NBA Moments with Jaw Dropping PLOT TWISTS!

Nov 17, 2019
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NBA Moments with Jaw Dropping PLOT TWISTS!
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  • I knew reggie would be on here and lakers spurs was a classic but i knew .o4 would be long enough for lakers to win simply because they can rig it with favoritism to last longer

    robert sheltonrobert shelton2 days ago
  • The larry bird clip announcer can just muted and that'll be twice better

    8F_11_Fidel Zahran PW8F_11_Fidel Zahran PW3 days ago
  • Mnight is from Philly dude. Not that crazy lol

    joked87isbackjoked87isback5 days ago
  • Great videos, man!!

    F AdityaF Aditya10 days ago
  • 16:00 bruce bowen's face says it all

    ben gawaranben gawaran14 days ago
  • For this Reggie Miller shot against Knicks was made a whole documental movie. Its called ESPN 30 for 30 "Winning Time" or something. Seriously worth of recomedation

    Slim-SzejkiSlim-Szejki15 days ago
  • M Night Shyamalan also made the crappy last airbender movie

    Fuhoua VangFuhoua Vang15 days ago
  • That Fisher shot on Spurs is definitely not counted. You can only tip it on 0.4 nanosec. See the next shot after that Fisher shot how fast is 0.4 secs on Reggie Miller's 3. And it's a straight up jumpshot which needed lesser time to release than Fisher's fadeaway. See the clock speed comparison on Fisher's shot to Miller's shot. NBA is a hoax.

    Jay RushJay Rush15 days ago
  • No miami vs spurs game 6 2013 finals????

    momukha MO!momukha MO!17 days ago
  • Michael Ruffin🤣🤣😂😂

    Chief KolAssChief KolAss17 days ago
  • Plot twist this video is acutally about basketball not M. Night Shyamalan

    chefmon08chefmon0820 days ago
  • I knew the Heat was gonna win against Chicago

    donkor thomasdonkor thomas21 day ago
  • Kobe closing out Portland. 3 pointer to tie. 3 pointer to win.

    JJ22 days ago
  • Sitting next to Samuel L Jackson in that insert pic.

    JJ22 days ago
  • Brandon Roy and Tracy McGrady were so good before injuries.

    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung22 days ago
  • My mans intro took till 3:25 to finish

    MikeMekellMikeMekell28 days ago
  • dang that t-mac comeback is goated

    Michael MilesMichael Miles29 days ago
  • Who else just keeps watching the part where mgrady makes the rockest win

    Nate BoppNate BoppMonth ago
  • where do you watch those games?

    405th legion405th legionMonth ago
  • look at 6:02 why i think morris pederson is john wall is it just me

    masterpeir hortenmasterpeir hortenMonth ago
  • Spending almost 5 mins on an intro trying to tie in m knight shamalamadingdong almost had me turn this off

    mikelob6707mikelob6707Month ago
  • Waste of my time . .

    bensany yuzabensany yuzaMonth ago
  • Damn wasted 3 minutes and 30 seconds of my life listening to that non-sense story

    Justin Zazha ValenciaJustin Zazha ValenciaMonth ago
  • This was a great video, thanks

    Jacob GendronJacob GendronMonth ago
  • I thought this guy was about to drop some bombs about how the director dude was in on games going a certain way lol

    Justin GrantJustin GrantMonth ago
  • Most famous in horror Movie genre.... I though it's Avatar

    Victorianne CastleVictorianne CastleMonth ago
  • That shot by Fisher should never been counted at all. how can you catch the ball and turnaround and release it at the same time with 0.4 seconds. that was not fair at all to the spurs and tim.

    kenneth casareskenneth casaresMonth ago
  • brandon roy was just a winner.

    bojo perezbojo perezMonth ago
  • @15:33 yes I was one of the people who's watching it on TV back then. I was 13 yo and watching with my dad. I told him that lakers will get the next shot before fisher drains it at 0.4

    Sean kyber CarononganSean kyber CarononganMonth ago
  • Style is wavy Lazy eye Tracy McGrady Deliver like an 80 pound baby

    Don king jr williamsDon king jr williamsMonth ago
  • furkan korkmaz the goat

    Deniz KoramanDeniz KoramanMonth ago
  • The scariest M Night Shyamalan movie is The Last Airbender 😖

    AnaAnaMonth ago
  • “ each one of his movies has a shocking twist” what about the last airbender

    jazjazMonth ago
  • Brandon roy and lillard game winners definitely killed houston

    Joey MamiscalJoey MamiscalMonth ago
  • Intro had me thinking I clicked on the wrong video

    Louis BrownloqLouis BrownloqMonth ago
  • where is reggie bowing only for kukoc to hit the game winner?

    david baedavid baeMonth ago
  • I remember alot of these brings back memories of my childhood

    optimuskid37optimuskid37Month ago
  • Is there anybody in nba history who did what Tracy McGrady did no lie ... That was the clutches sequence of all time

    Roddarius BrooksRoddarius BrooksMonth ago
  • Damien Lillard = Brandon Roy 2.0 ???

    Mason WhiteMason WhiteMonth ago
  • T man bruh

    slaven simicslaven simicMonth ago
  • Get to the point.

    WillisOnThaBeatWillisOnThaBeatMonth ago
  • Why is Derrick rose in a nba 2009 game

    Frankie CatizoneFrankie CatizoneMonth ago
  • Why do I know every game?

    Jaleel DnOJaleel DnOMonth ago
  • I thought you were going to say the movie director guy killed someone

    Keith RogersKeith Rogers2 months ago
  • i watched some of your 5 videos in full.. i'm your new subscriber............. nice!

    Paul V.Paul V.2 months ago
  • How about Regie millers bow at the Chicago then Toni sinks a triple to sealed the game for the bulls

    Elgin FragaElgin Fraga2 months ago
  • m night shammalon makes horror movies? *guess that explains the last airbender live-action movie*

    Javon MemeJavon Meme2 months ago
  • He said all that like he was going deep into something had me glued for about 30 seconds just to say exactly what the thumbnail says 😒

    Sal GenovaSal Genova2 months ago
  • I thought this was secret base aja SB nation

    SkyLineSkyLine2 months ago
  • ayyyy loved the video bro! Had to subscribe :D :D

    OpochtliOpochtli2 months ago
  • 18:00 the clock stopped before Yao's shot connected, literally the moment the ball left his hands, how did they know it's going in?

    Alex LiaskosAlex Liaskos2 months ago
  • Fuck portlanddd

    Max RoaMax Roa2 months ago
  • is it just me? or the commentator just says damian lillard in brandon roy game winner

    Richard VigilRichard Vigil2 months ago
  • And I am from Corpus Christi Texas

    Dennis CanoDennis Cano2 months ago
  • The Bobcats was beating them boys all game. That dagger by Ray at the end was the first lead in a long time.

    Kelz DivineKelz Divine2 months ago
  • The village a underrated movie.

    Kelz DivineKelz Divine2 months ago
  • What happened to Brandon Roy and do a video about

    Christopher WaltonChristopher Walton3 months ago
  • I don't get why so amazing that shyamalan was on that game

    jelsalover foreverjelsalover forever3 months ago
  • This intro was longer than a URL trailer...

    Whadat MowfduWhadat Mowfdu3 months ago
  • I watch all his video that he made

    ezzybezeezzybeze3 months ago
  • The best Channel I ever saw my life

    ezzybezeezzybeze3 months ago
  • yeah just put in a 3 and a half minute long intro that's unrelated to the video, why not

    Kheilas RetiKheilas Reti3 months ago
  • This is fukn boring!!!!

    Chance HasashiChance Hasashi3 months ago
  • At 6'7 Reggie Miller should've dunk the freaking 🏀really

    Damon DavisDamon Davis3 months ago
  • This goes to show you that the game isn’t over until the clock hits 0.00

    Jalen HJalen H3 months ago
  • Hi

    yao Kangni soukpeyao Kangni soukpe3 months ago
  • That pistons team was special

    psychedelic currypsychedelic curry3 months ago
  • Its all rigged

    rockdagreat44rockdagreat443 months ago
  • 13:40 when your friend makes a regular shot instead of shooting a full court shot

    YOUR DADYOUR DAD3 months ago
  • WTF! 5:13

    Dylan and Devon ChannelDylan and Devon Channel3 months ago
  • t-mac performance is sooooo incredible..goosebumps😲😲😲😲

    Lin sanityLin sanity3 months ago
  • Long ass intro is done at 3:27

    Brad SBrad S3 months ago
  • “Wth were u thinking”😂

    Basketball LegendsBasketball Legends3 months ago
  • One question what year was it on that clip were vince carter slap that guy from raptors 😂 they didnt review plays

    fpallares41fpallares413 months ago
  • When he said something or should I say someone no you were right the first time that’s no human

    Infinity FrequencyInfinity Frequency3 months ago
  • Wtf is with the horror background music. Suckahhh

    boo _minatiboo _minati3 months ago
  • You always have that annoying commercial in between all your videos smh

    Jaxon DakotaJaxon Dakota3 months ago
  • 13:39 😭😭😂😂

    Kevin StarrKevin Starr3 months ago
  • I used to be such a big Brandon Roy fan smh RIP his knees

    Tashan TimothyTashan Timothy4 months ago
  • 13:40 dude face say everything 😂😂😂

    LouLou4 months ago
  • Enjoyed with lots of smiles, thank you, need me some Shaq, Kobe & MJ highlights

    Suky GillSuky Gill4 months ago
  • So glad I’m not the only who thought that intro was the plot twist! Damn 3plus mins for an intro!! Sheesh. 🥴

    tonshmartonshmar4 months ago
  • Why is the intro so long explain that.

    Eashan KakullaEashan Kakulla4 months ago
  • Go Portland

    Noah AnayaNoah Anaya4 months ago
  • Fuck yeah another oregonian

    Sammi FigueroaSammi Figueroa4 months ago
  • I thought every dagger had M. Night sitting at the same spot and it didn't have to be a Philly game.

    Mark LawMark Law4 months ago
  • I’m from Oregon

    DawnBodySoapDawnBodySoap4 months ago
  • That look Devin Brown had always have me dying 🤣☠️

    Pierre Richard JrPierre Richard Jr4 months ago
  • Emolit Shamelon made the last airbender and as the avatar fan I am I’m so mad that movie was terrible like if you think again👍

    Adrian Oswaldo AcevedoAdrian Oswaldo Acevedo4 months ago
  • Ripcity

    _ void __ void _4 months ago
  • Most annoying voice I’ve ever heard. Worse than a nasally women talking

  • 14:48 out out of bounds

    Kourt On FortKourt On Fort4 months ago
  • Intro: 19:00 Content: 00:22

    Johnny WattsJohnny Watts5 months ago
  • I appreciate your thought process and time you spend on these videos that are very entertaining! And amazing work I appreciate the work that you do 🔥❤️

    Successful Mafia Family ENT mediaSuccessful Mafia Family ENT media5 months ago
  • How about terry rozier and khris middleton?

    EquamEquam5 months ago
  • Good twists. Now I gotta go back and jot down those names of the movies you mentioned also.

    TuPhonez4FreeTuPhonez4Free5 months ago
  • Plot twist: 3 minutes in and suddenly reveals we're still watching the intro...

    William ArmstrongWilliam Armstrong5 months ago
  • Good video, new sub 🔥

    Mezzy One nationMezzy One nation5 months ago
  • The worst intro and rambling I've ever heard👎🏾 The point dude! Get to the point! Couldn't finish the video.

    Tiffany RussellTiffany Russell5 months ago
  • Tmac went red eye terminator mode

    Mike EvansMike Evans5 months ago