NBA Players who look EXACTLY Like other People!

Jan 12, 2017
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NBA Players who look EXACTLY Like other People!
i know i forgot some..but hope you enjoy!!
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  • Chiwetel Ejiofor chadwick boseman vince carter

    Mamba outMamba outMonth ago
  • Nate Robinson looks way more like 50 cent than Rodney Stuckey everything else is spot on though haha

    vN NvvN NvMonth ago
  • You ain't have to do Jaleel White like that

    The SwordsMasterThe SwordsMaster2 months ago
  • Blake and Seth 100% accurate

    Lossy DoeeLossy Doee5 months ago
  • Now that Steph curry one was disrespectful you should of said Aaron gorden

    Shalana JaquessShalana Jaquess6 months ago
  • Kevin Durant and offset

    Clarence 102Clarence 1026 months ago
  • yo you forgot the Fred Vanfleet and Deron Williams Simularities

    Watery Exoticgamer16Watery Exoticgamer167 months ago
  • Bruh Tobias look just like j cole

    Janiyah HortonJaniyah Horton9 months ago
  • Actually kevin Garnett and DMX look alike

    Deeedee MoallDeeedee Moall9 months ago
  • Lol

    FalldoggFalldogg9 months ago
  • Fav is Draymont greeen and welvin d great lol

    Ron DizzleRon Dizzle10 months ago
  • Lmao Sam Cassell and E.T

    Kanye WestKanye West10 months ago
  • brooo you did draymond dirty lmao

    Your mad right nowYour mad right now10 months ago
  • Haha for Stephen curry it had voldamore

    Narelle CardwellNarelle CardwellYear ago
  • The random black girl one

    Oleka NaskyOleka NaskyYear ago
  • If dangmattsmith saw that he would say racism discrimination

    Oleka NaskyOleka NaskyYear ago
  • My mans said Sam cassel looks like E.T

    Oleka NaskyOleka NaskyYear ago
  • Kevin Durant and Jamie Foxx look just alike

    Tøxic RickTøxic RickYear ago
  • Man! Why dey gotta do Draymond Green and Steph Curry like dat!😂

    Tøxic RickTøxic RickYear ago
  • *Jaylen Brown and Khalid*

    Lamar Action JacksonLamar Action JacksonYear ago
  • what about kelly oubre and blueface

    Derrick MeiDerrick MeiYear ago
  • What tf is wrong Wichu stoopid

    Basketball Handles Boii GCBasketball Handles Boii GCYear ago
  • I look like James Harden takes a look at my Instagram @borlandviannaoficial

    James Harden BrasileiroJames Harden BrasileiroYear ago
  • When it turned into Durant. I thought it was gonna be a snake.

    The MommyMonsterThe MommyMonster2 years ago
  • Kevin Durant look like Offset Neyo kinda look like Giannis James Harden looks *EXACTLY* like Nathan Graham

    Anthony LaPianaAnthony LaPiana2 years ago
  • 2:50 no really...

    andrew mandrew m2 years ago
  • Draymond

    AXX_ SAUCYAXX_ SAUCY2 years ago
  • Draymonf

    AXX_ SAUCYAXX_ SAUCY2 years ago
  • Raymond look like that because of his teeth

    AXX_ SAUCYAXX_ SAUCY2 years ago
  • Who’s here from troydan

    vTygarvTygar2 years ago
  • Kd = 50 cent

    DihnyDihny2 years ago
  • Did the warriors dirty

    Bigballer DerickBigballer Derick2 years ago
  • 3:20 he looks like Giannis

    D1 SAUCE6625D1 SAUCE66252 years ago
  • This dude racist

    CJ viperCJ viper2 years ago
  • Bro Cp3 and Carlton don't look alike

    Jason VargoJason Vargo3 years ago
  • Kobe:Tupac Jr Smith:Also Tupac😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    委誕Trap委誕Trap3 years ago
  • I am sleep

    Hesi Killed him-Hesi Killed him-3 years ago
  • Dwanye Wade and Gucci Mane

    Team ResurrectionTeam Resurrection3 years ago
  • Very accurate

    JMACJMAC3 years ago
  • That don't look like Stephen curry if it does then you look like Donald duck from Mickey mouse and your l hairline

    Bored of lifeBored of life3 years ago
  • please, yao ming has 1 billion look alikes

    tim slimtim slim3 years ago
  • 2:10😂😂😂

    Jamarrien JohnsonJamarrien Johnson3 years ago
  • Oprah side 😂

    RatedPForPaulRatedPForPaul3 years ago
  • Kevin Garnett looks like dmx more than Gary Payton to me

    Ethan MoralesEthan Morales3 years ago
  • This is cool! Btw what is the song name? Shazam didn't help

    Firecracker AF21Firecracker AF213 years ago
  • Next time put kats and chance

    KardoboKardobo3 years ago
  • KD look like Offset nigga

    michaelmwilsonmichaelmwilson3 years ago
  • What about Brandon Ingram and childish gambino

    Charlie RCharlie R3 years ago

    aleksei leontievaleksei leontiev3 years ago
  • Demarcus and moneybagg yo

    brandon Williamsbrandon Williams3 years ago

    William PolancoWilliam Polanco3 years ago
  • Should've put jaylen brown on there and Khalid

  • Klay thompson looks more like the burrito of sausage party more than the kid off boy meets world😂

  • So inaccurate

    When she pregnantWhen she pregnant3 years ago
  • 1:37: That moment you realize that Game and 50-Cent rejoined forces at a later point of their careers :P! LMAO!

    Elie BECHARAElie BECHARA3 years ago
  • Carmelo and T.I. ?????

    TriHardTriHard3 years ago
  • Nerlens Noel and osn had me dying 😂😂😂

    Izzy RKIIzzy RKI3 years ago
  • Andrew Wiggins and TBJZL

    Daffa PratamaDaffa Pratama3 years ago
  • iman shumpert and desiigner

    kori kisielpricekori kisielprice3 years ago
  • Ne-yo looks like Isaiah thomas

    Lil ManLil Man3 years ago
  • You forgot westbrook and bow wow

    LegendaryChris MusicLegendaryChris Music3 years ago
  • The disrespect in this video 😂

    Michael HerronMichael Herron3 years ago
  • This guy is a warriors hater

    Trevor is harambeTrevor is harambe3 years ago
  • Random black girl im dead😂😂

    VxntayVxntay3 years ago
  • CP3 , i_just_farted

    Mikoy MedelMikoy Medel3 years ago
  • song

    Hassan DakroubHassan Dakroub3 years ago
  • now finally someone thinks that kent bazemore looks like chance the rapper

    SantanaFrmTheGraveSantanaFrmTheGrave3 years ago
  • where are the uploads?

    dumm76dumm763 years ago
  • You should've done Jinx for KD

    Max _Max _3 years ago
  • Oprah side verso looks more like Allen iverson

    CheesyjoshCheesyjosh3 years ago
  • Kyrie looks loke drake from a certain angle

    KobeKobe3 years ago
  • Eric Gordon and FaZe Adapt

    ItsAlexManeItsAlexMane3 years ago
  • LMAO Charles Barkley and his daughter.

    xiaxiaolou下小楼xiaxiaolou下小楼3 years ago
  • Yo not Reggie Miller man😂

    llFarikoll 15llFarikoll 153 years ago
  • Here from OSN

    Aden BrownAden Brown3 years ago
  • d'angelo russell look like raz b form b2k

    DrippLaFlareDrippLaFlare3 years ago
    • *from

      DrippLaFlareDrippLaFlare3 years ago
  • Who else thought they were gonna put Draymond next to CashNasty

    NexNex3 years ago
  • steph looks like logic

    PARA 1PARA 13 years ago
  • @oprahsideverson

    jay killajay killa3 years ago
  • lmao you roasted kd so hard

    David BDavid B3 years ago
    • but he does tho..

      Abe BrimaAbe BrimaMonth ago
  • Who ever made dis hates gsw 😂😂

    Javier CevallosJavier Cevallos3 years ago
  • you forgot Dennis Schroder looks like comedyshortsgamer

    XhiousXhious3 years ago
  • kevin love - lil dicky

    David DuarteDavid Duarte3 years ago
  • Kevin Durant had me dead

    Mario ClaytonMario Clayton3 years ago
  • Is this an NBA players look A like video or a roast video?😂

    The MailmanThe Mailman3 years ago
  • Anyone knows the music name ???? Thank you

    Malokero GalacticoMalokero Galactico3 years ago
  • Eric Gordon on some photos looks like Kendrick Lamar. And of course you have forgotten about Reggie Jackson and Bobby Shmurda! They look exactly same!

    Michał ŁubMichał Łub3 years ago
  • Chance The Rapper high key looking like KAT

    solarissolaris3 years ago
  • u suck

    westsidethug01 YTwestsidethug01 YT3 years ago
  • lmao I'm dead you really think Oprah Sideverson and Nerlens Noel Resemble?

    Terrance CarmichaelTerrance Carmichael3 years ago
    • na he look like will barton

      Riley FreemanRiley Freeman3 years ago
  • Hahahhahahahahahahaha

    Orvpogi AlterOrvpogi Alter3 years ago
  • I look like Lebron fuck you mean.

  • Draymond & Cashnasty

    CosbyCosby3 years ago
  • W.

    Yurhomi 12Yurhomi 123 years ago
  • LMAO

  • OSN lol

    JdawsHDJdawsHD3 years ago
  • Well no duh Barkley looks like his dauhhter

    Uncle LarryUncle Larry3 years ago
  • draymond = cashnasty

    DracoDraco3 years ago
    • RyuuseiBlizzard faxxxxx

      Young ShivaYoung Shiva3 years ago
  • Curry looks like Logic

    Gabe JimenezGabe Jimenez3 years ago
  • Some of these are garbage but funny as hell good video

    BullsNationBihhBullsNationBihh3 years ago