NBA Warning Signs That Were RIGHT in Front of us the WHOLE Time!

Oct 28, 2020
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NBA Warning Signs That Were RIGHT in Front of us the WHOLE Time!
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  • I'm steps ahead of you

    Kale KaleKale KaleHour ago
  • Creepy for sure

    JWiLLfoReaLJWiLLfoReaL6 hours ago
  • What a bunch of 🐂💩

    Keith MortzfieldKeith Mortzfield6 hours ago
  • the kobe part is such a reach and very disrespectful. shame shame shame

    N WN W10 hours ago
  • wtf is all just a coincidence and its not that scary? WTF?

    NathanNathan13 hours ago
  • 😳

    ThaDay DreamerQThaDay DreamerQ18 hours ago
  • The elites playing with people... Lifes too... Literally happening infront of your eyes and y'all really think this is a game... This is literally wtf they do dumb down folks which I see in the comments I see are just lost... They are trying to make life a complex illusion between fact or opinion.. real or fake... Why you think they got Trump dumbass to start saying "fake news"... Literally started a trend to where peoplecan't decipher what's real or fake even the real evidence is pointing right in front of you since it's so much diluted illusions in the world m************ is not going to take the time out to do the research to see if it's real or not... Sick ass world rt

    Czcari KelcyCzcari Kelcy21 hour ago
  • All sports are scripted its how the control the money from th bets. They know who's going to win the title before it kicks off.

    Mogul SmithMogul Smith22 hours ago
  • Some are stretches but most are good!

    Avery JohnstonAvery JohnstonDay ago
  • Hahah this stuff makes me laugh. I can add things up all day and find the number 41 multiple times. Anyways, cool video.

    Brendan JensenBrendan JensenDay ago
  • bulsit

    nikola acimovic VIII-2nikola acimovic VIII-2Day ago

  • Alot of you know nothing of gematria and it shows

    Thomas HarrisonThomas HarrisonDay ago
  • Hope you're asking yourself, why the fuck did I watch this bullshit?

    19daver8519daver85Day ago
  • I too find the circumstances surrounding Kobe Bryant and his daughter's death suspicious.

    Terrell TaylorTerrell TaylorDay ago
  • Hyperbole...

    Grammar Police -Grammar Police -Day ago
  • My prediction of the nba this season is that the Blazers and Nets meet in the finals or one of them goes to the finals. Come back to this comment after finals 20-2021 nba season

    Just StackzJust StackzDay ago
  • This video is great! Good job

    Austin ATOMAustin ATOMDay ago

    XtremeXtreme2 days ago
  • This is one of the most interesting videos of the NBA of all time

    XtremeXtreme2 days ago
  • Most of your favourite ball players are under monarch programming there lives are scripted ,year 2020 year of clear vision.

    Stephen ojoStephen ojo2 days ago
  • U forgot when kobe last game he had 60 lakers score 101 41 points on lakers team

    Dangabe ApinDangabe Apin2 days ago
  • i mean why would u fucking leave the game early jeez if that was me id finish the game win or lose them finals tickets cost a $$$

    Mike EhrmantrautMike Ehrmantraut2 days ago
  • I got a Kobe Bryant card in the plastic that I had since I was a kid it's never been sent off to see what it's worth but I would sell it

    Eric CarrollEric Carroll2 days ago
  • Another one is in that Kobe (Nike commercial). Four on One ....41

    Christopher LeeChristopher Lee2 days ago
  • All of these are predictive programming and alot of such is orchestrated by zionists as commercials are just the psychology of learning to sell people stuff

    robert sheltonrobert shelton2 days ago
  • So Kobe really died 19 years after he dropped 81. Like quite literally Jan. 26 2001

    Mr.BareBearMr.BareBear2 days ago
  • Kobe check out last game at 4.1 and died at 41 his number is 24 put it back words it's 42 so 41 was his last year 😟

    Marco A Casillas LemusMarco A Casillas Lemus3 days ago
  • Basketball Gods

    Mason MontagueMason Montague3 days ago
  • After the iguodala trade I said Lakers and heat in the finals and was called crazy

    Kay WillKay Will3 days ago
  • Some creepy going on i did see some of this myself in play such as Clippers and nuggets talk but the Kobe and Heat examples WOW thats crazy

    The PickleThe Pickle3 days ago
  • Pause at around 3:10 before Kobe throws the ball at the helicopter the timer flashed 4.1 🤔

    Gabriel ClarkGabriel Clark3 days ago
  • i’ve been telling my friends stuff like this for the longest time. also Kobe Bryant’s 81 point game was his 666th game of his career

    Des MathisDes Mathis3 days ago
    • Kobe was a monarch child

      Stephen ojoStephen ojo2 days ago
  • Conspiracy theory bullish!t it’s just coincidence

    kevin Nevillekevin Neville3 days ago
  • Im not that impressed with the last one. I told everyone that the only team I feared in the east was the Heat. Jimmy Butler is legit. He took a lot of flack but he was the only person that came close to stopping the Raps title run last year. He drives that team and those young guys wanna do good for Jimmy.

    Asa RushtonAsa Rushton3 days ago
    • Kobe leaving both basketball and life at 41 is astonishing. The odds on that must be astronomical. RIP. No disrespect ment.

      Asa RushtonAsa Rushton3 days ago
    • But make some creepy videos man. Keep it up.

      Asa RushtonAsa Rushton3 days ago
  • Its all set up

    kendrick watkinskendrick watkins3 days ago
  • Idgaf the 2005 commercial is illuminati confirmed👁

    Nicholas DensonNicholas Denson4 days ago
  • The music gives me chills

    Toki KashiToki Kashi4 days ago
  • Dear white people: Stop! this is ridiculous. Leave us alone. But u cant. thats yall nature.

    Black LightBlack Light4 days ago
  • FlightReacts needs to react to this.

    ForgiveTYForgiveTY4 days ago
    • @Mem Made How? I just said Flight needs to react to this because it's interesting.

      ForgiveTYForgiveTY3 days ago
    • yall lame af

      Mem MadeMem Made3 days ago
  • No wonder that the coronavirus is planned

    Lightworker 11Lightworker 114 days ago
  • The 1st one was giving me chills

    Mathew GabrieleMathew Gabriele4 days ago
  • Also how Lakers in the bubble playoffs won the first 3 rounds 4-1 which is 41

    vern dollavern dolla4 days ago
    • @vern dolla Yeah I Learned This From Zach Here’s A Link To Kobe’s Death By Numbers And Letters It’s Called Gematria

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops3 days ago
    • @The Real Trayhops holy shit are you serious wow this is insane

      vern dollavern dolla3 days ago
    • Yup And Lakers Got Montrezl Harrell 41 Days After Winning The Title And 41 Days Before The Year Ended And Montrezl Birthday Is The Same Day As Kobe’s Death Date

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops3 days ago
  • That creepy ass music was amazing tho

    Raghuveer DubaguntaRaghuveer Dubagunta4 days ago
  • This might be the worst video I’ve ever seen in my life

    Rene YepezRene Yepez4 days ago
  • WEAK

    WeirdS#!tWeirdS#!t5 days ago
  • No just a regular score bro. Stop it

    Tracy GilcrestTracy Gilcrest5 days ago
  • It is all part of the plan. They sacrifice Kobe Bryant for LA's Championship.

    OKAY TVOKAY TV5 days ago
    • Facts Gematria

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops3 days ago
  • Creepy 😱

    Beast ModeBeast Mode5 days ago
  • No Good Clippers! 😂😂😂

    BJ Real901BJ Real9015 days ago
  • The intro to the video, that people don’t have much time to sit and think and figure stuff out is by design. They keep you distracted daily on purpose. Sports are part of the distraction and are fixed for the most part

    LockDieselBeatsLockDieselBeats5 days ago
  • I'm your 200th thousandth subscribe.. you're welcome.. return favor

    VeRsSaTiLe BEATZVeRsSaTiLe BEATZ5 days ago
  • We live in a subliminal world.. u have 2 pay attention #VeRsSaTiLe

    VeRsSaTiLe BEATZVeRsSaTiLe BEATZ5 days ago
  • Fame = Kills you #VeRsSaTiLe

    VeRsSaTiLe BEATZVeRsSaTiLe BEATZ5 days ago
  • Was Kobe a sacrifice??!!

    VeRsSaTiLe BEATZVeRsSaTiLe BEATZ5 days ago
    • Yeah Search Gematria Sports

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops3 days ago
  • sports to horror nice

    zaldy TV2019zaldy TV20195 days ago
  • You forgot kobe shot his 2 free throws at the line when he tore his achilles before walking off the court.

    Isaac TaneIsaac Tane5 days ago
  • Wasted almost 11 mins of my life

    Joe MommaJoe Momma5 days ago
    • Not Really Because When Kobe Scored 60 His Team Scored 41

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops5 days ago
  • absolute garbage

    abazanyeabazanye5 days ago
    • How ?

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops5 days ago
  • So confusing

    Blackhawksfan 20Blackhawksfan 205 days ago
  • reaching soo bad

    RANZARANZA5 days ago
    • It’s Also A Reach That Kobe’s Last Game When He Scored 60 His Team Scored 41

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops5 days ago
  • Rip Kobe

    kyleskyles5 days ago
  • L vid weirdo

    SGSG5 days ago
  • the Lakers also beat each western team 4-1

    dante gainesdante gaines5 days ago
    • Lakers Won 41 Weeks After Lebron Birthday Kobe Died 41 Days Before Shaq Birthday Need More 41’s ???

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops5 days ago
  • It’s crazy SAS and Jr Smith was right about the nba finals

    Band Boy 50/50Band Boy 50/505 days ago
  • this is scarry

    bry'ann prosperebry'ann prospere5 days ago
  • Bro did u watch the bubble...the nuggets beat the clippers ass

    Audie SandyAudie Sandy5 days ago
    • Lillard clippers beef

      Audie SandyAudie Sandy5 days ago
  • The kobe one just fucked me up idk if ibwant to continue but I will

    Darren ColeDarren Cole6 days ago
    • Watch Gematria Sports It’s Even Crazier

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops5 days ago
  • Lol why tf did I watch this 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Armando PinedaArmando Pineda6 days ago
  • Congrats for 200k

    Giarni GiovannaGiarni Giovanna6 days ago
  • Illuminati confirmed

    Arturo GonzalezArturo Gonzalez6 days ago
  • The simpsons predicted Kobe's death way before the commercial ad with kanye

    Dhan Bahadur TamangDhan Bahadur Tamang6 days ago
  • La lakers mia heats take l.a and the la from lakers and the h from heat you get allah its ghetto coded Satan coded all that but thats concidered theory so....

    Antonio ReeseAntonio Reese6 days ago
  • Te photo of the hoopers family kinda looks like a photo from us. 🤔Same vibe🤔

    Antonio ReeseAntonio Reese6 days ago
  • I need what jr is smokin on lmao

    Papa BearPapa Bear6 days ago
  • Facts

    Carl BurtonCarl Burton6 days ago
  • The one with kobe is like so sus

    King ClarkKing Clark6 days ago
  • This is some final destination shit!!!!

    King_retroKing_retro7 days ago
  • Hmmm 2 games that the Spurs were apart of... Scury. 😳

    Jay SmithJay Smith7 days ago
  • this is crazy....

    BM MBM M7 days ago
  • We gotta watch lebron on his last game

    Too SweatyShaunToo SweatyShaun7 days ago
  • don't forget the lame factor

    Mark RichardsonMark Richardson7 days ago
  • This just proves that if u stare at anything long enough everything can be a conspiracy.

    P GatesP Gates7 days ago
    • It really doesn't tho lmao the Kobe one madde perfect sense

      Isaiah ArmandIsaiah ArmandDay ago
  • Let’s not forget that when Kobe was born he was 0 yrs of age and died at 41! So 0+41 = 41...... SPOOOKY!!!! 😳 This is just coincidental nonsense....🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    Justice ForallJustice Forall7 days ago
    • @Justice Forall 🤣 Well If You Watch This Link It’ll Change The Way You Look At Sports And Kobe Bryant

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops5 days ago
    • Bro, for real! I’m currently looking at 401 thumbs down! 401 😳 spooky! I’m messing with you! This is good stuff! Huge fan of Kobe and it’s totally eerie how it all ties in!

      Justice ForallJustice Forall5 days ago
    • Explain Kobe Scoring 60 Out Of 101 Points ? How Many Points Did His Team Score ? Is That A Coincidence Too If You Need More 41’s I Got Em All

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops5 days ago
  • This man needs more subscriber!!

    Healthy LifestyleHealthy Lifestyle7 days ago
  • bs...

    Fredi SchwaaabeFredi Schwaaabe7 days ago
  • He's logo look like a helicopter

    alpha Benalpha Ben7 days ago
  • 3:09 kobe threw the ball at 4.1 seconds

    AshAsh7 days ago
  • OMG this is hilarious a commercial accurate dude it’s like that every wear you can’t get in if you leave everyone knows that! Kobe was a terrible father to fly in bad weather with his daughter and the other 5 dead ppl oh they’re not famous so they must not matter! Why don’t you do a conspiracy theory on all of them huh?

    James WhitleyJames Whitley7 days ago
    • @James Whitley Oh Well

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops4 days ago
    • @The Real Trayhops I don’t care

      James WhitleyJames Whitley4 days ago
    • @James Whitley I Don’t Just Want People To Know

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops4 days ago
    • @The Real Trayhops glad you care

      James WhitleyJames Whitley4 days ago
    • @James Whitley Right But this Virus Is A Big Deal And Kobe Is Connected To That

      The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops4 days ago
  • This is what you call I have nothing better to do then make stuff up

    James WhitleyJames Whitley7 days ago
  • Fact:Dame is also beefing with the clippers 2 players. 🤣😂

    Zaiko AnimationsZaiko Animations7 days ago
  • 1:26 there a 24 number!!!

    kyle dwaynekyle dwayne7 days ago
  • 2:21 and then tik tok dude made the song 41 that’s wild 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

    Slime 2 ShiestySlime 2 Shiesty7 days ago
  • If the system predicts stuff that they plan anyway it's not strange to a person like me. Wow like they want people to think it's so supernatural. I wonder can they predict how they will be able to stand after the Lord gets threw to them for all this fony belony mischief they actually work to hard on to prove vain points. I will take what are loser's for 100 since they like playing their life in jeopardy.

  • If we saw Kobe do a coffee commercial this guy would say he died filled with coffee in his system...

    Juancho SantiagoJuancho Santiago7 days ago
  • Yo these are deep and may really connect..

    Big PaperBig Paper7 days ago
  • Jr smith is a time traveller

  • No wonder why jr smith knows what teams will play in the finals. He's a member of illuminati.. Illuminati gives all this sign and predictions. 🤔

    Rs sañezRs sañez8 days ago
  • Can e say words are more powerful than we think ? They come with actions to back it up almost all the time.

    No OneNo One8 days ago
  • Do a part II on this video..

    dan Hatamosadan Hatamosa8 days ago