The 5 Biggest ASTERISKS in NBA History!

Mar 7, 2020
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5 Biggest ASTERISKS in NBA History!
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  • Winners: It is what it is. We go to war with what we have, not with what we have. Losers: There should be an ASTERIX.

    Loren ChristopherLoren ChristopherDay ago
  • Houston would have beaten Chicago

    Moon StarMoon StarDay ago
  • Unpopular opinion... jordan dont get a second 3 peat if he dont take that season off

    Top DogTop DogDay ago
  • Lebron goat. Bulls had to wait for bird to get old and pistons to break up lol lebron been the reason a team went to the finals for a decade straight

    Top DogTop DogDay ago
  • Youre a moron

    Action JacksonAction Jackson2 days ago
  • The problem I have with asterisks is that if the reason behind those are injuries, lockouts, and retirement of superstars in the middle of their careers, why bother even playing the NBA seasons in the first place instead of canceling them?

    FreesmartBros2007FreesmartBros200710 days ago
  • This man really put the 3-1 lead series on a asterisk video 🤦‍♂️

    Joshua JamesJoshua James13 days ago
  • Great content

    Clarence BeeksClarence Beeks14 days ago
  • Asterisk are all LeBron's titles 2001 lakers

    Julio HolderJulio Holder16 days ago
  • Rockets would be too much for bulls..

    Julio HolderJulio Holder16 days ago
  • Kings would of won They were up 3-2 going into game 6. Got robbed in 7 to. Still one Robert shot away.

    one man highlight reelone man highlight reel17 days ago
  • The Spurs went on to win 4 more after that 99 chip so no asterisk

    Xavier ClarkeXavier Clarke19 days ago
  • KD has the biggest one, up 3-1 on GS chokes and then joins them? Biggest sell out in NBA history. Then sells out GS over a little argument. Guys a straight up bitch

    Liam PowellLiam Powell19 days ago
  • And now we have Lakers won the NBA Finals with an injured Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (BKN), Klay Thompson and Steph Curry (GSW), Damian Lillard in Game 2 vs LAL (POR), and Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo in Game 1 vs LAL (MIA). Also, LAC choked on DEN. Let's be honest, DEN never had a great track record against LAL this season.

    Slim JohnSlim John20 days ago
  • A healthy Rose would have been another Bulls title 😥

    Jeremy NoelJeremy Noel20 days ago
  • Great content, except the injuries part. Injuries happened, the winning team shouldn't have an asterisk just because of that. I'm a KG fan, I should know how unlucky he is with injuries, on teammate or himself. 2004 timberwolves, Cassell, the 2nd best player in that team injuring himself before the western finals and wolves having to play with their 3rd choice PG since Troy Hudson was also injured. And they still made the series a 6 game series, against Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone AND Gary Payton. 2009 KG himself is injured, preventing a rematch of 08 finals. And in the video 2010, Perk got injured in the finals itself. If in any of these three occasions the injury did not happen, KG could've had more than one ring, and more people will realize that he's not a worse version of Tim Duncan.

    Ahmad Hafiz SalahuddinAhmad Hafiz Salahuddin28 days ago
  • You don’t get an asterisk because a dude quit or if players are hurt. You play who is in front of you. Injuries are part of the deal. These same people that bitch about injuries also bitch about load management. Can’t have it both ways.

    bigwilly43729bigwilly43729Month ago
  • 2020, Miami's best scorer was out most of the series, making it an easy path for the Lakers!

    Leigh BurtonLeigh BurtonMonth ago
  • Remember, Kawhi also got revenge on the best player in the NBA, LeBron James!

    Leigh BurtonLeigh BurtonMonth ago
  • LeBron put a curse on Olynyk that he'll never win a title for injuring Love. That's why the Heat lost in the bubble, why didn't I see it before? /s

    Daryce JonesDaryce JonesMonth ago
  • Needs to be updated for 2020 finals

    Department of DefenseDepartment of DefenseMonth ago
  • Jordan retired cuz he knew the Rockets would beat him and he'd have losses on his Finals record.

    Screwhead SalazarScrewhead SalazarMonth ago
  • MAVERICKS 2006???

    Darrell Caldwell JrDarrell Caldwell JrMonth ago
  • kevin injured himself and klay got injured late in the series

    masterpeir hortenmasterpeir hortenMonth ago
  • Bulls would have won 8 straight had he not taken off those two years

  • Meh, idc I really wanted the raptors to beat the warriors regardless lol

    Ralff 42Ralff 42Month ago
  • Lakers championship. . ************

  • Seriously, learn how to pronounce asterisk.

    Famous YouTuberFamous YouTuberMonth ago
  • eat something first and make the video

    Salon ShresthaSalon ShresthaMonth ago
  • None of these are asterisks. It's not Hakeem's fault Jordan retired, EVERYONE had the same opportunity to win the Spurs did in 1999, injuries are part of the game, and Amare and Boris should have kept their happy asses on the bench. Game 6 of 2002 WCF was shady, but the Kings had other opportunities to win the series.

    Xavier VegaXavier VegaMonth ago
  • All lebron jamed finals appearance are asterisk lol he's always on a weak conference

    BiblicalBiblicalMonth ago
  • This vid would've hit harder if it was made for the bubble😁

    I’m DifferentI’m DifferentMonth ago
  • 10:11 No warriors fans wants to talk about this but wants to bring up 2016 Draymond Green

    SSJ ReacoSSJ ReacoMonth ago
  • Poor D Rose. Terrible decision by the Bulls. Fucked up his career

    joe gjoe gMonth ago
  • The Raptors would’ve got there with Rozan because there was no Lbj

    Jon WilsonJon WilsonMonth ago
  • We should all stop crying and let shit go already it's a game

    Jesus GutierrezJesus GutierrezMonth ago
  • Nah Mj was there ....the bulls got eliminated by the magic ...the rockets beat the magic

    Jay RoséJay RoséMonth ago
  • thats the way the cookie crumbled happens all the time.

    Andrew SmallAndrew SmallMonth ago
  • 2007 Andrew Bynum and Trevor Ariza didn't play in the finals

    Teflon JohnTeflon JohnMonth ago
  • Honestly the only reason an asterisk is necessary is if there were unprecedented scenarios. So the lockout season, the bubble season and the refs possibly being guilty of fixing a playoff match. What if scenarios aren't legit reasons for an asterisk.

    kevin quitenokevin quitenoMonth ago
  • Wow I'm a serious Michael Jordan fan but guess what? He's just a man, not a god. There's was someone in the league that gave MJ hell but because he got banned from the league we will never know.

    Rizin' PhoenixRizin' PhoenixMonth ago
  • spurs should have a shot at the finals in 2017 if the gsw didn’t intentionally injuring kawhi and thats where they should put the asterisk. karma is a B.... intentional vs carelessness.

    kenneth banaagkenneth banaagMonth ago
  • Why do people forget the suns had a 20 point lead going into the 4th quarter in game 5?

    ShadowDragonGTShadowDragonGTMonth ago
  • Sucks we never got a Hakeem or Jordan finals match

    ShadowDragonGTShadowDragonGTMonth ago
  • Their no asterisk for any championship -Mj fan

    Piesel DatchesPiesel DatchesMonth ago
  • The king lakers game 6 is a 100 percent asterisk. There is proof the refs fucked them.

    Itz-Luigi12Itz-Luigi12Month ago
  • KD etc injured u said twice Green was suspended for an ugly foul, not just for fun. 10:36 you can see that there was no foul,so he injured "himself" by landing wrong. In fact: Injuries are part of the game and you should make a video about Why the NBA in the past was harder ,but had less injuries

    Rainer WahnsinnRainer WahnsinnMonth ago
  • Injuries happen in any sports, just watch world cup and you will noticed that in the finals each time has injured many of its players.

    de Castro Izzyde Castro IzzyMonth ago
  • Back in 07' me and my guys all agreed that Popovich drew up that play to cause the melee. Best coach ever.

    Cool Roots JayCool Roots JayMonth ago
  • Hakeem would of beat the bulls tho

    Ramon AnzuresRamon AnzuresMonth ago
  • the rockets beat Orlando for one of their titles (they swept them), that Orlando team beat the bulls in 6, you can only play what's in front of you and the better team that year was houston.

    idakinlikesidakinlikesMonth ago
  • The Lakers WAS not better than Kings in 2002.. all those calls.. smh

    MrBulithsMrBulithsMonth ago
  • Olynyk def did that shit to K. Love on purpose

    ItsTooEasyKevItsTooEasyKevMonth ago
  • Does the lakers 2020 championship deserve to have an asterisk?

    Daniel AmoneDaniel AmoneMonth ago
    • I don't think so. Everyone was playing in the same environment anyway.

      FreesmartBros2007FreesmartBros200710 days ago
    • Whoever does that is just jealous their team didn't have home court advantage LOL

      FreesmartBros2007FreesmartBros2007Month ago
  • The thumbnail is trash and im not even a rockets fan. Mj deadass retired, he had nothing to do with the finals let alone the season at all.

    Luke WhittenLuke WhittenMonth ago
  • The Rockets one really is unfair, because not only is it not their fault MJ retired, but MJ wasn't coming back for that season no matter what. MJ made it clear during his retirement press conference that his father's passing robbed him of all passion to continue playing basketball, which means that even if he did come back, he wouldn't have been the same guy.

    ZhangtheGreatZhangtheGreatMonth ago
  • Lowkey rockets would’ve handed the bulls an L in 7

    Cnote1024Cnote1024Month ago
  • Eye opening video.

    Jerome ParnellJerome ParnellMonth ago
  • Rockets would’ve throttled Jordan’s team in 94’ & 95

    ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅᴀʀʏ sᴘᴇᴇᴅsᴛᴇʀʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅᴀʀʏ sᴘᴇᴇᴅsᴛᴇʀMonth ago
  • Lebron definitely has it this year bruh

    Mamba outMamba outMonth ago
  • Add the COVID season to the biggest asterisk ever!

    kingogkingswoodzkingogkingswoodzMonth ago
  • I don’t agree with the rockets jordan retired Let’s saw that LeBron retires and the nuggets win the championship LeBron decided “I don’t wanna play nba basketball anymore” so the nuggets are the champs

    My name Is nameMy name Is nameMonth ago
  • do u not like the spurs

    Isaiah SaenzIsaiah SaenzMonth ago
  • Insert lebron James 2020 championship***** 😂😂😂

    Sakata GintokiSakata GintokiMonth ago
  • Seriously though how do you accidentally pull someone’s shoulder out of socket that’s way more blatant than zaza stepping into kawhis landing space

    A5AP KillThemAllA5AP KillThemAllMonth ago
  • The 2019-2020 NBA season will definitely HAVE AN ASTERISK *****

    chill6789chill6789Month ago
    • Nah im sure it will be an asterisk 😂😂👏👏👏 congrats to the LeBron winning 4 championships in 3 different teams****** 😂😂😂👏👏

      Sakata GintokiSakata GintokiMonth ago
  • Sacramento Kings are the true champs of 2002 they got cheated and robbed of it's championship.

    i Dunnoi DunnoMonth ago
  • a ring is a ring and geting them is not easy no matter if it was easy or hard but it is true not all nba championship rings are created equal.


    Henry David ShepherdsonHenry David ShepherdsonMonth ago
  • There's no such thing as an "asterisk" championships. Only dumbass fans believe that.

    Lannis31Lannis31Month ago
  • Imagine Kendrick Perkins being the reason for a team to win a championship.

    Sricharan Vyaghri PullelaSricharan Vyaghri PullelaMonth ago
  • Yall so disrespectful to the Rockets 🚀🤘🤘💪🏼💪🏼

    Mason WhiteMason WhiteMonth ago
    • @Mason White the bulls would've beaten the rockets without jordan and without drexler. Jordan deSTROYED drexler. What do you think would change if jordan and drexler came? If the bulls can beat the rockets without jordan or drexler, they can easily beat them with jordan and drexler. They dont even need rodman since if jordan doesnt leave, horace grant never leaves either

      HenryHenry29 days ago
    • @Henry but Jordan never outshined hakeem when they played is what im goin off. So finals schminals. Hakeem even to this day helps players in the post. Tbh if they were smarter snd woulda traded ralph sampson they both woulda been rockets since u talking what ifs. But like i said WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

      Mason WhiteMason White29 days ago
    • @Mason White yeah cuz the rockets never made it to the finals until jordan retired

      HenryHenryMonth ago
    • @Henry bro you sound stupid talking about they never beat them in the playoffs and finals never played in the playoffs of the finals what are you talkin about. They were supposed to play either the Rockets lost to the Jazz or the Bulls lost to the magic or the Knicks so don't get at me because they never played in the playoffs bro it has nothing to do with me

      Mason WhiteMason WhiteMonth ago
    • @Mason White the rockets were the not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but SIXTH seed, plus, when did they beat the bulls? In the finals? In the playoffs? nope, in the regular season. As well as adding charles barkley to the team in the next season, they still lost in 6 to the jazz who got destroyed by a flu mj in the finals

      HenryHenryMonth ago
  • Warriors would obviously swept the Raptors

    I Give upI Give upMonth ago
  • 2006 heat feds calling made calls in favorite of Wade

    Jn NJn NMonth ago
  • That kings team was better than the lakers of that time Webber, Bibby, Christie, Peja, Turkolou, and Bobby Jackson coming off the bench in sixth man candidate mode they got robbed

    Jay SmithJay SmithMonth ago
  • With the raptors beating the warriors I wouldn't say it should have an asterisk KD and KT were hurt that's just part of the game same with the bulls and 76ers...(Drose always getting hurt)edit: I've always thought that Sacramento was the better team and would've won that year

    jesus cagejesus cage2 months ago
  • If the injury didnt happened... Probably D-Rose is already a top 2 or 3 in GOAT conversation

    Chewey IdolChewey Idol2 months ago
  • Actually your wrong because its not our fault that Kevin Durant injured himself against Houston. And then also Danny Green didn't injure Klay because Danny green just went for the block. And then Klay fell in a way where he got injured

    AdiPlayzAdiPlayz2 months ago
  • I honesty hate the fake that asterisks exist they won the championship and that’s all

    SirCashSirCash2 months ago
  • I don’t care I hate the Warriors

    SebastianSebastian2 months ago
  • The thing I hate is when people say “if so and so wasn’t injured...” if the team is truely a good team it wouldn’t matter who is injured. I get it every team has a big superstar but if they can’t hold the heir own without them then they aren’t really a good team in my opinion

    Teku_MrFunnyTeku_MrFunny2 months ago
  • What go around comes around the warriors zaza hurt kawhi and kawhi comes back to beat them in the finals

    zee Masterzee Master2 months ago
  • Don’t forget the 2017 playoffs when Zaza injured kawhi

    ITZ AZARIAITZ AZARIA2 months ago
  • The bulls would have most probably won in '94, but definitely lost in '95

    S 12S 122 months ago
  • F**K THE RAPTORS!!!!!

    Aidan BoomerAidan Boomer2 months ago
  • So if you wanna say the Rockets 1994 NBA finals victory should have an asterisk next to it because Michael Jordan wasn’t playing for the Bulls that year, then you need to put an asterisk next to the 2000-2002 LA Lakers too, because Jordan wasn’t playing for the Bulls at that time either. In fact, an asterisk needs to go next to every NBA champion since 1998 because Jordan wasn’t in the league!! (See how stupid that sounds??) The Rockets absolutely deserve that 1994 championship WITHOUT an asterisk! The only time you could even remotely consider a “hidden” asterisk for a champion is if another team lost their best player(s) during the playoffs or that specific series......Or an obvious robbery by the officials (2002 WCF Game 6)!!

    Scott DavidScott David2 months ago
  • Well injuries is part of sports game, whether we like it or not. exception to those is that referee choose to a bet to win. That would change the outcome and some horrible mistakes.

    GPRHX FlickGPRHX Flick2 months ago
  • I agree, Kings got screwed bigtime.

    Dave CDave C3 months ago
  • If they actually finish up, this 2020 champion will be the biggest asterisk. This is not real NBA ball.

    Dave CDave C3 months ago
  • As a phoenix suns fan. That 2007 western finals really pissed me off. I think they changed that rule now. But still, that was so unfair.

    Jaylyn SacrezJaylyn Sacrez3 months ago
  • Everyone was so quick to out an asterisk in 2019, but 2015, 2017, and 2018 all had asterisks

    Marcus GrayMarcus Gray3 months ago
    • @Marcus Gray 2020, heat woulda won without injuries, 2016 cavs woulda lost in 5 without injuries, iggy was injured, bogut was injured, looney was injured, dray was suspended, curry wasnt 100% with his ankle may i go on?

      HenryHenryMonth ago
    • @Henry lol how did another team cause those?

      Marcus GrayMarcus GrayMonth ago
    • @Marcus Gray yeah in 2016, warriors woulda won in 5 if no injuries/ejections

      HenryHenryMonth ago
    • @Henry 2020 yes but 2016 you gotta pocket

      Marcus GrayMarcus GrayMonth ago
    • and 2016 and 2020

      HenryHenryMonth ago
  • Uh. It's pronounced ass-ter-risk not ass-ter-ricks.

    Matt WMatt W3 months ago
  • I wish klay and durant was healthy in the championship

    Rain IshmaelRain Ishmael3 months ago
  • One of my regrets as a basketball fan is not seeing MJ bulls and the Hakeem Rockets team. It was set up perfect like a dream come true if it would have happen. Hakeem #1 pick Jordan #3pick could u image how personal Jordan would have took that! Robert Horry was like a mirror image of Scotty Pippen Sam Cassel Kenny Smith Verron Maxwell Otis Thrope that team was bad!! Damn!!!!! Whhhhhyyyyyyy!!!

    Jessie JorgeJessie Jorge3 months ago
  • Kings vs LA was rigged!!!!

    Mike XiongMike Xiong3 months ago

    O EAOO EAO3 months ago
  • Wow I didn't know Philadelphia and 8th seed beat Chicago but now I see why

    O EAOO EAO3 months ago
  • 2000 and 2002 lakers titles...refs clearly made up fouls to help the lakers in the WCF vs portland and Sacramento

    O EAOO EAO3 months ago