The High School Basketball STAR Who Turned out to be 25 YEARS OLD!

May 25, 2018
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The High School Basketball STAR Who Turned out to be 25 YEARS OLD!
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  • How did he do that?

    Nanu LeeNanu LeeMonth ago
  • My ass living right next to Hillcrest.

    AbnormalBrysonAbnormalBryson4 months ago
  • Lavar got moves

    Aj O’BrianAj O’Brian10 months ago
  • Look at him you could tell he was a grown ass man

    pink Corbinpink CorbinYear ago
  • This was funny until the part about the girlfriend.

    Sara KutiSara KutiYear ago
  • This shit is soooooooooo funny.

    pappagetti 2009pappagetti 2009Year ago
  • 11-10 haha

    Kauai HawaiiKauai HawaiiYear ago
  • Ageism is an issue worldwide. He wanted to beat the system

    Tony RavenTony RavenYear ago
  • Lmao

    BrahvelliBrahvelliYear ago
  • This is so weird. Ppl are crazy he wanted a do over of his life lol

    Iansa BeautieIansa BeautieYear ago
  • Wooooooooowwwwww!!!!

    Christopher HornChristopher Horn2 years ago
  • Well I mean I know some 19 year old high school ballers but you see there seniors so it’s different. This dude was a freshman

    Norlan OrellanaNorlan Orellana2 years ago
  • High School sucked why would you want to go back?

    H81234H812342 years ago
    • H81234 because when you get to college tou realize how much more you could have done in high to make college better or just be better prepared

      Tony RavenTony RavenYear ago
  • it was worth it though

    Terry BonnerTerry Bonner2 years ago
  • You sound stupid. Your videos are lame

    Randall PinestrawRandall Pinestraw2 years ago
  • 😂😂😂 my dude was out there getting buckets, and had the baddest freshman chick 😂😂😂💀

    Donn ThomasDonn Thomas2 years ago
    • Your probably 14 yourself so yeah childddd

      Ethancx FanEthancx Fan6 months ago
    • @A. Med 14 not a child, but it's still fucked up

      NilesNilesYear ago
    • ....shes a child

      A. MedA. MedYear ago
  • Lol smart move...

    kali allenkali allen2 years ago
  • It was shocking 2 me

    Mista OMista O2 years ago
  • "He Led Hillcrest To An 11-10 Record" lmao

    NyneWolfNyneWolf2 years ago
    • 😭😭

      khalil thompsonkhalil thompson3 months ago
    • NyneWolf same thing I said. He did all that for nothing they sucked even with a 25 year old

      Kris AndrewwsKris Andrewws2 years ago

  • He didn't pose as a freshman, they made him a freshman since he didn't have the credit needed to be a Sophomore/Junior which is what actually pose for. It wasn't to relive his high school days, it was in hopes of making it to the league or playing overseas.

    BeenLeanin/ Media*BeenLeanin/ Media*2 years ago
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      Joe CruzJoe CruzYear ago
    • Danny Torres had to keep up appearances dawg

      Bill BlassBill Blass2 years ago
    • BeenLeanin/ Media* bro still doesn't explain the fact he was trying to date a 14 year old

      Danny TorresDanny Torres2 years ago
  • Never had a relationship with her...

    Stono2xStono2x2 years ago
  • Lmao who dah fuck wants to go back to high school. Worst time to be children. That mam gots issues. I think he just likes sleeping around with 14 year olds.

    Raphial LeeRaphial Lee2 years ago
  • I swear you spend more time on your intro’s than your uploads

    水POSEID3N水POSEID3N2 years ago
  • Epic!!!!

    YuYu HakyohoeYuYu Hakyohoe2 years ago
  • Jordan McCabe is 2 years older than everyone too. He supposed to be a college sophomore.

    JessieJessie2 years ago
  • He wanted to find a hot teacher that you hear in the news

    Bigwb409Bigwb4092 years ago
    • If that was the case he wouldn't have been dating a 14 year old

      H81234H812342 years ago
    • Bigwb409 actually the news said he was messing around w a 14 yr old

      DatoneGuyDatoneGuy2 years ago
  • lol

    NitroNitro2 years ago
  • Daum

    MJDMJD2 years ago
  • 1 pin me pls cosgrove

    Demetri KokkiniasDemetri Kokkinias2 years ago