The Amazing NBA COMEBACK That Everyone Seems to Have FORGOTTEN!

Feb 1, 2020
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The Amazing NBA COMEBACK That Everyone Seems to Have FORGOTTEN!
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  • 🐐

    Uneedtojump GamingUneedtojump Gaming2 days ago
  • #KB24EVER

    Tony McneilTony Mcneil6 days ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    G RivasG Rivas9 days ago
  • The comeback is when they was down in Toronto

    Tony RomeTony Rome10 days ago
  • Great video

    Reynolds RodríguezReynolds Rodríguez15 days ago
  • It's not a comeback unless u win so how is this the greatest comeback? it's a L

    John WitherspoonJohn Witherspoon15 days ago
  • Thanks for posting

    AgentChaosAgentChaos16 days ago
  • I’m a Lakers fan I remember it and was pissed they lost

    Pistol213rdPistol213rd16 days ago
  • Liked and subscribed good vid

    James BrownJames Brown16 days ago
  • Sometimes the "smart" play isn't the right play, something lebron still needs to learn

    Jefeth LopezJefeth Lopez21 day ago
  • Hhhmm... so the Lakers lost because Kobe made the smart basketball play. But he's a selfish player.. Hhhmm ok. R.I.P Mamba

    DB LewisDB Lewis23 days ago
  • Men this is the reason why kobe always takes the last sec shots.

    Johnny PatatasJohnny Patatas28 days ago
  • Kobe and Gianna Rest in Power💛💜💜💛

    Ethan HotchkissEthan Hotchkiss29 days ago
  • Are you explaining everything for the blind? I’m confused.

    K CK C29 days ago
  • If I’m correct Kobe have a couple comebacks like this one

    Lil DaveLil DaveMonth ago
  • and thats why this comeback is forgotten . THEY LOST

    julie leonorjulie leonorMonth ago
  • Walton Idiot

    Kenneth GalloraKenneth GalloraMonth ago
  • Peace & Prosperity

    Gnosis MeditationGnosis MeditationMonth ago
  • N the knicks still trash you gotta respect that

    SilentMovement 305SilentMovement 305Month ago
  • What about the 1988 Lakers comeback in the Playoffs agenst Seattle Lakers were down by 34 points and still won the Game.

    Timothy StacksTimothy StacksMonth ago
  • Wow

    Johnjohn GipanJohnjohn GipanMonth ago
  • The mamba keep moments like these close as that reminder to keep that chip on his shoulders ...for that big CHIP X’s 5🤚🏽🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆We love you 💜💛MAMBA &GIANNA💜💛

    Rapchat app.AT.RecKleSs BaStArDRapchat app.AT.RecKleSs BaStArDMonth ago
  • Yo.... I just realized lts been 8 MONTHS since Kobe and gigi’s passing 😔 😔 😔 Rip mamba ♥️🕊🕊🐍 Fly high

    Blue solo CupBlue solo CupMonth ago
  • Awesome vid. I subscribed for more

    Michael PapamarkouMichael PapamarkouMonth ago
  • What about lebron? I thought he was a goat? Or a cow?

    Dayen BaangDayen BaangMonth ago
  • Nobody forgot about this one. Kobe had the killer instinct, but many of his teammates didn't.

    Merchantsmith ImagesMerchantsmith ImagesMonth ago
  • I think he did not got angry because of the passing back but its hight. He was expecting a high assist for alley-oop where the ball would be untouchable by anyone but him. He was right and it would have been epic.

    Çağrıalp KaplanÇağrıalp KaplanMonth ago
  • Its like east and west game.. The team of kobe being defeated becoz he pass the ball during last minut instead of taking shots..

    Nash GloreNash GloreMonth ago
  • Sorry but Kobe should have taken that last shot in over time rather than pass it to Luke Walton who was not expecting it. I remember saying it is the last shot of the game and it must be Kobe to either make that last shot or not because HE WAS THE CLOSER!!!!!! I never understood why he passed it and worst NO ONE expected Kobe to pass that ball!!!!! Rest in Peace Mamba still a great damn game by one of the greats!!!!!

    Rodsuper 1213Rodsuper 1213Month ago
  • clickbait

    willy jay mauriciowilly jay mauricioMonth ago
  • Where is the comeback? Man thats a wrong word

    Old SnakeOld SnakeMonth ago
  • Bro that thumbnail of Kobe is such a bad picture

    DA BEAST MAN hiDA BEAST MAN hiMonth ago
  • The raptors this year also came back from a 30 point comeback against the same team the mavs

    YlayzosYlayzosMonth ago
  • So, don't u ever question why kobe never pass a ball since then. Live on Mamba! 🖤

    Mio RicardelMio RicardelMonth ago
  • this vid makes me hate luke walton as a player even more. overated napotism.

    KatimaGamingKatimaGamingMonth ago
  • They forgot cause it wasnt a comeback...fuck this video! #Lakeshowforever #17

  • clickbait, not a comeback

    PRIMEPRIMEMonth ago
  • Wow. Miss this .. Kobe....

    Gracie GrantGracie GrantMonth ago
  • We never forgot it just get overshadowed by Tracey mcgrady

    Grove MoneyGrove MoneyMonth ago
  • This is not a come back, Lakers 2020 champions!!!

    Kylee VenturaKylee VenturaMonth ago
  • "both, are gonna try and win the game" ... ??? What else are they gonna try and do??

    Mike JokMike JokMonth ago
  • Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Part 2!!!!

    Jensen AnthonyJensen AnthonyMonth ago
  • Wasn't a Laker fan growing up but rest in peace 💔🙏 kobe 1978-2020. Respect.

    Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman smithArmani aka hops 90,s jumpman smithMonth ago
  • The video makes it feel like a mystery/horror/conspiracy.

    burcburcburcburcMonth ago
  • The voice....

    Jose Jr. AlemanJose Jr. AlemanMonth ago
  • I think I saw Ben Stiller.

    thelolcat100thelolcat100Month ago
  • Sometimes you can not blame the best player of the team for not passing the ball.

    Se MwenSe MwenMonth ago
  • Kobe got foul on last play under the basket over the back on knicks kobe at the free throw line Lakers win in double ot

    Chucky BronsonChucky BronsonMonth ago
  • Believe it or not i always trying to do something i will say no I would do tomorrow what Kobe death taught me tomorrow never comes

    Siwadedu MelyayetSiwadedu MelyayetMonth ago
  • Damn I hate these robotic people. So annoying.

    william aldermanwilliam aldermanMonth ago
  • Mamba mentality

    joey limosnerojoey limosneroMonth ago
  • I always wondered how Luke Walton made it to the NBA ,he sucked

    Frenke BerlinFrenke BerlinMonth ago
  • Wow Coby gone way too young. RIP

    Jose DiazJose DiazMonth ago
  • 0:14... Little man is wise beyond his years

    MrJreed1000MrJreed1000Month ago
  • I remember this game so vividly, I absolutely hated Luke after this game

    TheGame213fuTheGame213fuMonth ago
  • I feel like this game and that mistake at the end is what made Kobe want to be a ball hog even more so.. it would for me.. Thanks for the video bro , I appreciate the time and effort put into it for the moment to have its shine in the sun again. 💯♥️✌📼 God bless.

    Jaay JonesJaay JonesMonth ago
  • It's only a comeback if you win.

    wesley daviswesley davisMonth ago
  • Your Video delivered it's promise.. just wish had more on why Koby passed it and why Walton didn't shoot... But good Video #8KB24ever

    Gilbert CabunagGilbert CabunagMonth ago
  • Go f**k urself

    Joshua SaveaJoshua SaveaMonth ago
  • Fuck you for making me watch this shit and they lost 😑

    is3venis3venMonth ago
  • Salutations beloved humanity! Millions and millions of innocent people die everyday, keep them in your prayers as well. Thank you.

    COMRAD KhanCOMRAD KhanMonth ago
  • Why did that dumbass look cut to the basket if he didnt have any intention of shooting

    The PunisherThe PunisherMonth ago
  • This ain't a comeback They still lost fool .... Idiot(napoleon dynamite voice)

    Erik RangelErik RangelMonth ago
  • Not a comeback, dont waste your time watching this.

    NecridNecridMonth ago
  • 💪Kobe

    Tootoo 1974 FaamausiliTootoo 1974 FaamausiliMonth ago
  • What a waste

    abdulselam abdellaabdulselam abdellaMonth ago
  • RIP824

    Benjamin CunninghamBenjamin CunninghamMonth ago
  • Walton should have passed it to atkins. He was the ot man. Plus that's Kobe fault he pulled a Lebron then. Kobe had to take the last shot, he shot them to overtime.

    fred Greenleefred GreenleeMonth ago
  • Kobe is the greatest ever bruh that's my goat forsure yall can have jordan and lebron ya dig

    matthew mastersmatthew mastersMonth ago
  • Kobe always had lil Stevie's number.

    Vinny MacVinny MacMonth ago
  • So many ads wth

    Aryciozjk SyksjxifkAryciozjk SyksjxifkMonth ago
  • They should of shown the Kings vs Bulls

    Tyrone HendricksTyrone HendricksMonth ago
  • Yeah...I remember this game but more so the slam and Kobe yelling “Shoot the ball”! Memories!

    Robert LavenderRobert LavenderMonth ago
  • We love you Kobe. May you and your daughter be resting easy up in heaven. Thank you for all the legendary games

    Chris OrnelasChris Ornelas2 months ago
  • What a waste of time... there was no such comeback if they ended up losing. Plus, when you said logistically instead of logically I felt like punching you in the throat.

    MisfitMisfit2 months ago
  • im surprised he pass the ball to luke walton double teamed or not he normally takes that clutch shot

    T.j MastersT.j Masters2 months ago
  • I'm not sure why Lebron is compared to Jordan, Kobe is always overlooked in that conversation. The guy was an absolute assassin.

    Darren YarnesDarren Yarnes2 months ago
  • My idol Kobe I miss u🥰

    Marcelo Kanai AgripinaMarcelo Kanai Agripina2 months ago
  • This video is trash no come back win GTFOH

    Ricardo HeckstallRicardo Heckstall2 months ago
  • Lol that pic of Kurt Thomas looking at the ref and pointing to his left.. Looks like Thomas is saying get over there and lets do a re-enactment of Pulp Fiction "Zedd Scene"! HAHHAHAHAHAHA

    MetalHeadZMetalHeadZ2 months ago
  • I'd trade places with Kobe or his beautiful daughter in a second... RIP doesn't do the words justice. He was beyond a special soul. Just like Paul Walker. The world will never be the same... 😢

    MetalHeadZMetalHeadZ2 months ago
  • If you see this you will be rich tomorrow

    Azeel TVAzeel TV2 months ago
  • This is the other one

    EBG MusicEBG Music2 months ago
  • Many months ago I watched a rec game. It was between the best team and the worst team, it was the playoffs and sudden elimination. The best team was stacked with people who played travel basketball. The worst team was down 16 with 1:40 remaining. The rolled the ball and grabbed and shot. There was a 4 point play as well. At the end they took a shot with 2 seconds left. The worst team won by 1

    Rubiks SquaredRubiks Squared2 months ago
  • Hey uploader, no wonder you only this much of subscribers because your contents are all trash

    Radioactive HeartRadioactive Heart2 months ago
  • Kobe the goat

    Toni GarciaToni Garcia2 months ago
  • "Dude I almost had u"

    DanishDanish2 months ago
  • We love you always kobe fr. The filipino people...

    Rynextjusthine Boozjacob DelaCruzRynextjusthine Boozjacob DelaCruz2 months ago
  • Kooobee!!!

    Harold PeaglerHarold Peagler2 months ago
  • Luke was ASSSSS

    Taylor JTaylor J2 months ago
  • I don’t leave comments but why lie about a comeback an then at the end it’s clearly not a comeback that’s why it’s not talked about as a comeback smh could of just said please watch my video till the end

    Richard MonteroRichard Montero2 months ago
  • Stupid!! Its not a come back when they still lose the game in the end.

    rusty kimrusty kim2 months ago
  • Hi

    4456034456032 months ago
  • I remember this game, kobe was SCREAMING at Luke "SHOOT THE BALL" SMH THAT WAS A CRAZY GAME

    Garre TindallGarre Tindall2 months ago
  • Fock still LA loose don’t post this sad match

    derek Rosederek Rose2 months ago
  • Mamba fo life

    oscalealvisloscalealvisl2 months ago
  • Kobe's best comeback for me is his very last game.

    Michael John TorcuatorMichael John Torcuator2 months ago
  • Who is here after nuggets completed the comeback from 3-1 deficit against kawhi and the clippers..?😄😄

    Carlos OrellanoCarlos Orellano2 months ago
  • E7

    V WOLF KjycV WOLF Kjyc2 months ago
  • This video is so stupid

    Oliver PavardOliver Pavard2 months ago