The NBA All-Star FATHER who Jalen Rose NEVER Met.

Apr 22, 2019
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The NBA All-Star FATHER who Jalen Rose NEVER Met.
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  • dang jimmy walker scored over 10k in only 9 years

    masterpeir hortenmasterpeir horten24 days ago
  • Jalen me & my best friend saw your Dad ball back in the day! He was a "baller" may he RIP.

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosaMonth ago
  • I wonder if there's a third generation player in the NBA and if there isn't who will be the first

    Sayori AchiriSayori Achiri2 months ago
  • I loved Rose as a player... didn't know this sad story. wow, never wait too long for a loved one.

    Karl WarnerKarl Warner3 months ago
  • Isn’t this the guy that got 81 points dropped on him by Kobe?

    RyukenRyuken3 months ago
  • Man he looks a lot like Jimmy butler, and Jimmy has similar story to Jalen 's

    rgtsad23rgtsad233 months ago
  • Wow what a history. God Bless Jalen look for God. That Father its faithful.

    Manuel TrocheManuel Troche5 months ago
  • Me: pulls out uno reverse card RESPECT 100

    MarzIsfraudMarzIsfraud9 months ago
  • Damn, that's fucked up. Jimmy should've at least waited until Kobe dropped 81 on Jalen before he abandoned him.

    Matt KibblehouseMatt Kibblehouse9 months ago
  • Yeah, that shit sad. I relate 2 that. Never had a father either growing up. It's a hard reality man.

    Bernard TylerBernard Tyler9 months ago
  • Only Jimmy Walker I Heard Of... Is The Kidd Dynomite

    Edrick MaloneEdrick Malone9 months ago
  • 0:45 shout to Drew Barry

    Korey PaulKorey Paul9 months ago
  • Nah your father a loser. If you didn’t make it big he wouldn’t care. Your mom the right star bro.

    Nicholas IkwuemeNicholas Ikwueme9 months ago
  • wow the only father-son duo in the nba with 10K points each.

    Mond RtMond Rt9 months ago
  • The focus on this video should of been about his Mother, who cared and nurtured him!

    Ukarau F. KakepareUkarau F. Kakepare9 months ago
  • Damn, I remember saying I wish my dad would take me to a tiger game. Sorry for those who struggle with this and jalen.

    Bigkats PokerBigkats Poker9 months ago
  • Rip kobe

    Click BaitClick Bait10 months ago
  • So IG it's safe to say no one scored 81 on his dad

    Ayo GunnaMacAyo GunnaMac10 months ago
  • I know JOHNNY walker. red label

    Rad AntiguanRad Antiguan10 months ago
  • Shame on jimmy walker

    PxpaPxpa10 months ago
  • What about lebron and delonte west

    Korayyh_ 03Korayyh_ 0310 months ago
    • We don't talk about that much anymore but we all know how that ended.

      Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna10 months ago
  • Wow

    eloy heloy h10 months ago
  • I can’t feen for a father who never gave a fuck about me .. like fucking how do you beg for your own dad to come to you 🤦🏿‍♂️. FUCK HIM!

    YourRealtorSamYourRealtorSam10 months ago
  • As a proud father myself, I could have never imagine having a son, and not wanting to be therr for him. As a father yu have to reach yo son how to be a man, sunthin that a mother can not do alone. S/o to Jalen rose on not being tooo bitter.

    Chuck JacobsChuck Jacobs10 months ago
  • I knew of Jimmy Walker from good times, but not the NBA.

    Greedy HungryGreedy Hungry10 months ago
  • Jalen's father reached out to him bc Jalen was successful, had Jalen grown up to be a regular dude or a thug the man wouldn't have wasted his Time.... Karma is a bitch... My father did the same thing to me but I'm a girl...

    Toya MurilloToya Murillo10 months ago
  • That Will Smith scene was misused bro

    Pure JokesPure Jokes10 months ago
    • Pure Jokes how? lol

      Bo LukeBo Luke10 months ago
  • His dad was a coward.

    Heavy Pressure American bullyHeavy Pressure American bully10 months ago
  • Dam his dad played for Detroit while he stayed in Detroit that’s messed up ino that hurt him growing up

    Demetrius SmithDemetrius Smith10 months ago
  • *JAME WALKER WAS TRASH* on and off the court for what he was doing off the court to his own kids! Old School Media alway glorified & idolized bag chasing cowards

    Jasmine OrchardJasmine Orchard10 months ago
  • Why were the shoulder pads so big in football back then?

    TokyoTokyo10 months ago
  • *Touching Telling Truth* Video *Wrapped In Forgiveness.*

    Pointing U 2 Prosperity PrinciplesPointing U 2 Prosperity Principles11 months ago
  • I like how he put the fresh prince of bel air clip to try and make it more sad

    Rey AlquisiraRey Alquisira11 months ago
  • Typical black culture - deadbeat blackmen

    Trump supporterTrump supporter11 months ago
  • Jalen really activated his trap card.

    Jeff x NJeff x N11 months ago
  • Wow..Great Vid... I didn't know this...

    Workout_Junkie_TXWorkout_Junkie_TX11 months ago
  • I mean it’s a big deal to even be drafted when you never even played college football

    erick gagnayerick gagnay11 months ago
  • Something missing here is that Jalen's mom was not the only one he abandoned. Calling him a "father" is a reach, he was an animal. Who gets women pregnant and abandon them?

    xxxxxx11 months ago
    • xxx is this new to you lots of people do his

      deepvxbessdeepvxbess10 months ago
    • It's new to you? You never heard about people doing that?

      Ali DželilovićAli Dželilović10 months ago
    • xxx Dr J

      Clinton WaltersClinton Walters11 months ago
    • Karl Malone

      Ethan EversEthan Evers11 months ago
  • What's a dad?

    elisha will`elisha will`11 months ago
  • The name Jimmy Walker sounds like an old school player.

    Shujaa XShujaa X11 months ago
    • Fr

      Chuck JacobsChuck Jacobs10 months ago
  • Jalen is a stubborn head

    Ken LiKen Li11 months ago
  • Walker > Rose

    Ben DC4LBen DC4LYear ago
  • Yo Jimmy Walker sounds crazy I don’t believe you. Only if he played with Wilt the Stli

    Best OfthebestBest OfthebestYear ago
  • Most Respected?

    boobie1967boobie1967Year ago
  • Why did his father not reach out to him?

    boobie1967boobie1967Year ago
  • I grew up with my Dad. He was ALWAYS there.

    Haat PraatHaat PraatYear ago
  • Man been a fan for years had no idea. Heartbreaking

    Chase PenneyChase PenneyYear ago
  • Damn Jimmy Walker is a POS

    Robert JacobsonRobert JacobsonYear ago
  • Lol. Jalen. It's not Grant Hills fault.

    Robert JacobsonRobert JacobsonYear ago
  • I refuse to believe anything a woman says about why a father was not there kids life because from my experience woman will lie and make you believe what ever they tell you

  • What about the ball brothers

    Thegreenest TurkeyThegreenest TurkeyYear ago
  • I agree P WAZZ

  • Lol. I'm sure he ain't the only one that never met his dad in the NBA . What about them guys ? Just cause you make it to the league don't mean you got to be a good father . I'm sure theres current players not taking care of their kids Sad Truth

    SlamCity XxSlamCity XxYear ago
    • At least he got a phone call And letter. Plenty ppl never got that

      SlamCity XxSlamCity XxYear ago
  • Goes to show that you don't even have to be raise by your father to be like him good or bad. Even if you never met your parents forgive them for not protecting you because if you hate who made you you can't possibly love yourself.

    Emeka Nigerian AmericanEmeka Nigerian AmericanYear ago
  • Jimmy walker. Never heard of. But i read his story, he was the #1 pick.

    Victor InoxVictor InoxYear ago
  • Wow that was deep!

    Warren HollyWarren HollyYear ago
  • I come from a single parent that was my father,and my mother left me and my sister to him. Didn't even want to fight for custody, she just gave up. We stayed with her on the weekends sometimes but never enough. My heart goes out to Jalen for not giving up on his father. I struggled with the idea of my mother not wanting to be around so she could "have a life"...i never liked that but she did love us, just not like a conventional mom. I always showed my respect instead of my animosity. I hope everyone who didn't have their fathers in their lives do the same, unless he's a real piece of shit

    T ZulutronT ZulutronYear ago
    • Oh my... Hope you feeling good there....

      TL - 07UE 757629 Mountain Ash MSTL - 07UE 757629 Mountain Ash MS10 months ago
  • #DonovanSharpe

    James SmithJames SmithYear ago
  • Dope...

    1luvabove1luvaboveYear ago
  • Well sucks we never going hear his dad version...remember he was a basketball player and girls be sleeping with those basketball players he maybe wasn't sure about jalen mom...the mom is sitting there like it was jimmy falut but i bet u she was the main reason of all the mess..does she have pictires with jalen rose? I bet not..if im jalen i will do the DNA man many stories out there that they trying to make the guy look bad and hen it turns is the woman

    eduar ededuar edYear ago
  • Jimmy was one of my favorite players. I remember watching him on TV while he was playing in college.

    theblasmantheblasmanYear ago
  • Grant Hill's mom was roommates with a baby eater?

    earlyburd78earlyburd78Year ago
    • Hahahahahaha

      Steve Or DieSteve Or Die7 months ago
  • I've heard of him..JJ from good times🤣🤣🤣

    calvin kindellcalvin kindellYear ago
    • Dynamite

      Big PBig PYear ago
  • I happen to be old enough to have seen Jimmy Walker play at Providence. I really wish Jalen could have met his father before he died. I would never disrespect Jalen's mother. But he only got 1 side of the story.

    Tyrone WilliamsTyrone WilliamsYear ago
    • @Anaiz Ferris Did you just make that up? Cause I don't see that anywhere. See how rumors get started.

      Tyrone WilliamsTyrone Williams11 months ago
    • @Anaiz Ferris Really. Never heard that. Where can I find that out?

      Tyrone WilliamsTyrone Williams11 months ago
    • Deep still no excuse he made 11 children left them to be raised by the mothers .. Explain that...

      Anaiz FerrisAnaiz Ferris11 months ago
  • I'm conservative to the core & I really like Jalen Rose.

    Mike KMike KYear ago
    • Trump is a moron.

      Kosta StergKosta StergYear ago
  • Jalen was Kobe’s son on the court.

    RynoRynoYear ago
  • Lmaooo yo the fresh prince scene was a reeeaaaachhh

    S ES EYear ago
  • Heavy.

  • Lebron's real father is delonte west.

    kRionOfLaguna MontanokRionOfLaguna MontanoYear ago
  • fascinating

    Alex KidAlex KidYear ago
  • Jimmy must have been a real dick..Jalen said in an interview that less than 10 people were at his fathers funeral...

    Rudy KgongwanaRudy KgongwanaYear ago
  • Freemasonry. Learn gematria

    Learn GematriaLearn GematriaYear ago
  • There are so many kids that grow up like Jalen, Growing up hurt but determine he made it now its his turn to break the cycle, As for Jimmy Walker I only knew J.J from GoodTimes.

    Aktion 1804Aktion 1804Year ago
  • RIP uncle Phil😰

    Charlito ManiCharlito ManiYear ago
    • Prophesies that I made way back in the Ville

      John SikimetiJohn Sikimeti9 months ago
    • jon castro if I get my b**** pregnant ima be a better you

      TJ MartinTJ Martin10 months ago
    • the only father that i ever knew

      jon castrojon castro10 months ago
    • Lol!

      Dwayne GDwayne GYear ago
  • I started watching the NBA in 1980, but for me it was just Magic Johnson and a bunch of human cones. Don't remember Walker at all.

    Shareef TaylorShareef TaylorYear ago
  • Man yo I quit reading books after reading The Isis Papers ( Key To The Colors) so I ain't even heard bout Jalens or his pop's autobiography... But dang hommie You Tube gone make a nikka drop some eye ducts in this bia. That shiznit was boss... MyCall

    MyCall MegatoneMyCall MegatoneYear ago
  • Jalen is a true success story considered how he was portrayed in college. But F x-ichigan! 😆

    78mudd78muddYear ago
  • Very sad

    LifeizriggedLifeizriggedYear ago
  • I knew Jimmy Walker I never knew he was Jalen father

    Duroy steadmanDuroy steadmanYear ago
  • Sadly I can relate....

    TechelaTechelaYear ago
    • just be better than him. he wasn't man enough to raise you which is messed up but it's nobody's fault but his own. good luck

      Chris WeberChris Weber10 months ago
  • It was never to b to meet face to face first time u met your dad and he is in box sad

    kd De souzakd De souzaYear ago
  • *DYNO-MITE!*

    International HarvesterInternational HarvesterYear ago
  • Jalen looks just like his father. shame he didn't want to be there for his son. .

    carolyn donaldcarolyn donaldYear ago
    • @Terrell Moore how do you explain black fatherless culture? Religious wise, it is sinful to conceive without holy matrimony between man and a woman. You preach about Christ, you should know this

      Trump supporterTrump supporter3 months ago
    • @Trump supporter understandable but you can't just shot stats with out reasoning that is issue that need too be fixed but if place fault simple on black people your being racist I don't know what you been told going up stop looking carnal and on spiritual it's world is wicked and everything in is unless your born again threw Christ that the real issue

      Terrell MooreTerrell Moore3 months ago
    • Studies show 70% black babies out of wedlock and fatherless

      Trump supporterTrump supporter3 months ago
    • @Trump supporter Generational cruse that need too be broken just like the racist remark love in Christ name

      Terrell MooreTerrell Moore3 months ago
    • Trump supporter just deadbeat white men do it to

      JordanJordan10 months ago
  • I know his father let him down in the biggest way, I can't help but wish he'd opened that letter just a little bit sooner.

    Amanda AitkenAmanda AitkenYear ago
  • Damn.. that’s a sad story to never actually meet.

    Green BastardGreen BastardYear ago
  • I think I do remember him when I was a kid growing up.

    Kenneth RatcliffKenneth RatcliffYear ago
  • Jimmy Walker looks a lot like Jimmy Butler 🤔

    TTTTYear ago
    • @TL - 07UE 757629 Mountain Ash MS somebody should DNA check John Wall and Kemba. they look like long lost brothers

      D'Tāh TeVïD'Tāh TeVï9 months ago
    • What about Kemba Walker XD

      TL - 07UE 757629 Mountain Ash MSTL - 07UE 757629 Mountain Ash MS10 months ago
  • I grew up in Detroit without a father. And so did many of my childhood friends. Must be a Detroit thing!

    Michigan Wolverine in AustinMichigan Wolverine in AustinYear ago
    • So did i its sad and its a selfish thing

      T MT MYear ago
  • Wait a minute! Jalen's dad was drafted by the New Orleans Saints without ever even playing football???

    Michigan Wolverine in AustinMichigan Wolverine in AustinYear ago
  • I looked up Jimmy's stats he played 11 years, averaged 15 pts in his last year. I can't understand why he didn't play longer

    Steve KSteve KYear ago
  • Jalen was quite right not to visit this bum! I can only imagine what it feels like to be abandoned by one’s father! There is absolutely no excuse to abandon your kids,none! Money has its place but it is not the most important thing in a child’s life,love is!

    Karl HenryKarl HenryYear ago
  • Kobe’s your daddy Jalen

    MariosLasagnaMariosLasagnaYear ago
    • I hollered at this comment

      Tonya PendletonTonya PendletonYear ago
    • @MariosLasagna Jalen wasn't the only one guarding Kobe that game.

      Michigan Wolverine in AustinMichigan Wolverine in AustinYear ago
    • @Michigan Wolverine in Austin No excuses besides that on the floor you ready to go

      MariosLasagnaMariosLasagnaYear ago
    • @Michigan Wolverine in Austin Serves the coward right for fucking with Kobe's ankle in the NBA Finals 2000, that's karma

      MariosLasagnaMariosLasagnaYear ago
    • Jalen was playing with an ankle injury that day.

      Michigan Wolverine in AustinMichigan Wolverine in AustinYear ago
  • I remember when his dad was a Piston, but didn't find out to way after Jalen retired that Jimmy Walker was his dad! Even though he abandoned his family it's a shame Jalen never had a chance to meet him!

    N. HartN. HartYear ago
  • Respect ✊

    Black MambaBlack MambaYear ago
  • Def remember Bing/Walker backcourt with Pistons. Also at St Ceselia gym. Walker could play.

    Thomas ReasonThomas ReasonYear ago
  • Wow

    buster Cbuster CYear ago
  • Pride is a MF

    duane jessupduane jessupYear ago
  • Props to Austin Croshere.

    Mr. MajesticMr. MajesticYear ago
  • I didn’t know Walker was his dad. Good story, depressing, but still good.

    Jeremy LewellenJeremy LewellenYear ago
  • Dammmmm this story brings tears to eyes and sadness to my heart. I miss my father he died when I had my clothes packed and skipped school for two weeks waiting on him to knock on the door but instead the phone rings and he was dead. My story. GOD bless you

    Clarence ChambleeClarence ChambleeYear ago
    • Rip I feel sorry that happened why does everybody have to die????

      TL - 07UE 757629 Mountain Ash MSTL - 07UE 757629 Mountain Ash MS10 months ago