NBA Players who Play Very SIMILAR!!

Jun 20, 2017
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  • Great Video!

    MR HUNTMR HUNT3 years ago
  • Charice and Jake Zyrus lol

    FaZe LloydFaZe Lloyd3 years ago
  • Ray Allen klay Thompson

    2jankyy2jankyy3 years ago
  • what's the music

    a La L3 years ago
  • Lol no one noticed the Trump and Clinton comparison ?😂

    earvincbearvincb3 years ago
  • Nash and Curry

    roosevelt pendletonroosevelt pendleton3 years ago
  • The only comparison I can even consider close to Tmac is Luc Longley

    Bernard HowardBernard Howard3 years ago
  • Charice Pempengco and Jake Zyrus

    Meeow MeeMeeow Mee3 years ago
  • Much like tmac and penny hardaway

    allan banguilanallan banguilan3 years ago
  • Iverson and drose Lillard and Baron Davis Kawhi and pippen Klay and peja Amare staudamire and Malone Kevin Garnett and Anthony Davis Ray Allen and Ben McLemore

    scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40%scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40%3 years ago
  • Jordan Bell and Ben Wallace

    Elijah C.Elijah C.3 years ago
  • the Wiggins drexler comparison is one I didn't think of. And tmac is more athletic than PG13 and can actually close out a game.

    Zech WilsonZech Wilson3 years ago
  • I just off my phone when 5.00

    Jason LeeJason Lee3 years ago
  • y'all get ready to SEE KYRIE IRVING ON THE PISTONS

    Tiffany JanelleTiffany Janelle3 years ago

    bwebb00bwebb003 years ago
  • paul george is no t-mac

    BrandonBrandon3 years ago
  • Marcus Morris and Markief Morris

    Dash ZoroDash Zoro3 years ago
  • John Wall? Young Rudy Gay plays like P.G T-MAC, Young/Healthy Danny Granger? There are a host of other solid players with similar play styles, and some we've never seen before i.e SHAQUILLE O'NEAL

    NBA WHO? NBA ME! 1st. TEAMNBA WHO? NBA ME! 1st. TEAM3 years ago
  • penny & magic mentally of Westbrook & A.I Definitely Mike & Kobe There been no Rodman Never seen a SHAQ

    NBA WHO? NBA ME! 1st. TEAMNBA WHO? NBA ME! 1st. TEAM3 years ago
  • Remember a guy who went by the name CHRIS WEBBER maybe the number 3 or 4 greatest power forward until injury

    NBA WHO? NBA ME! 1st. TEAMNBA WHO? NBA ME! 1st. TEAM3 years ago
  • Like the comparisons, but LeBron & Magic! On the passing abilities, team leadership!! dead on No argument, but as a player, PLAYER, BRON is Scottie JUICED X's 3

    NBA WHO? NBA ME! 1st. TEAMNBA WHO? NBA ME! 1st. TEAM3 years ago
  • Wow. Now I looked at all the new players vs old players. There are similarly to one another. But to be honest it will happen because of who a player is coached by and also the player you want to be. I actually played basketball in up til 8th grade and was compared to Mark Jackson and Chris Mullin. Lol 😆

    TuPhonez4FreeTuPhonez4Free3 years ago
  • this dude compared Joel embiid & hakeem. I'm done. 😒😒😑😔 I can't deal

    kevin e-anabakevin e-anaba3 years ago
  • Alonzo mourning and hassan whiteside

    Valery LépineValery Lépine3 years ago
  • Klay and Ray

    Deon MckeverDeon Mckever3 years ago
  • I feel Kobe and Jordan are related

    Christian IdakwojiChristian Idakwoji3 years ago
  • But as far as movement and agility they do have similar ability.

    White IversonWhite Iverson3 years ago
  • Tmac was way better offensively. But paul George is better on defense.

    White IversonWhite Iverson3 years ago
  • Con tmac y paul George se equivocaron tmac juega igual que penny hardaway se diferencian solo en los pases

    Carlos MendozaCarlos Mendoza3 years ago
  • Nobody noticed that durant and the snake play alike?

    Jeffrey NegapatanJeffrey Negapatan3 years ago
  • rubio and nash. and Rasheed Wallace And KAT. And Marbury and AI

    Dylan ManniDylan Manni3 years ago
  • Dr.j and Mj?

    Brayden JacksonBrayden Jackson3 years ago
  • Allen Iverson is like Kyrie

    Anu ObiAnu Obi3 years ago
  • Steve francis and marbury

    BiblicalBiblical3 years ago
  • could be tmac and kobe

    12 - STEM C Reginald John Agnes12 - STEM C Reginald John Agnes3 years ago
  • Giannis and george gervin

    peter griffinpeter griffin3 years ago
  • Zaza Pachulia and Bill Lambeer

    NissaNNissaN3 years ago
  • pistol and teodosic

    Sretko StojičićSretko Stojičić3 years ago
  • Scalabrine and MJ but scalabrine is way better

    Arman TamangArman Tamang3 years ago
  • I think KD and KG plays alike I think Kevin Durant and Kevin Garnett plays alike Like if you think that too

    karl carreonkarl carreon3 years ago
  • 09-10 Dwight Howard/Shaq Charles Barkley/Demarcus Cousins & Russell Westbook Pau Gasol/Domantas Sabonis Patrick Beverly/Gary Payton Kevin Love/Dirk Nowitzki Kendrick Perkins/Charles Oakley Goran Dragic/Steve Nash 2012 Evan Turner/Paul Pierce Klay Thompson/Mitch Richmond Blake Griffin 2013/Shawn Kemp

    Love & Success Follows MeLove & Success Follows Me3 years ago
  • "Takes me back to when I used to watch highlights of Clyde Drexler" lol. What a weird thing to say, almost like u were about to say "back when I used to watch Drexler play" and then u realized u are too young and only seen highlights lol. Ah yes, the good old days when I would watch Bill Russell play...on youtube lol

    ETW4lifeETW4life3 years ago
  • Tmac was a 2 guard

    Monterrio AlexanderMonterrio Alexander3 years ago
  • penny hardaway & shawn livingston

    Nathaniel AnolNathaniel Anol3 years ago
  • So you just gon forget Russell and Iverson 🤦‍♂️

    Justus WellingtonJustus Wellington3 years ago
  • kd nobody plays like him

    Deniz SerraDeniz Serra3 years ago
  • I don't see tmac's and George's similarities that much. George is slower and has a better shot. The other comparisons are on spot.

    Hoodie MeloHoodie Melo3 years ago
  • Where is Kristaps and Chris Bosh!?

    DradaDrada3 years ago
  • Ok why are most social media things afraid to compare people with different skin tones. I was expecting Lonzo Ball and Steve Nash. We don't know if Lonzo will be that good yet but he has to potential to be Steve nash good, also they play the same way

    DradaDrada3 years ago
  • Curry plays just like Shaq

    António ArantesAntónio Arantes3 years ago
  • Pg and t-mac?No chance , pg lost his explosiveness with his injury , t-mac is way more clutch , and basically pg will never be on the same level with tracy

    Theodoros Skondras MexisTheodoros Skondras Mexis3 years ago
  • Abdul-Rauf career ending had nothing to do with him having Tourette's syndrome. He was Kaepernick the NBA edition.

    Locked2PHrozenLocked2PHrozen3 years ago
  • Bc history repeats itself lol

    John LJohn L3 years ago
  • Vin Baker and Lamarcus Aldridge

    fred capuchinofred capuchino3 years ago
  • Latrell Sprewell ang Jamal Crawford

    fred capuchinofred capuchino3 years ago
  • Mark Madsen and Tyler Hansbrough

    fred capuchinofred capuchino3 years ago
  • Klay Thompson and Chris Mullin

    fred capuchinofred capuchino3 years ago
  • Me and Darco (2003 bust)

    Electric GamerElectric Gamer3 years ago
  • wiggins and grant hill

    Jovet MurtchanteJovet Murtchante3 years ago
  • This is racist all white players play similar?? What are u talking about

    Nat3_LOLNat3_LOL3 years ago
  • Klay Thompson and Ray Allen

    Jonas BernstorfJonas Bernstorf3 years ago
  • Stupidist comparisons

    Bruh manBruh man3 years ago
  • Westbrook and Steve Francis

    J BallinJ Ballin3 years ago
  • Not a tmac fan, but George to tmac smh

    XXhou12XXXhou12X3 years ago
  • Paul George isn't in T-Macs league.

    ADAJ3ADAJ33 years ago
  • Mahmoud abdul-rauf career was not cut short due to Tourette Syndrome it was cut short due to I'm not standing for the national anthem.

    World of WondersWorld of Wonders3 years ago
  • Noah Vonleh and Chris Bosh Jabari Parker and Paul Pierce

    AtrQ CoversAtrQ Covers3 years ago
  • Manu and james harden dont play the same

    King CJ !King CJ !3 years ago
  • I think Penny & McGrady are more similar but to each their own opinion!

    Kameron OwensKameron Owens3 years ago
  • i think prime Tmac was a beast than George aye 😃😂 just my opinion

    Royce EstrellaRoyce Estrella3 years ago
  • Amazing video. I agree 110%

    Αλέκος ΧρυσικόπουλοςΑλέκος Χρυσικόπουλος3 years ago
  • Cosco prod., you are in a new nother level in your videos. Great job! I sub for sure. Keep up the vids! And bring more creative videos. Thanks

    Andy YangAndy Yang3 years ago
  • I think russ plays like a young mj before the fadeaway and rings...more like air jordan with the relentless, athleticism, and acrobatic plays at the rim...side bar when jordan played point guard for 24 games in 89 he avg 30 10 and 9 (sound familiar?)

    Scrap DiBiaseScrap DiBiase3 years ago
  • Russ and D rose (on his prime), antetokoumnpo and scottie, larry bird and magic

    Lucas FigueiredoLucas Figueiredo3 years ago
  • lebron and divac

    jovan jerek tanjovan jerek tan3 years ago
  • kobe bryant and demar derozen

    King FrizzKing Frizz3 years ago
  • 💯💯

    Travis FordTravis Ford3 years ago
  • How about Paul Pierce and James Harden?

    Big CatBig Cat3 years ago
  • westbrook/young latrell spreewell

    Isaiah LucianoIsaiah Luciano3 years ago
  • Where's Booker and Kobe?

    Axel MenesesAxel Meneses3 years ago
  • Drazen Petrovic and Klay Tomphson?

    miha boršičmiha boršič3 years ago
  • I also compared Joel and Hakeem

    ryan grimesryan grimes3 years ago
  • LeBron and Magic? Hell nahh that is dumb b

    Joshua NicholsJoshua Nichols3 years ago
  • How about Draymond green and Dennis rodman. Both undersized. Great defensive and rebounding PF. And yes ik Draymond is a better scorer than rodman but other than that they r very similar.

    Chubby MuffinChubby Muffin3 years ago
  • Giannis antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis

    Jake TruebloodJake Trueblood3 years ago
  • Lew Alcindor and Kareem Abdul Jabar

    Yuung _NicoYuung _Nico3 years ago
  • Ai. Has no similar in this league

    ThirdD3greeThirdD3gree3 years ago
  • tracy mcgrady plays like kobe

    Kumani JonesKumani Jones3 years ago
  • u can't compare LeBron to magic, magic is 1 of a kind. there will never be another magic Johnson

    Corey BurkhalterCorey Burkhalter3 years ago
  • JJ Barea & Jason Kidd Lol.

    Marcus IrishMarcus Irish3 years ago
  • Dennis Smith Jr is looking like Derrick Rose

    Bronguero NoleBronguero Nole3 years ago
  • Demar Derozan and any other old school two guard

    Jose Javier Martinez QuinonesJose Javier Martinez Quinones3 years ago
  • Derrick rose and John wall Eric Bledsoe and Russell Westbrook Julius Erving and Zach lavine

    Erick NunezErick Nunez3 years ago
  • Ray Allen And Jesus Shuttlesworth?

    spyrosdafnisspyrosdafnis3 years ago
  • Draymon and rodman

    Eric PhillipsEric Phillips3 years ago
  • O come on. Lonzo and Kidd???

    rayray1983rayray19833 years ago
  • What is up with the Hillary, Trump picture? LOL at :28

    Cordon CapellCordon Capell3 years ago
  • how about Garnett and Duncan?

    Gab keith ValerioGab keith Valerio3 years ago
  • NBA LIVE and NBA 2K played similar till live quit

    ΑλέξανδροςΑλέξανδρος3 years ago
  • Rose Westbrook and Robertson

    Tiger WoodsTiger Woods3 years ago