NBA Mandela Effects That Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!

Sep 19, 2020
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NBA Mandela Effects That Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!
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  • Nelson Mandela was a Knights Templar so there's that

    Steven EatonSteven Eaton6 hours ago
  • As a kid a had a satellite dish i know me did watch sinbad as a genie that movie happen that must have wipe it from some peoples memories the world is strange

    Pauline GaynorPauline Gaynor6 hours ago
  • Bro I really thought it was toon squad 🤯🤯

    Fresh HeatFresh Heat8 hours ago
  • My girl tells me I slept with some other girl or did something that I have no memory of all the time! I'm gonna start calling her paranoia her "Mandela Effect"

    B From KentuckyB From Kentucky9 hours ago
  • Naw, Melo was on tha boat.... 😐

    Evan WilliamsEvan Williams9 hours ago
  • We in alternate universe..... that is the only reasonable explanation... lol

    Kenny GKenny G9 hours ago
  • Sinbads catch Fase was shazam.. never a movie.

    Kenny GKenny G9 hours ago
  • If it's on USworlds it has to be real!! Lol dummy's!

    Kenny GKenny G10 hours ago
  • Yes it does, I saw this movie, and someone had a copy of it

    TryHardSweatTryHardSweat10 hours ago
  • About 8 months ago I swear on my brother's grave on regular TV there's was a commercial for Shazam movie with Sinbad im so fucking confused because I saw the trailer with Sinbad SMH wtf!!!

    Francisco SotoFrancisco Soto15 hours ago
  • Yea all of these arent mandela at least not for me and I was born in 84

    David CaporalDavid Caporal16 hours ago
  • None of these were mandala effects for me... if you pay attention to sports most of these are just things people know or don’t. The free throw line dunk isn’t a Mandela effect YOU just assumed it was from one thing when jt so happened to be from another ... you never knew that tho so that’s not a Mandela effect that’s just you not knowing the origins of his logo guy.

    Sean HargroveSean Hargrove20 hours ago
  • Thats my boy David Robinson, one of the best nba basketball players, he and a young Tim Duncan brought home an amazing finals win 2003. San Antonio Spurs were of the few that could go toe to toe against the Lakers in the shaq and kobe years

    Maria JimenezMaria Jimenez20 hours ago
  • This is without a doubt, hands down the most transgendered version of The Mandela Effect videos I’ve ever seen. You make the assumption that everyone likes to sit around and waste their lives away watching gangster rap videos for 3-4 hours a day.

    SRT- Mustang KillerSRT- Mustang KillerDay ago
  • Im my life i thought carmelo was in that pic 😭

    Amare BAmare BDay ago
  • Yes we get it you like basketball

    David kirkyDavid kirkyDay ago
  • that's just how many haters king james has wow!!!!!!

    Young MailYoung MailDay ago
  • Chris Bosh didn’t start in the 2012 NBA finals

    Young Soldier23Young Soldier23Day ago
  • Is it just me or is the famous and iconic wade look no pass to Lebron dunking with wade with his hands out a Mandela affect because I swore that was an alley oop and I watched a trade tribute today and got hit with the Mandela affect as fact is it was a look pass Is it just me? Let me know lol

    John GreenJohn GreenDay ago
  • Stop playing look at the stats

    Jay MillerJay MillerDay ago
  • Am I the only one who remembers it as No, Luke, I am your father

    Ethan SmithEthan SmithDay ago
  • Im surprised you didn’t cover the Moonraker phenomena. That one is definitely the most compelling for me. I 100% remember her having braces when I watched that movie as a kid. I’m thinking that the folks over there at CERN performed a successful experiment and shifted us into an alternate timeline. Absolutely amazing!! Makes you wonder what else they can do, or will do, with the power of the Large Hadron Collider 🤔

    Daniel BrownDaniel BrownDay ago
  • a lot of this seems like personal memory mix ups regarding basketball.

    Chuck MartinChuck Martin2 days ago
  • i swear if 5 to 10 years later kobe is alive and is buying the lakers im shooting myself

    VeryDepressed:CVeryDepressed:C2 days ago
  • The Mandela effect is caused by the constant bombardment through the media telling you what is happening whilst your own life experience differs. Think about what you have been told about terrorism, climate change, COVID. Simply compare what you were told to what you experienced. Easy. The "Luke, I am your father" Mandela effect is probably because the original Cinema version of movies back then was slightly different to the VHS version because of the limited storage capacity of VHS. It's all really quite simple

    The Missing LinkThe Missing Link2 days ago
  • Oh yeah yeahhhh I know I saw that movie Shazam with my cousin. That how I recognize him when he was a comedian. I would watch comedy with him and others all the time. I also saw the Shaquille Oneal movie too. Man I telling you first the movie what’s nexts the rapping. Shaq “Cuz Phill is my father” or something like that.

    Jose Mi GenteJose Mi Gente2 days ago
  • Mirror mirror on the wall... lol

    Marlo StewartMarlo Stewart2 days ago
  • There really is a movie with sinbad as a genie FACT dont believe search it sinbad as a genie

    i ci c2 days ago
  • Mandela effect, they remember me a whole different way!

    Bronco WorldBronco World2 days ago
    • Chess!!!!

      Jadale LaddJadale Ladd4 hours ago
  • I have the Shazam movie. It’s a real movie with sinbad. I have it on my hands as we speak.

    Michel KevinMichel Kevin2 days ago
  • Melo was on the boat, but he fell in the water and nearly drowned, Lebron went in and saved him. That pic was taken after he fell in. The movie with Sinbad, i remember that, i remembered thinking why would they have to genie movies out, that movie happened, i remember watching it, it happened.

    Louie TzepherLouie Tzepher3 days ago
  • But explain stouffers stove top stuffing??? If u ask a 100 people what's stuffers to u 100 people say Steve top stuffing but it apparently never happened

    ddcausey1ddcausey13 days ago
  • Please tell me some one else remembers that Don Francisco from sabado gigante died like maybe 4 to six years ago... am I the only one.???🤔🤔🤯.. help me people I'm stuck with that one... my latino people know what I'm talking about.

    Samuel ArevaloSamuel Arevalo3 days ago
  • That banana boat one has me FUCKED up

    Jack FosterJack Foster3 days ago
  • I was born in 1999 and I am sure Shazzam is reap

    Dezhane LewisDezhane Lewis3 days ago
  • Sinbad admitted it was a real movie in the 1990s in a interview

  • The "Mandella Effect" does not really exist, its something the political establishment (deepstate government) is using to brainwashing people into believing that history can change. Communists and Nazi's always erase history and replace it with their propaganda. So "Mandella Effect" is a psy-op which makes you think that memories are collective and not individual. But all memory starts with the individual and can't really be erased by "groupthink". DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

  • I watched it. Sin bad did play a genie... Wtf

    Freedom1Freedom13 days ago
  • Kazam was real i loved that movie when i was a kid

    Mz Coyia blessedMz Coyia blessed3 days ago
  • If you have 2 worlds with 2 alternate realities, when those worlds combine together, the realities would also, thus, mandela effect.

    Nicholas LashNicholas Lash4 days ago
  • The spelling of Fruit Loops

    DarkCodeDarkCode4 days ago
  • nelson mandela is dead????

    Wolf BiggaveliWolf Biggaveli4 days ago
  • I %100 remember her name as Sally FIELDS not Sally FIELD. I remember THIS AS A FACT.

    Samuel HoustonSamuel Houston4 days ago
  • Tommy Boy is literally the reason why people think that it is "Luke I am your father." And Sinbad only dressed like a genie...

    Artful NexusArtful Nexus4 days ago
  • It’s just people not remembering shit as it actually happened. That or people are just messing with peoples heads.

    duce185duce1854 days ago
  • I grew up in the 90s and Shazam was not a movie. Kazam was the only one. If Shazam existed, where are the vhs tapes? All of you who say it is real are smoking crack.

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez4 days ago
  • It was never “TOON” squad

    donkor thomasdonkor thomas4 days ago
  • I did see Sinbad as a genie. I was born in 1982

    ChArLiE BeAtZChArLiE BeAtZ4 days ago
  • The mandela effect.. A phenomenon of shit that dont really matter😂

    Kenneth Prevatt IIKenneth Prevatt II4 days ago
  • For the longest time I thought it was just wade, bosh, and Lebron. I don’t even remember a fourth 😳

    Nate SpragueNate Sprague4 days ago
  • i was born in 84… sin bad was a part of my childhood. He definitely never played a genie… but I definitely remember a Shaquille O’Neal movie called Kazaam and the movie cover looked exactly like the sinbad one only on it was shack

    Marc TessaroloMarc Tessarolo4 days ago
    • @FiRST NAME LAST NAME! that is interesting, I asked a few of my friends if they do remember it, so far one thinks so, but I was obsessed with cinema as a kid and there was no movie that I remember, can you remember any dialogue from the movie can you remember a specific scene? Seriously I’m curious lol

      Marc TessaroloMarc Tessarolo4 days ago
    • Well I was born in 86 and I definitely watched both, I even asked my little brother and my wife, like hey what was that Sinbad genie movie and they both had the same memory without even being provoked.. you just dont understand that different people have different realities I guess.. there's all kinds of instances like this one..

  • I SWEAR I remember the Sinbad movie. I watched the Shaq movie and it's 100% NOT what I remember watching.

    chadbailey30chadbailey305 days ago
  • Last comment. Did David Robinson really say it was his groyndhog day!? That makes absolutely no sense at all

    salt monster salty armysalt monster salty army5 days ago
  • Nice try... not really Mandela effects in most cases... just bad memory although Mandela effects are real!

    salt monster salty armysalt monster salty army5 days ago
  • WTF is the deal with black folks turning white when they get old... i.e. Sammy sosa, Sinbad ect

    salt monster salty armysalt monster salty army5 days ago
  • The clips are from the shaq movie

    Shane DavisShane Davis5 days ago
  • Libron didn't wanna get sued about the jersey

    Gods ChildGods Child5 days ago
    • And about Jordans shoes they band them because they thought the shoes had powers like the movie like Mike that's why they made the movie

      Gods ChildGods Child5 days ago
  • This shit stupid as hell

    FALCON 17FALCON 175 days ago
  • Mandela did die in prison. Now the fake Mandela, who gave away all the real Mandela fought for, died in 2000s!!!

    Demarc BellDemarc Bell5 days ago
  • Now I need a pair of air ships smh

    George NelsonGeorge Nelson5 days ago

    Bryan BurksBryan Burks5 days ago
  • Phil Knight had to lie in order to boost sales, but they want us regular people to stay honest & work a shitty 9 to 5 job to get ahead. 🤣💀

    MookaronMookaron5 days ago
  • I saw it bro

    Ben DelgadoBen Delgado5 days ago
  • The key to success is to identify and play to your strengths while improving weaknesses

    robert sheltonrobert shelton5 days ago
  • I’m in a room of 45 college students right now.... NONE of them thought these things ! ! Besides seeing Sinbad play a Genie! Cause he technically did, as a prank. Ask the kids that acted in it and Royce Adkins, Sinbad’s Son who Directed it ! LoL

    J.A.MJ.A.M5 days ago
  • It's all quite simple folks!! We all remember and experience things differently! Wouldn't it actually be stranger if we all remembered things exactly the same way?? And why does it always relate to someone famous? Or something that has to do with popculture?? You never here an example of someone that remembers their grandmother having a cat named fluffy! Only to find out Gramma never even had a pet cat! The only pet that gramma ever had was a dog named Fred. Hhmmmm!!.......🤔

    Paul MurphyPaul Murphy6 days ago
  • The jordan logo is obvious he had pants on.

    Kenpachi ZarakiKenpachi Zaraki6 days ago
  • Black and red for sacrifice thats why their so sort after the ocullt run every thing that makes money 💷!!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs6 days ago
  • The logo is the womb of the bahlmet goat god mirrored!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs6 days ago
  • Listen they have a time machine and every time they go back in history it changes our past deway is the name of the machine they show you this in back to the future all films are showing you the truth as it is mocking the public as a type of we have mastered it!!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs6 days ago

    TrumpWillWinTrumpWillWin6 days ago
  • Everthing is about the power of suggestion

    indio peninsularesindio peninsulares6 days ago
  • So what if... (just humor me) parallel universe theory is true. And the universe we all lived in was destroyed somehow (nuclear explosion, meteorite, someone’s evil plan to destroy everything worked) however some higher entity, call it what you want, had to find the closest parallel universe timeline to put our consciousness in to continue with its pre ordained plans. We where all transferred to this time line in which only a few minor details where different. The details would be so minor that even if a few remembered the details from the previous timeline, they could be dismissed as memory errors. What if it’s not the first time it’s happened? Guess we’ll never know for sure.

    john mayerjohn mayer6 days ago
  • But I remember seeing Bois Shazam and Kazam, then again I have more memories of Shazam

    just casperjust casper6 days ago
  • So...Biden being president elect is the newest Mandela Effect!

    Paid TouristPaid Tourist6 days ago
  • He said “Luke I am your father” it’s no way he said No man

    Let The Truth Be ToldLet The Truth Be Told6 days ago
  • Its confirm we live in a paradox timeline

    R3N gR3N g6 days ago
  • I just hope the Mandela effect, changes the 2020 election result.

    Donald J. TrumpDonald J. Trump6 days ago
  • I remember one time this kid in my school said that Michael Jordan did his famous dunk contest dunk to win the nba title and I felt personally insulted.

    Sean LurieSean Lurie6 days ago
  • I remember sinbad as a geanie

    Scott CherryScott Cherry6 days ago
  • Did i just see D. Rose fist bump and playing with Jordan. After tune squad

    Daniel SantanaDaniel Santana6 days ago
  • Holy Cow this whole time I thought the Pistons stopped the Lakers from a 4peat. Well that and the messed up team chemistry

    Damon MDamon M7 days ago
  • Zero people get the Jordan logo mistaken with the free throw line dunk ..

    basil genimahaliotisbasil genimahaliotis7 days ago
  • I’ve watched Shazam several times.

    Lou CurtoLou Curto7 days ago
    • I did too I remember those two kids smh people don’t remember but we do

      ProsperityThe Great1ProsperityThe Great16 days ago
  • I remember the news cast that announced that Mandela died in prison.

    John McCrackenJohn McCracken7 days ago
  • I 100% remember watching Shazaam with Sinbad when I was a kid. I remember it came on channel 27 or 21 on a Saturday afternoon. Sinbad was a Taxi driver in the movie. I don't care what any conspiracy or mandela thing....I know what I watched.

    Amanda VillaAmanda Villa7 days ago
  • Thats not the true definition but okay

    Parker StanleyParker Stanley7 days ago
  • They got me with Shazam..

    Frank LanzoFrank Lanzo7 days ago
  • what this music have to do wuth that video???? i hate when its done like this

    Ami MagledAmi Magled7 days ago
  • Shazam was a good one the rest I don't know about

    Samo KraySamo Kray7 days ago
  • People!! Sinbad himself said the movie doesn’t exist 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Ray PerezRay Perez7 days ago
  • my childhood is ruined jordans logo is not the dunk

    AJ KINGAJ KING7 days ago
  • Nah I remember that Shazam movie . I have memory of myself in kindergarten. I remember that movie

    HaitianFromMarsHaitianFromMars7 days ago
  • I wonder how Lebron feels about that picture. I think journalism is my calling. So many questions I want to ask .

    HaitianFromMarsHaitianFromMars7 days ago
  • I remember sinbad in that movie Shazam also it was too squad one of my favorite movies growing up crazy stuff...great video thanks and God bless

    Art & Cindy SArt & Cindy S7 days ago
  • When did Sinbad become White?

    Lawrence BrownLawrence Brown8 days ago
  • Why tf u make nba shit scary

    Diego BatistaDiego Batista8 days ago
  • Your're not understanding what a Mandela Effect is ,,, Luke, I am your father! 👍

    Son of the Living GodSon of the Living God8 days ago
  • 😳

    Kinghulk21Kinghulk218 days ago
  • Good memories proudly erased and new conditioned behaviour and memories installed, so why am i here? shazam who?

    Lucus MousteenLucus Mousteen8 days ago