima kick yo ass with your own kicks... Penny- I'm wearing the J-11s to the hospital to get the penny's outtah my ass...

    KRS AfoaKRS Afoa5 months ago
  • Wait... there's a shoe dress code in the NBA? What exactly is it? What colors can and you can't wear on the court on your shoes?

    Lucas LisoLucas Liso5 months ago
  • I remember everytime i bought new basketball shoes as a kid back at 90s i literally sleep with them the first night. Everytime the period 94-98

    Κωνσταντινος ΓΚωνσταντινος Γ5 months ago
  • Young Penny and Shaq really really hot back then. They were hot and awesome, 60-22 with Magic in 1996 oh yeah... Even Jordan said Penny migh be the next superstar after him, too bad Penny got that nasty injury..

    RedRed5 months ago
  • Looks like another mans feet on Jordan's body without a pair of J's

    nathan koroushnathan koroush5 months ago
  • Penny was star struck threw him off his game

    jay scottjay scott5 months ago
  • Penny's

    Bino GiAGiBino GiAGi5 months ago
  • Atlanta magic

    James HaackJames Haack5 months ago
  • Penny was a monster before injury

    Poppy garciaPoppy garcia6 months ago
  • Penny Hardaway is a very kind person for anyone who has listened to him talk

    nystagmusnystagmus6 months ago
  • DAMN! That's respect!!!

    cyber6sapiencyber6sapien6 months ago
  • why the fuck did they leave this out of "The Last Dance" Doc??? that's the ultimate troll move!!! hahaha

    Dimitri BrazilDimitri Brazil6 months ago
  • I remember having those shoes back in high school.

    Edito RodriguezEdito Rodriguez6 months ago
  • MJ ain’t shit!! He didn’t even consider rocking the pippen uptempos!! 😂🤣

    My2NutzOnUrChinMy2NutzOnUrChin6 months ago
  • Never look at the chat comments before you finish the video 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    Xxplosive GokuStyleXxplosive GokuStyle6 months ago
  • 💪💪🔥🔥 I never knew that in 47 years living on this Earth I've been calling Michael Jordan since he first signed to the Bulls in 1980 WRAT pool I remember when my mom bought me my first pair of Michael Jordan red black and white God bless everyone happy Memorial day be safe

    darkside1473jddarkside1473jd6 months ago
  • Jordan didn’t look right wearing someone else shoes.

    Chicago773 WilliamsChicago773 Williams6 months ago
  • First jordan fined for original air Jordan's because they dont have any white in them,then he fined for to much white come on nba

    Lawrence MooreLawrence Moore6 months ago
  • If you are a fan of Jordan. They you knew about this already most definitely...

    Forty glockForty glock6 months ago
  • I was a penny fanatic back then and still never knew this took place.. This shit crazy to me

    muse mentmuse ment6 months ago
  • It was Nike dummies

    Gee CoinGee Coin6 months ago
  • I wish penny’s career wouldn’t have had all these injuries, he was such a talented beast, it was cut way too short

    Kamil M.Kamil M.6 months ago
  • It’s Tyra Banks fool!

    boofisgodboofisgod6 months ago
  • Someone commented that Michael only wore any shoes to get into his head I don’t think that’s the case. We can see after Kobe’s passing but there were some players he had a lot of respect for and he was one of them that’s the first thing. The second thing is he’s like a shareholder in Nike of course he’s going to wear and promote another pair of shoes because it’s going in his bank account!

    thejamaican67thejamaican676 months ago
  • 33 years old and never owned a pair

    Edward Wrather JrEdward Wrather Jr6 months ago
  • I remember wearing my wife's shoes. She slapped me so hard my cheek turned purple. #Respect

    Jay RushJay Rush6 months ago
    • LMAO

      Rudy JRudy J6 months ago

    De Andre PittsDe Andre Pitts6 months ago
  • Penny=Memphis Memphis in the house! North Memphis..Smokey City.. 38107-8 ....901 Shelby County..

  • Mike did that to throw Penny off. He would win by any means. That whole game Penny was more focused on the fact that Mike had his shoes on.

    LaVar Walker TVLaVar Walker TV6 months ago
  • It's called GETTING AN EDGE

  • He lost a bet I bet🤣

    Ryan’s PerceptionRyan’s Perception6 months ago
  • I never wanted to be like Mike, when i was a little kid at school my teacher took me and 2 friends to watch bluechips movie. I instantly knew penny was my hero and still is to this day go for the magic

    paul catalanopaul catalano6 months ago
  • Penny!

    Sothearath ChhimSothearath Chhim6 months ago
  • Thats amazing man. I never thought jordan would wear someones shoes. #respect. Thats cool’. And i do admire Penny Hardaway he’s a hell of a player.

    Glenn Clerbie GalvezGlenn Clerbie Galvez6 months ago
  • Penny was super explosive. That boy was cutting and slashing ridiculously and finishing anything close to the rim with a slam.Jordan is the G O A T but Penny got BUSY as well. Watch his footage b4 injuries

    Hey YooHey Yoo6 months ago
  • I remember when Penny s shoe were so popular.

    welcometomychannels welcometomychannelswelcometomychannels welcometomychannels6 months ago
  • He did that to mess with Pennys head...

    Anton VillarozaAnton Villaroza6 months ago
  • Very good video

    RubberBand ClanRubberBand Clan6 months ago
  • MJ reads Sun Tzu? "Build for your opponent a golden bridge for him to retreat across" lol😂

    Surfer 80Surfer 806 months ago
  • Wow!!!!!! That sent chill's through my body so I can imagine how penny felt. Kids these days will never know how dope penny was before Kobe came in the game and injuries took penny out but it was a amazing story I'm completely blown away

    Darnez JacksonDarnez Jackson6 months ago
  • Penny was amazing!!!!

    Gary IndianaGary Indiana6 months ago
  • That's being the 🐐 giving and ass whooping to the opponent in his own shoe 🤦💯💪

    Justo MoroJusto Moro6 months ago
  • The paper MJ has made, why would MJ worry about $5,000 fine? Which might be the dumbest reason for a fine in the NBA! Those 11’s are in my top 3, or top 5 of my Jordan collection!! I think I own 6 pair of that 1 color way

    Robert ThornhillRobert Thornhill6 months ago
  • #likemike, #thegoatmj23forlife. #iloveairjordanbrandsneakers.

    Luis JunioLuis Junio7 months ago

    Terri WalsbTerri Walsb7 months ago