Mar 18, 2017
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  • 6:18 and then from then on James Harden became a magnet

    Braiden PrejeanBraiden Prejean2 months ago
  • damn they jumped larry bird

    Travion ThomasTravion Thomas2 months ago
  • Charles barely is and will always be nba trash. Never even close to being great

    emilio Rodemilio Rod4 months ago
  • Bynum pushes on Shaq when he ran back to guard him u gotta give both sides to that one

    JavoJavo4 months ago
  • When it comes to altercations of any kind whatsoever, spitting is the lowest act I could think of. It's lower than shots to thenuts, pokes in the eyes and even verbal abuse using personal facts. I've ignored and even taken many things from sucker punches to racial insults to insults towards my family but spitting is where I fire back. Literally.

    CommentCop Badge#666CommentCop Badge#6665 months ago
  • everybody freaks out about the pistons walking off but nobody says anything about the celtics doing it to them before

    unoverseunoverse5 months ago
  • Hey buddy, do your research. Barkley said he was trying to separate bird and j. But leave that. Shaq and Barkley were friends back then, when they fought. YES they were friends and continued to be. Their moms were best friends. lol.

    LeonidasBrLeonidasBr5 months ago
  • You realize that Demarcus Cousins mouth piece fell out of his mouth. That’s why they let him come back into the game... smh

    Tee BoltonTee Bolton6 months ago
  • hardin deserves it

    Samuel KlempSamuel Klemp6 months ago
  • when you will ever get in a situation where your adrenaline levels are through the roof, we'll see if you'll be the ''bigger man''

    Marios PaparizosMarios Paparizos6 months ago
  • Moses and Barkley weren't holding Bird back they were trying to break it up a d Dr J just took his shots in Barkley said that on open court he said that it was either his rookie year or his second year and he didn't realize the true hatred that the two teams have do a little more research man

    Ethan BollenbacherEthan Bollenbacher7 months ago
  • Tell me ho the 6ixsers think they good over the celtics #celticsarebetter

    PlaDoz WrldPlaDoz Wrld7 months ago
  • Good video

    Cayden DonaldCayden Donald7 months ago
  • I feel sleepy...

    J JJ J7 months ago

    Nimo IbrahimNimo Ibrahim7 months ago
  • Dennis Rodman took off his jersey every game before leaving the court. Usually he'd throw it in the stands. My bestfriend in 8th grade actually caught one. I always hated him when my Bulls played against him, but loved him when he was in Chicago.

    tcdahn7tcdahn77 months ago
  • Hypocrite,. 😳 Let them be

    RON DOCRON DOC7 months ago
  • Ok. I don't know what's more irritating. Your voice, choice of moments or your use of vocabulary.

    Joe GuerraJoe Guerra7 months ago
  • When he said Charles should have thrown a punch instead of the ball like a little bitch 😂

    Nugget SlayerNugget Slayer7 months ago
  • Barkley should have thrown a punch instead of the ball like a “little bitch”. You sure are bold for someone behind a microphone on youtube lol

    Mekhi D.Mekhi D.7 months ago
  • I'm a big fan but don't say anything about Moses Malone when he's dead

    Jordan KennedyJordan Kennedy7 months ago
  • Dude you’re so hilarious I just subbed

    Dat Fat CatDat Fat Cat7 months ago
  • Let me start with saying that I enjoy the concept of the video and I appreciate overall the attempt made. There are a few opinions that you expressed that I don't agree with throughout the video that I'm not gonna go into. But I've gotta ask if you just personally have a problem with Barkley in general? I mean the Dr. J thing was clearly trying to separate not hold down, and then the throwing the ball at Shaq thing was WELL provoked and not the weak move you made it out to be. If you're picking a fight with anyone who seriously outsizes you in every metric, let alone one of the biggest humans on the planet, you want to have them commit momentum and fight defensively so that you don't get leveled by a balanced strike. Go watch any fight where the significantly smaller fighter wins and you'll notice they are all take downs or strikes during and overextended and off balanced offensive sequence by the larger opponent. It was far from a bitch move and was a calculated way to start a fight against a man that 99.9999999% of men wouldn't dream of having the balls to pick a fight with

    Sean WellsSean Wells7 months ago
    • You talk massive amounts of bullshit

      Chuff bufflerChuff buffler7 months ago
  • Greatest line ever.. Charles should've threw a punch instead of the ball like a lil bitch... 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂⚰️⚰️

    TJ RectorTJ Rector7 months ago
  • This narrator is a complete dork. It's obvious he's unathletic, and has never played any sports. I'm not saying I agree with most of this stuff, but come on dude. Go narrate badminton.

    Ryan PowellRyan Powell7 months ago
  • Melo punched Mardy Collins not Jarred Jeffries dummy you’re not jus gonna let a man run up on you full force and punch on you are you? prolly never been in a fight in your life, he backpedaled, mixed martial artists will backpedal it’s not like he turned around tucked tail and ran he kept eyes on him the whole time and I’m sure if he got in range he would’ve punched him too, you’re more than likely the usual melo hater 😭

    Ant ManAnt Man7 months ago
  • Boogie didn’t spit his mouth guard out purposely....

    Kid’s WorldKid’s World7 months ago
  • The guy on his video is talking the hardest ! Cah face to face he ain't saying shit !

    Marcel NedersMarcel Neders7 months ago
  • This dude clearly doesn’t watch basketball... he knows little about the back stories lol

    koleon06koleon068 months ago
  • There is footage of mad max it’s on handles up channel

    TNL SpiderTNL Spider8 months ago
  • daaam the balls on that white boy @2:29. takes a nasty elbow then gets the take down. boss!

    cool beanzcool beanz8 months ago
  • Another thing is that I don't think that was necessary the pacers and Pistons brawl was that the fans were pouring beer while the pacers roster were going to the locker room

    Davon JacksonDavon Jackson8 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂

    LoveCorioLoveCorio8 months ago
  • You said Shaq couldn’t handle a taste of his own medicine even though Bynum pushed him

    MaleekMaleek8 months ago
  • Maybe some of those same fans should have done something about the abuse Charles was receiving. Instead of going after his unintended reactions your 8 year old girl is listening to racial slurs what did you do about it?

    rickenfataniarickenfatania8 months ago
  • Cosgrove when shaq elbows bynum you can see before Bynum shoves shaq

    Kerry WilliamsKerry Williams8 months ago
  • It's read as bareya for barea, not barera.

    Earl NacordaEarl Nacorda8 months ago
  • Then melo runs away likes a little girl LMAO

    Davon JacksonDavon Jackson8 months ago
  • Shaq got an elbow in his back by bynum. He just give bynums change

    geek freakgeek freak8 months ago
  • Lol even in fights melo is useless lmao worst player in all aspects

    Dexter AguirreDexter Aguirre8 months ago
  • Omg van exel was a kid?? Looks like a 13years old

    S. G.S. G.8 months ago
  • as corrupt as refs are, i don’t feel bad they get shoved

    unDURYEAtedunDURYEAted8 months ago
  • You sound like someone who never played sports ever. Judging people and shit. You sound like you live in your mom's basement.

    The Comedic Villain Cal muthafuckin ReedThe Comedic Villain Cal muthafuckin Reed8 months ago
  • Shaq ain’t do shit in 9:00 because Bynum comes in and give Shaw a tiny push so Shaq got frustrated niggas y’all retarded

    Seafood OriginalSeafood Original8 months ago

    basadakebasadake8 months ago
  • The lakers teammate fouled his own teammate harder than McHale did lmao

    Brad CarterBrad Carter8 months ago
  • Wait a minute.. 1 line you are telling people to ignore and walk away and then you are saying you are okay with fighting?? Lmao.. you watch your own videos right?

    Brad CarterBrad Carter8 months ago
  • You actually think DR J needed help to beat Larry bird ass? Please! And I also see you like to give fans passes for their behavior. Fuckkk that

    Blake About mineBlake About mine8 months ago
  • Keep on repeating barera well its barrea? Then he said it twice haha

    Gatsby PascuaGatsby Pascua8 months ago
  • That John Cena cameo was just golden

    NuneChi HendrixNuneChi Hendrix8 months ago
  • What about the Knicks-Heat Game 5 in 1997 in the second round between PJ Brown and Charlie Ward

    Th33Vultur3Th33Vultur38 months ago
  • This guy has obviously never been in a fight

    Esrom AsfahaEsrom Asfaha8 months ago
  • NBA BOYS 😊😉😉😉😂

    adi hasicadi hasic8 months ago
  • gotta be more open minded and not stuck to GAME rules when REAL LIFE shit happens. Wrong? Granted.....but the first offender can't cry about the retaliation. On another note, I still love your work.

    Stacy DillardStacy Dillard8 months ago
  • Good job buddy!! For those whose spoke otherwise... make your own video!!

    Eddie AzzolinoEddie Azzolino8 months ago
  • Let the past stay in the past. Also Larry Bird deserved that ass whipping.

  • This idiot talking in this video wanna start talking shit about nba players, nobody fuckin cares how you feel. You even said one of the player’s name wrong. U the bitch. I bet Barkley would slap the shit out of you.

    Rexmon 808Rexmon 8088 months ago
  • Like the video but I don't like the view of the commentary

    Skutta BlokeSkutta Bloke8 months ago
  • 6:17 yo no disrespect but harden's head wiggled like a bobble head

    Christian RamirezChristian Ramirez8 months ago
  • Why you so butthurt man ? You taking this shot too personal

    Anime NerdAnime Nerd8 months ago
  • I notice you don’t really have nothing to say when certain people do the same things or even worser but I get it I hear it in your tone, and you know what? Your opinions sounds about WHITE.

    Triangle lets plays and moreTriangle lets plays and more8 months ago
  • Dude you are totally wrong about all of these it’s the fans fault not the players the fans shouldn’t be saying shit

    Chase ChristianaChase Christiana8 months ago
  • There IS footage of Vernon Maxwell going into the crowd.

    bartolobartolo8 months ago
  • 8:51 You didnt see how Bynum bumped shaq?

    Aaron TurnerAaron Turner8 months ago
  • I was gonna subscribe until i watched this video. 👎

    E JCE JC8 months ago
  • Dude had the nerve to say Charles Barkley was a bitch for throwing the ball at Shaq🤥

    Jack AustinJack Austin8 months ago
  • Thumbs down!! You have a personal bias agenda.

    bobbybobby8 months ago
  • i'll agree to the personal comments thing..especially when you called Sir Charles a little's an idea..why don't you do that to his face when if you get the chance, film it and put it on USworlds.

    milos gukomilos guko8 months ago
  • Your a bitch ....the part where you mentioned that your were ‘’boiled’’ cause three African American guys hanged up on bird is so bullshit bitch

    Olley ArelongOlley Arelong8 months ago
  • Bro your dumb’s funny how your making African Americans look dumb stupid ass

    Olley ArelongOlley Arelong8 months ago
  • Just make videos and quit trying too sound tuff you soft ass nerd....

    Lionel JosephLionel Joseph8 months ago
  • You should stop doing these videos lol this one gets a BIG THUMB DOWN

    EofMRE2010EofMRE20108 months ago
  • Ron Artest aka World Metta Peace and Ben Wallace of Detroit Pistons. Is really obvious Ron Artest scared of Ben Wallace 🙊🤔😂. Even Stephen Jackson both didn't go after Ben Wallace instead they shifted to the fans so it looks like a cover lol.

    Namo BojarNamo Bojar8 months ago
  • The john cena thing like killed me🤣😂

    Peter Fran6Peter Fran68 months ago
  • Pippen not a team first type player? 🤔 hmmm

    Alexis LaquiAlexis Laqui8 months ago
  • One thing I hate the most when a coward that wouldn’t fight none of these men in person or throw a real punch in a fight but talk tough guy shit is the real pussy and bitch! Bro you wouldn’t call those grown men names to their face so your clown ass shouldn’t talk shit on social media. You talk shit was a unnecessary moment coward!

    Megatron ToineMegatron Toine8 months ago
  • Carmelo punch then run away.. Wtf

    reynanpogipitas Popopreynanpogipitas Popop8 months ago
  • 11:57 best moment

    BlaiseBlaise8 months ago
  • Mardy Collins! Melo punched Mardy Collins 🤦🏽‍♂️😹😹

    JaguarJayo 31JaguarJayo 318 months ago
  • what about the punch of Kermit washington against Rudy Tomjanovich.

    pinoy44pinoy448 months ago
  • It is footage of Vernon Maxwell goong into the stands hitting a fan.

    Wayneboyson WashingtonWayneboyson Washington8 months ago
  • Here video of maxwell. Do your research cosgrov I ask USworlds . It took me two seconds.

    Ryan WilliamsRyan Williams8 months ago
  • Bro you bashing black players and trying to find what was the issues when it came to the white ones

  • Ughhh shut the fuck up u little bitch.

    Steve BarreraSteve Barrera8 months ago
  • Isiah does regret what he did.

    Steve BarreraSteve Barrera8 months ago
  • How about Gianni's vs Dunleavy

    Harold EbreoHarold Ebreo8 months ago
  • There is footage on Vernon Maxwell's incident lol

    Ahdree23Ahdree238 months ago
  • 4:02 😆😂

    IXIRob_MarleyIXIIXIRob_MarleyIXI8 months ago
  • 😥

    Reynante SapunganReynante Sapungan8 months ago
  • When talking about Maxwell going into the stands it wasnt the first time that's happened. Cedric Maxwell did the same in the 1981 ECF against philly.

    Travis MichaelTravis Michael8 months ago
  • Only liked it cause the John cena part edit

    Ariel R.Ariel R.8 months ago
  • Rivalries*

    Chris Joe-Quinn FernandezChris Joe-Quinn Fernandez8 months ago
  • some fans need to know their place. You talk about a man's wife losing a child you deserve to have your teeth knocked out, there are plenty other things to get under someone skin and then there;s being out of line. Throwing something at someone or hitting them deserves to get you laid out cold. Just saying something to get under someone's skin is one thing, but some of the things some of these fans do they deserve what they get.

    Keenan HandyKeenan Handy8 months ago
  • This guy is a geyboi

    Xdane37 WulfXdane37 Wulf8 months ago
  • Lol that nigga McHale yoked Rambis out the air... that shit was iconic

    TrubblMan87TrubblMan878 months ago
  • Shaq was in every right to swing at BUMnam

    Johnny FloresJohnny Flores8 months ago
  • Melo hit mardy collins

    Golden OkokoGolden Okoko8 months ago
  • “PUSSY MELO”🖕🏽😂🖕🏽

    Jason SanchezJason Sanchez8 months ago
  • You stupid

    Pitso MakanatlengPitso Makanatleng8 months ago
  • The Shaq and Bynum incident was Bynum's fault. After the dunk, Bynum bumped on Shaq like he was taunting him and that pissed him off. Check the video again.

    DeanDean8 months ago