The "HUGE" Reason Michael Jordan was JEALOUS of Scottie Pippen!

Aug 15, 2019
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The "HUGE" Reason Michael Jordan was JEALOUS of Scottie Pippen!
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  • You can’t win them all Michael 😆

    Shui FengShui Feng17 hours ago
  • I hope Mj wont trippin bout no bitch

    RookRook5 days ago
  • I dont know why the Jordan fans are crying here. Just like Madonna said You cant have it all lol..

    Kung Ano ATBPKung Ano ATBP12 days ago
  • Never thought I’d ever say this...but I feel you mike and I been there and we in the same exact league😂😂 no matter how cool or good or accomplished or kinda we can be well never get a girl over a taller light skin never

    Andrew PapAndrew Pap22 days ago
  • Is strange since Madonna was a virgin those days

    René PérezRené Pérez24 days ago
  • Lmao

    Moustapha mobMoustapha mobMonth ago
  • Madonna banged Dennis Rodman and reject by Charles Barkley .

    Pierre LouisPierre LouisMonth ago
  • MJ didn't need that dirty box anyway 🤷🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Stupid video....wish I hadn't watched it.....

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosaMonth ago
  • Nah it's not Jordan nor pippen it's Dennis yo

    Hafidz Fairuz AmanyHafidz Fairuz Amany2 months ago
  • Madonna didn’t want to be associated with Michael Jordan because he was has big a celebrity as her so she wouldn’t have liked the fact that she wasn’t the centre of attention!!!!!

    Kenneth RobeyKenneth Robey2 months ago
  • Bullshit

    Bryant RussellBryant Russell2 months ago
  • Man wtf 1:47 😂💀💀

    CainCain2 months ago
  • Lmfao @1:06

    lj bigbulllj bigbull2 months ago
  • Maybe madonna don't like bald heads

    Jay EmmJay Emm2 months ago
  • Sleep with athletes but reject Jordan, hold up.

    Leo GamingLeo Gaming2 months ago
  • If its real that Pippen was hanging out with many girls then this whole story can be real too.People that are not quite blessed down there , especially stars ,indent to stick on what they are really good and sex is something that can really categorize people in a bad way..Madonna was always very clear about her size preferences so men that were flirting with her were people that had nothing to be ashamed of .

    mepanousis panousismepanousis panousis3 months ago
  • I mean does MJ deserves it.

    Rain FairchildRain Fairchild3 months ago

    Min BoogieMin Boogie3 months ago
  • That dance off vine made me cry when I first saw that lmfao

    Jazz Cabbage17Jazz Cabbage173 months ago
  • Pippen was packin 😳

    chowdachowda4 months ago
  • Comments DOWN BE LOW !!!

    Icrazieelliot GamerIcrazieelliot Gamer5 months ago
  • This is freaking hilarious

    Mike GreensmithMike Greensmith5 months ago
  • I guess Madonna loved blowing that Pipe 😐🙊 Imma see myself out

    bastardjusticebastardjustice6 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tadi TadiwanasheTadi Tadiwanashe6 months ago
  • Waist of your time and mind Sorry not your best video

    samir shatatsamir shatat7 months ago
  • Didn't she date Dennis Rodman

    Pack O’ PuncherPack O’ Puncher7 months ago
  • Madonna didn’t want to taint greatness

    Zaire FrancisZaire Francis7 months ago
  • This is a lil blown out of proportion... Apparently Pippen is hung lol... And Him and MJ and Harper also would have bets on who's sons had the Bigger 🍆..They all agreed it was Scottie. 🤣🤣😂😂

    Sole MagusSole Magus8 months ago
  • ManDonna

    ReCogNationReCogNation8 months ago
  • Walang kwenta

    alexis lleguealexis llegue8 months ago
  • ridiculous!

    KetchupboyzKetchupboyz8 months ago
    • TRUE

      Mr RossMr Ross5 months ago
  • SIMP!!!

    Bail outBail out8 months ago
  • Before Kim Kardashian, Madonna .

    BrandonDetroitfan MichaelsBrandonDetroitfan Michaels8 months ago
  • C’mon, Michael has an IQ of 154

    Subscribe if you see my name Actually don’t reallySubscribe if you see my name Actually don’t really8 months ago
  • Lol🤣

    Chaka TasbyChaka Tasby8 months ago
  • Ain’t possible

    Senibo Nelson-JajaSenibo Nelson-Jaja8 months ago
    • Dont be upset because TAKASHI JORDAN is mini wee wee.....SCOTTIE THE 🐐🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Mr RossMr Ross5 months ago
  • Stop it.

    Jimmie StevensJimmie Stevens8 months ago
  • Hey Mr. So called sound like you want Mike and Scottie. Most men don't be repeating things about another man's private parts like you just did. Smh. Hahaha 😂😂

    Brenda GrayBrenda Gray9 months ago
  • You just a Jordan hater and a punk that loves to gossip like a girl 👧

    Brenda GrayBrenda Gray9 months ago
  • Yo can we get back to basketball?!?!?!

    SouthsidemanSouthsideman9 months ago
  • LOL its 100% Rumour.

    nikhil tinkunikhil tinku9 months ago
  • This is trash, fake news

    Hilly and TroyHilly and Troy9 months ago
  • its just a rumor, but a good one¡

    Rene PerezRene Perez9 months ago
  • I dont get how everyone wanted Madonna back in the day she a hard 6 at best .

    Robert TulibackiRobert Tulibacki9 months ago
  • Fucked man this thing is unfair,about 10 years ago I personally learn stop chasing girls that is not in to you,spent time to those who appreciate you what you are inside out from then on I’m doing just fine.

    albert dean castilloalbert dean castillo9 months ago
  • Getting with Madonna isn't a privilege. It's an easy path to vd.

    J PepJ Pep9 months ago
    • Lol if it’s so easy did u get her?

      Dwayne HardwellDwayne Hardwell9 months ago
  • Pippen was tappin'. Dat azz.

    TigerMeadowsTigerMeadows9 months ago
  • Yea imma go ahead and say.. the rumors is true.. I can see Madonna doing that

    hudson hutchhudson hutch9 months ago
  • What the hell assistance coach is doing checking players private part?

    Siwadedu MelyayetSiwadedu Melyayet9 months ago
  • Lawd come on now. Jordan haters will say anything...

    DivineMind317DivineMind3179 months ago
    • @Mr Ross speculating about the size of another man's dick is just weird fam. salute to Scottie nonetheless...

      DivineMind317DivineMind3175 months ago
    • Yall TAKASHI JORDAN SHIT STAINS ARE RIDICULOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣madonna wanted no parts of JORDAN'S lil wee wee........SCOTTIE THE 🐐

      Mr RossMr Ross5 months ago
  • “That boi got some meat” ......T Pain🤣

    Conrad WConrad W9 months ago
  • Madonna was crazy about Dennis Rodman

    brown mambabrown mamba9 months ago
  • Jealous? He's the reason why Pip is in the top 50. Not because of his play!

    Orlando Lewis Real Talk TvOrlando Lewis Real Talk Tv9 months ago
    • Don't be mad TAKASHI JORDAN SHIT STAIN because JORDAN has a lil wee wee🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣SCOTTIE THE 🐐

      Mr RossMr Ross5 months ago
  • What’s your source?

    Cori RCori R9 months ago
  • pippens the real mvp

    mike maldonadomike maldonado9 months ago
  • She’s basically the kardashians

    Wilt The GoatWilt The Goat9 months ago

    Jeremiah McKenzieJeremiah McKenzie9 months ago
  • No man in their right mind is gonna trip off of her. The Jackson passed her around like a blunt on the Victory Tour. From gangsters to gangster rappers, they've all had their turn with Madonna. *MIKE JUST DIDN'T WANT TO LOSE..AT ANYTHING. NOT EVEN OVER THE AFFECTION AN INDUSTRY SKANK* You just did a video saying one of the most iconic figures in human history caught feelings over...her!😂

    pappagetti 2009pappagetti 20099 months ago
  • Rodman smashed Madonna

    IMBA FIREIMBA FIRE9 months ago
  • This sounds so ridiculous!!! I can't imagine any man with normal reasoning being so jealous of not banging a woman who was banging everyone else and then blabbering about it and couldn't last with nobody. I think a guy with normal reasoning would be very turned off by that and would think she is not the kind of woman that I want to be with even for something meaningless! And who is supposedly there during all of this to convey the story? If this happened Madonna would of mentioned it herself.

    Jasmine BellJasmine Bell9 months ago
    • Toni Braxton broke up the Dallas Mavericks.

      Erik SeidlerErik Seidler9 months ago
  • I mean she was fine but what kind of fool would get with her knowing she sleeps around 🤦🏻‍♂️ When 2 fools get together, it could never be good.

    PK LoPK Lo9 months ago
    • 👌

      Anthony Jr TinubuAnthony Jr Tinubu9 months ago
  • Michael was better for it.

    Telly SavalasTelly Savalas9 months ago
  • Rumor or True? Man I dont know

    Lucio LynxLucio Lynx9 months ago
  • Lol! A rumor that happened like 30 years ago

    Nana The DestroyerNana The Destroyer9 months ago
  • Have you seen her lately?

    D FD F9 months ago
  • Pippen>Lebron

  • Don’t care. But that makes it for a great story!

    AnfmethodjorAnfmethodjor9 months ago
  • LMAO

    Billie CarlockBillie Carlock9 months ago
  • Maybe it had something to do with Michael Jackson's friendship with Jordan.

    juan barrerajuan barrera9 months ago
  • Have You Heard Chamillionaires Story On Michael ? Jee Wiz Please Go Listen to it. I was dissapointed in Mike. Smh😖

    C LayC Lay9 months ago
  • Eewwwwww, madonna? Seriously? I thought black dudes had good taste. Not here,...shes fuggin gross

    DD9 months ago
  • Lol you can just tell by looking at Pippen he has a HUGE ding dong.

    M de BoerM de Boer9 months ago
  • 🍆

    I'm A Warr;orI'm A Warr;or9 months ago
  • Chad Scottie Pippens v.s Virgin Micheal Jordan

    vanomxxxvanomxxx9 months ago
  • True or Not who gives a fuck

    Weedy JamesWeedy James9 months ago
  • Madonna fucked everyone bro 😂😂😂😂😂 Why would anyone be jealous they didn’t smash no matter how big they are Lord knows how many goals have been run into that end zone

    Sunny ListonSunny Liston9 months ago
  • Scottie was lighter and cool that's what it was..and jordan is an arrogant asshole .

    Arn doesArn does10 months ago
  • It is because Jordan is arrogant He is the best player and he kinda abuse it

    Risner France GarcesRisner France Garces10 months ago
  • It’s not true don’t waste your time to this blogger full of craft

    Louise’s LifeLouise’s Life10 months ago
  • This sounds like total bs!!!

    Edubbzz40Edubbzz4010 months ago

      Mr RossMr Ross5 months ago
  • Madona slept with 2pac

    Nieem McLendonNieem McLendon10 months ago
  • One of the ugliest person in the world! Michael Jordan is such an ugly person reason he is so successful but yet we continue to buy his stuff. Smh

    Joel GonzalezJoel Gonzalez10 months ago
  • Oooh,poor Michael Jordan has a small wiener,like she said you can't win them all, You can be the best basketball player ever, But unless you were the old dude huge that owned playboy, He is the goat of all men's most wanted conquest,lots & lots of women fighting over your junk... Michael wouldn't have won a championship if Scottie Pippen wasn't on the team. MJ will always be the selfish overrated one on the team & pippen has always been underrated on how good he made the bulls, But Jordan was more marketable at the time.

    John TabarJohn Tabar10 months ago
  • I am a man and I cannot care less what they do in bed.

    Bad SaintBad Saint10 months ago
  • Even to this day it’s obvious MJ is a very insecure man

    Jamie GaskinsJamie Gaskins10 months ago
    • Jamie Gaskins I don’t think so lol if I have 1 b I wouldn’t care what people think about me or what I look like

      Alisia ToresAlisia Tores3 months ago
    • Paolo Gregor Tuazon he worked his butt off to become as good as he is put him in soccer still all time great and he was not meant to be 6’6 he streched and put salt on shoes his fam tiny

      Kyle LowryKyle Lowry6 months ago
    • All people have their own insecurities so it is not surprising MJ has his own skeletons

      bastardjusticebastardjustice6 months ago
    • @Jamie Gaskins, why the hell would MJ be insecure when someone is talking about LeBron? I could care less about the both of them but i do have the right to my opinion just like you do. Oh i love to have fun. But i like what you're doing here you're proving my point here. You're not debating here you're cat fighting like a girl because you're upset just like i thought. Hahaha..lmao. But i get it, it's the way of the world now even you're confused about the way of life suppose to be. So go and take your LBGT🌈 Ass and sit down somewhere until Jesus returns.

      Brenda GrayBrenda Gray8 months ago
    • Brenda Gray Anyone that’s ever seen a mj interview knows he gets insecure when lebrons name is mentioned. And yeah people like to debate sports, it’s kinda fun, you come off like someone who really hates fun so I can see why you wouldn’t understand. Having a twat means your take is more valid than mine? Confused. And I wish I could go shit I’m a lil constipated rn 😉

      Jamie GaskinsJamie Gaskins8 months ago
  • I don’t believe it why would he be jealous

    😈FKD BRODY 🥶♏️💯😇😈FKD BRODY 🥶♏️💯😇11 months ago
  • Pippen’s wife left him so maybe he’s not that great

    Jaycob DelacruzJaycob Delacruz11 months ago
    • No he's just old now

      Yannis KarageorgiouYannis Karageorgiou10 months ago
  • I am pretty certain that Michael Jordan didn’t give a fuck about Madonna everybody was fucking Madonna Tupac was fucking Madonna Dennis Rodman with a fucking Wedding dress on was slamming Madonna

    My ThoughtsMy ThoughtsYear ago
  • Pippen and Rodman hit

    Blood BathBlood BathYear ago
  • If Madonna didn't give Michael the time or day then how would she know Pippen has a bigger dick than Michael If she never seen Michael's dick in the first place to compare the two?

    petquackpetquackYear ago
  • It's probably true . It seems like a odd story for a assistant coach to make up randomly

    SlamCity XxSlamCity XxYear ago
  • Tf...what is this...very disrespectful to Madonna and Michael. Guy u must be a pervert

  • Dennis Rodman?

    TeamRocketWes OfficialTeamRocketWes OfficialYear ago
  • Got no love for mj nor this garbage of a video.

    rodpropsrodpropsYear ago
  • Rumors Madona smashed Everyone in those days!!!

    chris bribiescaschris bribiescasYear ago
    • @Stayfocused87 bro did she really fuck Drake?? What the

      Jazz Cabbage17Jazz Cabbage173 months ago
    • @ph1484 tyson too

      Donnell AdamsDonnell Adams6 months ago
    • Wew even britney spears

      Clinkz GarciaClinkz Garcia7 months ago
    • @ph1484 don't forget Menudo, those little boys got an education from her.

      Ontario NagasakiOntario Nagasaki8 months ago
    • chris bribiescas Tupac, MJ, Pip, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Lenny Kravitz etc lol

      ph1484ph14848 months ago
  • Bullshit he should of felt sorry for Scootie.

    Professor BProfessor BYear ago
  • Madonna was and still is the sexy woman take her over any black queen

    2PAC IS GAY2PAC IS GAYYear ago
    • Tripleblade 82 lol yea he a virgin 😂😂😂😂 if he’s black im taking his nigga card away are we trading his ass for justin bebier

      Dwayne HardwellDwayne Hardwell9 months ago