NBA Urban Legends That Will CREEP You Out! ...*PART 2*

Jul 11, 2020
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NBA Urban Legends That Will CREEP You Out! ...*PART 2*
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  • Best NBA urban legend: Delonte West is LeBron’s papi.

    Senor MuchinexSenor Muchinex17 hours ago
  • A.I The GOAT at his position

    XtremeXtreme4 days ago
  • He didn't even limp back out, limp on the court, limp off after making the shot, etc

    XtremeXtreme4 days ago
  • Paul needs acting classes

    XtremeXtreme4 days ago

    XtremeXtreme4 days ago
  • "Yeah I Regret us being on the 1st Floor".....SHIT 😲😂

    Charles TurnerCharles Turner6 days ago
  • Paul had to take a doo doo that's what he said ain't nothing wrong with that

    Jadaiya WatersonJadaiya Waterson7 days ago

    SKarY ZyconnnSKarY Zyconnn8 days ago
  • Klay Thomson did the same thing in the finals

    Jr GJr G9 days ago
  • Request part 3

  • 0:42 So you're telling me that Willis Reed had to go to the bathroom, too? Never thought about that.

    ñöößñööß11 days ago
  • I been watching these videos for the last 5 hours smh

    mike conleymike conley13 days ago
  • You forgot 1 Urban legend J.R Smith whole career

    ninjagavin89ninjagavin8913 days ago
  • Never liked Pierce!!

  • This is not creepy

    ShrekShrek15 days ago
  • Spooky boi big spook pt.2

    jaden yukijaden yuki18 days ago
  • How he put the ball right in his face I’m confused

    Kari BlackwellKari Blackwell19 days ago
  • Kobe still didn’t flinch tho 😂 best player to ever play

    Mango JuiceMango Juice20 days ago
  • Rewatching Paul pierce jog back on the court with crowd cheering still gave me chills again

    M-PakM-Pak20 days ago
  • Watching A.I play , them imo were some of the best basketball years there were

    adam sadam s22 days ago
  • With the Kobe one the ball is still in his face

    Damari ThomasDamari Thomas24 days ago
  • Who cares Kobe still could have flinched most people would have but he didn’t

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy25 days ago
  • 2:13 it must’ve really been eating at him all this time haha

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy25 days ago
  • The best of all time LeBron James or Bill Russell

    Kendal RushKendal Rush28 days ago
  • Lebron vs curry lebron

    Kendal RushKendal Rush28 days ago
  • Kobe

    Kendal RushKendal Rush28 days ago
  • Kobe Bryant vs Ivan Everson

    Kendal RushKendal Rush28 days ago
  • No one one could rival Jordan in his tim

    Kendal RushKendal Rush28 days ago
  • Bill russel vs wilt chamberlain winner bill russel

    Kendal RushKendal Rush28 days ago
  • The rivals of their times and winners

    Kendal RushKendal Rush28 days ago
  • No hate but where tf was urban legend or creepy part at.

    life tlife t29 days ago
  • Good thinking Paul....

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosaMonth ago
  • When u find out why Kobe was sacrificed....

    Timothy BrownTimothy BrownMonth ago
  • You forgot to mention the "Urban Legend" of Announcer Bob Costas crossing and DUNKING over Michael Jordan in a pick up game a little after his win in Utah lol.* *Wink

    Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A ChannelBrotha Neo - C.R.S.A ChannelMonth ago
  • Pierce just faked an injury

    James CarrollJames CarrollMonth ago
  • Whoever doubted the flinch obviously has not played a minute of competitive basketball all their life...

    Zeth JugosZeth JugosMonth ago
  • bro dosent james worthy look like karrem abdul jabbar

    randy adamesrandy adamesMonth ago
  • Or when he was in the wheelchair he pooped

    Ariana DiazAriana DiazMonth ago
  • Wait did he use the restroom

    Ariana DiazAriana DiazMonth ago
  • do one including on Wilt's 2000 women

    Alfred WilliamsAlfred WilliamsMonth ago
  • Big game James just became even cooler in my eyes...

    Jose RodriguezJose RodriguezMonth ago
  • Ya Jordan did the same thing in a FINALS' game....right?!?!?

    Marc RichardsonMarc RichardsonMonth ago
  • Just wondering. My dad called asked if i wanted to bowl for a bit but i probly wont have time

    Paul ThompsonPaul ThompsonMonth ago
  • Hahaha...! Paul poop pierce.! Lol & that's the real truth!

  • Charles' regrets were that they were on the first floor Damnnnnnn hes a savage

    AHumanBeing 999AHumanBeing 999Month ago
  • That was definitely in Kobe's face.

    June MclaneJune MclaneMonth ago
  • Why do handles up, cosgrove, and jimmy high roller all sound the same 😂

    Black BoiBlack BoiMonth ago
  • LMAOOO that South Park episode “FREEEZEEEEE”

    Chris CothronChris CothronMonth ago
  • Who scrolled down to see if it was a part 3?

    James JohnsonJames JohnsonMonth ago
  • Man that instrumental in the background makes me want to watch ur videos all day

    AOT JTAOT JTMonth ago
  • Not to mention that Lebron has won championships while Charles never won a single championship

    Bobby SerranoBobby SerranoMonth ago
  • I want to have nightmares with Paul pooping himself

    James StaplesJames StaplesMonth ago

    Jam oneJam oneMonth ago
  • 8:20 the urban legend of Charles Barkleys height. Most accounts say he was 6”4, he was officially listed at 6”6, but his mugshot has him at 6”8

    Max StarnMax StarnMonth ago
  • Stories that will creep you out. The truth poops his draws lol I'm dead ass crying ;D WTF your definition of "creepy" is as bad as my grammar are

    Ash WednsdayAsh WednsdayMonth ago
  • Paul Pierce is cringe-master.

    John Dee's notebookJohn Dee's notebookMonth ago
  • The Barkley shit happened in Milwaukee

    Brendon NinnemanBrendon NinnemanMonth ago
  • Pierce was trolling

    Rickey J TVRickey J TVMonth ago
  • wow

    Jhorenz Mhieguelle T. SordillaJhorenz Mhieguelle T. SordillaMonth ago
  • 1:30 Paul pierce 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Greenclover 15Greenclover 15Month ago
  • Paul peirce had to shit. He said it himself.

    Kevin CheeseboroKevin CheeseboroMonth ago
  • 400th comment

  • What about cp3s tunnel to the clippers locker room 😂😂😂

    Mason WhiteMason WhiteMonth ago
  • Don't matter ball still in kobe view savage

    Elon MartinElon MartinMonth ago
  • Imagining Carter doing a wrestling move is just too funny

    Rated AceRated AceMonth ago
  • Even though Kobe moved to the side you can still glitch right there

  • Carter body slamming his coach is funny

    Victorianne CastleVictorianne Castle2 months ago
  • Paul pierce just took a shit

    one zerozerozero oneone zerozerozero one2 months ago
  • Make a part 3

    Oscar AntiguaOscar Antigua2 months ago
  • That loud pop was a loud fart tho

    Remmo RabayaRemmo Rabaya2 months ago
  • Too much gay love for Paul peirce

    Jones AlexJones Alex2 months ago
  • If you look at the Kobe one and slow it down Kobe was still close to the ball so he was standing in front of it

    EBE ?EBE ?2 months ago
  • This guy is an underrated youtuber

    AshAsh2 months ago
  • Resoect how Matt defended Kobes legacy on that what a guy.

    taco BStaco BS2 months ago
  • Paul Pierce said he had to take a crap

    SebastianSebastian2 months ago
  • Kobe wasn't focusing on Barnes..paul and kobe really ain't scary

    Kobe BryantKobe Bryant2 months ago
  • Kobe fide

    Hi MateHi Mate2 months ago
  • Yo I hear that Paul Pierce story so many ppl believe it's fake but idk it's still remains an urban legend

    TheOne_ mp20ytTheOne_ mp20yt2 months ago
  • My friend said Kobe paid the pilot To reck the helicopter cause Michael Jordan picked Kobe over him

    XavierXavier2 months ago
  • Paul POOPED his pants I’m terrified

    XavierXavier2 months ago
  • That music scary

    Jasleen BhangalJasleen Bhangal2 months ago
  • The ball was still going towards the side of his face

    Jayden KirbyJayden Kirby2 months ago
  • Not creepy but at least he didnt go "nba urban legends tha will creep u out🙊🤫😳😳😳😳 part 2"

    The DishonoredThe Dishonored2 months ago
  • Vince was slamming balls and humans 😭

    Biggie CheeseBiggie Cheese3 months ago
  • I can't sleep last night cause paul pooping his pants was stuck in my head

    MEME#HORSEMEME#HORSE3 months ago
  • Woah! That NBA Urban Legends cpreeped me out!

    MIDNIGHTMIDNIGHT3 months ago
  • So part 1 seemed like it had Mj but ended without so watched part 2 and nothing from MJ why then have it in your thumb pic?

    Tony MercTony Merc3 months ago
  • That boi Paul had to take a shit

    ISOxWaterIvyISOxWaterIvy3 months ago
  • It must have been his clone

    RAW asshitshowRAW asshitshow3 months ago
  • The back ground music need to be changed please

    Micahis JonesMicahis Jones3 months ago
  • Yo how is it creepy to party all night and play a game like what

    FfffFfff3 months ago
  • I didn't know that my bday was the poo game

    Marc Benedict CometaMarc Benedict Cometa3 months ago
  • no whass creepy iss Michelle beadle hittn d wall she looks like she's in her 60s

    Rudy AmezquitaRudy Amezquita3 months ago
  • The Paul Pierce one he had to go to the bathroom

    lando king223IRLlando king223IRL3 months ago
  • Urban legend james represents the NBA the right way?jumps to teams to finally get a ring totally shits on the team he left,goes back to that team shits on them again,points the blame at his teammates he does nothing wrong,gives up on his new team showing no type of real leadership,and stops playing hard during a game cuz of being frustrated once again shits on his team.oh shit all that happened nevermind no urban legend there just facts

    cruedust 7595cruedust 75953 months ago
  • I can't sit through hate for this long.

    Peace MakerPeace Maker4 months ago
  • WhAt AboUt WeStBrOoK and the ball disappearance

    —p0s!N ——p0s!N —4 months ago
  • Barkley do you have any regrets? Yeah, I regret that we were on the first floor 😅

    Max JulienMax Julien4 months ago
  • The Vince Carter one is not a Urban Legend, Sam Mitchell admitted to the fight

    kalem rhodriguezkalem rhodriguez4 months ago
  • Creepy nba urban legends that will creep you out: the video is about Paul pierce pooping his pants

    Sean FSean F4 months ago