The Mysterious LETTER That had the NBA World Losing their MINDS!

Jul 10, 2019
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The Mysterious LETTER That had the NBA World Losing their MINDS!
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  • He akem had shaq swinging at air watch the game the pump fakes had shaq up in the air trying to block air and the dream had a lay up and I was a shaq fan plus shaq had the dream by inches and what 80 pounds

    Joseph MillerJoseph MillerDay ago
  • Raw power/ horrible jump shot (Shaq) versus many post moves/ excellent footworks/ great jump shot (Hakeem). The Dream would be the runaway winner

    Rafael AdvinculaRafael Advincula24 days ago
  • The Dream will kick his black butt! We all know that Shaq is brainless

    Jay JavellanaJay JavellanaMonth ago
  • Hakeem only won 2 rings because mj went to play baseball

    Alex BAlex BMonth ago
  • They didn´t ask Jordan,because after 6:0 it would have know never 7 games...

    Rainer WahnsinnRainer WahnsinnMonth ago
  • hakkem Olajuwon is way better he would of blocked shaq 137 times in that 1v1 and was a better shooter than shaq

    Jesse LozenskyJesse LozenskyMonth ago
  • The only thing that made the NBA, may I say everyone, lose their minds more is Kobe's death.

    Luke BakerLuke BakerMonth ago
  • I watched every second of that series. As soon as the Magic got cocky towards the end of the first game, and Shaq shooshed his team, that was the beginning of the end for the Magic. Hakeem controlled the entire series.

    wesley daviswesley davis2 months ago
  • In 2001 I wanted to see Kobe play one on one againts Vince Carter and Allen Iverson vs Steve Francis

    Judy GraceJudy Grace3 months ago
  • the signature of shaq is noticeable in the thumbnail

    NazJaydenFNazJaydenF3 months ago
  • Shaq is overrated he was just a fat dude playing basketball with no footwork no offense skill what's so ever . Can't shoot the ball, can't pass ,can't play defense . He was just fatter than anyone

    Christopher FrancoChristopher Franco3 months ago
  • Hi

    alazar yohannesalazar yohannes4 months ago
  • Hi

    alazar yohannesalazar yohannes4 months ago
  • But didn't Kyrie n Kobe iso vs iso during a young Kyrie ? And Kobe made a fool of young Kyrie

    ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴠɪʙᴇᴊᴜsᴛ ᴠɪʙᴇ4 months ago
  • The Dream wins

    Appollos HarrisAppollos Harris5 months ago
  • Tough

    Michael KamaraMichael Kamara6 months ago
  • Tough

    Michael KamaraMichael Kamara6 months ago
  • Shaq dodged a bullet there.

    81giorikas81giorikas6 months ago
  • 3:31 manila, phillippines?

    Paul Alexis FranciscoPaul Alexis Francisco6 months ago
  • wait but who gets ball tho bc last time i checked it was shoot for ball

    Jason BJason B6 months ago
  • Hakeem punked out lol!

    Golden Age GamingGolden Age Gaming7 months ago
  • The best team won

    PyxleZPyxleZ7 months ago
  • thank you for once someone has like a 1 sec intro and no sport case ads

    Eddy ChengEddy Cheng7 months ago
  • I don't think tickets were ever sold to any event like this. I remember this whole thing, and it seems like all it ever really was was a very clever and timely marketing stunt by taco bell.

    Sam NYBSam NYB7 months ago
  • The Dream wanted no part of this nightmare lmao!

    Darryl BruceDarryl Bruce7 months ago
  • Hakim would have won it easily, shag is so lucky didn’t happen it would have destroyed his career

    pkactive _0pkactive _08 months ago
  • The Dream for sure!

    Aiden DavertAiden Davert8 months ago
  • Just goes to show you how powerful us black people are in America

    Andrell BrownAndrell Brown9 months ago
  • Wow that rough for Taco Bell. Ps Shaq wins one v one

    James ZbierskiJames Zbierski9 months ago
    • Nawl lol Shaq didn't have a jumper nor the footwork to keep up

      Christopher ChisholmChristopher Chisholm4 months ago
  • Ha they can't shoot so 6 point won't work

    Christian MillerChristian Miller9 months ago
  • The Dream baby!!!

    Abel MartinezAbel Martinez9 months ago
  • dream would make shaq question his exsistence

    Moussa MusseMoussa Musse9 months ago
  • Can't say who wouldve won that game. I hate to say the odds favor hakeem solely based on shooting. Now maybe shaq wouldve been a paint beast especially in a make it take it format....but hakeem had a better mid range and 3pt game

    Michael PyattMichael Pyatt9 months ago
  • What did I just watch?.

    أبو عبد السلام الحنبليأبو عبد السلام الحنبلي9 months ago
  • Hakeem had a cold feet.

    Amedeo AvogadroAmedeo Avogadro9 months ago
  • Hakeem would have destroyed him. Not even close.

    seabrook1976seabrook19769 months ago
  • The dream would've murdered shaq one on one

    DiNgErZ FavzDiNgErZ Favz9 months ago
  • Your videos bout hakeem and shaq are confusing...

    Robert AkizukiRobert Akizuki9 months ago
  • Hakeem is the best center to play

    John MayesJohn Mayes9 months ago
  • if nick anderson hit just 1 of those free throws in game 1 that entire series couldve changed

    [?] Question Block[?] Question Block9 months ago
  • Shaq woulda

    hudson hutchhudson hutch9 months ago
  • It was the illusion because nobody had seen anyone play against Shaq that good

    Young RadeYoung Rade9 months ago
  • The Dream footwork was too much for Shaq!!!

    Andy VelasquezAndy Velasquez9 months ago
  • At 03:27, any filipinos here? Spotted the clip with the guy reading newspaper is a FILIPINO... look at the newspapers around him... Bulgar, remate, etc... 🤣🤣🤣

    don rosasdon rosas9 months ago

    Adam JeffersonAdam Jefferson9 months ago
  • Hakeem in his prime vs Shaq as a rookie?! What is this, some type of trick question?

    Houston MuhammadHouston Muhammad9 months ago
  • Shag, LaBron, KD, all ran away to other teams to win a championship. Hakeem never ran away he took a bunch of role players and won a championship.

    D FD F9 months ago
  • Hakeem wouldve won by a huge margin

    Youtubian from YoutopiaYoutubian from Youtopia9 months ago
  • #SHAQ all day (but a close match) oh and the #Mamba (not even close) and obviously the #GOAT vs Magic they need to do these ONE on ONE pay per views HONESTLY 🤑this is cash money

    John OxenhamJohn Oxenham9 months ago
  • Hakeem chickened out!

    Olenga GallardoOlenga Gallardo9 months ago
  • i pick the DREAM

    Kenzie ReswaraKenzie Reswara9 months ago
  • Hakeem was scared

    brown mambabrown mamba9 months ago
  • This is the first ive heard this story. I know that dr j and kareem played 1 v 1, and yes it was a pay per view event.

    JMS1089JMS108910 months ago
    • @anthony patterson lol thanks.

      JMS1089JMS10898 months ago
  • Never go to war with someone that was ready for war before you were. Chances are...

    Blair PattersonBlair Patterson10 months ago
  • Nick Da Brick Anderson......thank you Nick.

    buickmontebuickmonte10 months ago
  • i think that newspaper shot from the philippines.

    BABYCOW RCBABYCOW RC10 months ago

    MrCalverinoMrCalverino10 months ago
  • Penny was at least twice the player that any teammate Hakeem had. Orlando had no excuse to get sweeped.

    Karaoke EntertaintmentKaraoke Entertaintment10 months ago
  • I was the 666 like

    Clemson ISBOSSClemson ISBOSS10 months ago
    • :(

      Clemson ISBOSSClemson ISBOSS10 months ago
  • We all know kenny smith carried the rockets

    DrenoDreno10 months ago
  • HAKEEM 33PTS / 11,5 REB / 5,5 ASS / 2 STLS / 2 BLKS he was a beast on defence making other players miss their shoots just by being there...

    6 languages and 4 degrees6 languages and 4 degrees10 months ago
  • "The way he done this video title...He had me thinking, Shaq & Akeem was sleeping with each other"😕

    • 🤔😐

      Christopher ChisholmChristopher Chisholm4 months ago
  • Obviously shaq

    Corn 265Corn 26510 months ago
  • Hakeem had nothing to prove shit he got the chip lol Shaq just mad lol 😂 😂 should've dominated when you had him on the court oh my bad you couldn't got swept!! 😜

    Jomo HarrisJomo Harris10 months ago
  • Shaquille o'neal would have won

    Icy KryptoIcy Krypto10 months ago
  • Nick Anderson missed them on purpose

    Christopher T.Christopher T.10 months ago
  • Shaq would be destroyed Hakeem..

    Jack Sierra 2020Jack Sierra 202011 months ago
  • Shaq would have ate up Hakeem for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

    Micah JonesMicah Jones11 months ago
  • Hakeem is a pussy

    Honestly dont care duhHonestly dont care duh11 months ago
  • Orlando was good enough to beat Michael Jordan and the Bulls....🤷‍♂️

    pickzkickzpickzkickz11 months ago
  • You are stupid

    ヘンリーヘンリーYear ago
  • I wish we had a Shaq, Hakeem, Jordan, Pippen, Robinson, Ewing, Mutombo, Barkley, Magic, Bird, Laimbeer, Abdul, Parish, Ming, Wilkins, Erving or a Kemp in this Era.

    Transporter TransporterTransporter TransporterYear ago
  • Shaq Would’ve Won

    J.PriceJ.PriceYear ago
  • Cool video I was 17 in 1995 I don’t remember this thanks for that, but I think Shaq would have won!

    Jason ShampanskyJason ShampanskyYear ago
    • I think you're smoking crack 2

      Greg HubbardGreg Hubbard9 months ago
  • 5:15 me on December 1st

    Ryan gharibRyan gharibYear ago
  • Shaquille "offensive foul" O'Neal

    Axiebuoy LifestylesAxiebuoy LifestylesYear ago
  • Bird vs Jordan In their prime One on one Who wins?!

    Dumisa Tony JohnsonDumisa Tony JohnsonYear ago
    • Jordan wins easy dumbass

      Greg HubbardGreg Hubbard9 months ago
  • Made me want some taco bell

    Mr. PrettyMr. PrettyYear ago
  • Basketball is played on bolth sides of the court Shaq! You never led the league in rebounding or blocks but your supposed to be so dominant? We won't talk about hustle plays or heart or even freethrows. Dream all day! 👍

    MrScott4020MrScott4020Year ago
  • Hakeem outplayed Shaq

    Dumisa Tony JohnsonDumisa Tony JohnsonYear ago
  • Woww, Hakeem got scared, i think he knew what would of happened

    Saul Ramirez kbSaul Ramirez kbYear ago
  • Basketball is a TEAM game!!! But, Olajuwon is the more skilled player. Shooter, and footwork! He's the overall greater center, there's no denying it. I remember that taco bell commercial as a kid👍🏿💯

    adon31997adon31997Year ago
  • This is something like Young OKC vs Miami heat Very similar situation

    Lo LongLo LongYear ago
  • Hakeem will whoop Shaq!!

  • Hakeem was the better player but one on one shaq would win because he is just to big to handle one on one under the rim. Even though basketball is a team sport when it comes to one on one size is everything. Actually i think shaq would beat anyone in history one on one not jusk hakeem.

    chrisvill54chrisvill54Year ago
  • Taco bell trying to be a boxing promoter

    Gleem GerocheGleem GerocheYear ago
  • The Big Sore loser

    Low Class YuppyLow Class YuppyYear ago
  • Biggest flop of all time I think

    Nick CollinsNick CollinsYear ago
  • Say what you want but BOTH these guys played their game. Shaq did his thing. 1 on 1 would have been interesting. No ref to call superstar calls, no teammates for pick and rolls etc.

    thisizdubthisizdubYear ago
  • Hakeem went tf off bruh Shaq was a tank and got outplayed but that drove Shaq to win three straight

    Wobey BryantTVWobey BryantTVYear ago
    • WILT CHAMBERLAIN God Bombaata 2K 20K 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Les LavyLes Lavy10 months ago
  • I remember the anxiety to see Basketball back then. Now I watch TV with my phone in one hand and I rewind alot.

    Transporter TransporterTransporter TransporterYear ago
  • Akeem would have won, !!!

    brian banksbrian banksYear ago
  • What - That would have been amazing

    cliff woodburycliff woodburyYear ago
  • Hakeem

    Samuel HugginsSamuel HugginsYear ago
  • How does a so called pro miss 4 free throws? I'd have fired him soon as the game was over, and took back any outstanding salary. unacceptable at the pro level.

    Uncle QuackUncle QuackYear ago
  • Shaq never said Hakeem outplayed him, his numbers were better than Hakeem, he quoted saying he couldn't get in his head mentally

    Land of the Dread HeadsLand of the Dread HeadsYear ago
  • The dream hands down baby!

    evan punoevan punoYear ago
  • Crazy, I remenber this I was so hype about this. They could had done the following summer but didn't 😭😭

    Alexander AlvarezAlexander AlvarezYear ago
  • Love shaq but he woulda been outplayed, outsmarted, outshot, outlayuped, out everything. The dream besides stockton is the most underrated player ever. The dream and Stockton are way more valuable than people think. Fundamentally sound players of all time. The dream IMO is the most skilled player ever. Jordan is right next to him.

    808 shaka 7808 shaka 7Year ago
  • What it do,Nick the Brick Anderson, you still in H-town's top five as the G.O.A.T. to choke.✌️

    Green GreenGreen GreenYear ago