The Most TERRIFYING Events in NBA History!

Jul 19, 2020
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The Most TERRIFYING Events in NBA History!
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  • The guy was just attaching himself to a dude after his ego hurt because allen is famous and other is not, the chick hung herself because she hit the wall and her meal ticket was walking out

    robert sheltonrobert shelton4 days ago
  • Ted lmao

    Francis Matthew LadreroFrancis Matthew Ladrero5 days ago
  • Goat intro 🔥🔥🔥

    Huncho 8thHokageHuncho 8thHokage8 days ago
  • What about when the Celtics drafted a player then they died then a year or a few years later they drafted another player and he died

    primemitchelpaschalhoops TikTokprimemitchelpaschalhoops TikTok23 days ago
  • Pierce got stabbed 11 times for firting!?!? Holy shit!

    G DG DMonth ago
  • Dang the petrovic one was hands down scary RIP bro

  • 4:17 some twisted asshole laughed

    Jaden 213Jaden 213Month ago
  • Hank Gathers was so sad and im pretty sure glory road was a movie about him

    Big RedBig RedMonth ago
  • 4:02 she hit the woah

    Young YoliiYoung YoliiMonth ago
  • I stayed at the scurvin and nothing happened to me

    King skeletalKing skeletalMonth ago
  • The intro though

    Hypern InsulatorHypern InsulatorMonth ago
  • Whats the movie in the intro?

    Heather AdarshHeather AdarshMonth ago
  • 4,100th like...

    Flight No Prod.Flight No Prod.Month ago
  • Hahahaha

    T ManT ManMonth ago
  • I wouldn't freaked tf out watching that woman drown smfh

    Jermaine EventJermaine EventMonth ago
  • Great content got a follow frome me 😂😂😂😂😂

    Bryan SerranoBryan SerranoMonth ago
  • no way she did that on the exact day I was born

    Caleb HamiltonCaleb HamiltonMonth ago
  • 14:06-Because he was flirting with a family member!?!? I guess this world’s always bee fckd up! Edit: BTW-guess that race!

    HereIsWisdom 1318HereIsWisdom 1318Month ago
  • This must be the video where Cosgrove realized his shit resembles the beginnings of a really good SCARY MOVIE! Helloooooo Cosgrove!

    HereIsWisdom 1318HereIsWisdom 1318Month ago
  • Is that the hotel from American horror story ?

    Lightskin DemonLightskin DemonMonth ago
  • That was my bday

    Zymiere ClarkZymiere ClarkMonth ago
  • The intro 🤣🤣😭😭👏👏👏 Lmmfao

    queddogg22queddogg222 months ago
  • What Asshole was laughing at the Halftime Horror? I remember NBA Jam, with the right cheat code George and Bill Clinton could be used as players. August 12 2013, 8/12/13, 8+12=20+13=33.

    Appollos HarrisAppollos Harris2 months ago
  • Yooooo did I hear somebody laughing @4:17...or am I'm trippen...

    D UnknownD Unknown2 months ago
  • You got served 😅😁

    MCEliasMCElias2 months ago
  • That’s deep man

    Jimmy IglooJimmy Igloo2 months ago
  • The greatest youtuber ever

    Sarbjeet HayerSarbjeet Hayer3 months ago
  • I got a horror story it's called new York Knicks

    Sarbjeet HayerSarbjeet Hayer3 months ago
  • I wouldn't forgive smith after the crash

    Shayden porterShayden porter3 months ago
  • The gia one is scary

    Shayden porterShayden porter3 months ago
  • Lmaoo that intro

    kaden3434kaden34343 months ago
  • The beginning took me out 😭

    Jalen HJalen H3 months ago
  • Lmao that intro was gold

    Matt BrownMatt Brown3 months ago
  • The dudes that stabbed him up was benzino and his click

    terry Davisterry Davis3 months ago
  • 4:18 That laugh tho 🤣😂

    terry Davisterry Davis3 months ago
  • If Allen is truly gay, I will not be surprised.

    Trap House Mix DuoTrap House Mix Duo3 months ago
  • That intro was lit

    Mvelo SitholeMvelo Sithole3 months ago
  • Jr was hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhh

    butch magnusbutch magnus3 months ago
  • The girl in the second one was doing the woah

    flight736 23flight736 234 months ago
  • Creepy bro

    Yahel RiveraYahel Rivera4 months ago
  • Sounds like the oklahoma city thunder puts nice shennanigans against opponents

    santiago barrossantiago barros4 months ago
  • How about reggie Lewis case?

    Ricky ProxrdRicky Proxrd4 months ago
  • It’s at night Woah It’s cobe

    Nomcebo NdabaNomcebo Ndaba4 months ago
  • Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra played for Portland University and he was on the floor when Hank Gathers died

    Kelvin AskewKelvin Askew4 months ago
  • No lie the music creepy as shit dope vid tho

    ThatBoy VellThatBoy Vell4 months ago
  • keep making videos bro! I learned more NBA random history.

    Jred Nordam BalbalosaJred Nordam Balbalosa4 months ago
  • This dude takes his story seriously That why we love him!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛❤❤❤❤

    Louise ObrienLouise Obrien4 months ago
  • The laugh is at 4:19 not 4:25. You fuccin Lames

    Ricky OwenbyRicky Owenby4 months ago
  • Okay Look, as a person who knows that the paranormal is in fact real. There's more reasons that the hotel in Oklahoma is haunted then just that story. That place is real big and real old. It has more to it then one tortured soul who suffered negatively in there last moments. Much more DARKER and SINISTER things feed off all the negativity that building has endured. Its called The Stone Tape Theory. Think about it, since 1910 from the walls to the furniture and objects all over that building, every last thing has come in contact with it's own history. Recording every persons moments and every feeling they had weither it was happy, sad, or angry. Imagine touching the same doornob someone in the 1960s turned open just before they commited suicide. Just by touching that object it has connected you to someone else's past like a time machine, but through tragedy. As spirits they cling onto these objects that they once held, walls that they once touched, and hallways they've once walked. Forever contemplating the decisions they made which ultimately lead to their demise. All while running from the more DARKER and SINISTER things preying on them in the afterlife from the shadows. Honestly scares me just talking about it...

    xINF4MOUSxINF4MOUS4 months ago
  • I was born on the second one

    Andrew PAndrew P4 months ago
  • Nothings Scarier Than Kobes 60 Point Game His Team Scored 41 Points He Shot 6-21 From 3 In Reverse It’s 126 Also 6x21 = ???? Kobe Dead On 1/26 Kobe Broke The 41 Point Record By Jordan Crawford For Most Points In A Final Career Game His Final Jump Shot Was Over Trey Lyles #41 Lakers Took 41 Shots Kobe Left The Game Of Basketball With 4.1 Seconds Left On The Clock Kobe Retires 41 Years After His Father When He Scored 81 His Team Scored 41 For A Total Of 122 Points On Jan 22nd Which Is 1/22

    The Real TrayhopsThe Real Trayhops4 months ago
  • 3 am

    GOAT 10GOAT 104 months ago
  • the background music of these vids be setting the perfect mood for the topic of the video

    Aseer ShameemAseer Shameem4 months ago
  • The music makes this video like horror movie Dang !it’s scary

    Boost the BassBoost the Bass4 months ago
  • Yes enjoyed every minute of it

    Terrell McmullensTerrell Mcmullens4 months ago
  • Do a part2

    Rodney ElliottRodney Elliott4 months ago
  • Coleman is gay

    G_Man1020 GameboiG_Man1020 Gameboi4 months ago
  • What about bison dele's story? I forgot what was that about but that was mysterious

    Ivan SabadoIvan Sabado4 months ago
  • That intro🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Louis PrLouis Pr4 months ago
  • Wow just wow!

    RyanJr And Kaiden GamingRyanJr And Kaiden Gaming4 months ago
  • this is just oklahoma

    Katrina BallardKatrina Ballard4 months ago
  • the beginning though

    Katrina BallardKatrina Ballard4 months ago
  • You should Daily upload

    Samy BiamaSamy Biama4 months ago
  • “Stop it get some help” as she cries in fear.

    Tisshhuu 4 thhe rainy eyes •Tisshhuu 4 thhe rainy eyes •4 months ago
  • The intro is fire

    WNCWNC4 months ago
  • Jr had to much Hennessy

    Carl DanielsenCarl Danielsen4 months ago
  • We want more

    Schneider PeralteSchneider Peralte4 months ago
  • that was the single best intro ive ever seen in any youtube video. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIII

    entrepreneurial hacksentrepreneurial hacks4 months ago
  • I refused to sleep because of this video...

    SavagekillaSavagekilla4 months ago
  • 😅😅 love the beginning

    Robert JacobsonRobert Jacobson4 months ago
  • If you was OKC wouldn't you try and scare the opponent, into not sleeping?

    Matt HewittMatt Hewitt4 months ago
  • TNGINA nakakatakot pota

    Don EbreoDon Ebreo4 months ago
  • Seems like the thunder are just unlucky

    I_Do_Stuff YTI_Do_Stuff YT4 months ago
  • My cousin has a nba jam machine and it screams “petrovitch” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Pencil Dude103Pencil Dude1034 months ago
  • Tony Battie = Buh tee

    Bubster 1969Bubster 19694 months ago
  • 4:24 why was they laughing

    Zac AnimationsZac Animations4 months ago
  • this creeps me out

    Camille EvangelistaCamille Evangelista4 months ago
  • Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    utkarsh agarwalutkarsh agarwal4 months ago
  • Paul Pierced

    immediamal coccinelloimmediamal coccinello4 months ago
  • 7:49 She's 10 times better

    immediamal coccinelloimmediamal coccinello4 months ago
  • Zeke Upshaw?

    ISKoISKo4 months ago
  • More Please 😅😅

    AndreiTheBoiAndreiTheBoi4 months ago
  • That's one of the best intros ever

    LeAf BADgELeAf BADgE4 months ago
  • Underrated channel shoutout from Philippines bro keep it up 🙏🏻

    Moymoy CapsaMoymoy Capsa4 months ago
  • When you live in aus 🙂

    CPL KunaiiCPL Kunaii4 months ago
  • 4:25 why is a guy laughing

    LA 2.0 GamingLA 2.0 Gaming4 months ago
  • More please

    Andrew McDermottAndrew McDermott4 months ago
  • Not bad. But I think there were few you missed and I could tell you in a private message.

    TuPhonez4FreeTuPhonez4Free4 months ago
  • The intro was hilarious

    Hristijan MeceHristijan Mece4 months ago
  • Nice intro HAHAHAHA

    Brian CorcueraBrian Corcuera4 months ago
  • U forgot about dele and the other one with the shotgun that killed a taxi driver and on guy brought a gun to practice i dont remember their names

    Log For LogLog For Log4 months ago
  • the okc thing is probably so the players dont get rest so they play bad even tho okc is losing all the time so i guess it doesnt work

    jak jakjak jak4 months ago
  • I love this vid

    HAN- XOHAN- XO4 months ago
  • Rip Hank Gathers

    Dreadlock JesusDreadlock Jesus4 months ago
  • why am i watching this at night

    Sigal LegendSigal Legend4 months ago
  • If you wanna save time put the video on 1.25x speed

    Okita -sanOkita -san4 months ago
  • more content like this please!

    AndrewwwOGAndrewwwOG4 months ago
  • JR sold his friend's soul. He knew what he was doing. The victim's mother got paid really well.

    Mark LawMark Law4 months ago
    • and that's why JR is depressed and always on Henny.

      S_AMES_AME3 months ago
    • Honestly I'm a big believer in the paranormal bro. That shit is crazy af. You never know if that shit was the case. I mean Lucifer is the ultimate business man. And he's only interested in one thing...

      xINF4MOUSxINF4MOUS4 months ago
  • Why an I watching this at night

    yes it’s 9 inchesyes it’s 9 inches4 months ago