Strange NBA Coincidences That Will SCARE YOU! *PART 2*

Apr 18, 2020
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Strange NBA Coincidences That Will SCARE YOU! *PART 2*
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  • Part 1 was crazy but interesting

    XtremeXtreme2 days ago

    XtremeXtreme2 days ago
  • None of these players have any choice where they go the beast is there master otherwise its off with their heads!!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs2 days ago
  • No coincidences everything is linked!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs2 days ago
  • Yeah scripted all sports are this way anything that makes money all ocullt owned and mkultra brainwashed players!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs2 days ago
  • MJ won 2 times a 3years straight championships 23

    Philippe DoucetPhilippe Doucet3 days ago
  • What's that one thing you can't mention? 🤣🤣

    BigTicket AlexanderBigTicket Alexander7 days ago
  • The Shaq teammate thing aint to big of a deal, he played with Kobe, and Lebron they pretty much dominated the last 20+ years lol I mean LBJ went to the finals every year for the last 9 or 10 besides 1

    mike conleymike conley10 days ago
  • Its all scripted by the elite...

    Edward DechausayEdward Dechausay10 days ago
  • Nba is clearly fixed..

    Julio HolderJulio Holder15 days ago
  • Its rigged. The NBA is rigged.

    Xela CharlieXela Charlie16 days ago
  • I feel like the players purposley switch teams after the 2kgames just to troll and make the cover inaccurate.

    jaden yukijaden yuki16 days ago
  • 👁👁👁

    YETIFILMZ [TheRealLilYeti]YETIFILMZ [TheRealLilYeti]16 days ago
  • When the Lakers was up 24 to 8 in the bubble and LeBron said this for kobe smh

    NBA BIG ANTNBA BIG ANT20 days ago
  • After LeBron left Cleveland the first time whenever he took 2 losses in the finals he left lol

    NBA BIG ANTNBA BIG ANT20 days ago
  • Woah..?

    Froilan LansanganFroilan Lansangan22 days ago
  • Lmao Lakers just won a championship with Howard

    gaming momgaming mom25 days ago
  • Everyome knew lebron was going back to cleveland in 2015

    James CarrollJames Carroll27 days ago
  • Wow March 11 is my Mom bday

    Fractured PiggyFractured Piggy27 days ago
  • holy shit bro this is so scary. i shit myself like 2000 times in the first few minutes. holy shit dude

    Young Kidney OfficialYoung Kidney Official29 days ago
  • Dwight just won with LA

    Vee CeeVee Cee29 days ago
  • Ad 23 zion 1 lebron 23 rose 1 noticed the jersey numbers?

    Rex Dela CruzRex Dela CruzMonth ago
  • AD was the cover of 2K20 and got traded to the Lakers. Dame is the 2K21 cover....will the streak continue?

    Shredmeister 1980Shredmeister 1980Month ago
  • How about this one kobe's idol and the person he modeled his game over Micheal jordan mjs last game was against the jazz when he retired the second time and kobe's last game was against the jazz lol I mean I know mj came back with the wizards but that's still wierd to me

    Justin CaseJustin CaseMonth ago
  • kobe was born august 23 & lebron is 23 on the jersey that means lebron said good bye to the day kobe was born . the doughter of kobe was 2 on the jersey kobe 24 and he die 2// 26 . 24+2 kobe was the father of 4 daughters 2+2+2+2+2= 8 jersey of kobe when he started the nba kobe was 8 gigi 2 togueter 28 age of the helicopter.

    world & placesworld & placesMonth ago
  • If you believe that these coincidences are "written" or some type of plan, you probably still a virgin, have a maxed out credit card with all pornhub charges. and you have a great value brand of vaseline on your night stand, oh yeah and one of your arms is noticeably larger than the other.

  • And Dwight Howard won a.champ with LA Lakers. Wow.

    dodong katakutandodong katakutanMonth ago
  • Lakers winning championships last 3 decades ...2000, 2010, 2020....

    Guillermo JunezGuillermo JunezMonth ago
  • Why can’t YT say Covid in a video?

    Burger ManeBurger ManeMonth ago
  • The third part will be the 2020 Lakers' playoff journey.

    Ali PiaAli PiaMonth ago
  • Jordan started the pandemic to prevent LBJ from getting to the finals but fail CONFIRMED.

    Maurice CopelandMaurice CopelandMonth ago
  • I was born in 2003 march 11

    DbsFan 10DbsFan 10Month ago
  • NEAT

    Dmytro KaziukaDmytro KaziukaMonth ago
  • Can see u r a LBJ kicker...😂...disk liked it easily, ass👎

  • whos watching this after the finals?

    FBI playzzFBI playzzMonth ago
  • Kevin durant tweet about the Heat and the Lakers. 10 years later Heat vs Lakers Nba Finals.

    CK TabiraoCK TabiraoMonth ago
  • Dwight Howard also wins a championship in the Lakers

    CK TabiraoCK TabiraoMonth ago
  • Shaq's teammate finals trend still continued... lmao

    CK TabiraoCK TabiraoMonth ago
  • lebron just won his 4th ring with LA so that 2k cursed must've been broken now. also dwight finally won a ring... in orlando.

    Senyor PoolSenyor PoolMonth ago
  • Omg i was scared. LMAO

    julie leonorjulie leonorMonth ago
  • AD Said fuck New Orleans

    Dray KDray KMonth ago
  • This video had a tweet saying " Now everyone wanna play in a lakers or heat jersey " and the 2020 playoff finals where Heat VS Lakers ...

    JolvesJolvesMonth ago
  • Dwight lakers journey is now complete

    Justin WagnerJustin WagnerMonth ago
  • I got one Dirk Played for Dallas Mavericks his first game of his career n his last game.! 🤯

    Æ TvÆ TvMonth ago
  • Every NBA Finals has had a player who once played for the Knicks

    Vishu GuguVishu GuguMonth ago
  • I have some. 1. First time Kobe Laker Jerseys were worn were January 26, 2018. 2 years before on the dot of his death. 2. Kobe’s 81 point game came in his 666th career game. Honestly I don’t want to sound disrespectful or anything but I definitely believe lebron sacrificed Kobe for a couple of rings. I won’t be surprised if lakers three peat and lebron call it quits after

    J SJ SMonth ago
  • 23 years ago 19 years old Kobe faced off against MJ they both combined for 69 points ... And at 1 March 2020 19 years old Zion faced off against Lebron and they both combined for 69 points too 🤘🏾

    TEAM BREZZY1911TEAM BREZZY1911Month ago
  • Well thankfully NBA2K curse for 2K22 hasn’t happened to Damian Lillard or Zion Williamson yet

    DarkrrDarkrrMonth ago
  • Dwight actually won a ring with LA now.

    LorenzoLorenzoMonth ago
  • Now say it again that D HOWARD Is a complete mess lol.

    Hans JacintoHans JacintoMonth ago
  • The Shaq streak and New York streak continues. Danny Green and LeBron being Shaq's teammates and J.R Smith being the former Knick.

    Brandon RogersBrandon RogersMonth ago
  • Every single finals had a member of the New York Knicks in it at some point in their career

    NathanaelNathanaelMonth ago
  • Anyone here after dwight howard got his championship?

    Range ProductionsRange ProductionsMonth ago
    • Yeah from Magic to Lakers .. Same thing like shaq

      TEAM BREZZY1911TEAM BREZZY1911Month ago
  • Giannis ended the trend, he's staying here lol

    Jermaine EventJermaine EventMonth ago
  • Bruh Danny Green kept the Shaq Teammate streak going AGAIN 😂😂😂

    Sive Tumelo XeshaSive Tumelo XeshaMonth ago
  • NBA NFL MLB UFC all are rigged and controlled be elitist. As long as the sheep spend billions every year they will continue the “show” same with politics and news channels all set up for the “slaves” lol juz like the colosseum in Rome lol gotta keep the mob entertained while you make all the profit and exist in a reality of excess and abundance😵 “Treat em like mushrooms 🍄 feed them shit and keep them in the dark” 😂💯

    Joey GalloJoey GalloMonth ago
  • The kings fucked up giles growth

    J TJ TMonth ago
  • Of course its rigged my nigga knicks got the 6th pick 🤣 🤣 🤣 Timberwolves got the 1st

    J TJ TMonth ago
  • I love how you skipped 2k16 lol

    BLKSwag97BLKSwag97Month ago
  • Dwight will be a champ on friday.

    McLovin 23McLovin 23Month ago
  • Bucks vs lakers lmfao didn’t age well

    DJ DBZDJ DBZMonth ago
  • The next one will be about the Lakers first championship with Kobe and Pau, and the First championship run with AD and Bron. All the way down to the finals winning a ring in Orlando against a Florida team, blow out in game 1. A close game 4. Ultimately ending in 5 games.

    Milk is DryMilk is DryMonth ago
  • So the Shaq-thing is still goin with LBJ, Danny Green & Udonis Haslem in the Finals... :-D

    Domi DarkoDomi DarkoMonth ago
  • Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic

    Juan Diego VasquezJuan Diego VasquezMonth ago
  • Well it seemed like Dwight might get that chance to win the championship this year

    Bobby SerranoBobby SerranoMonth ago
  • Danny Green in the finals again. Illuminati confirmed

    Abdulmajid SallehAbdulmajid SallehMonth ago
  • So Is Damien Lillard going to be traded

  • Truth is stranger than fiction

    Trip 9Trip 9Month ago
  • NBA has been rigged for a while 🤷‍♂️

    7wnb7wnbMonth ago
  • Zion is trash tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jose JimenezJose JimenezMonth ago
  • Lol wats crazy is they paid them entertainers to say they got corona , if somebody got corona why you smiling and saying you ok how the hell you ok with that lol

    BabyBoyJayBabyBoyJayMonth ago
  • Jimmy butler say he never put on a heat jersey but look what he got on now

    DatBlackBoiFineDatBlackBoiFineMonth ago
  • Every 2k cover star suffered an injury before their cover too 🤔 think about it

    WIKKED With 2KsWIKKED With 2KsMonth ago
  • All theatrics because all of world is a stage.

    Quintin JohnsonQuintin JohnsonMonth ago
  • Yo 7:40 wtf

    QuwiggsQuwiggsMonth ago

    TTVfaZe_shootoutTTVfaZe_shootoutMonth ago
  • Dwight is on the Finals now hahahaha

    Michael D.Michael D.Month ago
  • You can’t mention COVID-19?

    JriizyJriizy2 months ago
  • Kobe 24 + Gianna 2 = 26. January 26

    Derrick Fan Boy RoseDerrick Fan Boy Rose2 months ago
  • 2k 16 was curry

    Tzuyu PlaysTzuyu Plays2 months ago
  • NBA rigged as hell.

    Lil ChromosomeLil Chromosome2 months ago
  • Bucks going to the Finals... Heat enters the chat

    Victorianne CastleVictorianne Castle2 months ago
  • Illuminati mathematics or just universal coincidence

    Supreme MathematicsSupreme Mathematics2 months ago
  • Who looking at this after the clippers blew a 3-1 lead against tha nuggets

    Coach CoreyCoach Corey2 months ago
  • Bs...

    Adrian ValdezAdrian Valdez2 months ago
  • Michael who wore #23 was 23 years old when he scored 23 points on Feb 3rd (2/3)! Haha...

    Neo GeoNeo Geo2 months ago
    • Illuminati confirmed

      Abdulmajid SallehAbdulmajid SallehMonth ago
  • I’m fuckin mind blown right now Kobe basically translate to Jacob in Hebrew ... Michael Jordan God who ascends down

    YaboySmooveYaboySmoove2 months ago
  • Michael Jordan in Hebrew means “God who ascends down” 23 equals 2x3 which equals 6 how many sides on the Judaism ✡️........ 6

    YaboySmooveYaboySmoove2 months ago
    • Illuminati confirmed

      Abdulmajid SallehAbdulmajid SallehMonth ago
  • I swear if Damian leaves the team its gonna be a coincidence again..

    Dave LipardoDave Lipardo2 months ago
  • U say curse. I say plan. This is awesome

    x ratedx rated2 months ago
  • That March 11th s**t just gave me chills

    James DerekJames Derek2 months ago
    • thats my birthday so it messes with me that the world changed on my bday lmao

      ChrispyChrispy2 months ago
  • Rip mamba

    Daniel VerasteguiDaniel Verastegui2 months ago
  • Bucks loss to Miami In playoffs

    Jake The Bone CrusherJake The Bone Crusher2 months ago
  • NBA 2K21 Damian Lillard

    Huss31nHuss31n2 months ago
  • Ah... 2:21 topic Zion and Zions Bank LOL

    Joel AJoel A2 months ago
  • A bucks vs Lakers final won’t happen due to bucks being eliminated by the heat

    FiveForLife1499FiveForLife14992 months ago
  • bucks lost

    Hannes LeeHannes Lee2 months ago
  • At the moment it’s kinda crazy that Giannis is mimicking Lebron by 10 years. LBJ: Born in December 1984 Giannis: Born in December 1994 LBJ: Drafted in 2003 Giannis: drafted in 2013 (Both by small market rust belt cities) Lebron gets his first mvp: in 2008-2009 Giannis got his first mvp: in 2018-2019 Lebron: lost in The conference Finals in 2009 playoffs in 6 games Giannis: lost in the conference finals in 2019 playoffs in 6 games Lebron: gets his 2nd mvp in 2009-10 season Giannis: (most likely) will get his 2nd mvp in 2019-20 season Lebron: unexpected lost in the second round of the 2010 playoffs as a First seed Giannis: lost in the second round of the 2020 playoffs as a first seed.

    wilderacwilderac2 months ago
    • The only major difference is that Lebron led the cavs to the finals at age 22 and Giannis hasn’t led the Bucks to any finals appearances so far.

      wilderacwilderac2 months ago
  • Bucks lakers final lol that didn’t age too well

    Desi BainsDesi Bains2 months ago
  • I am from the future and the Bucks lose to the Heat

    Blue_ RaveBlue_ Rave2 months ago