The Most VICIOUS Basketball Coach who was MISERABLE to Play for!

May 8, 2019
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The Most VICIOUS Basketball Coach who was MISERABLE to Play for!
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  • Is that Lucas Black the guy wearing a cap 2:20?

    Lancelot The KnightLancelot The Knight5 days ago
  • Me:What is wrong with him Other people: GET HIM OUT OF BASKETBALL

    Gabriel PlutaGabriel Pluta19 days ago
  • Bob Knight, the DI from Full Metal Jacket of basketball

    SchracidSchracid19 days ago
  • Still the greatest coach of all time wether hes showing people his pheses or not

    Roy Rogers IvRoy Rogers Iv20 days ago
  • 4:24 I'm sorry, I would've died laughing at that meeting 😂 🤣

    Chris BerryChris Berry25 days ago
  • I’d have given right back to him and remind him that it’s just a fucking game. Sports nerds are the strangest nerds of them all.

    Peter ChoPeter Cho26 days ago
  • damn that's a lot of sensors

    farrastya damarfarrastya damar27 days ago
  • yes finally men will stop being sissies

    Capturethe MatrixCapturethe Matrix28 days ago
  • Chill Old man

    Smiley BearSmiley BearMonth ago
  • Bob night right....

    Miguel RenteriaMiguel RenteriaMonth ago
  • Just man up and take it on the chin.

    Jocea CeasarJocea CeasarMonth ago
  • That one white dude he was arguing with at 2:56 was my old coach😂😂

    Eric LynchEric LynchMonth ago
  • Oh You have not heard of RedBull Coach Yeng Guiao from Philippines.. He brings a gun at every practice and points it to his "lazy and unmotivated" players.

    Am AmAm AmMonth ago
  • Mike judge should make a bob knight cartoon.

    Brock JohnsonBrock JohnsonMonth ago
  • 7:09 lmfao

    Anthony JonesAnthony JonesMonth ago
  • Full Metal Jacket drill instructor of basketball.

    SchracidSchracidMonth ago
  • Prolly be In the NBA no cap

    Adcashout LoganAdcashout LoganMonth ago
  • The voice is annoying

    V VV VMonth ago
  • my friend played for Bob Knight 😂

    Rival TreviRival TreviMonth ago
  • I don't know him cuz I'm only 9 years old and don't really watch college basketball

    Rov Nathan CaguimbalRov Nathan CaguimbalMonth ago
  • I'm a huge fan! My kinda COACH!

    Joe BlackJoe Black2 months ago
  • I don’t care how legendary Bob night is if he grabbed me by the neck while he was coaching me id punch him in his shit

    william ryanwilliam ryan2 months ago
  • How did he get away with doing the shit he did is beyond me!

    33ladyRAM33ladyRAM2 months ago

    Minecraft Player723_YTMinecraft Player723_YT2 months ago
  • I WISH i was coach by him😂😂😂😂

    James sharpJames sharp2 months ago
  • Aye bob knight was listening to lil Jon and the east side boyz before every practice 💀😂😂😂

    CainCain3 months ago
  • Personally I love my coaches like there pretty fun and easy to talk too and joke with as long as we’re doing our job

    Evan RichardsEvan Richards3 months ago
  • Me and the old guy would have had a fight in the gym if he would’ve chocked me

    Kamomo ThomasKamomo Thomas3 months ago
  • some people actually like this coach as he pushed people to their limits

    Lch DamianLch Damian3 months ago
  • This is funny asf

    alex greningeralex greninger3 months ago

    Raymond Grady IIIRaymond Grady III3 months ago

    Jazz Cabbage17Jazz Cabbage173 months ago
  • Would have knocked his ass out plain and simple.

    Brian McintoshBrian Mcintosh4 months ago
  • Don't u realize this is a mental health issue??

    Oto Pervert ChannelOto Pervert Channel4 months ago
  • That little kid I remember him 1:09 🤣🤣🤣

    610geeman610geeman4 months ago
  • I would tell my teammates to beat him up with me cause I would be tired of his bullshit

    Faze PapitasFaze Papitas4 months ago
  • Me a 12 yo:wow that a bad ass couch

    Lance LaiLance Lai4 months ago
  • 6:52 Me: really really really

    Corona CatCorona Cat4 months ago
  • Never heat such a bitchy coach

    kaylin Koikaylin Koi4 months ago
  • Awwwee...the participation trophy generation thinks Knight was too abusive. God you guys are such little clickbait bitches.

    Do not taunt Happy Fun BallDo not taunt Happy Fun Ball5 months ago
  • They would have started planing his funeral

    Reviving FateReviving Fate5 months ago
  • I can handle him yelling at me it's like military shit handle it or be a pussy crying

    Young BankedYoung Banked5 months ago
  • Bob knight is a dick. I already hate him because he beat my Syracuse team in the championship. Bu The is psycho

    Carsyn Geisler PriceCarsyn Geisler Price6 months ago
  • So this is where MJ learned his antics on practice. lol, no one can argue that it's ineffective if you're winning.

    S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • My grandpas friend was the assistant coach to bob knight

    Baron YoungBaron Young6 months ago
  • This video is not meant to diminish his legacy ...pffff ha ha ha ha. What a joke. Not so much the claim, but bob knight himself. What a joke.

    81giorikas81giorikas6 months ago
  • The feces? Uhm no cant see that being true

    Ill will Ill willIll will Ill will6 months ago
  • Bob Knight is the GOAT!

    RobDogRobDog7 months ago
  • Hell nah we scrappin as soon as he yells at me and chokes me we scrappin

    Renen TankRenen Tank7 months ago
  • Fat freak✌

    Paul ChanPaul Chan7 months ago
  • i had a basketball coach and if we missed 1 more layup we had to run 10 laps around the gym and all he cared about was winning

    BLAZE124BLAZE1247 months ago
  • he is ragging at the game

    Gordon TaupakiGordon Taupaki7 months ago
  • Search Coach Tim Cone When he threw the chair But still one of the greatest Coach in The Philippines

    Æsar Ka na ba.?Æsar Ka na ba.?7 months ago
    • PH represents!

      abdul jabbarabdul jabbar3 months ago
  • No need for me to watch this one if anyone knows sports I knew he was going to say Bob Knight just by reading the headline I remember when he coached Calbert Cheaney.

    Dat GuyDat Guy7 months ago
  • He was my husbands 3rd cousin

    Lori BellLori Bell8 months ago
  • I wish I had a coach like bob knight

    pkactive _0pkactive _08 months ago
    • Why 😂😂 grabbbed the poop and thrown it back at him wouldv

      J_ 2kJ_ 2k26 days ago
  • 1:10 lmfao

    jeipee banzonjeipee banzon8 months ago
  • I don't know he sounded like a bunch of coaches screaming when they are mad .

    BigDBig OOOBigDBig OOO8 months ago
  • 186k 500

    CalmplicatedCalmplicated8 months ago
  • 186k 500

    CalmplicatedCalmplicated8 months ago
  • I've would've choked slammed that nigga

    Celtics in 4 Seahawks 2021 SuperBowl ChampsCeltics in 4 Seahawks 2021 SuperBowl Champs8 months ago
  • He look ugly

    AbdulisABDULAbdulisABDUL8 months ago
  • Bro, FOH with anything bad you or anyone else have to say about Coach Knight. I wished like hell I could’ve played for him.

    CraigAndNemCraigAndNem8 months ago
  • WRONG! One of the best ever to play for. Just ask his former players. This video dumb as hell

    Jeremy CaseJeremy Case8 months ago
  • I found the joke funny lol

    GTA SebaGTA Seba9 months ago
  • I cldnt stand this racist, ignorant piece of shit.....

    Forever Remain NamelessForever Remain Nameless9 months ago
  • You know what I would have done!!! Took off my earrings!

    sabrina Johnsonsabrina Johnson9 months ago
  • I wonder what he does to his kids if they don’t listen

    Shirley SlaughterShirley Slaughter9 months ago
  • The real Mr. Don't play

    Da'Jon JacksonDa'Jon Jackson9 months ago
  • I woulda worked my ass off

    Fast4SloW 717Fast4SloW 7179 months ago
  • I like his coaching style. Passionate about the game and his players.

    Fast4SloW 717Fast4SloW 7179 months ago
  • If you're from Indiana and play sports, his coaching story known

    Josiah TaylorJosiah Taylor9 months ago
  • He must have had some humongous inferiority complex or been bullied in his childhood for him to be so over the top angry all the time.

    TheSolidheroesTheSolidheroes9 months ago
  • We he said grab your snacks I legit got pasta corn an a dr pepper

    IAN GOREIAN GORE9 months ago
  • Is he like the Gordon Ramsay of basketball

    xxgamergirl137 xxxxgamergirl137 xx9 months ago
  • Did they beat purdue on Monday??

    ScrumpScrump9 months ago
  • meh

    Jace WinfieldJace Winfield9 months ago
  • For you teens out there I'll keep it simple: Knight may have been the greatest x's and o's coach to ever do it at the collegiate level. HOWEVER...he's was an absolute piece of shit human being to anyone that showed any fear of him.

    braviafeedbraviafeed9 months ago
  • I am a lifelong UK fan from Indiana. Bob Knight is probably the greatest coach of all time. You attend IU to get an education , not springboard to the NBA. Coach Knight stressed that and he was there to make sure that happened. Of course winning games was important but Bob Knight truly cared about his players more than anything. Nobody talks about the great things he has did for people. Landon Turner comes to mind. I personally have great respect for the man.

    scott wendelscott wendel9 months ago
  • Bobby Knight was actually a really good coach, he just got mad sometimes.

    Colten BootsColten Boots9 months ago
  • If nobody here has heard of BK you need to do your homework

    Uncle RuckusUncle Ruckus9 months ago
  • I honestly think that knight sounds like Sergeant Hartman on the released audio

    Ryan LocklairRyan Locklair9 months ago
    • And I counted, He cursed a total of 20 times in that audio

      Ryan LocklairRyan Locklair9 months ago
  • I would of slapped him like a bitch

    Darrell MasonDarrell Mason9 months ago
  • I would have layed him flat

    John BogdanJohn Bogdan9 months ago
  • Lol weak babies. This is what happens when street hoopers meet a real basketball coach. Bobby Knight is a Legend.

    NotPaulRuddNotPaulRudd9 months ago
  • It was't an actual turd ...... it was poo-laden toilet paper after he had just stepped out of a toilet room stall. The word was out, his behavior was no secret and as to why anyone would send their son to play for this dude is beyond me.

    derrickleumas55derrickleumas559 months ago
  • At least he didn't go from program to program trashing them out and then leaving with the program in heavy sanctions and forbidden to compete in the tournament like the fucko they have at Kentucky did.

    Matt BastubeeMatt Bastubee9 months ago
  • Coach Knight tried to bully worked with most people but I bet he never spoke to Doug Blubaugh the same way again!!! Put a bully against the wall and then see how tough they are!!! Good job Coach Blubaugh!!!

    Willie DuittWillie Duitt9 months ago
  • "the coach from hell" lol such a soft ass society we've become, he's a true legend!🧐✌️😴

    Robert JamesRobert James9 months ago
    • Robert James lmao forreal....

      H TH T9 months ago
  • ey dont touch me bitch

    culero perrosculero perros9 months ago
  • Most vicious basketball coach Bobby Knight? Lol - If you compare him to 90% of Yugoslavian coaches, Bobby is a lil’ kid. Look for Dule Vujosevic for example.

    Aladin AlbirAladin Albir9 months ago
  • Bob knight acts and looks like trump 😂

    Sonicfuel0726Sonicfuel07269 months ago
  • All I hear coach saying is: “$):(&iufdufyhbfsaasfknbgdgkyigfiggogtigfubbgcxvhihfssswwyyooolkjhgfddhhgjnvhjhgghhgdsaetgwqqetuiopnjghbczx!!!!!!!!?!?!?!???

    Harlo WatkinsHarlo Watkins9 months ago
  • Yuck his own shit.... wait so that means that his shit in himself and pulled out his shit 🤣🤣🤣......🤨🤨😨😱

    Grayson CantuGrayson Cantu9 months ago
  • Larry bird quite his team after knight told him he had no game nuf said

    Patrick ReillyPatrick Reilly9 months ago
  • Every one :Gives angry guy a whip Angry guy : hits you with whip when mad Everyone: surprise pikachu face

    Rainbow god 450Rainbow god 4509 months ago
  • Great coach was honored at IU last week. the players don't call him miserable. they became better players under him

    Kent StookeyKent Stookey9 months ago
  • Yep wrestlers get shit done.

    RythmortisRythmortis9 months ago
  • He’s gonna be in hell

    IcemanIceman9 months ago
  • Hey stop touch me Bitch 🤣

    LoveisamythLoveisamyth9 months ago