The NBA Basketball that EVERY Player HATED!

Nov 15, 2017
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The NBA Basketball that EVERY Player HATED!
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  • But why did Kobe the legend hits 81 points in 1 game?

    ModGodUles RaeModGodUles Rae3 days ago
  • 2:49 look at 7 foot Dirk next to yao ming wow

    Karen JohnsonKaren Johnson7 days ago
  • I thought it was Lavar Ball

    DiegoDiego9 days ago
  • This intro is bomb

    CashMoneyBoi 34CashMoneyBoi 3412 days ago
  • I know that Stearn got a big kickback for that ball change

    Cory WongCory Wong14 days ago

    The Ellwood Hunt TribeThe Ellwood Hunt Tribe17 days ago
  • Kobe won the scoring title with that ball

    Michael ScarnMichael Scarn17 days ago
  • I’ve played with this ball before. I hate how hard it is to use, hardly any grip and kind of cut my fingers a tid bit.

    KhetzuiKhetzui18 days ago
  • Who watch flight reacting to this

    SMG ReactionSMG Reaction18 days ago
  • That didn't seem to affect Kobe. Wasn't that the 81 point season?

    J0N As3r0J0N As3r018 days ago
  • masked singer

    mikha kingmikha king22 days ago
  • I still have that ball

    carlos gabriel catralcarlos gabriel catral27 days ago
  • Kobe dropped 81 in 2006 tho....

    Ngr EricNgr Eric29 days ago
  • If there was a shortage how’s they get more 🧐

  • I still have this ball I might put it in a glass box or sell it it’s in good condition but used but still looks pretty good.. might be worth something more in like 20 yrs 😭

    B LovB LovMonth ago
  • It HAD to be the year i was born...😭

    Shadow BladeShadow BladeMonth ago
  • This and blue clay prove that all athletes are whiney bitches

    skeylinktenkingskeylinktenkingMonth ago
    • So you'd be fine with your work production going down because your boss switched out your work supplies at the office with inferior versions? He didn't even consult your opinion and you'd still let him fuck you over like that? Looks to me that you're the real bitch here lol

      Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPAndre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPMonth ago
  • regular leather ball & a lil baseball clear pine tar rosin on your hands= D wade Level basketball control ..or so i heard lmao

    The AdmiralThe AdmiralMonth ago
  • Mark Cuban always looking out. N Wilson balls are far better I hate all Spalding balls

    A cikoA cikoMonth ago
  • I always play horrible with a bad basketball

    Cashout ———Cashout ———Month ago
  • lame ass excuse

    Magic ManMagic ManMonth ago
    • *Says lame ass excuse but brushed aside the study that justified the players' complaints*

      Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPAndre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPMonth ago
  • I actually have one of these basketballs. Its not like fully nba model I don't think, but it has everything the real nba ball has like "every player, every game" and a serial number I haven't used it on the court much cuz I keep it in good shape. Edit: now that I've watched more if the video, I realized its actually synthetic! I thought thats why it wasn't real, but actually says NBA authentics on it.

    Scott MartinScott MartinMonth ago
  • bruh i remember this ball david stern was stupid for the switch

    DJDJMonth ago
  • Someone has this ball for sale on eBay for $150

    K DiggyK DiggyMonth ago
  • Finally,a non negative but positive video.

    Neha GautamNeha GautamMonth ago
  • Still have this ball

    Rickey7777Rickey7777Month ago
  • I liked this ball, it was something fresh and different

    Ricardo CastilloRicardo CastilloMonth ago
  • i still got that ball in my entry way closet

    Michael CMichael CMonth ago
  • Imagine Having a Basketball that makes your Hands Bleed...

    Bodie PotterBodie PotterMonth ago
  • On a humorous note, the infamy of the ball was so much even then that, during the games they reintroduced the old balls, the Washington Wizards actually held a pregame ceremony to "re-welcome" the old balls.

    Eric S. CzerneckiEric S. CzerneckiMonth ago
  • Who's here in 2020?

    Rov Nathan CaguimbalRov Nathan CaguimbalMonth ago
  • Shoot man i just got to say ... how do you pas out from arguing with a ref!??!

    Benjamin SinoffBenjamin Sinoff2 months ago
  • If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

    Morty C137aMorty C137a3 months ago
  • Next: invisible shot clock

    Iosef GavanIosef Gavan3 months ago
  • 2020 - leave politics the fuck out of sports or pay the consequences

    • The only ones paying the consequences are y'all who are missing out on amazing games lol

      Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPAndre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPMonth ago
  • I'm still confused why the nba doesn't use the Wilson Evolution. It's the best ball out there

    HarmicidalHarmicidal4 months ago
  • Why would you use Velcro as griptape

    p_too_ freshp_too_ fresh4 months ago
  • It’s true for all sports that use leather balls, synthetic is for kids and people to hang around. If you play QB you know the difference between a synthetic ball and a leather ball, it’s night and day. I don’t know why they thought it was a good idea

    Dan 1031Dan 10314 months ago
  • Balls

    StankyWafersStankyWafers4 months ago
  • Yankow is stole your idea and everything is same

    Kauzi [Каузи]Kauzi [Каузи]4 months ago
  • It kinda looks cool ngl

    _ Wolf_ Wolf4 months ago
  • Spalding we meet again

    dirty soapdirty soap4 months ago
  • Lol . So dumb. Thinking they new better.

    Neo One CastleNeo One Castle4 months ago
  • Gee I wonder we’re the balls were made 🇨🇳 in small print on the ball

    Me Who caresMe Who cares4 months ago
  • Well did the leather run out

    Red eyes Byakugan DragonRed eyes Byakugan Dragon4 months ago
  • This video makes me uncomfortable for some reason

    Cree MorganCree Morgan4 months ago

    Lucky ValeraLucky Valera4 months ago
  • The heat seemed to like it

    NotoriousNotorious4 months ago
  • “I hate it” EPIC SOUND EFFECT

    vCxmpGuxrdvCxmpGuxrd4 months ago
  • I remember when they came out. They were awesome

    Young DURGYoung DURG4 months ago
  • Paper like jerseys 😭😭😭☠️☠️

    Anthony !Anthony !4 months ago
  • Bro can you make ur videos longer

    Darkshadow XzsDarkshadow Xzs4 months ago
  • Im ngl, I borrowed a ball since my ball got lost, and this ball was trash...

    •Ura Meshi••Ura Meshi•4 months ago
  • If the guy on the cover is using a 2006 ball why is he wearing a Jersey from like 2014

    Phyllis ASMR and Food Review gayPhyllis ASMR and Food Review gay4 months ago
  • Then the ball had a glow up

    NicoLentäjänPoikaNicoLentäjänPoika4 months ago
  • I miss Black mamba

    SuperJulianAntSuperJulianAnt5 months ago
  • What a balls up !

    Icrazieelliot GamerIcrazieelliot Gamer5 months ago
  • Peta ball. Get woke go broke.

    Yojimbo413Yojimbo4135 months ago
    • *Laughs in MLB ratings dropping despite them leaving pOlItIcS out of the game*

      Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPAndre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPMonth ago
  • At least Eddy Curry can stick up that middle finger to the commissioner..

    isaiahisaiah5 months ago
  • I don't understand how the NBA could mess up a ball so easily.

    Ulquiorra CiferUlquiorra Cifer5 months ago
  • they should at least letting Rasheed Wallace tried that ball first, to tell whether the new ball is as honest as old ones.

    JunshiJunshi5 months ago
  • Watching after nba agrees to have wilson balls in games

    Train Lovers34Train Lovers346 months ago
  • I know that feeling man using a ball that can peel your skin

    Masked HeadMasked Head6 months ago
  • Who else just learned they was right bout saying Spaulding

    Josiah Da cleanestJosiah Da cleanest6 months ago
  • The boxtrolls de las películas es el libro del libro del año en que la casa de los años se me ha dado a un mundo que no es un ser parte del cachiro que se mor en el rio de la muela traigo un poco de la muela que te lo he visto desde hace unos días en que te pasa we y que te pasa we 3me a 3ver 3de 33 años de la muela traigo un poco de agua para allá y me siento con la piel y la muela de party que me gusta de

    Eduardo GomezEduardo Gomez6 months ago
  • Synthetic is the way to go... nobody wants to play with dead animals.. they should just do more research and make a proper synthetic leather ball

    White Tiger VisionsWhite Tiger Visions6 months ago
    • Almost everything you have, owned, eaten, bought, borrowed, stole, whatever, etc is made from dead animals in one way or another

      Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPAndre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIPMonth ago
  • They should test/try new stuff in D-League first.

    plutoburnplutoburn6 months ago
  • This is in your recommended because the NBA changed to Wilson

    Jay HoullisJay Houllis6 months ago
  • this video is just like what youtube did with the comment section.

    sushikoochisushikoochi6 months ago
  • Whos here after the NBA dropped Spalding???

    ProdbyliProdbyli6 months ago
    • Did they? Is it going to end up like this situation?

      Flex CentralFlex CentralMonth ago
    • What? why

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
    • They going back to wilson right?

      SaulSilver5SaulSilver56 months ago
    • For real

      TryH_Donkey // DreadheadedTryH_Donkey // Dreadheaded6 months ago
  • The NBA leather ball used to be made by Wilson.

    GandydancerGandydancer6 months ago
  • That commissioner now works at Infinity Ward lol

    classycabronclassycabron6 months ago
  • Football (soccer) balls changes seasonally to get fans hyped up and to improve game play. I don't think the NBA should give up but do better research next time

    J DuhaneyJ Duhaney7 months ago
  • I thought it would be Lavar....

    Kimani WhiteKimani White7 months ago
  • The first ball failure in the nba, followed by his cousins Lonzo, Lamelo, LaAngelo, and uncle Lavar

    SwordiskSwordisk7 months ago
  • Good lord I hated this ball!😤😂

    David CraneDavid Crane7 months ago
  • The only cool thing about the "new" ball is the lines.

    TSwanyTSwany7 months ago
  • I have a few rubber basketballs and they tear your fingers up for sure

    faultyJACKfaultyJACK7 months ago
  • That’s weird! Was the ball made outta sandpaper, cutting all these players hands? Lol

    Roberto ReyesRoberto Reyes7 months ago
  • I wish they should've kept the Panels

    Jom LarocoJom Laroco7 months ago
  • I was just here for the Kobe shot in the end scene 😅

    Forgotten AnswersForgotten Answers8 months ago
  • Corona virus

    R3Z_LiGhTnInG 777R3Z_LiGhTnInG 7778 months ago
  • Ive played basketball with both the composite and leather balls and there is a very clear difference. Composite balls make your hands very dry. Very big difference in texture

    Doug DimmadomeDoug Dimmadome8 months ago
  • My birthday

    Mr BenjaminMr Benjamin8 months ago
  • I have the one ball

    Blakes WickBlakes Wick8 months ago
  • I'm sure a lot of kids in poorer countries wouldn't mind a ball like that. Hope they donated them to Mexico or Africa.

    Mthoko M. MpofanaMthoko M. Mpofana8 months ago
  • Kobe

    idoitsel fidoitsel f8 months ago
  • Would like to know more about the new jerseys

    calvairecalvaire8 months ago
  • Molten is still the best

    1 2 3 Four Five1 2 3 Four Five8 months ago
  • 1st

    Believer BBeliever B8 months ago
  • 1:37 😱😱😱😱😱

    Believer BBeliever B8 months ago
  • The ball literally cut players hands, I remember

    vaibanez17vaibanez178 months ago
  • 0:07

    Daniel_KicksDaniel_Kicks8 months ago
  • David Stern is the worst commissioner of American professional sports.

    Wilhelm HeinrichWilhelm Heinrich8 months ago
  • No basketting locally

    Dwaipayan Datta RoyDwaipayan Datta Roy8 months ago
  • Niggas dominating basketball, what is nfl, baseball and nba is basketball?

    Dwaipayan Datta RoyDwaipayan Datta Roy8 months ago
  • I always see this ball in 5 and below for 3$

    small peninsulasmall peninsula8 months ago
  • nba suspond 2 years later

    michael ferkomichael ferko8 months ago
  • That looks nice wtf

    chriiisclmchriiisclm8 months ago
  • They FR tried to use an out door ball inside 😂

    JDeezleJDeezle8 months ago