The Day LeBron BECAME “LeFlop”

Jun 18, 2020
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The Night LeBron Took Flopping WAY TOO FAR!
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  • I just don't understand why a MAN of that size and bulk would even entertain the notion of flopping himself about...I just don't see that as manly behavior...Maybe it's a different generation...Sorry guys but I just don't remember Jordan constantly exhibiting such behavior if at all. The only time Jordan through his weight around was say...Dunking on Mutumbo, on Shaq, on Olijawon, on Ewing, on that guy from the Hornets... Who is there bigger than Lebron with similar athletics to truly challenge Lebron in the paint anyway? Jordan was NOT the biggest most powerfully built fish in the sea yet he had giants for breakfast! What if Leflop was Jordans height and build in a 90s league of bullys and elbows? Now there's a question...

    C DoddsC DoddsDay ago
  • I hate Lebald and strongly believe he is a POS, however Harden flops even more than Lebald

    Jackie EazyJackie EazyDay ago
  • Should've titled "The Day LeBron Became LeFlop"

    Lau DaLau Da2 days ago
  • Now he's LeBelt

    NathanGamerTVNathanGamerTV3 days ago
  • You know how many g.a.y bronsexual mad cause this video

    William KnappWilliam Knapp4 days ago
  • The G.O.A.T. my ass. Jordan laughs at you. 😂

    Jayson Raphael MurdockJayson Raphael Murdock10 days ago
  • Lebron is like Floyd Mayweather. His technique is all bullshit and still will win 🙄😣... SMH... Shit.... LeBron has more "FLOPS" than the capacity of a floppy disk 😝❗💯

  • LeBron deserved that push to the floor from Mohammed

  • Thats why i dont like Lebron really 😑...... That foo cries and Bitches too much. But yet he will be aggressive towards other players and then still try to act like hes the victim. For a big guy hes soft and shows weakness when he pretends to get fouled. Big time over exaggerates. I didn't really care for him to come to my home and play for the LAKERS. I want the BLACK MAMBA back 😭😓!!!

  • LeBron James: the man who ruined the NBA

    Jamal Murray #BlueArrow #MileHighBasketballJamal Murray #BlueArrow #MileHighBasketball11 days ago
  • 4:40 quarter circle forward + hard punch

    Tekk LuthorTekk Luthor12 days ago
  • wow. As everyone argues the WNBA isnt entertaining, flopping just made the WNBA what i will watch for now on.

    AJTAJT14 days ago
  • Flopping is a type of strategy

    Taco TuesdayTaco Tuesday14 days ago
  • Oh Skip...Nazi is not a tiny guy 6'11" 270 something lbs i guess

    Jepoyski VlogsJepoyski Vlogs18 days ago
  • jordan also a flopper

    Joel BarbaraJoel Barbara23 days ago
  • LeQueen James 🤣😂 the King of Flops

    Shaman KingShaman King24 days ago
    • LeGoat James King of the NBA

      ndedajndedaj20 days ago
  • The real evidence of LeFlop Lames flopping🤣😂

    Shaman KingShaman King24 days ago
  • I watched the video and I got a technical foul :(

    René PérezRené Pérez25 days ago
    • Lol

      SLICK WIT ITSLICK WIT IT10 days ago
  • Nice dude. So when other players flop the media just makes a lil joke out of it and never talk about it again. But when Lebron does it it’s a disaster.

    ImTheLegendImTheLegend26 days ago
  • The Lebron hate is real here. That's ok y'all can call him Lechamp again now

    Bryan RojasBryan Rojas27 days ago
  • Him

    Bob SBob S29 days ago
  • I'd like to how chipper he'd be after 17yrs in the 80s and 90s. Pistons under-cutting him on layups and laimbeer actually trying to maim hin

    Bob SBob S29 days ago
  • Did any1 ever see mj just quit in the middle of a game. Ive seen leflop at the end of a game his team could still win not even raise his hands to play defence. Goat my ass,hes the goat in his own mind just ask him as he congratulates himself ha ha

    Bob SBob S29 days ago
  • When leflop gets injured who the fuck knows when that happens people just dont believe anything leflop does period

    Bob SBob S29 days ago

    dee nicedee niceMonth ago
  • they should fine a million dollar and 6 months suspension for this soft ass spineless floppers...they're making nba look awful.

    frank ellizer umadhayfrank ellizer umadhayMonth ago
  • Don't forget about Jaflop McGee......

    Uncle QuackUncle QuackMonth ago
  • Andersen is a side show circus freak he should be in a tent so people could buy a ticket to walk in and view the freak show.

    Uncle QuackUncle QuackMonth ago
  • Leflop's game stats: Leflop James the Goat???? 30 points 10 assists 8 rebounds 5 flops

    Uncle QuackUncle QuackMonth ago
  • the one who self declared GOAT..further on to disgrace No.23 by wearing the number

    weng fai Seahweng fai SeahMonth ago
  • LeFlop is a Champ now but have you ever wonder why we never feel his greatness? It's so simple. He switches team. He formed superteams. He is dependent on other Superstars. He flops. He can't hit clutch free throws. He passes the ball too much on clutch. MJ is the greatest. Kobe is on the same atmosphere. But Lebron is just standing on the earth's surface look up the clouds. He is a great player (because of his athleticism) but will never be on the same atmosphere on the two legends mentioned above :D

    Just For FunJust For FunMonth ago
  • Its the time when flopping is allowed And the clippers the best flopper team

    Unclejhoe groundTVUnclejhoe groundTVMonth ago
  • This your king? This your goat?

    Ima FagIma FagMonth ago
  • Lepussy

    Joel Gomez ibarraJoel Gomez ibarraMonth ago
  • Not even Shaq flop like him and he received more punishment

    ShadowDragonGTShadowDragonGTMonth ago
  • And lebron doesn't even get a tech for arguing with the refs:/

    Yuan DioYuan DioMonth ago
    • he barely gets calls

      Kenoi HallKenoi Hall2 days ago
  • I'm a Leflop fan

    Tremendous Dime timeTremendous Dime timeMonth ago
  • Legend says the WWE tried to sew the NBA for stealing their moves.....

    Tevva BurkettTevva BurkettMonth ago
  • 4:40 understandably ??? he's supposed to be a professional. don't give these clowns excuses

    Mike JamiesonMike JamiesonMonth ago
  • They should make a lebron flop package in 2k. You get fouled evertime you do that move

    Hanzo BuzenHanzo BuzenMonth ago
  • You shouldn't have to flop to win, you should win by playing better.

    Devon HayDevon HayMonth ago
  • The Soft King XD Pathetic!

    James Michael C. LaranJames Michael C. LaranMonth ago
  • He trued his hardest to bully boozer but he was like naw nigga

    Brownieboy 17720Brownieboy 17720Month ago
  • This is why I say he not a gota , niggas barley touch him and he goes crying to the ref Fuck outta here !! But that YO KING not mine 🤣

    George RGeorge RMonth ago
  • lebron flew after mohammed pushed him

    London StanleyLondon StanleyMonth ago
  • haters.hahahaha

    bry daobry daoMonth ago
  • That wade pass tho ♥️♥️♥️

    LX SELX SEMonth ago
  • haters crying rn, this is why u don’t go big, trash ass ytuber crying 🤣🤣😭

    mxrkbmxrkbMonth ago
  • Now this is the goat? Lebron.. never forgotten

    Paulo Emmanuel EsteraPaulo Emmanuel EsteraMonth ago
  • Now I hate LeBron

    Chris AdeChris AdeMonth ago
  • The NBA is getting so soft

    Chris AdeChris AdeMonth ago
  • more relevant than ever💀

    parkbullymarkparkbullymarkMonth ago
  • who watchin this durin the 2020 finals😭💀

    parkbullymarkparkbullymarkMonth ago
  • Know about Basketball before you talk........ DUMB AZZ

    KeyrondayKeyrondayMonth ago
  • You Wrong, it Came from the SPURS.......

    KeyrondayKeyrondayMonth ago
  • Flopping is going to ruin the nba just like football is getting ruined.

    Le BeastLe BeastMonth ago
  • comment section taxic

    TGuddaTGuddaMonth ago
  • When LeBron looks like he got hit when he flops Me when I see him do it "WTF!"

    Cal SurakCal SurakMonth ago

    NikexelNikexelMonth ago
  • All the fan boys n cheerleaders will say none of those were flops Because they just started watching bball now that it's only entertainment

    chill6789chill6789Month ago
  • Lol, if you flop and draws a foul,.Why not🤷‍♂️..its refs decision tho hahahahaha..haters are always crying hahaahhaha

    Storm_BringerStorm_BringerMonth ago
  • That whole Miami team were a bunch of dirty bastards, especially Wade and Bosh, that whole era was unbearable

    Nightwing690Nightwing690Month ago
  • That wasn't a flop. I'm 6'6", 250... I have stood over people I've knocked down. But, I've also been stood over. Balance is a funny thing, especially during an obvious illegal push during a dead ball, when you're not paying attention. Point two... it doesn't matter. That was an obvious illegal push after a dead ball, that deserves ejection. This isn't to say LeBron doesn't flop, just to say that is not a flop.

    Scott LarsonScott LarsonMonth ago
  • Idk why people hate lebron so much he’s doing what he has to do to win

    Azxure YTAzxure YTMonth ago
  • Good old days

  • People need to calm down I don’t know why you can’t like mj & lebron

    Justin FortniteJustin Fortnite2 months ago
  • LeQueen lovers will dislike this video

    TheCellus87TheCellus872 months ago
  • cool i love basketball i play it all the time im Alexa yaaaaaaaaaay . My 7yo Daughter just wrote that comment. She says She's "gonna be better than them!" (NBA Players). God Bless My girls. : D

    2inz2inz2 months ago
  • As a big fan of James, I’m pretty sure everyone knows bout his flops😐😂

    LAm DraLAm Dra2 months ago
  • He is just doing everything in his advantage to win. That's why he is the GOAT. He is a basketball genius..

    Paul AlbertPaul Albert2 months ago
  • Hey guys i would remind you all that lebron is goat over Michael Jordan..... owhh wait I was wrong he was goat of flopping

    Francis Matthew LadreroFrancis Matthew Ladrero2 months ago
  • Kinda sad that people view him as the GOAT of Basketball. No matter what Sport you watch, the GOAT's never flop!

    TheSenninGamerTheSenninGamer2 months ago
  • He dont deserve this nba title since ad is carrying the team. Glad he didnt get the mvp hope he will not get the finals mvp.

    Trust His WillTrust His Will2 months ago
    • I agree When Giannis got the mvp lequeen said its not important he just wants another chip The next day he was complaining that he only got 11 votes 🤣🤣 What a BAMF

      chill6789chill6789Month ago
  • Le Bron is the king of flop in an era where everything is a foul to begin with. Lebron has zero killer instinct and has said numerous years he would participate in the dunk contest just to bail out early every single time simply because he was scared of losing. "The decision" just made him look like an even bigger jerk before he made it even worse by proclaiming himself the greatest ever which made everyone cringe including his agent. If Le Bron was truly the greatest he wouldn't ever have to say it just like Jordan never has. Le Bron has acted like a jerk his entire career and no one but him and his girlfriend Shannon Sharpe thinks 3-6 is better then 6-0. And let's not forget, "not 1, not 2, not 3." Instead of taking leadership he would rather make excuses just like all of his fellow Lebronians. Jordan never made excuses or ever said he was the best because he let his career speak for itself. If LeBron wanted to be the best ever then he should have played defense or at least act like he was at least trying to. The only thing that caught fire in his career is his Jerseys from fans who got fed up of the childish ways he handles situations. I myself tried to root for him multiple times but every single time he has let me down with his ignorance and immaturity. I still remember when LeBron and Dwayne Wade fake coughed at Dirk to make fun of him for being sick just to lose to him and the Mavericks in the NBA finals. In the rough and tumble 90's Lebron would have been Ewing and Rodman's bitch and his scoring would have been limited to say the least. Jordan averaged 30+ in a legue that allowed hand checking! LeBron hasn't even came close to passing Kobe who was a better athlete and by the way has 2 more rings. Lebronians need to pump their brakes permanently on this completely rediculous discussion. LeBron thinks winning a series against a team with a suspended Draymond and an unhealthy Steph Curry cements him in as the GOAT, lol! The only thing LeBron has in common with the GOAT is the number he chose to copy and wear on his back. LeBron is not chasing a ghost in Chicago, Lebron is being haunted by all the stupid decisions he made in the past. When LeBron spoke up about the Hong Kong protests he actually took the side of the Chinese government and proved that he cares more about money then people. Just think how great Le Bron could have been if he had just learned how to get out of his own selfish way.

    Nick GiantNick Giant2 months ago
  • And this is why, it's easy to dislike Lebron. And should never be in the conversation of being GOAT. Has anyone ever seen MJ, Kobe, Magic, Bird, Bill Russell, Kareem, etc. doing these unnecessary flops? Hell no! The irony is though, that he went to my team The Lakers. Sh!t!

    Joe SerranoJoe Serrano2 months ago
  • Lebron funny asl 😂

    Trilla JayyTrilla Jayy2 months ago
  • Should've played soccer with that talent these LeFlop James.

    RottieRottie2 months ago
  • I don’t like this comment section guys. Come on, even if you were in LeBron body but had your thinking (with LeBron knowledge) you couldn’t do 1/2 the things he could have accomplished.

    Critin GamingCritin Gaming2 months ago
  • Skip doesn’t count

    Ronald MackRonald Mack2 months ago
  • I miss that Bulls team.

    ツH m m m m N i c e B i k eツツH m m m m N i c e B i k eツ2 months ago
  • Bron maybe a great player but hes disrespecting the game with those stupid flops.

    gwapsgarciagwapsgarcia2 months ago
  • I think he would earn more in Hollywood

    Xioni LeeXioni Lee2 months ago
  • 3-6 record in the finals is bullshit. Couldn't have won those three without Wade and Kyrie. Illuminati sellout.

    Michaelson SarmientoMichaelson Sarmiento2 months ago
  • The bulls stop the heat 28 straight wins and the bulls also stop the Knicks when they was on fire 13 straight wins

    Ray ScottRay Scott2 months ago
  • Karma is coming...

    Jeremiah HowardJeremiah Howard2 months ago
  • That whole Heat era was one big rigging scandal

    Nightwing690Nightwing6903 months ago
  • One sentence to summarize, lebron sucks

    Mamba outMamba out3 months ago
  • I see why everybody hates LeQueen so much.

    K EEK EE3 months ago
  • Varijao is the most flopper

    Grady MoosGrady Moos3 months ago
  • Lebron will never surpass mj and kobe.

    Jeru AbsinJeru Absin3 months ago
  • This is the main reason why LJames will never be at the highest level of MJ, consider that we have in him the Neymar of Basketball. When MJ played the sport was more aggressive and you do not see any player of that time reacting like this. LJames is doing it as an act and when you realize that you get to think, is he acting in everything he does? Is it part of the advertising created for his brand? Maybe he does not even like tacos and his TacoTuesday are just a way to gain followers from Mexico or other countries. When a player really believes to be the best there is no need to make this kind of stunts. He does not believe it he expects others to say so to become true, but even using 23 jersey shows the example that he does not have a true identity. LJames = Good Basketball Player, best advertising and acting skills

    Enrique SalcidoEnrique Salcido3 months ago
    • I think your post deserves WAAAAAYYYY MORE 👍's up❗ But i gave you a THUMBS UP 💯

      SLICK WIT ITSLICK WIT IT10 days ago
  • As a bulls fan I feel gross the fans clapped at his injury

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men Productions3 months ago
  • 0:40 that announcer is asking the right question

    Da HoodieDa Hoodie3 months ago
  • Gfat not goat

    Durmuş Ibrahim GonencDurmuş Ibrahim Gonenc3 months ago
  • Yess he is the GOAT of FLOP!! LeFLOP haha

    Kabagis ChannelKabagis Channel3 months ago
  • The LeBron/Chicago Bulls beef is REAL

    Dark KnightDark Knight3 months ago
  • And this DIVA Is call the GOAT? 😂😂😂😂😂.. Please stop ...

    Aguilera atlAguilera atl3 months ago
  • Reasons why LeBron will never be the G.O.A.T

    Dakota BrockDakota Brock3 months ago
  • Leflop james

    Android17 numbAndroid17 numb3 months ago
  • Not hating on LeBron but having a floping history even if he doesn't do it nowadays, it still doesn't look good on his long career if you compare him to MJ. Seeking contact is more "honorable" than just trying to get a foul that never happened, not a fan of that play style and nobody should encourage floping.

    CosminatorCosminator3 months ago