NBA "Lose-Lose" Situations!

Jun 7, 2020
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NBA "Lose-Lose" Situations That Created a Sense of DESPAIR!
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  • Yoooo

    Bebo FernandezBebo FernandezDay ago
  • @13:57 I thought that was d rose🤦🏾‍♂️

    Raw DoggRaw Dogg2 days ago
  • And lbj did it

    May DiazMay Diaz5 days ago
  • me

    Jatinder ShergillJatinder Shergill8 days ago
  • Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal were like 2pac and Biggie. Only differences is... they both got to make up befor one's demise.

  • It’s true, 73 don’t mean shit without a ring

    aaron4094 _aaron4094 _10 days ago
  • The 96 bulls the best team ever they won it all the jordan is the greatest ever lebron not on jordans level

    John MayesJohn Mayes11 days ago
  • You mean 1998 season 😂

    Jameson kingJameson king11 days ago
  • 3:20-3:38 damn, R.I.P Kobe and Gigi

    Rayne OzierRayne Ozier19 days ago
  • So Jordan's still competing legacy wise

    Kenobi BryantKenobi Bryant20 days ago
  • 🏴‍☠️ DANCER with the amazing @alyona alyona is out now : BACK TO THE FLUTE WITH UKRAINIAN FINEST 💎 🇺🇦

    Dan FordDan Ford20 days ago
  • Man, that KD situation was sad. You're stuck between choosing not risking to play for your injury to heal and choosing to risk it and play cause some of your teammates think you just gave up.

    Christian SajelanChristian Sajelan24 days ago
  • The lakers still won lul

    Ádám MérthÁdám Mérth26 days ago
  • Sound like u hate kobe

    BiggShmezzBeatzBiggShmezzBeatz29 days ago
  • lol blazers vs warriors in western conference finals ?

    Malcolm CroomMalcolm CroomMonth ago
  • This video didn't age well😔

    Paul WallsPaul WallsMonth ago
  • 0:38 Presidential election in the US explained perfectly!

    So Then I Says To The Guy, I GoSo Then I Says To The Guy, I GoMonth ago
  • Lol Lebron did win finals MVP so much for your expectation

    Angel MunozAngel MunozMonth ago
  • Kobe is the goat 🔥🔥

    Devion BrownDevion BrownMonth ago
  • The ECF was a lose lose for MJ too because Ewing or reggie miller could have won a title and those are MJs enemies, phil vs reggie miller is another lose lose.

    Zach RandolphZach RandolphMonth ago
  • 4 months 1 week later, Lebron won the finals and finals MVP. Anthony Davis is resigning and the lakers are running it back for another championship next season.

    Joe SarkoziJoe SarkoziMonth ago
  • Kobe caused that whole drama between him and Shaq..

    MrBulithsMrBulithsMonth ago
  • Jordan still the greatest

    MLGV MigzMLGV MigzMonth ago
  • Lol LeBron just won a finals mvp with three different teams and you can keep on doubting him

    Shadow MasterShadow MasterMonth ago
  • Funny watching this after the lakers championship 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Carl Bois DorCarl Bois DorMonth ago
  • the media is just an asshat. thats why i watch unbias youtubers than media

    reesse kreesse kMonth ago
  • Leave it to Lebron to turn a lose-lose into a huge W 🐐 shit

    k riek rieMonth ago
  • 8:40 wellllllllllllllllll damn 😂🔥

    Black BoiBlack BoiMonth ago
  • mj without phil jackson no 6-0

    Alex RodrigueAlex RodrigueMonth ago
  • Lakers 2020 champs

    ThatsWhyImGodThatsWhyImGodMonth ago
  • this aged like milk😂

    OmfgK0DOmfgK0DMonth ago
  • Update...LeBron wins

    Adrian LopezAdrian LopezMonth ago
  • Lebron had a lose-lose situation most of the times he went to the ECF. He loses shamefully to a team your favored against, or he loses to a team that he has no shot against, adding another finals loss.

    Madvillain FridayMadvillain FridayMonth ago
  • whos watching this after the lakers won the NBA finals

    Carlos OsazuwaCarlos OsazuwaMonth ago
  • It’s crazy because Lebron did become the finals mvp on 3 different teams

    Just chillingJust chillingMonth ago
  • but lebron won the ring this year

    Austin moffetAustin moffetMonth ago
  • Who cares the Lakers one anyways. In the middle is what I’m talking about

    Oliver ROBSONOliver ROBSONMonth ago
  • but lebron won dude skip bayless is just full of bull sh*t

    helmsly Ghelmsly GMonth ago
  • Damn ig it aged well cuz Lebron won this year🤦🏽‍♂️

    Hollywood. BoyzzHollywood. BoyzzMonth ago
  • LeBron just won his 4th FMVP. On three different franchises.

    Drew DumangasDrew DumangasMonth ago
  • lol listen i miss Kobe as much as the next guy but to say Kobe is the better player over lebron is demonstrably false. And this whole asterisk business is bullshit cause all yall werent saying that when it looked like the Clippers were gunna go against the Lakers in western conference finals cause yall be hating on Bron but ever since they and their man Kawhi and PG choked all of a sudden "oh there should be an asterisk". And not that it means much or gives merit but their are former players and analysts who say that there should be an asterisk cause it was easy and then theres the ones who say its hard especially mentally. I agree with neither and thats the reason its a fallacious argument, just because these so called "experts" (which alot them flip and flop more than a fish on deck) say something it doesnt just make them right. As a Celtics fan it annoys me that they just tied us with the most championships but i call it how i see it.

    Andrew DeckerAndrew DeckerMonth ago
  • well you're wrong about the last one

    Robbynick GallardoRobbynick GallardoMonth ago
  • Lol lebron did win the finals mvp and without asterics

    Diego EsparzaDiego EsparzaMonth ago
  • Just sitting here laughing @ your lebron “lose lose” 😂😂 no asterisk needed😂 we all know that.. 4x Champion, and OFFICIALLY the GREATEST. BASKETBALL. PLAYER. OF. ALL. TIME💯

    2E DUNHAM2E DUNHAMMonth ago
  • Lakers won lmao

    LorenzoLorenzoMonth ago
  • Lol watching this rn and the 3rd one's outdated since LA won already and LeBron's FMVP

    OCHAVE Christian B.OCHAVE Christian B.Month ago
  • here after the lakers won the finals

    Vest HaithVest HaithMonth ago
  • I have one, If Celtics fans were watching the finals and rooting for a team it would be a lose-lose, because if lakers win the finals they will tie celtics for most rings, but some would be salty that miami won knowing that miami won in ecf against them.

    YlayzosYlayzosMonth ago
  • Who's here when LeBron won the finals mvp

    The LawhornThe LawhornMonth ago
    • @Gael Ventura oh okay

      kinchi tenseikinchi tensei6 days ago
    • @kinchi tensei don’t worry I’m not

      Gael VenturaGael Ventura6 days ago
    • @Gael Ventura dont cry transbronsexual

      kinchi tenseikinchi tensei6 days ago
    • Me

      Ugo OkekeUgo Okeke14 days ago
    • @Gael Ventura u the Hatin that makes u gay more than anyone else who hates on another Man??

      Tavone MitchellTavone Mitchell20 days ago
  • Ya...what makes lebron think he can win next yr bein a WHOLE YR OLDER BRUH! What that nigga think he 35 or sumthin? He crazy

    Cameron HartCameron HartMonth ago
  • Lakers 2020 champs

    Santana ParkerSantana ParkerMonth ago
  • What about the 1999 NBA season when there was a lockdown that year?

    Julian GamezJulian GamezMonth ago
  • here after bron got a fmvp

    JayVader90JayVader90Month ago
  • Who’s here after the lakers won?

    Regency ProductionsRegency ProductionsMonth ago
  • Less feelings more facts your emotions skew the truth and when it does not fit tour narritive you leave it out.

    Michael JacksonMichael JacksonMonth ago
  • Not going to say your horrible but this one is horrible. You know nothing about basketball

    Michael JacksonMichael JacksonMonth ago
  • Dude you flipped and twisted this whole story

    Michael JacksonMichael JacksonMonth ago
  • Bruh!!! The dr Phil clip!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Blake DabnerBlake DabnerMonth ago
  • Yes the Jordan/Pippen/Phil is ridiculous

    Jarrett AllenJarrett AllenMonth ago
  • if lebron wins his 4th ring this seaason then its a win .it doesnt matter how he get it...coz not every team in nba can win a ring..

    Nat ZumieNat ZumieMonth ago
  • Lebron bout to win a ring

    Yi LuYi LuMonth ago
  • If Lakers won game 7 with Kobe only attempting 3 shots in the second half what would the narrative be then? Any other star today that defers to teammates is seen as an unselfish player trying to get teammates involved. Even when they lose. Kobe is selfish when he shoots and selfish when he passes. Come on.

    John DoeJohn DoeMonth ago
  • Dion Waiters is in a Win-Win situation He is gonna win a ring either way

    Jorrell AncajaJorrell AncajaMonth ago
  • You need to update Lebron story

    Y KY KMonth ago
  • If this never happened with golden state telling him to be back he would have been healthy for 2020

    R3KTgamerR3KTgamerMonth ago
  • *As-te-RISK

    Paul BajarPaul BajarMonth ago
  • I learned more in this video then in school

    Trace DTrace DMonth ago
  • you just quoted skip bayless aka lebron's number 1 hater. like get that out of here

    FugFugFugFugMonth ago
  • Who's here when LeBron is in the finals

    Kylor Breda-WilliamsKylor Breda-WilliamsMonth ago
  • But here we are... only days left and Lebron will set the New NBA Record and winning his 4th Nba Championship title...

    Den Mark LominoqueDen Mark LominoqueMonth ago
  • Great Content!! I Love it

    ThePinoyMambaThePinoyMambaMonth ago
  • 9:55 why am i always scared about durant's legs i mean it looks like its a fragile leg

    A lonely eggA lonely eggMonth ago
  • Update. Lakers gonna win the 2020 finals booy

    viarni tanaviarni tanaMonth ago
  • The lebron one didn’t age well as there bout to win the chip lmao

    Shane AndersonShane AndersonMonth ago
    • I’m tired of this lmao nobody cares, imagine losing in the finals to a nigga named Duncan Robinson 😂 AD and lebron supposed to win you rings not struggle against the denver nuggets and Miami heat 😳😳

      Deathby Design6rDeathby Design6rMonth ago
    • Jordan still the goat

      MLGV MigzMLGV MigzMonth ago
    • Johnny McCollum bruh shut up we don’t care

      PulseZPulseZMonth ago
    • I fuckin hate todays kid lingo... "Chip"?? Its called a championship. Smh

      Johnny McCollumJohnny McCollumMonth ago
  • Kobe is the goat he's better than Jordan and James plus the warriors didn't need kevin Kevin needed them the warriors are a dynasty

    Jasmine GattisonJasmine GattisonMonth ago

    Davina WattersDavina WattersMonth ago
  • Dr Phil 😭😭☠☠🔥🔥

    John HarvinJohn HarvinMonth ago
  • Screw skip and his asstrict next to it if anyone else wins skip wouldn’t say that! Going to the bubble and winning a championship where literally anyone can win it all has to be one of the hardest fought championships ever. At the end of the day whoever wins this years chip it will be well deserved like it or not and if it’s Lebron he will have 4 two away from Jordan and 1 away from Kobe. He is 3rd all time in scoring and 1st all time in playoff wins if he doesn’t deserve to be in the Conversation for the G.O.A.T then no one ever will. In my eyes he is the best all around player the NBA has ever seen Jordan never averaged as many Rebounds much less the Assist that Lebron has! Lebron is top 10 in career points, rebounds and assist and pretty sure he is top 15-20 in steals also on top of all time playoff wins. Food for thoughts!!

    Eric CrosbyEric Crosby2 months ago
  • The one about kd is not true, your thinking to much

    Tomarsha LafraiTomarsha Lafrai2 months ago
  • LeBron will NEVER, i repeat will NEVER be the G.O.A.T. because he LOST in Championship Play. Now as far as Michael Jordan goes...... Jordan won three, retired(questionable) came back and another three which is unprecedented! But you have to put Bill Russell at the top of the list with Eleven.

    Appollos HarrisAppollos Harris2 months ago
  • I teared up when i saw shaq and kobe in the co-mvp shot 😢

    joshua opontjoshua opont2 months ago
  • LeBron should’ve never left the heat because look at where we are now. Swept Indiana. Beat the bucks. And we might beat the Celtics in the finals.

    E LeonE Leon2 months ago
  • Warriors won 73 regular season games. It is what it is.

    ends15ends152 months ago
  • Wtf, disrespecting Kobe Bryant like that by u saying Jordan’s words for him. And he’s dead when u released this sh*t. Man f u

    YoBoi SplashYoBoi Splash2 months ago
  • Jordan will always be the Goat. 2 three in a rows. 6 titles in 8 years.

    Donavan SchultzDonavan Schultz2 months ago
  • The 🐐 should have nothing to worry about cause no matter what lebron did or does, the ring chaser/superteamer will never surpass him as the 72-10 bulls are the best team ever. Bulls actually closed out and won the ship. Plus no D played when warriors broke record not to mention league was a lot weaker than when bulls won 72

    D Draiman lookalikeD Draiman lookalike2 months ago

    xd_KURSEDxd_KURSED3 months ago
  • I still don’t wanna hear about Toronto winning because we all know Toronto didn’t win injuries did

    MashtxMashtx3 months ago
  • No MJ doesn’t care if he’s the best

    JustDenzelJJustDenzelJ3 months ago
  • 6:11 lebron hit himself in the face with ball...

    Speck CarteretSpeck Carteret3 months ago
  • The worms vs worms scenario was a terrible analogy. Terrible. Not even close to being a lose lose situation.

    ThePrufessaThePrufessa3 months ago
  • Kd pressured himself because he didn't want them to win without him

    Jonathan BrownJonathan Brown3 months ago
  • 6:11 so we not gonna talk about how the ball hit LeBron's face🤣😂

    Avatar JerryAvatar Jerry3 months ago
  • Ain't no asterisk dis season every single team had the same amount of days without playin 🤦‍♂️

    Yvng PaYvng Pa3 months ago
  • What ab the Paul George Jersey Number thing we still don’t know

    Cash CartierCash Cartier3 months ago
  • LeBron aint the goat tho, he arrogant

    cuntcunt3 months ago
  • Real NBA fans know this years chanpionship counts for 1.5 rings cuz of the big fuckin mess the world is in right now. Especially of the Lakers win it missing out on their best perimeter defender.

    psychedelic currypsychedelic curry3 months ago
  • Westbrook- 1 if i keep durant fans think i cant do shit on my own 2 lose durant and my loyalty is ruin

    Montrel JonesMontrel Jones3 months ago
  • RIP Kobe

    Terry BogardTerry Bogard3 months ago
  • Always they misrepresenting Jordan smh!

    norman morgannorman morgan3 months ago