NBA Players who Play Very SIMILAR!! (RE-Upload!)

Apr 11, 2019
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I made this almost 2 year ago! Got taken down. Decided to try to upload it one more time!
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  • Thank you for complimenting Kobe man!

    Mir TayamenMir Tayamen3 days ago
  • Allan Houston's jumpshot is a thing of beauty

    BiblicalBiblical14 days ago
  • Accept Isiah Thomas can kinda dunk and CP3 cant😂😂no disrespect

    dior_ davinedior_ davineMonth ago
    • CP3 had a nasty dunk on a prime Orlando Dwight Howard.

      Michael GalliganMichael Galligan10 days ago
  • I like how in one of the last clips you have Kobe guarding Jordan on a fadeaway and LeBron guarding Kobe on the Fadeaway

    Kenobi BryantKenobi BryantMonth ago
  • mj = kawhi

    masterpeir hortenmasterpeir hortenMonth ago
  • 8:52 Pete Marovich doudle dribble

    W1Z4RD G4M1NGW1Z4RD G4M1NGMonth ago
  • Pistol Pete lirerally was shooting from 4 point range before curry was even born

    2K Head2K HeadMonth ago
  • Idk why years ago i use to think tyshawn Prince and Kevin Durant played alike q

    Mic BanzMic BanzMonth ago
  • I think Steph plays more like Reggie Miller

    Andrew SmithAndrew SmithMonth ago
  • penny hardaway with eddie jones ? rondo with nick van exel ?

    Rixx CarlsonRixx CarlsonMonth ago
  • tmac and pg both choke on playoffs

    RobinhudloomRobinhudloomMonth ago
  • Gilbert Arenas and Jamal Murray Marcus Smart and Tony Allen Shaq and Dwight Howard Kevin Garnett/Tim Duncan and Anthony Davis

    Legendary TonyLegendary Tony2 months ago
    • i agree but Jamal Murray is to inconsistence to warren a comparison to agent 0, just my opinion tho

      InvalidInvalidMonth ago
  • Love this video no arguments this is so accurate if I did this video it’s basically this video

    Renen TankRenen Tank3 months ago
  • and bryant is less clutch then james

    vaibhav kalkuntevaibhav kalkunte3 months ago
    • and no lebron is known for choking

      Nba House of HighlightsNba House of Highlights2 months ago
  • sorry to burst ur bubble but jordan and derozan look like they are literally as clutch as each other.

    vaibhav kalkuntevaibhav kalkunte3 months ago
    • jordan has 46 percent fg in clutch and derozan has 44 so yea

      Nba House of HighlightsNba House of Highlights2 months ago
  • John Wall and Allen Iverson

    Kairu Mood シKairu Mood シ3 months ago
  • ABDUAL was blackballed that is what cut his career

    JaeDeeKaeJaeDeeKae3 months ago
  • We saw all Michael and Kobe,lebron and magic

    Tristan HamiltonTristan Hamilton4 months ago
  • Ray Allen and Klay Thompson

    Basketball LegendsBasketball Legends4 months ago
  • Kd and Larry bird

    Basketball LegendsBasketball Legends4 months ago
    • wtf no

      Nba House of HighlightsNba House of Highlights2 months ago
  • I think Tony Parker and kemba walker are similar too

    Lucas QuagliaroliLucas Quagliaroli5 months ago
  • Lonzo and Jason Kidd were also both lightskin

    WHAEYDWHAEYD6 months ago
  • I can see Drexler more with Wade.

    S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • Shaq and Dwight Howard where is that match up

    Sheree WilkinsSheree Wilkins7 months ago
  • You should have done Rudy Gobert and Scottie Pippen great at defense

    Sheree WilkinsSheree Wilkins7 months ago
  • You should have done Kareem and Giannis

    Sheree WilkinsSheree Wilkins7 months ago
  • You should have done Wilt Chamberlain and Anthony Davis

    Sheree WilkinsSheree Wilkins7 months ago
  • My brother and I saw the same resemblance of mcgrady and George to the T and their effortless to shoot the ball

    Revel One3Revel One37 months ago
    • ]]uu[

      frank ellizer umadhayfrank ellizer umadhay8 days ago
    • yes and they are both play off choker

      prancerjohn ponceprancerjohn ponce10 days ago
  • Tourette's didn't cut short Mahmoud 's career, his protest did

    Samuel DavidsonSamuel Davidson7 months ago
  • Best trio Russell Westbrook and james harden & Chris paul Lebron James Anthony Davis @ kawi lendor Zion willwions & joe morent & luka donic

    아말아말9 months ago
    • Spelling pls

  • Every time I hear chris paul for some reason I always remember the cold as Russ westbrook episode where Kevin yells EARL BOYKINS 😂😭

    TonyBuddz KartelTonyBuddz Kartel10 months ago
  • Thought im the only one who thinks PG and tmac both look and play the same 😂😂

    Day LacroDay Lacro10 months ago
  • Tourettes didn't cut Mahmoud Abdul Rauf career short he was blackballed from the NBA for not standing for the American flag, as a matter of fact he plays in IceCube Big 3 league to this very day.

    Sherry ThompsonSherry Thompson10 months ago
  • Shaq and Dwight Howard

    Oh yeah yeah armyOh yeah yeah army10 months ago
  • Steve Nash was a much better shooter than Stockton, and Stockton was a much better defender Jordan played more physical while kobe had more finesse Lebron is a better scorer than magic, I think of lebron as a hybrid of jordan and magic Rick fox and mike Miller were similar Anthony Davis and kevin garnett Lou Williams and jason Terry Rip hamilton and klay thompson

    Nico LopezNico LopezYear ago
  • Derrick rose and Russell Westbrook

    Latrice HickmanLatrice HickmanYear ago
  • Kyrie sets screens like steven adams

    sebas666777 looopsebas666777 looopYear ago
  • i think kawhi plays like jordan

    boxx wiitionboxx wiitionYear ago
    • Kawhi doesn't have the sweet post fadeaway jump shot and he's not flashy so no. Kawhi plays more like Pippen than Jordan.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • There isnt another tracy mcgrady, no similarities yet

    chuckElegendchuckElegendYear ago
    • Grant Hill

      Mr.Grimes420Mr.Grimes420Year ago
  • Mj-kobe-demar sequence

    JestonJestonYear ago
  • Shaq and Wilt

    macewbeemacewbeeYear ago
  • Harden & Genobli Hardens drive euro steps, plays like a European player but he's shot changes everything harden is a better shooter but has that European drive

    Joe GarciaJoe GarciaYear ago
  • Pippen Kawhi....Westbrook Steve Francis.....gervin p. George

    fassabilfassabilYear ago
  • Manu Ginobli and D'angello Russel

    Oleka NaskyOleka NaskyYear ago
    • lmao

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • kd and gervin

    TghookerTghookerYear ago
  • Kawhi and jereme lin

    Ecuild4375Ecuild4375Year ago
    • Ecuild4375 nope

      DJ LavishDJ LavishYear ago
  • Kyrie and iverson

    John DoeJohn DoeYear ago
    • Nah. Iverson plays defense unlike Kyrie.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
    • nah

      Lokey SpikeLokey Spike9 months ago
  • I don't know why they compare Lozol Ball to Jason Kidd he's a past first poi t guard

    Neil A. BarralNeil A. BarralYear ago
  • Also notice that Wiggins and Drexel’s have the same jersey number.

    Eileen ValloEileen ValloYear ago
    • Lol

      Fahad AbdiFahad Abdi2 months ago
    • And notice that auto correction for “Drexler”

      Eileen ValloEileen ValloYear ago
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    Cassie CannonCassie CannonYear ago
  • Lonzo isnt in the leauge yet ?

    2k17 Goat2k17 GoatYear ago
    • When the video came out for the first time lonzo ball was still in the ncaa hence the "not in the nba yet" (and remember : this is a re-upload)

      Elfried KiassiElfried KiassiYear ago
    • When the video came out for the first time lonzo ball was still in the ncaa hence the "not in the nba yet"

      Elfried KiassiElfried KiassiYear ago
  • Lonzo ball is more like Rajon Rondo then jason kidd

    NewEarth SonNewEarth SonYear ago
    • @NewEarth Son lonzo has a similar play style and they look alike kinda

      Lites Out0_oLites Out0_oYear ago
    • I said yes. Even Kidd said thats a stretch comparing hi to lonzo lol.

      NewEarth SonNewEarth SonYear ago
    • @NewEarth Son no

      Lites Out0_oLites Out0_oYear ago
    • YES

      NewEarth SonNewEarth SonYear ago
    • No

      Lites Out0_oLites Out0_oYear ago
  • lol you failed on ball

    Boss Lax316Boss Lax316Year ago
  • Brandon Ingram and Kevin Durant

    Terry BogardTerry BogardYear ago
  • still waiting for the next Allen Iverson in 2019

    Ethan PoEthan PoYear ago
    • What about kyrie

      MAGiCMAGiC3 days ago
  • This was dope. Seeing this in my sub box I immediately thought of Jordan & Kobe then T-Mac & PG13.

    DoonieDoonieYear ago
  • Wiggins? Similar to Drexler? Yeah, this didn't aged well😂

    Sebastian AlessandrelloSebastian AlessandrelloYear ago
    • Sebastian Alessandrello that’s when he was looking actually promising he was averaging like 23 ppg at the time

      Shannon SharpeShannon SharpeYear ago
  • Wiggins what? that not drexler. Wiggins the worst shooter I ever seen

    Goat manGoat manYear ago
  • Lmao remember when we thought Wiggins was gonna be good💀he’s a Clyde drexler but heinously inefficient. A good ass video tho keep up the grind g 💯💯

    Comacollosas AComacollosas AYear ago
  • #1 fan

    Alex JayjayAlex JayjayYear ago
  • First

    Alex JayjayAlex JayjayYear ago