The CRUELEST Prank Ever Pulled in an NBA Game!

Aug 7, 2020
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The CRUELEST Prank Ever Pulled in an NBA Game!
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SONG BY: JohnnyDog

  • If MJ was struggling to hit the bucket, why the f*ck not let other players score (like Pippen, Rodman and the point guard)??

    ForeverKISForeverKIS2 days ago
  • *I just can't forgive Marbury for leaving the T-Wolves (In terms of basketball)*

    timhoward5timhoward52 days ago
  • They lost!! Who cares what the excuse is. What happened to, they made me mad! Bulls lost!! Accept it! Back in the days black athletes would get life threatening calls, which they would actually hear. Death threats in letters days before the game. Not one but many! Through out one season. Even years. Hundreds of hate mail, and calls. So, stop the, " oh poor Michael Jordan nonsense." Players nowadays don't know how easy they have it. Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Brown, Jackie Robinson, and many other, were able to go out and still perform because they were fighters! They protested against government that was corrupt and racist. Michael Jordan cant even do that.

    Rodrigo RodriguezRodrigo Rodriguez4 days ago
  • It was not a prank. It was the mob saying: “lose this game or your mom will be like your dad.” MJ had to comply. Family is everything.

    123rockstar2010123rockstar20104 days ago
    • what the

      QQ251647742QQ2516477424 days ago
  • That's so low I can't think of a word to describe that. If I was MJ I'd be looking to find out who played that prank and air them out

    realnesxrealnesx5 days ago
  • You the goat.

    Doyle TraciDoyle Traci6 days ago
  • this was a low blow against mj...👎👎👎

    Ian and Ida Drone Adventures - crackers43Ian and Ida Drone Adventures - crackers436 days ago
  • 2:18 the record the Jets are going to be having coming post szn time.

    Xenonmaster 666Xenonmaster 6667 days ago
  • Actually someone held his mom hostage during the game...told Mike to throw the game play terrible (allowing minnesota their 1st win) or yo mom gonna get hurt (MOB ties)so instead of taking his mom they took his dad later on SMH...but Clearly in the 2nd half Mike didn't even want to "win"🤔

    Fresh Prince 803Fresh Prince 80312 days ago
  • in my book this ain't a prank but a get your ass kicked wreck. with the ball and without it. imagine the next time they faced him, pls. out for blood.

    William MartinWilliam Martin12 days ago
  • No

    Marlene AssonMarlene Asson12 days ago
  • So they never found out who? Or suspected?

    Le Ba VuLe Ba Vu14 days ago
  • Cake

    Tarik GirisitTarik Girisit14 days ago
  • Never knew about this

    Chris GibsonChris Gibson15 days ago
  • I wonder if you call Lebron about his step dad Delonte 🤔🤔🤔

    The AnonymousThe Anonymous15 days ago
  • dang thats tuff the black Jesus still unstoppable thats why he's called the goat i bet y'all never knew that :D

    Ava HolmenAva Holmen15 days ago
  • Pause. I see what you did there, man 🧐

    Tonio The WriterTonio The Writer16 days ago
  • I'm a simple man i see mj he will took it personally

    김미숙김미숙18 days ago
  • This is why MJ made the Wolves pay on 3 Apr 1998, scoring 41 points, watch it here

    Edward DiwaEdward Diwa19 days ago
  • They need to make dirty tactics to beat the GOAT. While the king needs to create super team to be unbeatable. Hahhaha MJ is still the best.

    Apo ni Juan ZosimoApo ni Juan Zosimo19 days ago
  • MJ is simply the best ever

    n.1 cn.1 c20 days ago
  • Bro i shared this video to my fb account. I want them to watch your videos. I love your content bro Hoping for more subs. Keep going support here

    Gee Knows21Gee Knows2124 days ago
  • 0.29 secs good pause lol

    Alfred SimmonsAlfred Simmons24 days ago
  • Then again, maybe it had something to do with his dad being murdered years before, causing him to retire....I’ll give him that.

    Isaiah Daniel IsraelIsaiah Daniel Israel24 days ago
  • I actually do remember this when it happened thanks for the full story...they never did find out who it was Plot twist: it was Karl Malone lol

    Muscle HeadMuscle Head25 days ago
  • Kobe rip Michael goat Lebron overpaid Pippen underpaid Shaq overweight (joke) Me Delusional

    arthur georgearthur george27 days ago
  • Fans are the dumbest

    ronnie priceronnie price29 days ago
  • AhCyah👽

  • That’s crazy

    ThA MARTiANThA MARTiANMonth ago
  • This story is made up nonsensd and lore. We all have bad days, even the best of the best have bad days....just because mj had a bad game doesnt mean that any of this bullshit is true

    yoyomayoyomaMonth ago
  • Still the Goat! Even if there are 10 more LeBron 3 centuries from now..Will see you all in Heaven watching MJ's Highlights!

    B FB FMonth ago
  • Crazy ! People are bad !

    Yousri GYousri GMonth ago
  • It was you!!

    Juan FerJuan FerMonth ago
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    Jeronimo AventuraJeronimo AventuraMonth ago
    • We dont care about you. bot

      Marlyn SoretaMarlyn SoretaMonth ago
  • it was Harambe

    RON DOCRON DOCMonth ago
  • Jordan had money on the Timberwolves + points. They won outright and MJ laughed his to the bank. Have heard his a TERRIBLE gambler!!

    J BJ BMonth ago
  • Bro the first two had nothing to do w/ pranking him tho. The flu game was food poisoning and just happened to be. And the jersey game was some random custodian bruh, theres a whole story behind it

    Maxy BoiMaxy BoiMonth ago
  • I was at that Timberwolves game

    creative thinkercreative thinkerMonth ago
  • Jordan should just sit out the entire game and his team will definitely win it for him. They lost because the give the ball to Jordan often for many failed shots.

    Infinite BeingInfinite BeingMonth ago
  • İt wasnt personel at that time

    Çağatay ErdemÇağatay ErdemMonth ago
  • prolly he was so scared that what happened to his dad also happened to his Mom...Goat

    FHERM T.VFHERM T.VMonth ago
  • Who made the EFFIN call????

    infojamboreeinfojamboreeMonth ago
  • It was probably KG he mustve paid some guy to say that.

    GeorgéNothimGeorgéNothimMonth ago
  • Poison pizza lol he was hungover

    B LB LMonth ago
  • You know youre the GOAT if you are a victim of these pranks, just to get you off your game.

    Louie MatroLouie MatroMonth ago
  • Never heard this one before. Shit crazy B...

    BREAL0922BREAL0922Month ago
  • That's call mafia...

    Mga Ka HeroMga Ka HeroMonth ago
  • That’s some crazy sh!+

    hunyangohunyangoMonth ago
  • LeBron James is the 🐐

    Loving you rightLoving you rightMonth ago
  • atleast delonte west never pipes his mom

    Perfect CellPerfect CellMonth ago
  • That was a call from the mob saying to shave off a few points

    J TJ TMonth ago
  • What people would do just to get that win? Honestly, it ain't funny...

  • Thats low ......real low

    Justin GrantJustin GrantMonth ago
  • Karma? Maybe that’s why t wolves are trash.

    cruz loeracruz loeraMonth ago
  • Still fucked up to even pull that stunt.. Then when you're in the game you start thinking about what if it did really happen. That shit does throw you off.

    Dante KyleDante KyleMonth ago
  • Pause moment was on point. Just saying

    Jon WilsonJon WilsonMonth ago
  • That’s why bron my 🐐

    JudeJudeMonth ago
  • Marbury is so underrated

    michael jordanmichael jordanMonth ago
  • You know you are the greatest of all time at what you do when people would do anything and I mean anything to beat you.

  • See thats how great mj and the bulls are

    dave latumbodave latumboMonth ago
  • I think the person who called was Garnett 😂

    Avery Walton33Avery Walton33Month ago
    • Sounds like something he would do.

      IceMickoIceMicko7 days ago
  • It’s cold world man it’s cold world

    kagiso segamikagiso segamiMonth ago
  • That pause at the beginning was more than accurate 😏

    Teodor HristevTeodor HristevMonth ago
  • The fact that they celebrated a random regular season win like that says even more about the Bulls

    Infinity MixtapesInfinity MixtapesMonth ago
  • I was shock with that brainless prank

    Andrew SantosAndrew SantosMonth ago
  • The NBA is so fucking repugnant right now thanks to Lebald that I have been watching every MJ video I can to fill the gap. I NEVER GET TIRED OF WATCHING THE TRUE GOAT!

    wesley daviswesley davisMonth ago
  • "What was that?!!"😂😂😂

    mommomconnectionmommomconnectionMonth ago
  • I am.

    Roberto JacoboRoberto JacoboMonth ago
  • Fake news smh

    Smitty GuggsSmitty GuggsMonth ago
  • Probably Garnett. He is known for getting under player's skins but he seem to be afraid to do it in front of MJ

    Keith AustriaKeith AustriaMonth ago
  • Nobody: Kevin Garnett 1997: Anyting is possible!!!!

    Paula HendricksPaula HendricksMonth ago
    • He greeted Duncan happy mothers day though he knew that Tim's mom just died

      Keith AustriaKeith AustriaMonth ago
  • Hes a killer. You would think he would come out pissed ...and go off

    Ac 719Ac 719Month ago
  • Maybe this is Michael Jordan throwing a game because of his gambling situations.

    Ef REf RMonth ago
  • MJ might have gotten flashbacks of his father's incedent in that game

    Raffy SungarngarRaffy SungarngarMonth ago
  • 7:01-They didnt give a shit!

    HereIsWisdom 1318HereIsWisdom 1318Month ago
  • Sounds to me like MJ was supposed to let them win and he wasn't going the bookie called and gave him a little that the bet cleared. "She so beautiful isn't she Mike...this call is a reminder the next one won't be if you catch my drift."

    King LeonKing LeonMonth ago
    • Right, because the odds for the T Wolves winning was through the roof, and Jordan did have a gambling problem.

      Isaiah Daniel IsraelIsaiah Daniel Israel24 days ago
    • @Roas Runna it seems like it to me as well.

      King LeonKing LeonMonth ago
    • This game was fixed

      Roas RunnaRoas RunnaMonth ago
  • front office calls. gentlemen we need operation prank call jordan..and it works. confetti all over the arena after the win

  • No one can beat MJs era sometimes fans you know hmm he's a goat no one can dethrone him

    Ronbans GisRonbans GisMonth ago
  • It was Tyrone Doing an Ownage Prank 😏

    Robert ChavezRobert ChavezMonth ago
  • Bogus dude

    Ricardo SolisRicardo SolisMonth ago
  • Watched every game Jordan played with the Bulls. Never heard this before!

    Bobby JonesBobby JonesMonth ago
  • When you’re on top, consider yourself a target.

    ShieldShieldMonth ago
  • Who ever said that your going to hell and your momma

    Jasmine GattisonJasmine GattisonMonth ago
  • This is what losing organizations do. They celebrate the meaningless.

    jaymtl79jaymtl79Month ago
  • So lakers fans cant cheer up yet or celebrate. Youll never know coz the ball is round.. And injuries comes sometimes in an unexpected way. Hope nobody gets injured

    instrumentalist Jadeinstrumentalist JadeMonth ago
  • Shit I would of put this first in the last dance. I'd pay as much money as I could go figure out who on that timberwolves team or staff had that idea. They deserve to be called our for this. You know you're a GOAT when they make a list of shit to pull to just try and beat you pathetic

    Hit DisHit Dis2 months ago
  • Barkley did it

    Rugged MusicRugged Music2 months ago

    John HolmanJohn Holman2 months ago
  • Never heard of this. Great video brother!

    Travis TuckerTravis Tucker2 months ago
  • He started playing like he was going to die if they won

    BornStarJones M.O.SBornStarJones M.O.S2 months ago
  • I've never seen MJ that shaken up while playing. He looked worse than in the Flu Game.

    Cyrus UreñaCyrus Ureña2 months ago
  • There's no way that they should have been proud of that victory in those circumstances

    Paul Davis Jr.Paul Davis Jr.2 months ago
  • Why my soul say Garnett capable of doing this shit.

    Kelz SupremeKelz Supreme2 months ago
  • KG made the phone call.

    William SchaefferWilliam Schaeffer2 months ago
  • It's pathetic to see them celebrate so much. I think the Loser Wolves did that.

    Coffee ThoughtsCoffee Thoughts2 months ago
  • Low Blow from whoever responsible. Never involve a person's family like this in a prank.

    wondermuttwondermutt2 months ago
  • If you want proof that he is the greatest... this is what people will resort to in order to bring him down.

    Jason HJason H2 months ago
  • background music is annoying frfr

    Y0ung jhwY0ung jhw2 months ago
  • That’s pretty pathetic... not only the prank call and it’s nature.. you just don’t do shit like that but these idiots celebrating a win against Chicago.. give me a break

    Carlos SuarezCarlos Suarez2 months ago
  • Cheat for one win

    Jaden WorldJaden World2 months ago